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  • A Cinematic Supercut of Flipping Tables

    The pure euphoric adrenaline that flipping a table would give you. Now I’m sure many of you reading this have never actually flipped a table, then you don’t know the sheer joy that comes out of a situation so bad that it would require you to flip said table in the first place. The rage, the flip, the satisfaction. Roman Holiday created a super-cut of the best 34 cinematic table flips, obviously including Jesus, Sam Jackson and Danny Glover. Watch and then go have a cigarette** or find the nearest mosh pit to exhaust the sheer emotion you feel from seeing 34 tables flip. FTW. Cinematic Table Flips from Roman Holiday on Vimeo. **In no way do we support smoking cigarettes for emotional release. Even e-cigarettes are up in the air at this point.

  • 57 Eerie Photos Showing The High Line When It Was An Abandoned Railway

    Before it became a New York City landmark enjoyed by millions of visitors each year The High Line was a condemned freight rail line in dire straights. Built in the 1930s and out of operation since 1980, the track was on the verge of being torn down by the city. Today the park is recognized as the pinnacle of urban redevelopment but let’s take a look at it before the non-profit Friends of the High Line swooped in to save the day. If you want to see what the park looks like today visit The High Line website where they have hundreds of beautiful pictures.

  • Netflix Series BoJack Horseman Stars Will Arnett as a Washed-Up Horse Sitcom Star

    Netflix is now trying their skill set at cartoons. Their latest project “BoJack Horseman”, a dry comedy staring Will Arnett as a washed-up child sitcom actor who now has to cope with the reality of a dimming career and life as a has-been celebrity. Oh and he’s a horse. Who can walk on two legs, like a human. Oh and their are actually plenty of animorph type characters. Kind of like hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt, but set around an alcoholic man-horse. It also stars Alison Brie as BoJack’s former love interest, Amy Sedaris as a cat-agent and Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul as a human. Yeah, I’m watching this.

  • This Risqué Swimwear Was Too Hot For Early 1900s Beaches [10 Photos]

    In the 19th century, two-piece bathing suits became commonplace for women, but these were no bikinis. The two pieces were a gown from shoulder to knees and a set of trousers with leggings down to the ankles. These bathing suits were great for keeping down the urges but they were terrible when it came to actually swimming in the water. In 1907, Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman came to the United States to perform as an “underwater ballerina.” She wore a form-fitting swimsuit that revealed her neck, arms, and legs and was promptly arrested in Massachusetts for indecent exposure. She added long legs and arms and a collar to the swimsuit so she could perform, but kept it form-fitting so she could still move around. She began marketing her one-piece bathing suit which became known as the “Annette Kellerman.” This new swimwear was considered the most offensive on the market and was the focus of numerous censorship efforts. To add to her notoriety, Kellerman also became the first actress to do a nude scene in a movie with her work in “A Daughter of the Gods.” Annette Kellerman, we salute you.

  • Man Meal: The Secret’s In the Sauce, 5 Summer BBQ Sauce Recipes

    A summer barbecue is only as good as the sauce that flavors the meats. Everyone know’s this. Or do they? Most people seem to think Sweet Baby Rays or the elusive Dinosaur BBQ sauce is all you need to season or marinate a good set of ribs or piece of brisket, but oh boy are they wrong, sweet baby wrong. While SBR and Dino-BBQ are great quick solutions for a quick meal, a good BBQ sauce is the unsung hero of every barbecue. We’ve pulled a collection of sauces to last you the whole summer, so simmer down now and get to work and by Labor Day weekend, your sauce will be the nectar of the Gods.

  • 5 New York City Dates That Will Impress Her (Without Breaking Your Wallet!)

    A surefire way to plan a great but reasonably-priced date is to create an experience. This way, the time you spend together will be filled up by an activity or entertainment that lasts for a while and keeps you from buying more cocktails or scrambling for options. The fact that you’re putting in the effort to really plan a date (as opposed to “Oh, let’s just meet at my neighborhood bar”) will be impressive in and of itself. Not to mention, you will have fun if your date feels more like an outing and less like a job interview.

  • This Batman-Inspired Golf Cart Costs More Than Your Car

    In Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, we were introduced to the next generation of Batmobile, the Tumbler. Thanks to those purveyors of things you never knew existed and could never afford at Hammacher Schlemmer, you can get your own Tumbler in the form of this badass and totally unnecessary golf cart. With 6 course-friendly tires and a 6-horsepower, battery-charged electric go-cart motor, the Gotham Golfcart can reach a top speed of 38 miles per hour. The all-black alloy body is just as sleek as the movie version and its twin aerodynamic wings fold around the passenger compartment to protect riders from villainous stray balls. The luxury golf cart also features adjustable leather seats, cup holders, iPad stand, and lights. Order yours today for $35,500. Or not. Because you don’t have that sort of Bruce Wayne cash.

