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  • The Fallon Timberlake SNL featured Giggles Galore

    This weekend SNL was hosted by Jimmy Fallon with musical guest/co-host Justin Timberlake. In what was looked at as one of the most anticipated SNLs of the year, the brotastic duo gave us exactly what we expected. Giggles galore. Skit after skit the bash bros of late night TV tried everything in their power to keep a straight face, but in true Fallon form, couldn’t. The overall episode was good to quite good, a plethora of special guests including Barry “effing” Gibb, Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney were in attendance and Madonna acted weird, go figure.

  • Twitter’s New San Francisco Global Headquarters

    Tech offices are becoming more and more lax, with the corporate cubicle structure of days yonder a thing of the past, innovative tech companies who built their foundation on outside the box thinking and what’s more outside the box than a non traditional, fun work space. Twitter’s new San Francisco global headquarters is a fine example. Wholesale Furniture Mart, a historic 1937 Art Deco-style building, spans two stories and features bright, open work areas, a giant cafeteria, a yoga studio, game rooms, and a rooftop garden. Artworks by local artists decorate the space, adding color and vibrancy. Architecture firms IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design were behind the design, which incorporates Twitter’s signature blue alongside warm wooden accents. 

  • 14 Awe-Inspiring Athletic Performances of 2013

    Athletically, 2013 was a three hundred and sixty five day span of time that was collectively awe-inspiring. From the resurgent Boston baseballers to Peyton Manning making a late-career case of superiority in his more than a decade-long rivalry with Tom Brady, there were plenty of moments that made fans—with their mouths agape—go, “HOW IN GOD’S NAME DID HE DO THAT?!”

  • 10 Fascinating Things About Science and History Mankind Learned In 2013

    There comes a time when the sciences and history merge to form this amalgamated field of sheer discovery. Well, there were several times during the course of 2013–now in its twilight days—that the historical and scientific fusion of pure epicness re-wrote humankinds understanding of Earth, and its planetary peers that occupy the heavens. Standing at the edge of 2013, RSVLTS is counting down several interesting tidbits of information that were unearthed during the current 365 day span of time—making humankind just slightly more learned as 2014 comes roaring into the present.

  • Samsung Just Produced “The Worst Technology Commercial Of All-Time.” Watch It Now…

    In what is probably a brilliant marketing move Samsung has released a cringeworthy commercial called “Are You Geared Up?” for their new Gear smartwatch that took a page right from the hilariously bad, internet darling Sharknado. 700,000 views en route to 3 million by tomorrow morning. There is absolutely no way they didn’t do this on purpose. Can’t be possible.

  • The Real Duck Dynasty Debut 2014 Nike Mach Speed Uniform

    The Oregon Ducks football uniforms are on the cutting edge of innovation, with the clear goal of optimizing athlete performance and speed on the field. On December 30, Oregon will take the field wearing the latest Nike Pro Combat “Mach Speed” uniform, the most innovative Nike Pro Combat system of dress to date.

  • Lamborghini Huracán

    Say goodbye to the Gallardo, it’s successor is here. The Huracán is the newest Lambo to join the fleet of Italian supercars. The Huracán is driven by a naturally-aspirated 5.2 litre V10 engine, sending power to the all-wheel-drive system through a seven-speed dual-clutch auto. The big V10 produces 610 horsepower – hence the LP 610-4 name – which translates to a very healthy 448kW, available at 8250rpm. Torque is rated at 560Nm, coming online at 6500rpm. Lamborghini promises a 0-100km/h time of 3.2 seconds, forming the first portion of a 9.9 second run to 200km/h.

  • RSVLTS Predicts the 2014 NFL Playoffs, Part I

    Well NFL fans, it’s December; meaning that the Cowboys’ previously promising season has taken an ill-fated turn for the unfortunate. In addition—and on a note typically less spoken of in correlation with the aforementioned team—December means that the “playoffs?!” are on the horizon. And, in true gentlemanly fashion, RSVLTS is here with our cultured facial hair and eyewear to help assist every NFL fan in interpreting what the future holds for all the league’s playoff hopefuls. With that in mind, sights are set on East Rutherford and the lights in its overlooking metropolis are beginning to illuminate as the Super Bowl looms ever closer. Who’s going to be in the big matchup? Well, don’t get ahead of yourself; who makes it into the tournament must be covered first.

