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  • 11 Reasons Why Emily Ratajkowski’s SI Swimsuit Body Paint Is Better In GIF Form

    Emily Ratajkowski has been a favorite on RSVLTS.com long before Blurred Lines made her a household name so we are extremely pumped to see someone we’ve believed in for a while make it to the pinnacle of the modeling mountain (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit). Her body paint video is steamy but we decided that the only thing that could make it any better is the RSVLTS GIF Form treatment.

  • Each “Breaking Bad” Episode As A Poster [62 Photos]

    Hungarian designer Zutti of Posterology spent the last 5 months creating posters for each episode of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” He watched every episode 3-4 times and some 5 or 6 times to get an idea of how to best capture them in a single image, then spent 400 hours creating. Read an interview with Zutti on the Posterology Tumblr and order your favorites from Society 6 and Redbubble. We’ve presented them in chronological order in the gallery, so if you haven’t seen the entire series, stop on whatever episode you’re currently on or you will see spoilers.

  • Thailand Prison Inmates Fight Foreigners For Reduced Sentences [Video]

    The folks at Coconuts TV are always finding something strange in Southeast Asia to share with their YouTube audience and their most recent video is no exception. Apparently, if you ever find yourself in a Thai prison with at least a ten year sentence, you can get months or even years shaved off for fighting. Not random fights in the rec yard, but organized Muay Thai bouts with tourist opponents. It may seem weird to encourage and even reward fighting, but the inmates who spend their time training for a match don’t have time to engage in drug and gang activity. How come there hasn’t been a Van Damme movie about this yet?

  • Devin Supertramp’s New “Human Bowling” Video Looks Like the Most Fun a Human Can Have

    Fun king, Devin Supertramp, recently released a video combining bowling, a ski mountain and a human obstacle course. It seems like every video this guy makes manages to trump the next one on the fun scale. Featured in this video, Devin sets up an oversized hamster ball will a person inside atop a snow covered mountain, the ball is then released, barreling toward a set of gigantic bowling pins. For some reason a person is thrown in the mix between the ball and pins and you could guess what ensues. FUN!

  • US Navy To Deploy First Laser Weapon

    We may not have hoverboards or flying cars, but thanks to the US Navy, it’s safe to say the future we all envisioned as children has arrived. Later this year, the first ship equipped with a laser will be deployed. I’m not talking some boring science class laser to beam Morse code or blind helicopter pilots, I’m talking about G.I. Joe pew pew laser weapons. The USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf will be equipped with the laser, which only requires one sailor to operate, and can burn through a target or fry electronics with a beam that is invisible to the naked eye. Each 30 kilowatt shot will only cost the Navy a few dollars, too. For comparison, each interceptor missile aboard a warship costs $1 million a piece. And this is just the beginning. Zumwalt, the Navy’s new destroyer currently under construction, will have the power to fire a rail gun that can shoot a projectile 6 or 7 times the speed of sound. I wouldn’t want to be America’s enemy.

  • Nike Air Tailwind ’78 Pack

    Nike Tailwind has gone through a wild array of facelifts over the years. One of the most memorable being the 4th generation sneaker that still live on in rereleases today. Titolo and Nike are collabing for a release of a Tailwind from days yonder. From a simpler time when sneakers looked a bit more reserved. The ’78 Tailwind pack comes in a very toned down grey/black and black/silver colorway and set to drop next month at Titolo

  • Tightrope Walk Between Hot Air Balloons [Video]

    Tightrope walking has been done to death. Literally, people have died doing it. So how are daredevils expected to take funambulism to the next level? How about attempting to walk between two hot air balloons 10,000 feet in the air? Yeah, that will probably do it. I know these guys know what they’re doing and they have parachutes on, but I still almost had a heart attack watching this. Watch it yourself and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

  • Man Meals: Maple-Glazed Chicken

    Keep warm on the chilliest winter nights with this hearty meal you can make in a pinch. Toss chicken with apples and maple syrup for a delicious dinner that’s ready in just 30 minutes.

  • Transforming Paris’ Abandoned Metro Stations

    Paris mayoral candidate Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet announced that if she wins the election, she aims to transform 11 deserted metro stations into social, sporting, and cultural spaces. With New York City’s “Lowline” project apparently moving along, it will only be a matter of time before cities all over the world put their undergrounds to public use. OXO Architects has released some proposals that would transform the abandoned spaces into restaurants, nightclubs, swimming pools, galleries, theaters, and gardens. It’s a great idea, and hopefully one that Parisians will embrace no matter who wins the mayoral election. 