  • Bruce Anstey’s 132MPH Superbike Record Lap Looks Like Fictional Hyper-speed

    New Zealand Superbike legend Bruce Anstey made history when he finished an Isle of Mann TT lap at a staggering 132.298 MPH. The Isle of Man TT circuit takes enough brass to hop on a bike and take a leisurely stroll through, let alone break the speed record for the course. Bruce is no stranger to going mentally unstable-fast, being a nine-time winner of what is considered to be the most dangerous motor racing event in the world. 241 riders have died on the course in less than 100 years of racing. Anstey had a camera strapped to the front of his bike and we can’t help but think of a Fast and the Furious race scene that elaborate’s peripheral vision into a hyper-speed-Star-Trek like visual. Well this is that, but in real life, without the confines of a spaceship. Hold on to your butts.

  • Origami House Is Way Bigger Than It Looks [18 Photos]

    Located in Mie Prefecture on Japan’s main Honshu island, the Origami House from TSC Architects is modeled after the Japanese paper-folding art. The unique design of the roof isn’t just for show, it also serves a structural purpose. Through contact with the ground, the diagonal roof becomes a strong defense against winds and earthquakes. The giant eaves also block the direct rays of the sun and protect the outer wall from rain. Inside, the house is planned around a double-height living room with a kitchen and dining room off to one side. A bedroom, bathroom, and traditional Japanese-room are placed along the edges. Upstairs is an additional bedroom and storage area.

  • Ryan Lewis Asks Music Fans About Ryan Lewis

    Fallon had Ryan Lewis, the producer/DJ/computer guy of the Macklemore & Ryan Lewis duo roam the streets of NYC in search of some fans who actually knew who Ryan Lewis was. Even with a picture staring them in the face, fans were “Clark Kent’d” by Lewis’s glasses or maybe the fact that the only time we see Ryan Lewis is when Macklemore wins an award.

  • TV’s Greatest Catch Phrases, Because ‘How you Doin?’

    Some of television’s greatest moments in history were catchphrases coined by a select few lovable characters throughout the golden years of television programing. From Urkel’s nasally high pitched fumbled “Did I do that?” to Joey Tribiani’s “How you doin?” inquiry of seduction that got lady’s all hot and bothered, here are the best television catch phrases of all time.

  • You’ll Never Guess How These 10 Companies Got Their Start

    As more and more corporations combine into giant conglomerates that make every product imaginable, it’s sometimes hard to imagine where they got their start. Many of the biggest companies around today got their start many years ago operating in businesses that have little if anything to do with what they are today. Looking through this list, it’s obvious that if you want your business to survive and thrive, you must be willing to adapt.

  • The 50 Manliest Men In American History

    Now that Memorial Day has come and gone and the 4th of July is hot on the radar we have a semi-serious list of the 50 manliest men in American history.  In this list I will cover all types of men from super stud TV lifeguard Mitch Buchannon to true American heroes like Honest Abe Lincoln.  It was impossible to fit every manly man in here so if I left someone out, let me know about it!

  • The Pristine Beaches and Ancient Architecture of Montenegro [15 HQ Photos]

    The Balkans country of Montenegro is a lake side country  on the Adriatic Sea that borders  Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to the north, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east, and Albania to the south. After the Yugoslavia civil war in the 1990s, tourism basically flatlined, leaving the beautiful beaches and aging architecture unkempt. As a result a stabilized economic situation and a dramatic increase in tourism, historic hotels and roads are being renovated making Montenegro one of the highest rated tourism spots in the world at this point. It’s Mediterranean climate, having dry summers and mild, rainy winters makes it a great destination for summer fun and ski worthy winters.  All Image credit via: Shutterstock.com

  • China Has A Paris Clone City. And It’s An Eerie Ghost Town. [22 Photos]

    Tianducheng, a gated community near Hangzhou, the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, was constructed in 2007. The city, capable of accommodating more 10,000 residents, was built to simulate Paris, with 12 square miles of Parisian architecture, fountains, and even a 354 foot tall replica of the Eiffel Tower. However, not many mainland China residents can afford the luxurious setting, leaving many of the completed buildings abandoned yet eerily pristine. Only about 2000 people actually live in Tianducheng, most of which are working on the construction of a Paris theme park nearby. The city might not be for everyone, but if you love Paris but hate Parisians (and their high prices) Tianducheng might just be the vacation spot for you.

  • 10 Rare Photos Of Apollo Astronauts Training In Hawaii

    On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Over the next 3 years, 5 more Apollo missions would land on the moon. But how did NASA train the astronauts for this mission? By vacationing in Hawaii, apparently. Last December, Pacific International Space Center for Exploration Systems, or PISCES, Executive Director Rob Kelso searched through the photo archives at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston and found these images. NASA digitized the images and sent them to PISCES earlier this year. Now, for the first time, the public can see the little-known role Hawaii played in the Apollo program of the early 1970s.

