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  • Beers of the World Map

    You might be familiar with Budweiser and Guinness, the popular beer brands of the USA and Ireland, respectively. What about the countries of India, Egypt, or Australia? Did you know a popular beer brand in the UK is “Bass”? Or that the beer brand most associated with China is known as “Boxing Cat”? This intricate infographic by Great Clubs features the most popular beer brands from around the world.

  • The Kid: The Immortal Life of Ted Williams (Book)

    Williams was the best hitter to every play the game. His 1941 .406 batting average has not and may never be topped again. Even after an era plagued with the PEDs, Williams record remained in tact. Want to feel even more minuscule about yourself, Williams 500+ home runs would have been even higher if not for his nearly five year baseball hiatus in the prime of his career to serve as a Marine pilot in WWII and Korea. Born in 1918 in San Diego, Ted would spend most of his life disguising his Mexican heritage. During his 22 years with the Boston Red Sox, Williams electrified crowds across America–and shocked them, too: His notorious clashes with the press and fans threatened his reputation. Yet while he was a God in the batter’s box, he was profoundly human once he stepped away from the plate. His ferocity came to define his troubled domestic life. While baseball might have been straightforward for Ted Williams, life was not. THE KID is biography of the highest literary order, a thrilling and honest account of a legend in all his glory and human complexity. In his final at-bat, Williams hit a home run. Bradlee’s marvelous book clears the more »

  • Tales From The Graveyard Shift [Infographic]

    This Halloween, why not salute those zombie-like weirdos that work the graveyard shift by learning a little bit about them. After all, it’s easier than trying to talk to them about what they do. All kidding aside, as someone who has worked nonstandard hours, I feel as though the greatest plus has been ignored in this graphic. For as great as it is to spend more time with your family or run errands, nothing beats being able to take full advantage of daytime happy hours at empty bars during the time when all the “normal” people are toiling away at work.

  • BitLock is a Brilliant BlueTooth Activated Bike Lock

    BitLock is The world’s first keyless bike lock that uses BlueTooth to unlock your bike lock when it’s in close proximity. Simply walk up to your bike and press the button on BitLock to lock/unlock. Bitlock senses your proximity and identifies you as you come within 3 feet of your bike. BitLock

  • 1920s Mugshots Were Incredible Works Of Art [36 Photos]

    As our favorite celebrity mugshots proved, these days even the rich and famous look awful when they get arrested. But back in 1920s it seemed as though nobody would be caught dead committing crimes if not in their Sunday best. Maybe it’s the suits, maybe it’s the black and white photography, but something about this assortment of violent murderers and thieves just screams “class.”

  • Video Stores Explained To Modern Kids [Video]

    BuzzFeed has put together this short to teach the youth and remind the rest of us all about those dark ages when we had to leave our houses for entertainment. Some may be nostalgic but don’t forget how frustrating it could be when you’d get there and all 8000 copies of the newest release were already rented out. And those new releases weren’t cheap and you’d have very little time to watch them. You get a whole month of Netflix for the cost of a couple 1-night new release rentals. You know what? I’m happy they’re gone. Good riddance to a horrible business model. Book stores and record shops, I’ve got my eye on you next.

  • 17 New Ways To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Irresistible To Employers

    Are Mom and Dad starting to leave subtle hints that they want you out of their house (newspapers with circle classified ads, changed deadbolts, etc.)? Maybe you should get a job, you bum. It’s tough out there, but why not get an edge over the competition by finally using that LinkedIn profile you’ve done absolutely nothing with for years? Put these 17 tips to use and you’ll be off the dole (and your parents’ couch) in no time!

  • Greatest Halloween Prank Of All-Time [Video]

    Just in time for Halloween, prankster Tom Mabe uses a remote controlled aircraft made up to look like the grim reaper to fly over and terrorize a bunch of scaredy cats in Louisville, Kentucky. In all honesty, the grim reaper get-up doesn’t even seem all that necessary. If something swoops down from 200 feet above me and follows me around, I’ll be scared even if it’s made up to look like the Snuggles bear. Possibly even more so. No matter what, with over 2 million hits, this may be THE viral video of the season.

