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  • Wendy’s Glorifies Pretzel Bacon Burger Social Media Fans in New Ad

    In Wendy’s new ad campaign for their terribly delectable Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, a musically inclined young man creates tunes from fans who hastag #PretzelLoveSongs. The entire commercial derives around glorifying it’s fans in a new wave of social meets digital advertising. “We’re taking fans’ comments about this innovative cheeseburger and amplifying their love by turning their actual tweets and Facebook posts into lyrics for Pretzel Love Songs,” said Craig Bahner, Wendy’s CMO Turning tweets into advertisements is nothing new at this point, but agency VML that adds a musical component to the formula and promises a Vol. 2 creating buzz and also a return for future hashtag hopefuls.

  • Greatest Moments from Between Two Ferns

    Galafanakis at his raw, unfiltered best. In most of the movies and SNL appearances you watch, Zach seems like a caged wild animal showing his teeth, but under the restraints of ‘the man’. BTF shows the side of Zach that lets him insult and poke at celebrities interview style, portraying himself as an ignorant dummy, but in reality showcasing his true brilliance. It’s all in good fun anyway.

  • 29 Little Known Facts About ‘Anchorman’

    On this day 9 years ago “Anchorman” hit theaters across America. With a sequel in the works and people still quoting the movie like it was released yesterday we look back at one of Will Ferrell’s finest performances with 29 obscure facts about Anchorman. 

  • LeBron James or Michael Jordan? Which Basketball Player Is the Greatest?

    The division between generations in America’s most popular court sport is becoming progressively more apparent; Michael Jordan last played in the NBA ten years ago, and a new generation of athletes now dominate the NBA’s landscape. While there are a few players like Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan who still carry the torch from yester era, it is clear that LeBron James now dominates the game. This is something that is undeniable, regardless of whether you view James as a heroic icon or an anathema. But, the purpose of this article is not to antagonize the already massive legions of LeBron haters and LeBron admirers. Instead, this article is meant to discuss one question: who is the better basketball player, LeBron or Jordan? There will be two aspects discussed: championships and athletic ability. Both of which will be assessed equally. Ultimately, the better player will be crowned. Hence, it will finally put an end to an elongated debate between the legions of basketball fans. First of all, the subject of championships needs to be assessed. Jordan won his first title with the Chicago Bulls in 1991—he was 28 years old during the first of many Windy City triumphs. In contrast, more »

  • 10 Diseases You Can Get from Your Beloved Pet

    When people get a pet, a certain kind of nastiness usually comes with it. Yes, pets usually behave in disgusting ways and come with disgusting germs. That is right, their tongues usually go in strange places that humans would never dare put. Once a pet comes along, strange stains appear around the house, the furniture is destroyed, and footprints appear on the rug or wooden floors. Wherever there is a pet, destruction and germs come with it. There are no if, ands, or buts about it! The worst part about having a pet is the fact that you can get a disease from it. Yes, just like you can get a cold by kissing your wife or hugging your child, you can get a nice germ from your pet. Now, if you are a clean person, you should be OK from a deadly disease. That includes, keeping your environment clean, washing your hands, handling your pet correctly, and picking up after your pet. If you follow all of the sanitary rules with your pet, including vaccinations, you should be OK from any deadly disease; however, pets can still give diseases!

  • Carlos Gomez Makes 9th Inning, 2 out, Game Saving Grab

    Carlos Gomez made the game saving catch of the season last night. 2 outs, man on first, bottom of the 9th. Joey Votto has a 2-2 count worked against him and hits an absolute bomb straight back past center field. Votto even ripped a page out of Griffey’s technical swing book, dropping the bat as if he knew he’d just won the game for his team. Not if Carlos Gomez had anything to say about it, with more than enough time to get to the wall and time the descent of the ball, Gomez sprung up and snagged what would be a text book walk off home run. Votto started complaining about something, but there’s nothing to complain about here, folks. Francisco Rodriguez records his 303rd save, and Gomez who’s in a NL MVP race, also leading the MLB in WAR just earned himself another notch. Take you hat off, slow clap, kneel before your computer, and repeat these words; “We’re not worthy, we’re not worthy.” Your browser does not support iframes.

  • Tomorrow’s World, The Next 100+ Years on Earth (Infographic)

    No one actually knows what the future holds, but thinkers, scientists and pundits have grown pretty good at predicting technological advancements, natural changes to the earth, and political nuances. Some of these projections are well within our grasp as a people and some more far fetched. This infographic, by Information is Beautiful Studio, is a chronological timeline of most and least likely occurrences in our planets future.