  • The Top 50 Vacation Hotspots on the Rise

    Yes, New York and Paris will always be two of the most visited cities for travelers in the world, but some lesser known contenders are starting to rise fast. With just about all the information needed for any travel experience at your fingertips adventures to lesser ventured destinations are starting to gain steam. The internet is literally opening up hidden gems of the world to the masses and so countries like Cape Verde, a series of islands off the coast of Africa referred to as “The African Caribbean” which used to be a virtually untouched tourist destination is know a commonly inhabited vacation spot for the more savvy tourist. Africa in general is a rising tourist destination with one unsuspecting country topping the entire list.

  • 15 Of Your Favorite Characters Dr. Seuss-ified

    Australia-based artist DrFaustusAU has combined some of the darkest horror and sci-fi movie and TV characters with the colorful, cartoony art of beloved children’s book author Dr. Seuss in his Seussian Gallery. The next step would be to actually make the entire books for some of these. An illustrated Silence of the Lambs? Who wouldn’t want to see a Seussian Buffalo Bill’s mangina? Check out more Seuss-ified characters and other great work from DrFaustusAU at deviantArt.

  • 29 Star Wars Facts You Probably Don’t Know

    Did you know Sir Alec Guinness, the actor who played Obi Wan Kenobi, called the Star Wars films fairy tale rubbish, but despite his claims earned 2% of the box office grossings, earning him a cool $95,000,000? Not too shabby for rubbish. BuzzFeed Pop created a very interesting video highlighting some lesser known facts about the Star Wars franchise. So next time your know-it-all Comicon loving step brother tells you how the original mock up for Yoda was actually a monkey carrying a cane wearing a mask, tell him you already knew that and nugie him into submission.

  • 10 Important Life Lessons From Navy SEAL Training

    Naval Admiral William H. McRaven, Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command, and badass Navy SEAL was invited back to his alma mater University of Texas to give the commencement address to this year’s graduating class. The address is chocked full of sage life advice people of all ages can appreciate so either toss on a pair of headphones and the video below or read the full commencement address.

  • adidas climachill Golf Technology Adds a Cool Factor Back to Golf

    With the summer and Fathers Day approaching adidas may have just solved two problems for your golf needs. From their latest line of hot weather apparel comes the adidas climachill collection. With a combination of titanium-woven fabrics and enhanced breathability thanks to a few strategically placed aluminum dots inside the back neck of the shirt. Why are a few metal dots so important? They provide a cooling sensation on the upper back and neck and if you’ve ever played golf in anything over 90 degrees, is just what the doctor ordered. The polyester in the shirt’s fabric is made of flat yarn, making it lightweight and cool making it’s ventilation a key component. adidas climachill golf shirt

  • New Series of Game of Thrones as ’80s/’90s Characters

    Mike Wrobel, a french graphic designer, created a set of Game of Thrones characters dressed in the raddest ’80s/’90s gear you could find at a thrift shop today. He’s produced 2 series before which are amazingly hilarious, and now in the third of his series, Wrobel dabbles in to the lesser known characters by taking some inspiration from pop culture of that era. Hodor as The Terminator and Bran harnessing his parallels to Professor X from the X-Men gives us the chuckles. Check out Mike Wrobel’s third installment and get some garb here.

  • A Map Of Where Bars Outnumber Grocery Stores

    6 years ago, FloatingSheep created a graph of the United States that showed which cities had more bars and which had more grocery stores. It was an interesting map, but it didn’t show the magnitude of the difference between the counts and the numbers were pulled from the Google Maps Directory which may not be completely accurate. Recently, statistician Nathan Yau set out to make a more detailed map. Using data from the Google Places API and showing the magnitude of the difference, Yau created a new map of the US at his site, Flowing Data. Then he took it a step further and created maps of other nations. With 303% more bars than grocery stores, Spain has their priorities straight!

  • Mortal Kombat X Releases teaser for the Ages

    Developer Netherrealm Studios has just announced Mortal Kombat X, the tenth installment to the historically gory series of 2D style fighting games. With it’s teaser trailer hot off a Scorpion upper-cut much of the game’s information is still a mystery. The teaser shows a match-up of Ali-Frasier proportions in Sub Zero vs Scorpion, the iconic blue and yellow ninjas who’ve remained a contsant since the series first release. While game play is still an enigma, you can be sure to see some gore, 3D close-ups of bone breaking moves, gore, innovative weapons, some even taken from surroundings and yes, gore. The release date is still a year away, but we look forward to seeing some more maps and character iterations. The game will be released onXbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC when it debuts next year. Also can someone get Netherrealm Studios in a room with George RR Martin please. I think you know where I’m goign here.

