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  • The Price Of Pizza In Manhattan, By Neighborhood [Infographic]

    When you think of the cost of living in Manhattan, Pizza isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. Well it should be. Pizza is one, if not the number one type of food sold in Manhattan. With broad ranges of pizzerias found throughout every neighborhood in the city. From the fresh Italian brick oven pies of Little Italy to the heavily inflated cardboard chain “restaurants” of midtown, here is the ultimate breakdown of the price of pizza in NYC.

  • Amazing Aerial Footage Of Reindeer Herding [Video]

    Norwegian photographer Jan Helmer Olsen used a hexacopter drone to capture this footage of reindeer herds and the result is incredible. In order to shoot from the air in Norway, Olsen must obtain permission from the Civil Aviation Authority and approval from the National Security Authority. The result is definitely worth the hassle.

  • Bad Hair, Don’t Care [43 Photos]

    Remember: your haircut is only bad if you think it’s bad. It’s simply attitude that transforms a norco neck warmer nerd to a kickass coiffed cat. Now listen to “I’ve Got an Ape Drape” by the Vandals and get some ideas for a new ‘do.

  • Stunning HD Timelapse Shows Yosemite In All It’s Glory

    Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill produced this mind-blowing time lapse through a 200+ mile backpacking experience through Yosemite National Park. The project was filed over a 10 month span, capturing mesmerizing footage through a combined 45 days in the park Many of the shots seen in the video were filmed in Yosemite Valley, which features sheer granite monoliths tower overhead and waterfalls cascade thousands of feet down to the valley floor. Other places filmed include glacier point and other stations along the rim of the valley deep into the Sierra Nevada and the Cathedral Range at sunrise.

  • If Your Favorite Cartoons Were Minimalist Legos [8 Photos]

    Legos are all the rage right now. Making big moves in 2013-14 with the Lego movie in theaters and new interesting lego sets that cater to an older audience, the Lego is becoming more than just a child’s building block, but an art form for people of all ages. Recently Lego announced the winner of a competition get granted mass production, that winner was the Ghostbusters Lego set, which basically broke the internet for the day. German agency Jung Von Matt has created a collection of iconic cartoon characters made solely from LEGO blocks. While some characters are fairly easy to spot, some require that mouse in your head to stat spinning on that wheel.

  • These 16 Sports Teams Have Hidden Easter Eggs In Their Logos

    Sports teams have always been known for their clever logos, dating back to the early 1900s professional sporting clubs we’re recognized around the country for their unique branding. The prefect way to distinguish an otherwise unrecognizable team from a fan sitting in the stands, but sometimes there are more to sports logos than the eye can see. Here are 16 teams with hidden easter eggs in their logos.

  • Power Ranking The 2014 SI Swimsuit Rookies According To Google [160 GIFS]

    With voting for 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie of the Year coming to an end on March 4th we want to see which of this year’s 12 Rookies has the most clout on the web. By taking a look at the average Google Trends’ number for each of the women from January 1, 2014 to present day we’ve produced the following Power Rank. See each woman’s Google Trends number on the line below their name. In addition to this we have decided to give all 12 of this year’s beautiful rookies the Better In GIF Form treatment with in total 120 GIFS. Each of the 2014 Swimsuit Rookies their own gallery of GIFS so check them out and head over so SI.com to vote!

  • Colin Jost Kicks Off Weekend Update with Solid Debut

    Weekend Update has been held in such high regard since Seth Meyers took the show under his wing in 2006–2007 alongside Amy Poehler. After Poehler’s departure Meyers took on a solo role until taking on another co-anchor who seemed like the perfect fit, Cecily Strong this season. Meyers, who named Colin Jost co-head writer last season, kept the string of head writers behind the Weekend Update desk in tact. Jost has had a significant amount of success as a writer under Meyers and now in the leadership role, is keeping his head afloat working with a virtually unknown cast since the mass star-studded exodus last season. Jost’s performance behind the Update desk went over without a hitch, almost. Jay Pharoah and Keenan Thompson did a duel cameo as Shaq and Charles Barkley which had a great reception, aside from Pharoah missing a line due to, what looked like a cross-eye mishap. As for the jokes, Jost’s choices seemed to have the audience in stitches taking a few chances out of the gate with a “gay Jeter” joke; ”Jason Collins made history this week when he became the first openly gay athlete to play on a major professional sports team. Said Red Sox more »

