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  • Jackie Robinson: 42 Rare and Iconic Photos + Brooklyn Dodgers Giveaway

    Now that Mariano Rivera is retired from baseball no one will ever wear the number 42 in MLB again. (We just happen to be giving away a baseball signed by Mo Rivera so enter now). This is because it belonged to Jackie Robinson, one of the most influential athletes in sports history. The Brooklyn Dodgers helped Robinson break the color barrier in the 1940′s and we are going to give away an original Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant found at Ebbets Field concession stands during that time period as part of our 12 Days of Giveaways with Brigandi’s Collectables. The pennant itself is from the 1940s, measures 9″” x 3.5″” and is valued at $100. We’ve pulled together 42 iconic photos of Jackie Robinson to show you the history of this fascinating piece of baseball history.

  • Chasing A-Rod [Link]

    Learn everything you wanted to know about Alex Rodriguez in this detailed, in-depth profile from New York Magazine. While chronicling the steroid scandal that the MLB superstar is currently embroiled in, we also get a look at the personality traits that caused him to make such poor choices. 

  • Epic 80′s Entrepreneur Training Video

    Call forwarding provider Grasshopper.com has released a commercial made to emulate intense training videos from the 80s. The tough-talking entrepreneur is sure to make you think of Alec Baldwin’s brass-balled salesman in “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Forget ABC, AUATSCI is the true acronym of any successful businessman.

  • Wash Up With Soaps Shaped Like Videogames

    What better way to clean your greasy, sweaty gamer hands than with soaps shaped as your favorite Super Nintendo and Game Boy games? UK-based Firebox, purveyors of all sorts of stuff you never knew you had to have, is selling soaps that look just like their plastic cartridge counterparts. Made from vegan-friendly ingredients, these soaps are infused with an “energy citrus” scent that is sure to complement the eau de Mountain Dew that is always popular with the gaming crowd. Choose from 7 Game Boy games for $11.49 each and 4 Super Nintendo classics for $21.19, available only at Firebox. 

  • Well, The USMNT Didn’t Fare Well in the World Cup Draw #groupofdeath

    Today soccer fans across the world were glued to their TVs awaiting the World Cup draw for their countries. Some countries drew fair positions, others not so much. The United States, possibly having the toughest schedule on the board. With by far the worst travel schedule, having to travel over 9,000 miles, also has a rough road ahead, facing Ghana, Portugal and a heavy favorite to win it all, Germany. With Twitter going haywire right now, here is a feed from around the globe to see what fans think the real “group of death” is. Tweets about “#groupofdeath” Photo via: KickTV

  • Pantone Announces Color Of The Year; RSVLTS Announce Runners-Up

    The moment we wait around for all year has finally arrived! That’s right, Pantone has revealed 2014′s color of the year, Radiant Orchid. Described as “a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple” and “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” this color will be sure to infiltrate our lives and make us sick of it within a few months. But did Pantone make the right decision? With such a colorful year coming to an end, it seems like there were so many other candidates that in our opinion are much better. Sure, we don’t have the abstract vocabulary to make these colors sound like the manifesto on the label of an overpriced bottle of iced tea, but we feel they warrant some attention. So without further ado, let us announce the color of the year runners-up:

  • Korean Artist Transforms Studio Into Incredible Settings [18 Photos]

    Korean artist JeeYoung Lee spends weeks at a time transforming her 3×6 meter studio into different worlds for her amazing, Photoshop-free photos. The result is a series of self-portraits that reveal the artist not through her physical appearance (she is often not in full view or facing the camera) but rather through her dreamscapes come to life. JeeYoung Lee’s exhibition, “Stage of Mind,” will be presented by Opiom Gallery in Opio, France beginning February 14.

  • Cardboard Rodeo With Dale Earnhardt Jr. [Video]

    Devin Graham, aka Devinsupertramp, seems to have a lot of fun making his awesome videos and the latest is no exception. Sponsored by Mountain Dew, Devin traveled to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s home in North Carolina and recklessly towed folks around on pieces of cardboard, a plastic bin, and a Power Wheels. Getting sponsored by big-name companies to make insanely fun and dangerous videos: What could be better?