  • You May Be Hipster, But You Will Never Be This Hipster [72 Photos]

    The hipster is an interesting creature. Despite buying every product Apple puts out, they eschew many modern conveniences and choose to use inefficient devices like mechanical typewriters and penny-farthings (those bikes with the big wheels that were passe 120 years ago). They also put style before utility, wearing layers and layers of thrift store clothing and even donning scarves in the summer. All that’s missing from these photos is a hipster hunting with a blunderbuss which is probably only hard to find because I think most of them are vegans.

  • 10 Amazing Facts About The Simpsons

    America’s favorite family is in it’s 25th season and it shows no signs of slowing down. Through the years The simpsons have made TV history as the longest-running American primetime, scripted television series. Even with that there are still many things about the series it’s fanbase is unaware of. Here are 10 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about The Simpsons.

  • Stunning View of New Zealand As Seen From The Cockpit [Video]

    Check out this incredible view of Queenstown, New Zealand from a cockpit and see why Peter Jackson picked this fantastic country to film Lord of the Rings. With that being said, the music (Coldplay’s “Paradise”) takes away from the epic vista, so I suggest muting it and playing something more grandiose, like “Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes.

  • Bachelor Pad In Greece That WIll Have You Living A Life Of Leisure

    Today our Greek friends may be celebrating Oxi Day, but you’ll want to say “nai” to this bachelor pad (learn some Greek, I assure you it’s clever you cretins).  The Plane House by K Studio is located on Banana Beach on the Greek island of Skiathos. Taking total advantage of the geography, you can sunbathe on the deck or relax in the shade and let the breeze blowing over the perfectly placed pool cool you off. And with a 270 degree of the coast, it’s the perfect place to sip on an Ouzo and wonder what all the poor people are doing. 

  • Economists Say Reduce working week to 30 hours or die. Sort of.

    In a recent study, the UK based Telegraph says “A shorter working week would make us healthier, give us more fulfilling and sustainable lives and be better for the environment, economists have suggested.” Any young professional would not only chuckle, but bellow in laughter at the idea of a 30 hour work week, but economists say it’s possible. Cutting the amount of hours worked would greatly increase the quality of our well being, family life, friendships and communities. While the 30 hour week seems like a stretch by fantasies standards, with gradual changes to the labour market it’s foreseeable in the near future, says the NEF (New Economics Foundation). Companies should be encouraged to give workers more time off instead of pay rises, and entertain the thought of a four day work week, a practice that has seen much progress in the Netherlands. “Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany have shown it is possible to make changes like these without weakening their economies, the books claims. It adds: “Time spent providing unpaid care constitutes an important civic contribution that is often unrecognised. “A shorter working week would both ease the pressure on carers, most of whom are women, and enable their more »

  • Ohio State Marching Band Pulls off Epic Movie Montage

    The Ohio State University marching band has a reputation that precedes itself. Known for it’s elaborate halftime shows and illustrious themes the band has had a number of it’s performances go viral, including the most recent Micheal Jackson tribute. Well this might be better. A movie montage featuring characters from some of the greatest films with a synonymous soundtrack like Superman and Jurassic Park. It is about the music still isn’t it? Sort of. The music is great, but to pull of these steps alone would be a feat (get it?), let alone playing music while doing it.

  • AXE Hair’s #StyledInSeconds Photobooth Fun [41 Photos]

    On Monday night Ned from COED.com, Cass from Guyism.com, Steve from MadeMan.com and yours truly met up at Bounce Sporting Club (55 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010) where AXE Hair and their lovely celebrity stylist Natalia Bruschi (‏@NatiBru) showed us that it only takes a few seconds for guys to get the hair girls love with AXE Hair styling products. Natalia’s clients include some of the biggest names in Hollywood and I was told that my hair, see it in the GIFs below, looks very similar to Leo. Yes, Leo. I kinda see it. Once the pregame was over we boarded a party bus en route to MetLife Stadium for the ultimate Monday Night Football VIP experience that included a suite stocked with booze, food, and unlimited cookies. It was pretty damn incredible to say the least.

  • Batman Is Looking Pretty F&%KING Jacked

    Perennial Dad of the Year contender Ben Affleck picked his daughter, Violet, up from school yesterday for a little shopping in Los Angeles, and he was clearly sending a message to the legions of pissed off nerds that don’t want him playing Batman in Batman vs. Superman that they can doubt him all they want, but he is pretty f&%king jacked now.