  • The Dylan Penn GQ Outtakes Everyone Will Be Talking About [8 Photos]

    Dylan Penn, the 22 year old daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn, has stepped out of the shadow of her Hollywood royalty parents have has a modeling career of her own that is on a meteoritic rise following her breakout shoot for the January 2014 issue of GQ. In the issue on newsstands December 24th, Dylan wears a heather grey tank top and a pair of unbuttoned jean cutoff shorts while seductively lounging on the sand. Her long flowing blonde locks cascade beautifully onto her perfectly golden tan skin. The Northern California raised stunner — who is the spitting image of her 47-year-old mother — tells GQ the way for a guy to get her attention is to say ‘something funny.’

  • Santa does Parkour

    Jolly ol’ St. Nick needs to get from house to house somehow, right? Professional “parkour-ist”, if that’s a thing, Ronnie Shalvis took it upon himself to dress up like Santa and hop about from roof to roof. If anything props to the man for attempting these stunts in the snow.

  • Ballpark Blueprints

    A no brainer for any baseball fan. These hand-drawn architectural blueprints of MLB’s most famous fields come in 18″ x 24″ prints and are definitely a must have if you call yourelf a true fan. Pay homage to America’s pastime and get yourself on eof these now. Ballpark Blueprints

  • RSVLTS.com’s 50 Most Popular Stories of 2013

    It’s been a great year for us. We launched a magazine, had a party in NYC with a very popular photobooth, went to the Super Bowl with Fox Sports, Coachella with Heineken, created an internet sensation with Goats Yelling Like Humans, and produced some awesome content. Here are the most popular stories on RSVLTS.com of the year according to the number of visits each received.

  • Iconic Concert: The Black Keys Live at the Crystal Ballroom

    Th The Black Keys performed at  Portland, Oregon’s  famed Crystal Ballroom on April 4, 2008 and it was filmed by  Lance Bangs. The 17 songs set reflects the no-frills genius of the drums-and-guitar duo’s studio sound and no you can throw on the headphones and listen along at work. As an added bonus you can check out a past Iconic Concert of The Black Keys performing for a few dozen fans at BBC Radio One – watch it here.

  • Bud Light Hotel Reveals Impressive Super Bowl 2014 Musical Line-Up

    We told you back in early November that Bud Light Hotel, the ultimate fusion of sports and music, is back and bigger than ever for Super Bowl XLVIII. (Read also: 9 Facts You Need To Know + 23 High Quality Photos). We went to the Bud Light Hotel in New Orleans for last year’s Super Bowl and it was flat-out mind-blowing which gets us excited for the latest news released this afternoon.

  • A Look Inside New York City’s Most Expensive House Ever [7 Photos]

    It’s the biggest Christmas present in the city, with a price tag to match. A 40-foot-wide mansion, one of the largest homes in the city, is on the market for a whopping $114 million — or half the price its owner, Wall Street investor Vincent Viola, spent to buy the Florida Panthers hockey team earlier this year. For that kind of money, the Violas even threw in the gift wrap, tying on a giant red bow to the outside of the 1884 limestone home at 12 E. 69th St., complete with a “Merry Christmas” tag. The asking price for this seven-bedroom, nine-bath house would not only break the current record, but rip out its heart and step on it. The most expensive home in city history was The Harkness Mansion at 4 E. 75th St., a 36-footer that sold for $53 million in 2006. And $114 million would represent quite a profit for Viola and his designer wife, Theresa, who bought the manse for $20 million in 2005. At the time the 16,000-foot spread was broken up into four large apartments and doctor’s offices, but it’s nothing compared to the place Theresa Viola has created with the help of her more »

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