  • First Teaser Trailer For ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Looks Nerdtastic

    The Guardians of the Galaxy teaser is finally upon us. Aliens, Aliens and the lovable doof from “Parks & Rec” (Chris Pratt). With a majority of the highly anticipated flick being filmed in CGI, let’s hope Pratt can carry the movie on his back. Shouldn’t be a problem there with Marvel leaning toward a protagonist with a humanizing side (Ironic for a franchise powerhouse based on Superheros), following the Thor model. The first 15 seconds of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy trailer can be seen below, and be sure to tune into ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live on tonight.

  • Deep Elm Records Introduces Name Your Price Downloads

    For almost 20 years, Deep Elm Records has been putting out some of the biggest releases in Indie music, with artists like Appleseed Cast, Moonlit Sailor, Camber, and Lights & Motion calling the label home at some point. Since 2008, Deep Elm has been a strictly digital label and previously allowed every new downloader 99 free songs. Today Deep Elm announced a “name your price” plan for their entire catalog, over 200 albums, yet again proving themselves innovators. There is no minimum and in their press release they fully expect that some people won’t or aren’t able to pay. All they ask is that you at least spread the word about the label and the bands, knowing that word of mouth is their best exposure. In fact, Deep Elm’s roster is made up entirely of bands who were fans themselves, submitting their albums to the label for distribution and never having to sign any sort of multi-album contract. So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Deep Elm and start downloading. Try to throw this great label a few bucks and be sure to spread the good word.

  • Daredevil Photographs Not Taken By Russians [12 Photos]

    It seems like every time you go on the Internet these days, there are new photos or videos of Russians scaling buildings and other exceptionally tall structures in the most outrageously unsafe manner. But why should Russians have all the fun? Lucinda Grange is a British travel and adventure photographer who also takes insane risks in order to take photos from perspectives that those of us who respect gravity and value life would otherwise never see. She’s been all over the world, scaling the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and both the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges in New York. Keep up with Lucinda Grange’s adventures and live vicariously through her at Facebook.

  • 3-D Effects Achieved in GIFs By Adding This Simple Element

    3-D movies and televisions look as though they’re back and here to stay. For a while at least. Well a new simple discovery was made by adding the simplest of methods to a motion graphic. By adding two white lines to any GIF, then eating away at that line with an object or person, it creates a popping 3-D effect that… That’s, well, just fun to look at. Enjoy the first batch of what we hope to see many more of.

  • Full House Without Michelle [Video]

    Want to have your childhood ruined? The aptly named YouTube user Full House Without Michelle has removed youngest Tanner daughter Michelle from the opening of the classic sitcom and in the description presents a grim take on the show: “Did Danny Tanner deal with the grief of losing his pregnant wife in a fatal car crash by creating an imaginary daughter named ‘Michelle’?” Jeez. Leaving in the laugh track really makes it creepy, too.

  • Your Brain On Beer vs Coffee (Infographic)

    The distinction between alcohol and caffeine is a tried and true argument when kickstarting the creative juices. Countless (majority) of great writers, artists and musicians have been under some form of influence when creating brilliant works, but is that the most conducive form of inspiration? The college years are a perfect example of this. Both alcohol and caffeine encouraged in every facet of college life. Stay awake to party, stay awake to get to class. Drink to get a party buzz, drink to get through an auditorium lecture on the history of post modern jazz. We get it. What this infographic by ILOVECOFFEE.JP does is breaks down the chemical functions of both coffee and beer, the good, bad and best time to drink each.

  • Back To The Future iPad Case

    The Grays Sports Almanac. The very book that would alter the course of history as we know it. The very book old Biff gave to young Biff in 1955 which he eventually used to become a crooked millionaire. And now it can be yours. Well sort of, the Complete Sports Statistics 1950-2000 almanac is actually an iPad case, but then isn’t an iPad it’s own sports almanac in a sense. ‘Oh LàLà’ cover not included! Make your own you mucky pups. The Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case $33.49

  • The Beautifully Appalling Faces Of Figure Skating [22 Photos]

    Such grace…such poise…such hideous faces. Apparently, when you’re concentrating on nailing your Biellmann spin or haircutter or Rittberger (these are real, I looked them up), you sometimes forget to not look like you pushed too hard and are now questioning if it was really just a fart. Oh well, at least closet skating enthusiasts can say we’re just watching for the stupid faces. I know I’m not the only one.

  • Awesome Turntable Remix Of Doobie Brothers

    I’m not ashamed to admit it, I think the Doobie Brothers are a great band. And I was super excited to hear a remix of one of their biggest hits with original singer Tom Johnston (who would be replaced by Michael McDonald), “Long Train Running.” Canadian DJ and producer Skratch Bastid teamed with American Jj and master turntablist Chris Karns for the song, showcasing their skills on the wheels of steel. It’s refreshing to see DJs who actually have some skill and are not just plugging in their iPods and pretending to turn knobs on a mixer.