  • E-Sports Reach Pro-Athletic Status, Fandom — And Money [Link]

    Videogames aren’t just for kids anymore. Yesterday’s young gamers are now adulthoods and have made gaming into an ever-growing hobby and entertainment medium. With high participation comes monetization, and gaming is no exception. Big money is being made by e-athletes who traded their bats and balls for joysticks and e-sports are enjoying a rapidly growing fanbase.

  • The Plan To Clean Up Mount Everest [20 Photos]

    Plan on tackling Mount Everest any time soon? If so, be prepared for a little extra weight on the trek back down. Over the last 60 years, the mountain has become increasingly covered in trash and to tackle the problem, Nepal is instilling a new rule where every adventurer must return with not only their own trash, but an additional 8 kg, or 17.6 lb, of garbage collected on the way. If you don’t follow the new rule, legal action will be taken, although it is unknown if that will be a fine or some other penalty. Expeditions already have to pay a $4000 deposit to scale the mountain, which is refunded when the party returns and proves they’ve brought back everything, but enforcement has been lax. Six decades of Everest expeditions has resulted in empty oxygen tanks, Buddhist prayer flags, beer bottles, tents, and even the bodies of deceased climbers (which don’t decompose in the cold), littering the landscape and hopefully the new policy will ease the problem. 

  • U.S. Reveals 2014 World Cup Home Kit

    The classic jersey is white with gray horizontal pinstripes across the body and sleeves, a reference to the USA’s historic tradition of using stripes. The jersey has a white polo collar featuring red trim, a nod of respect to this iconic piece of American fashion and sportswear. Inside the back of the neck a blue pennant tab features the original thirteen stars of the American Flag, representing the most evocative symbol of American national pride. The back of the jersey includes a unique and specially designed font for the names and numbers, which is modern, angular and directly influenced by U.S. sports teams.

  • 21 Renaissance Paintings As Hilariously Degenerate GIFs

    Artist James Kerr, also known as Scorpion Dagger, takes boring, stuffy, religious art from the Renaissance and brings it to life in hilarious animated GIFs reminiscent of Terry Gilliam’s bizarre cartoons from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” These are just a small sample from Kerr’s constantly updated Scorpion Dagger Tumblr, but be warnedl, some of them can be a bit no safe for work. Others can be really, really, not safe for work. But they’re all hilarious. 

  • If Mike Francesa Was on True Detective

    Mike Zaun, the character created in the likeness an image of Mike Francesa is the best thing you’ll see on the internet today. If you’re a person with a pulse you should already be on True Detective like Francesa on Diet Coke, if not, go watch every episode, then watch this parody skit by Waituhseckin Productions. Mike and the Mad Dog, two New York sports radio personalities, portrayed as the two dynamic partners from the widely acclaimed HBO original show is the perfect storm of why the internet was invented. It was invented for this and this alone.

  • The Secret Tunnels and Rooms Of Arrested Drug Lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman

    Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman had an assault rifle handy when authorities raided his beachside hideaway, but the world’s most wanted drug lord never opened fire. That’s because marines used infrared and body-heat scanners to pinpoint the locations of everyone inside the condo and make sure they were asleep, a Mexican official told CNN. Pictures from the February 22nd pre-dawn operation that captured Guzman in the Mexican Pacific resort town of Mazatlan have been released and they reveal seven houses, connected by secret tunnels that also tied in with the city’s sewage system. When authorities raided one of them last week, it turned out to be Guzman’s main residence in the town of Culiacan. The time it took Mexican marines to get past the house’s reinforced steel doors was enough to allow Guzman to escape via a hidden hatch under a bathtub, the officials said. With authorities temporarily off his trail, Guzman slipped out of Culiacan through the sewer tunnels, the Mexican official told CNN.