  • 16 Gifs to Rehash Why Bill Murray is so Lovably Awesome

    The internet has a serious crush on Bill Murray, as well they should have. The man has played his cards right his whole career. He knows who he is, doesn’t derive from that, makes people laugh, surprises random people on the street and does it all with that “Bill F*cking Murray” Dryness we all wish we could pull off. There will never again be another Bill Murray.

  • Repeal Day Tweets From 1933

    Extree! Extree! Read all about it! On this day in 1933, the US repealed prohibition and alcohol was again (legally) available throughout the land. We searched through the Tweets at the National Archives and found these gems celebrating the return of delicious booze. OMG they were so ridic back then. #ThrowbackThursday  

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition [Video]

    The students and faculty of the Digital Video Program at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona took Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” changed the lyrics to make it about Star Wars, then made this great video of their performance. Turn on the captions to follow along with the lyrics. Come for the fun song, stay for the attractive (and scantily clad) lady Vader!

  • The Incredible Street Art Of Owen Dippie [15 Photos]

    New Zealand born street artist Owen Dippie is well known for his portraiture work. His large-scale paintings, many of deceased celebrities like Heath Ledger and Biggie Smalls, can be found all over the world, including many throughout New York City’s five boroughs.  If you can’t see his work in person, you can check out more of it on his Blogspot and Facebook pages.

  • Nike Fuses Their Flyknit Technology with Revolutionary Kobe Elite 9 Sneaker

    Today at the The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles, Nike unveiled what they’re calling a revolutionary shoe. The KOBE 9 Elite, a shoe that fuses their top notch basketball technology with their Flyknit tech, a system used for their running shoe, by creating a one-piece engineered upper made from single strands of yarns, making a lightweight yet incredibly strong shoe. Designed with Kobe’s tech insights and design inspirations, the KOBE 9 Elite features three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance. The shoe is beautiful, that’s a given, but is it smart to use brand new technology with an aging superstar coming off a serious leg injury? For the success of the shoe, let’s hope not. The KOBE 9 Elite releases globally on Feb. 8, 2014, at Nike.com and select global retail locations.

  • National Geographic Around the world in 125 years (Book)

    For five generations, National Geographic magazine has dazzled and educated people with its incredible photographs, illustrations, and gripping stories from the four corners of the earth. Combining travel, wildlife, science, history, culture, and conservation, the National Geographic Society’s trailblazing magazine has inspired millions of readers to explore and take an interest in the planet we inhabit. The prints are limited to 125,000 copies worldwide, but these amazing photos don’t come cheap, the entire three book collection is going for $500. Go ahead, your dad deserves it. National Geographic Around the world in 125 years  

  • Basic Wine Guide [Infographic]

    This infographic has everything you need to know about wine so as not to look come across as a completely uncultured brute. The aromas and flavors are particularly interesting. Is petroleum a good aroma for a white? And bacon fat for a red? That sounds amazing. Source: Wine Folly

  • Golf Shot of the Year, Decade, Maybe of All Time

    The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship is the leading par 3 golf tournament in the UK and is held at the spectacular Nailcote Hall situated in the beautiful Warwickshire countryside. Matt Wheatcroft made the best of a dismal situation, with the ball hugging a fencepost in the way of a simple wedge shot, Matt had an idea heroes are made of. He banked the ball off the fencepost for an easy put. you wont believe your eyes.

  • 100 Retro ’80s and ’90s Sports Posters + Don Mattingly Signed Baseball Giveaway

    Remember the days of yonder when the Costacos Brothers‘ fantastical sports lithographs from the 1980s and ’90s reigned supreme on every  sports fans bedroom wall from the ages of five through college, maybe later. The Costacos Brothers’ had a knack for getting athletes out of their element on the field for some themed out glamour shots. In all the bros managed to shoot over 700 of these photographs and we managed to grab 100, with a few retro Nike posters sprinkled in. From the golden age of sports, when every pro athlete wasn’t in the top 1% of the economy here is the definitive collection of retro sports posters. In honor of our 12 Days of Giveaways courtesy of Brigandi Coins & Collectibles, and ’90s sports we’re also giving away a certified Don Mattingly signed ball from the Hitman himself. Mattingly spent 14 years playing for the Yankees and was named the Captain joining the ranks of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Thurman Munson & Derek Jeter. His #23 is retired by the Yankees and he is enshrined at Monument Park in Yankee Stadium. This official Major League baseball is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity and is worth $225.00.