  • Amazon is good for customers. But is it good for books? [Link]

    There is no doubt that Amazon has been great for consumers. You can order almost anything you can think of and have it delivered to your door in two days, even on Sundays in many cities. But before Amazon became the Internet’s answer to Walmart, it was dedicated to selling books. Amazon changed the way the publishing world operated, both for print books and the emerging ebook market, but are these changes in the best interest of books or just business?

  • Abandoned Detroit School Then And Now [25 Photos]

    Built in 1917, Lewis Cass Technical High School, or Cass Tech, was Detroit’s only magnet school until 1977. In 2004 a new structure was built for the new school on an adjacent lot to the north of the historic location. A fire in the old building in 2007 led to its demolition in 2011. Before being torn down and lost forever, a group of urban explorers brought some old photographs to the school and recreated the scenes, juxtaposing the lively days of yesteryear with the abandoned site it had become. The entire series can be seen at Detroiturbex.com.

  • Indonesian Volcanic Eruption As Seen From Space

    On Friday, Mount Kelud, a volcano on Indonesia’s most populated island, Java, erupted and we shared photographs of the destruction as 100,000 people were evacuated. The ash was propelled out of the volcano more than 13 miles high. 4 deaths have now been confirmed and 56,000 people remain displaced. The eruption could be heard 125 miles away and was captured from space in these satellite photos from NASA.

  • This After School Dad Watching Students Fall On Ice Makes Parenthood Worth it

    This bro-dad waiting to pick up his daughter is in the quintessential spot for ice slip falls and he gets all the goods on film. For five glorious minutes, he films students biting the big one on a school corner and because he prefaces how bad of a person he is for keeling over in laughter, it makes it perfectly fine to film it. Yes, it’s mildly wrong, but pride aside, no one really gets hurt, which makes it A-OK to laugh, right?

  • Farting Figure Skating [Video]

    Thanks to some well-placed high-definition mics, NBC was able to unveil their new Surround Brown Sound®, which amplifies those “brown” frequencies most often heard in flatulence, during the Sochi Winter Olympics. Watch as the new technology enhances the already incredible performance of official Surround Brown Sound® figure skater, Jason Brown. It will bring a tear to your eye and a sting to your nostrils.

  • The Odds of Becoming a Pro Athlete (Infographic)

    The odds of a highschool athlete going pro is a constantly fluctuating number. Ryan Sleeper of OSM Guy decided to consolidate the numbers provided by scholarshipstats.com, which tracks the number of high school players in the US along with the number that advance to play on a Division I, II, or III NCAA team. Because this is a bi-gender piece, football isn’t included, but the stats are available on the OSM Story. Learn About Tableau

  • The Uplifting Street Art Of JACE [15 Photos]

    Hailing from the French protectorate Reunion, an island in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar, street artist JACE is known for his little yellow character Gouzou, reminiscent of the AOL AIM logo. JACE’s work can be found all over the island, and also on neighboring Madagascar where he stayed with the Vezo people of Anakao for two weeks, painting sails on the locals’ fishing vessels. Some of the sails are featured below and also in the video following the photos. Check out more of JACE’s work on FatCap.

  • Kanye Remixes “Drunk In Love”, Takes Baby Making Music to a New Level

    Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love” was remixed by the irreverent Kanye on Friday, just in time for Valentines day. For all of Kanye’s public life flaws and dramatics, the guy sure knows his way around a studio. The remix put the already adult-themed-love song into high gear with some seriously raunchy lyrics courtesy of Mr. West. You reverse that cowgirl, you reverse you reverse, and I impregnated your mouth, girl, that’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl.” Very romantic. Icing on the cake for Beyoncé’s smash hit, which promises to stay relevant way into spring thanks to the Yeezus bump. Ladies and Gents I present to you spring ’14’s first club-banger-hit.

  • Forensic Facial Reconstruction Of Crystal Head Vodka Skull

    Crystal Head Vodka, the Herkimer dimond-filtered premium spirit founded by actor and self-described spiritualist Dan Aykroyd and artist John Alexander, is well known for its unique skull-shaped bottle modeled after the legend of the mystical crystal skulls. Nigel, a Scottish forensic artist, decided to reconstruct the face of the nameless skull, undoubtedly after having a few too many himself. The result is one of the happiest faces ever seen, most likely due to the 80 proof innards. Just imagine, they could charge twice as much for a sculpted “Laughing Creep Vodka.” Now for someone to develop a crackpot legend about the face…

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