  • 17 Retro-Futuristic Movie Posters

    Brussels illustrator Laurent Durieux spent two decades as a designer and teacher before recently acquiring fame in the United States. In 2011, his short film “Hellville” made its way to several prestigious film festivals leading to commissions of his work in 2012 from print publisher Dark Hall Mansion and poster publisher Mondo. In 2013, his “Jaws” poster was seen by the film’s director, Steven Spielberg, who purchased 25 of them as gifts for friends. Since then, his work grown to include not only classic films, such as the old Universal monster movies and Hitchcock suspense films, but also more contemporary fare like “Iron Giant” and “Die Hard.” Check out more of his work Laurent Durieux Illustration.

  • RSVLTS Exclusive Interview and Sequential Photoshoot with P-Rod

    We recently had a chance to sit down with one of the most acclaimed skateboarders in the game. Paul Rodriguez has been one of the most influential skaters to hit the park in recent history. Locking in a record four X Games gold medals, Rodriguez has paved the way for a new breed of skater. His recent collaborations and partnerships have allowed him to take his talents to new levels. Among being the poster-child for Nike SB, P-Rod has since broken into a new platform of sponsorship deal with Target, who’s also an official sponsor of Shaun White, making him the first of his kind to strike a deal with the retail mogul. With that sponsorship opened up another deal with AXE. At a recent pop-up-skate-park event we got to spend some time with Paul, while shooting some sequential photography and video. How did you find yourself partnering up with AXE and Target in this collaboration? It started with my relationship with Target. I’m not sure how they found each other and threw my name in the mix, but I guess my name was thrown around and it gabe me an opportunity to collaborate with one of my favorite artists, more »


    Do you often find yourself complaining that today’s politicians just don’t stack up to great men like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, or FDR? Well, you’re right. They don’t. But still, even those great politicians of yesteryear would have a hard time getting elected to office today. Whether it was the scandalous lives they lived or the fact that they were butt-ugly and would never survive in our media-centric age, even these greats had their problems.

  • Informative Science Video Asks: Are You Alone?

    Thanks to celebrity scientists, such as Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson, who make their fields ever approachable to dummies like us, there has been an increasing demand for knowledge. But sometimes, the information we’re provided is too dry or academic, and it becomes meaningless. Luckily, there are clever designers out there who are able to take boring facts and figures and turn them into fun and educational cartoons that are much easier to digest. This latest video from Kurzgesagt accomplishes just that, but it’s not all they have to offer. Be sure to check out their Tumblr for more videos explaining technology, astronomy, nature and plenty of other science topics.

  • Recreating Banksy’s Greatest Works With Legos [20 Photos]

    Award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen recently took his camera along to the mean streets of Legoland in order to capture the works of that mysterious, edgy, underground artist known only as Bricksy. It has been hypothesized that Bricksy is a major influence on Banksy. Personally, I just don’t see it, but take a look for yourself and form your own conclusion. Each of these Bricksy works is accompanied with the corresponding Banksy work in the corner. And for more clever Lego projects, check out The Brick Fantastic.

  • Bachelor Pad Made Of Liquid Stone [16 Photos]

    India’s SPASM Design Architects looked to the large amounts of basalt rock for inspiration in constructing this home in Khopoli. Using granular basalt mixed with water, cement, and sand, they created a unique black concrete to construct the home, allowing it to seamlessly blend in with its surroundings. The modern, open plan puts focus on the incredible natural surroundings rather than what’s inside the home. And one look off the cliff edge is all you need to see why. There is also a pool overlooking the edge of the cliff for those rare dry days where you yearn for the refreshing wetness of monsoon season. 

  • So It’s Cheaper to Fly From NY to LA for the Stanley Cup Finals Than to Attend a Game at MSG

    When the New York Rangers qualified for the Stanley Cup Finals last Thursday, May 29th, everyone knew tickets at MSG would skyrocket through the roof, but no one thought they would be a nearly unattainable $1,105 for the cheapest seat in the house. The LA Kings are no stranger to the Stanley Cup Finals, achieving Cup victory in 2012 and since having since dominated the league with great goaltending and a plethora of talent.  The Blueshirts are celebrating their 20 year anniversary since the iconic team of Messier, Leetch and Richter brought the cup back to New York for the first time since 1940, so needless to say Rangers fans have been itching for this moment. In 1994 the average ticket price in section 410 was $32 and a section 129 premiere seat was $75. Even after adjusting for inflation over that period of time, the prices convert to just $51.19 and $119.98. The average price for a game 3 ticket at the garden is a staggering $2,202.72, an egregious amount of money to watch an underdog Rangers team  take on a playoff seasoned Los Angeles powerhouse. TiqIQ has projected the tickets for this years Stanley Cup Finals to exceed tickets sold in more »


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