  • Johnny Football Is A Good Tipper

    Johnny Manziel is a d-bag. Johnny is arrogant. Johnny is a jerkoff rich kid. Johnny is [insert your complaint] here. What you can’t say about Manziel is that he’s a bad tipper. @shelbsss11d the honor of serving Scooby a night this week and was soooo happy.

  • Dr. J: The Autobiography (Book)

    With startling honesty and an unmistakable voice, Dr. J is a historic self-portrait of an American legend, Julius “The Doctor” Erving. With his flights of improvisation around the basket and his towering afro, Julius Erving became one of the most charismatic (and revolutionary) players basketball has ever known. But while the public has long revered this cultural icon, few have ever known of the double life of Julius Erving. Dr. J traces the inner lives of the nearly perfect player and the imperfect man—and how he has come to terms with both. Dr. J Autobiography $21.00

  • Listen Right Now: Arcade Fire’s New Album “Reflektor” On YouTube, In It’s Entirety

    It’s been almost four years since Arcade Fire released, Grammy’s 2010 album of the year,  The Suburbs. Now it seems as if Arcade Fire is looking to escape the mainstream heat and get back to their indie roots. Today, the band put their fouth album “Reflektor” up on YouTube for everyone to enjoy, for free a week before it’s supposed to be released. 0:00:00 Reflektor 0:07:34 We Exist 0:13:17 Flashbulb Eyes 0:16:00 Here Comes the Night Time 0:22:30 Normal Person 0:26:53 You Already Know 0:30:51 Joan of Arc 0:46:22 Here Comes the Night Time II 0:49:07 Awful Sound (Oh Eurydice) 0:55:23 It’s Never Over (Hey Orpheus) 1:02:02 Porno 1:08:05 Afterlife 1:14:02 Supersymmetry

  • It’s the Worlds Strongest Beer and it Contains 67.5% Alcohol

    It’s called Snake Venom and it’s the world’s strongest beer. Last year it’s predecessor was created, appropriately named “Armageddon” and this year the alcohol percentage was pumped up 2.5% coming in at a cringingly strong %67.5 with a “hoppy, malty and very pleasant” taste. A warning also comes along with the beverage—only one full bottle should be consumed at a time. Those interested can also buy a bottle online for around US$81.

  • Drunken Wade Boggs Sings Garth Brooks In The Keys [VIDEO]

    This is one of the classics from the Busted Coverage archives because there isn’t much better than Drunk Wade Boggs signing “Friends in Low Places” way back in 2011. So many of you are new to BC that I had to dig up Wade for an encore from Snappers in Key Largo. Watch until the end when a woman give Wade some advice. “Don’t quit your day job, darlin.”

  • A Brief History of the Word Dude

    Contemplate this, dude: that when I call you dude, there’s a whole range of things I might mean—you’ll understand me from my intonation and the overall context—but each time, I’m also reinforcing a specific kind of social relationship. No matter how I use the word, it always implies the same thing: solidarity without intimacy. It says close, but dude, not too close.

  • Apple Calls Upon Bryan Cranston to be the New Voice of the iPad Air

    It’s been about four weeks since the last episode of Breaking Bad aired and the dust is starting to settle. You’re watching one of your many mundane programs that’s attempting to compensate for the show that hooked you in so bad, you’re withdrawals are nearly as bad as if you’d actually induced the blue stuff. A commercial comes on. You’re not paying attention. Until a recognizable voice begins talking to you overlaid with a background piano. The voice is soothing and familiar. It’s authoritative yet compassionate. It beckons you to listen. You do, because you miss it. It tell’s you some mumbo jumbo about how the iPad is so revolutionary its comparable to the pencil. You go out and buy an iPad Air and don’t ask questions. We miss you Walter. We miss you so much.  

  • Giant George, The World’s Tallest Dog, Has Died. RIP Big Buddy [10 Photos]

    Former World’s Tallest Dog Giant George has passed away, just one month shy of his 8th birthday. He stood 7’3″ on his hind legs and weighed in at 245 pounds. The Great Dane was crowned not just the tallest living dog, but also tallest dog ever by Guinness World Record authorities in 2010. He lived in Arizona, where he had his own queen-sized bed (damn, I sleep on a double). For more info on Giant George and to purchase the book about him, check out GiantGeorge.com.

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