  • Lizzie Valesquez is Stronger Than You: Her Story of Courage & Determination

    You watch commercials of athletes swigging energy drinks. You hear superstars boasting, singing songs about starting from the bottom. It’s catchy and you jog to it. You read white handwritten quotes atop a sunset photo, silhouetted with people ‘having a good time’. Wise words, you share it on Instagram. Inspiration is a word used lightly this day in age. The internet at our fingertips, all you literally have to do is type the word into Google. Videos of fitness struggles/goals, montages of great monologues in movies and athletes overcoming adversity. Then you watch Lizzie Velasquez. A unique girl with an unnamed syndrome that affects three people in the world. Three people. Lizzie’s story is not for the faint of heart, not only living with a physical disorder, but living in today’s world of anonymous scrutiny and digital bullying, where the dagger digs much deeper behind the cowardice wall of a comment section. Lizzie is stronger than you. She is most definitely stronger than me. She’s probably 1 of the 3 strongest people in the world. Her determination and positivity through the struggle she’s undoubtedly endured her entire life is real inspiration. Her willingness to shield her vulnerability with goals and ambition should be your inspiration. more »

  • Rock Legends Live on in Typographical Posters

    Pete Ware, of 17 and Oak Designs, created typographical movie masterpieces some time ago and has now ventured out to music. His most recent pieces include, Freddy Mercury, Kurt Cobain and Chuck D. The work is an ongoing process and we’re sure to expect more. $61.00

  • Recently Deceased Browns Fan Wants One Final Letdown Before Being Laid to Rest

    55-year old Scott E. Entsminger passed away on July 4, leaving a legacy more impressive than that of his beloved Cleveland Browns. After all, the Cleveland Browns have been one of the most downtrodden franchises in the history of the NFL. But as unfortunate as the Browns history has been since its inception, Entsminger showed great pride in being a Cleveland Browns fan. According to his obituary on the Columbus Dispatch, he was a season ticket holder and a lifelong Browns fan though lifelong may not be the correct term to use given his final wish. No, Entsminger made sure to extend his passion for the Browns beyond his own life. And he did so with an odd request for his funeral. To celebrate his life and to honor the legacy of the Browns, Entsminger requested six Cleveland Browns pallbearers for his funeral so that the Browns can let him down one final time. Whether you think this is trolling at its finest or simply an absurd way to celebrate, you have to admit Entsminger was a pretty clever guy. Here’s hoping that Entsminger ascension to the afterlife can conversely lift the Cleveland Browns to a winning 2013 season.

  • The Encyclopedia of Obnoxious Sports Fans

    To state the obvious, spectator sports are excessively popular in America. Namely, the sports of Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Hockey are collectively referred to as America’s four major sports. Sporting teams can unite a city, and establish a common brotherhood within the residents of a community. However, there are some sports patrons who take their fandom to extremist levels—detracting from the enjoyment of others. This will be an article that discusses the sporting world’s most annoying types of fans—not the teams or the cities with the most obnoxious fans. There’s always one occupant of the stands that drives the common spectator insane, and this article is meant to establish the most grating trends in sport spectating.

  • The Reebok U-FORM+ Molds to Your Foot with Heat

    The running industry has made leaps and bounds over the past year, with new age technology that makes for an optimal run. Now we introduce a shoe that can mold to your foot with the click of a hairdryer. The Reebok U-FORM+ uses a molding technology that shapes around a tightly laced foot. After holding the hairdryer on high heat for 10 seconds the logo on the back of the shoe changes to a bright red color, giving notice that the shoe is ready to be formed after 2 minutes of cooling. Over the past year running innovation has been in high speed, as we are in the midst of a progressive sneaker space race with technology, constantly being trumped. Adidas introduced the Energy Boost using new foam increasing the energy release in your shoe, they also introduced a more progressive approach with their interesting looking SlingBlades. Nike who seems to be at the pinnacle of the innovation game, introduced FlyKnit technology, a upper shoe made entirely out of one thread, significantly lightening running shoes and also created the Free+ and Lunar sole, one for a minimal barefoot feel and one for stable cushioning.  Even traditionalist company, Asics, has evolved their GEL module and more »