  • iOS On Your Dashboard With Apple CarPlay

    This morning at the Geneva International Motor Show, Apple announced its rebranded its iOS in the Car as CarPlay. Along with the new name, Apple revealed that the first cars to feature CarPlay will debut at the show from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo. So what exactly will CarPlay allow you to do? With the help of Apple’s voice-activated Siri, drivers will be able to keep their eyes on the road while making calls, sending messages, selecting music, and getting navigation help. Don’t worry if you’re not an iTunes user. Apple will allow connectivity to third-party music apps like Spotify and iHeartRadio for your cruising soundtrack. The system will also be predictive, using information from your texts, emails, and searches to figure out where you plan on going without telling it anything. In addition to the aforementioned automakers, Nissan, Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, and General Motors will all feature CarPlay in future vehicles. Even Ford, who has been using Microsoft’s Sync voice-command system for years, is said to be a future partner. Soon the CarPlay steering wheel button may be as ubiquitous as seat warmers in autos. Wait, you don’t have seat warmers? Yikes.

  • The Forbes 28th Annual World’s Billionaires Issue Hits Shelves

    Forbes released the numbers for their 28th annual “Billionaires Issue” with our boy, Bill Gates topping the list after a four-year break. Gates managed to beat out Mexico telecom mogul Carlos Slim Helu after Slim managed to lose a billion dollars over the course of a year. Imagine losing $1B over the span of a year. Just poof. Gone. Gates managed to raise his net worth to $76 billion, up from $67 billion in 2013 topping the list for the 15th of the past 20 years. Amancio Ortega maintains the 3 spot he gained in 2013, at $64 billion, $7B up from last year. Warren Buffet polishes off the fourth spot with a measly $58.2 billion. Zuckerberg managed to double his worth from $13.3 billion in 2013 to $28.5 billion coming out as the biggest gain of the list in the #21 spot. WhatsApp founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton got by with a little help from their friend Zuckerberg coming in at #202 and #551 after the app was purchased by Facebook for $19 Billion. Women also made a boom adding more women to the list in 2014 than any other year in history, 172 versus 138 in 2013, more »

  • Kimmel Calls Upon Hollywoods Finest for YouTube Inspired Feature Films

    With many of this years Oscar nominated movies deriving from books, Jimmy Kimmel decided it would be a good idea to set out and make some feature films getting inspiration from a more contemporary medium, YouTube. Queen Latifah as Sweet Brown, Chris and Liam Hemsworth as the adorable Charlie and his finger bitten brother and “David After Dentist” and “Double Rainbow” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Samuel L. Jackson, and Seth Rogen. starring Queen Latifah, Barkhad Abdi, Adam Driver and Matt Damon.

  • Chewbacca Ski Mask

    Designed to resemble everyone’s favorite wookie from a galaxy far, far away, this beastly looking ski mask was designed by the team at Airhole.

  • You Can Buy A Street Legal Batmobile…For Only $1 Million

    Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile should not be confined to a Planet Hollywood. It should be driven around the streets in all it’s jaw dropping glory and now it can be done with this custom-made $1,000,000 replica that features an automatic transmission, FOUR 44″ super swamper tires with custom rims and all the bells and whistles, except for a rocket launcher.

  • New Era 1934 Heritage Collection

    New Era is ringing in spring training in serious style this year. Introducing the 1934 Heritage Collection, a 19TWENTY cap from the original on-field Diamond Collection, vintage style fitted cap. The vintage caps are crafted from 100% melton wool with a leather sweatband on the inside, paying homage to the original uniform fabrics from the major leagues 90 years ago all deigned in Buffalo, NY home of the New Era headquarters. New Era Heritage Collection

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers Unveil New 2014 Uniforms

    The Tampa Bay Bucs in collaboration with Nike revealed the team’s new NFL Elite 51 Uniforms for the ’14 season. Can’t help, but think of an arena football uniform. The new uniform features a refreshed color scheme honoring the franchise’s past and present, while confidently positioning the team for the future. In collaboration with the Buccaneers and the NFL, Nike designers incorporated many of the unique historical aspects of the Tampa Bay area by showcasing the city’s roots, vibrant culture and spirited fan base. “Today marks the culmination of more than two years of research and planning to bring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers into a new and exciting era of our history,” said Buccaneers co-chairman Edward Glazer. “We worked closely with our partners at Nike to design a uniform that would set the standard for both design and functionality. The result is a sleek, modern design that honors our championship past while also establishing a new, bolder identity moving forward.”