  • 10 Memes That Took The Internet By Storm in 2013

    The Internet has put a constant spotlight on the entirety of humanity—gestating the fad of putting humorous spins on photos and poses. Called memes, these trendy images have generated some of the most modern and beloved ways to mindlessly pass idle time. However, there are some memes that just stand out more than others—the parodic images that engross the viewer and surreptitiously execute tree hours of the person’s time; those are the memes that RSVLTS is counting down in this installment of Yearbook13. 10. Grumpy Cats Stereotypically, cats are seen as the more independent, mellow counterpart to dogs. Hence, that extreme was taken and a whole trend of showing grimacing cats was born. 9. Actresses Without Teeth It’s shocking to realize how much of a part teeth play in making people seem attractive. And, if that is removed from the equation, unflattering it can look. 8. Hernandezing For those unfamiliar with sports, Aaron Hernandez was arrested earlier in 2013 on alleged murder charges. During his arrest, the former NFL Tight End had a white T-shirt crudely masking his torso—behind which his hands were cuffed. 7. Walmart Ball Pit Being a general nuisance in the corporate monolith known as Wal Mart more »

  • Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer [Video]

    The trailer for “Amazing Spider-Man 2″ is out and it looks like the filmmakers crammed in as many villains as possible in order to maximize action-packed scenes that will showcase undoubtedly great 3D. It looks like Rhino, Electro, and Green Goblin will all be taking on Spider-Man in the sequel which will be released in May. Sony has already committed to two more sequels in the franchise to be released in 2016 and 2018 and spin-off films set in the same universe much like The Avengers movies from Marvel Studios/Disney. I just hope they figure out a way to fit in my favorite villain, Kangaroo. He can jump high and has strong legs. Just picture that…in 3D!

  • 33 Hipster Trends That Made Us Cringe In 2013

    Hipsters have expanded their territory at an astounding rate this year and their unique and quirky ways are ever the more commonplace. But even with their now ubiquitous presence, we normal folks still find much of their culture cringeworthy. Please keep in mind that this is all in good fun, so to any of you hipsters reading this, please don’t run me down on your penny-farthing or spit in the next Fernet cocktail you make me.

  • The Most ‘Murican Art You’ll Ever See [15 Photos]

    Digital artist Jason Heuer, aka SharpWriter, takes great Americans, like our hero Teddy Roosevelt, and makes them even greater by placing them in fantastic scenarios. Fighting bears, riding dinosaurs, slaying aliens; no big deal for these fine Americans or, dare I say, ‘Muricans. Check out more of SharpWriter’s work on deviantArt and order prints at his Etsy shop. 

  • A “Once A Decade” Fog Event Occurred At The Grand Canyon [14 HQ Photos]

    Usually the Grand Canyon offers stunning views stretching for miles, deep into valleys etched by the Colorado River. But that vista has changed over the past few days, as a rare weather event has filled the canyon with fog, offering an even more stunning view than is typical. The weather event is known as a temperature inversion, and it only happens every few years, according to the National Park Service. Temperature inversions typically happen in the winter when there are long nights, and as the name implies, an inversion takes place when a layer of cool air gets trapped underneath warmer air, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). This is the reverse of the usual pattern, with temperature generally decreasing with increasing altitude. “Once the sun goes down, the ground loses heat very quickly, and this cools the air that is in contact with the ground,” the NWS explained. “However, since air is a very poor conductor of heat, the air just above the surface remains warm. Conditions that favor the development of a strong surface inversion are calm winds, clear skies, and long nights,” which is exactly what’s taking place in the Grand Canyon now, according to weather more »

  • Xenia Deli’s South African Swimsuit 2013 Photos Revealed

    Xenia Deli is a favorite on RSVLTS.com.  The 2013 Sports Illustrated South Africa Swimsuit issue recently hit newsstands – see all 50 photos + GIFS here – and if you weren’t lucky enough to travel all the way down to the Southern Hemisphere to pick up a copy and see this Moldavian in all her glory we’ve got you covered.