  • ‘THE’, Meet Ћ. Your Replacement

    Australian restauranteur ,Paul Mathis, has invented a new symbol  with a goal to replace ”the” in everyday communications. Taken from the  cyrillic letter “Ћ” and pronounced “th,”, it’s simply an uppercase ‘T’ and lowercase ‘h’ fused together making typing more efficient for digital communication. “The word ‘and’ is only the fifth-most used word in English,” Mathis tells The Age, ‘and it has its own symbol, the ampersand (&)… isn’t it time we accorded the same respect to ‘the’?” The change would make digital communication more space and time efficient, perfect for those who need all 140 characters to get their inner most emotions out in the Twittisphere. So there ya go, now you have all the space you need for those extra exclaimation points. UPDATE: It’s 2023 and Ћ majority of Ћ english speaking population have forgotten how to spell ‘thuh’.

  • A Look Inside The Largest Building In The World, China’s New Century Global Center [10 HQ Photos]

    What does China need more than breathable oxygen and a solution to the overpopulation epidemic and waste disposal crisis? The world’s largest building, of course! Governement officials cut the ribbon off of The New Century Global Center in Chendgu over the weekend which at 328 feet high, 1,640 feet long, and 1,312 feet wide is officially the largest buidling on Earth. The stats are pretty mind-blowing; 20 times the size of Sydney’s legendary Opera House, four times the size of Vatican City, three times the size of the Pentagon, 420 acres in floor space is nearly the size of the entire country of Monaco (499 acres), 18 times the size of Google’s colossal London HQ, half a million square feet larger than the former title holder, Dubai’s International Airport Terminal 3. The glassy building features a 14-screen IMAX theater, shops, offices, hotels, a faux Mediterranean village, a stretch of artificial beach, complete with LED sunsets and piped in ocean breezes. The craziest fact of all, it took only one year to build.  

  • Iconic Concert: The Rolling Stones at Hyde Park, 44 Years Later

    1969 was the last time The Stones played their revolutionary concert at Hyde Park, London and this pas weekend they returned for a show that rocked the heavens. Here is a video of them performing ”All Down The Line”, Jagger still moving and flailing about as if his entire body is made of rubber. The rest of the band mates haven’t traded in their scarves and sleeveless t-shirts for cardigans and velcro shoes just yet either, Keith Richards defying the laws of science and epitomizing Darwinism as the forefront in human evolution. Either way their still rocking out, maybe now, better than then.

  • Nike Sneakers Through the Decades

    Designer, Stephen Cheetham, put together this personal project of Nike sneakers (trainers, runners or worse ‘tennis shoes’) to show the progression and design evolution of iconic Nikes through the years. We’re postive you’ve seen many of these in your every day life, but maybe you didn’t know how old the original designs are. Just goes to show you the timeless fashion of a good looking shoe.

  • Roxanne Barcelo, So Hot Right Now (In The Philippines)

    Although 28-year-old Roxanne Barcelo is a product of Fairfax, Virginia she is relatively unknown in the United States (she was on ESPN Kids in her early teenage years and had a role in the 1999 movie Click), but over in the the Philippines she is a big star from her roles in numerous TV shows and a singing career. This month she appears on the cover of FHM Philippines and lucky for you there is no need to book a 12 hour flight across the Pacific to see the pictures because we’ve got ‘em.

  • Adding Color To More Iconic Photos In History

    This is our third installment featuring black and white iconic photos from history colorized. In this edition we feature work from Colorized History, a collection of heavy military, but also contains photos from the entertainment biz and wild west colorized photos. 

  • Weiss Watch Company Field Watch (Watch Wednesday)

     Weiss Watch Company is an American manufactured company base out of California. What better way to leave you off before the birthday of the U. S. of A than with their Field Watch. The fully mechanical movement is a manually wound Caliber 6497 that is comprised of over 60 Swiss parts. These parts are then hand-finished and assembled in Los Angeles, California and encased in a 41.5mm water resistant, 316 stainless steel case with sapphire front and back crystals. The beauty of the watch speaks for itself but the delivery is tremendous. Each watch arrives in a wood box accompanied with an extra brown leather band and tool for making the switch. Weiss Watch $795.00

  • Man Meal: Bulleit Bourbon Burger

    We know burger recipes are terribly cliché, but this has a twist. A Bulleit bourbon infused burger made with just the right amount of liquor will have you at the top of the party food chain. Try this tonight then try it again tomorrow just to get a “taste” for the right amount of bourbon and the right amount of burger.


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