  • Photoshopping The Oscars Selfie [12 Photos]

    Both the talented and talentless over at Reddit’s Photoshop Battles are duking it out with their takes on the celebrity-heavy Oscars selfie. As good as the creepy photo from “The Shining” is, I think the current best is the lonely Bradley Cooper with cardboard cutouts of his fellow stars.

  • The Award For Parents Of The Year Goes To…Cardboard Box Office [20 Photos]

    After moving to a new country and the birth of baby Orson, Lilly and Leon found themselves with an abundance of cardboard boxes. Obviously, the only logical thing to do when you find yourself in such a predicament is to recreate classic movie scenes with your family and make a website to share your creativity with the world. And so they did. You can keep up with the family at Cardboard Box Office, where a new photo is added every weekend. Let’s hope they keep it up well into Orson’s angsty teenage years.  

  • RSVLTS Goes On A Florida Keys Excursion With The New Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid [HQ Photos]

    With the Polar Vortex once again gripping New York City we decided to jump ship and head to the Southernmost Point in the United States for three days of adventuring with the new 2014 XV Crosstrek Hybrid from Subaru. Key West is one of the most scenic and relaxing yet lively locations in the U.S. making it a perfect place to kick back your girl on the beach or get rowdy with a few of your pals on Duval Street. If you have a taste for adventure you can go off-road in search of secluded beach paradises on the surrounding Keys which we did as the first group to push the XV Crosstrek Hybrid’s all-terrain capabilities to the limits in order to see parts of the Keys no one else could. Regardless of what you’re looking for we’ve got your cheat sheet to having a good time in Key West.  In it we’ll cover where to stay, where to go out, what to see and things to do. 

  • Oakley Seeks to Disrupt Eyewear Industry with Groundbreaking Innovations (36 HQ Photos)

    Recently performance focused brand, Oakley, unveiled a new campaign focusing on breaking down the doors of innovation with their new “Disruptive by Design” campaign focusing on three major game changing product developments for 2014. “We will open our blast doors for the first time, celebrate our legacy and culture of disruption, and set out our blueprint for future innovation.” Said Oakley CEO and Chief Mad Scientist Colin Baden. “We now have our sights set on three key innovation pillars: Enhanced Vision, Digital Eyewear and Customization. This is the beginning of a new era of brave design and disruptive technologies from Oakley.” The details of which ended there. The “Disruptive by Design” event was more of a homage to past innovations than outlook into the future for the brand, but like all progressive visionaries, the Oakley brand is keeping it’s secrets close to the chest. The event was filled with Oakley Athletes past and present with the likes of Bubba Watson, Shaun White and Lindsay Vaughn walking the carpet. Road race cyclist legend, Greg LeMond and motocross hall of famer Johnny O’Mara were also on hand to pay their respects. Global advertising is scheduled for March 2014 and is said to more »

  • Northern Lights Make Rare Appearance In British Skies [25 Photos]

    Thursday night, folks in Britain were treated to a rare appearance by the Northern Lights in their skies. The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is a brilliant light display in the sky caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun and the Earth’s atmosphere. The phenomenon is usually only visible in Arctic regions, but strong solar winds caused them to be seen further south than usual. I suppose after all the flooding, Britain deserves a little treat from Mother Nature. 

  • Portraits Of Convicts With Letters To Younger Selves [10 HQ Photos]

    For “The Reflection Project,” photographer Trent Bell captured portraits of inmates in the Maine prison system with handwritten letters from each inmate to his younger self in the background. When these people get locked away for so long, it’s so easy to have an attitude of “out of sight, out of mind,” but the reality is that they are real people living their lives behind bars because of a mistake. The idea for the powerful project came to Bell after a friend, a professional with a wife and 4 children, was sentenced to 36 years. We’ve all had moments where things could have taken a wrong turn, and this series serves as a reminder that it’s possible for any of us to find ourselves in these circumstances. For more info and other projects, check out Trent Bell Photography.

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