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  • Burton Releases 2014 USA Sochi Snowboarding Uniforms

    Burton has revealed their design for the 2014 Winter Olympics U.S. Snowboarding team’s uniforms and they certainly look unique. Inspired by an old quilt Burton’s designers found at an antique fair, the uniforms are a patchwork of Americana that mixes Burton’s laid-back snowboard culture with homemade American creativity and ingenuity. The uniforms won’t be available to the public, which is probably for the best since you’d have to be an Olympic athlete to successfully pull off the look, but a line of t-shirts and accessories inspired by the design will be released by Burton in January.

  • The Concrete Clock

    22 Design Studio continues their work with minimalist concrete pieces with their latest creation, the “4th Dimension Clock.” The spiral staircase design allows you to easily figure out the time while adding another “dimension” to the piece’s depiction of time. The clock is available both as a tabletop piece with gold or silver hands or a wall clock with red or blue hands. The simple yet elegant timepiece is perfect for any design aesthetic and is available from designboom, $169 for the table clock or $273 for the wall clock. 

  • Kaepernick Silences the Haters in new Beats by Dre Ad Spot

    Beats by Dre release their new ad spot by Director Paul Hunter, featuring the their signature noise cancelling headphones to silence the haters. The Spot, similar to the recent Kevin Garnett commercial, features Colin Kaepernick on a team bus arriving at a rival stadium. Although they don’t say where it is, fans are draped in blue and neon green and it’s raining. Hint hint. The commercials really push the boundaries of fanatics heckling a rival star player, but Kaepernick walks away smiling.

  • The Largest Swimming Pool In The World [21 Photos]

    At the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, you will find the largest swimming pool in the world. The pool is .62 miles long with a maximum depth of 115 feet and contains 66 million gallons of seawater. Water from the Pacific Ocean is pumped, filtered, and treated in the pool. It took five years to complete the project, which was completed in 2006. Construction cost estimates range from $1.5 to $2 billion for the behemoth and an additional $4 million per year for maintenance. 

  • Tastosterone: The Cook Book for Men Who Don’t Know How to Cook

    New Jersey-based cook and blogger Debra Levy Picard has released the ultimate cookbook for men with Tastosterone. Not only does it feature over 100 recipes that even the most clueless man (or woman) can follow, Debra also includes photographs, tools, tips, and techniques to aid in the flawless execution of such recipes as “Man Quiche,” “Aunt Zuzu’s Fish Taco,” and “Chocolate Bomb.” Whether you’re a complete dunce in the kitchen or a seasoned veteran, you’re bound to get something out of this easy-to-follow collection of deliciousness. Order Tastosterone for $39.95 in print or $14.99 for the Kindle edition.

  • Insider’s Look At Twitter’s Swanky Global HQ [24 Photos]

    We love getting an inside look at different tech companies’ headquarters, as evidenced by our coverage of Pinterest and YouTube, and these photos from Twitter are just as awesome. Taking up two floors of an 11-story Art Deco building in San Francisco, Twitter’s new global headquarters looks like a great place to get work done 140 characters at a time. Designed by IA Interior Architects and Lundberg Design, the interior features a mixture of Twitter’s signature blue with wooden millwork that combine for a sleek, modern look. There’s snack bars, game rooms, a cafeteria, lots of informal conference areas, and even a half-acre roof garden for the employees. Think they’re looking to hire any bloggers?

  • Oh Nike, Your Epic Commercials Never Get Old

    Nike’s new short film, “Winning in a Winter Wonderland.” is set to a whimsical rendition of the classic holiday tune Walking in a Winter Wonderland, the film features professional baseball player Robinson Cano, professional football player Justin Tuck, skier Julia Mancuso, snowboarder Scotty Lago, soccer stars Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux, along with a cameo appearance from Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer, in a series of training and game-action play. Nike’s productions have gotten better and better over the past couple of years, at this point they should just make a movie already

  • Nelson Mandela’s Last Photo Shoot [9 Photos]

    Nelson Mandela, the revered South African statesman who passed away last week at the age of 95, retreated from public life in 2011, but not before participating in photographer Adrian Steirn’s 21 Icons of South Africa. The project, a collection of photographs and short-films showcasing the people who shaped modern South Africa, offered Steirn incredible access to Mandela’s private life. The following photos are a peek behind the scenes of the photo shoot. 

  • Epic Don’t Drink and Drive Prank [Video]

    Comedian and YouTube prankster Tom Mabe has a friend with a severe drinking problem. After hearing that this friend, who has five DUIs, was passed out drunk again, Mabe went to work teaching him a lesson. He converted an office into a hospital room and convinced the friend that he had been in a coma for ten years. It’s a brilliant premise, but it seems somewhat unbelievable. Although, if groggy and hung over the dude would probably believe anything. But really, is a guy with five DUIs someone who should be the subject of a joke rather than an honest intervention?

  • Festivus Pole To Be Erected In Florida Capitol

    South Florida blogger/activist Chaz Stevens made headlines last year when his Festivus pole, celebrating the Christmas-alternative holiday invented by the character George Costanza on “Seinfeld,” was displayed next to other religious-themed exhibitions on city property in Deerfield Beach.  The city had to allow the pole, made up of a stack of PBR cans, to be displayed so as not to persecute the religious beliefs of Festivus observers. This year, Deerfield Beach opted not to allow any holiday displays, but the state has approved private groups to put up a nativity scene in the capitol. Stevens, ever the opportunist, decided to try his luck yet again and was subsequently approved. Let’s hope Stevens is prepared for the “airing of grievances” he’ll undoubtedly encounter during this year’s Festivus festivities. Keep up with Chaz Stevens at his blog, My Acts of Sedition, and on Facebook. 

  • Jackie Robinson: 42 Rare and Iconic Photos + Brooklyn Dodgers Giveaway

    Now that Mariano Rivera is retired from baseball no one will ever wear the number 42 in MLB again. (We just happen to be giving away a baseball signed by Mo Rivera so enter now). This is because it belonged to Jackie Robinson, one of the most influential athletes in sports history. The Brooklyn Dodgers helped Robinson break the color barrier in the 1940′s and we are going to give away an original Brooklyn Dodgers Pennant found at Ebbets Field concession stands during that time period as part of our 12 Days of Giveaways with Brigandi’s Collectables. The pennant itself is from the 1940s, measures 9″” x 3.5″” and is valued at $100. We’ve pulled together 42 iconic photos of Jackie Robinson to show you the history of this fascinating piece of baseball history.

  • Chasing A-Rod [Link]

    Learn everything you wanted to know about Alex Rodriguez in this detailed, in-depth profile from New York Magazine. While chronicling the steroid scandal that the MLB superstar is currently embroiled in, we also get a look at the personality traits that caused him to make such poor choices. 

  • Epic 80′s Entrepreneur Training Video

    Call forwarding provider Grasshopper.com has released a commercial made to emulate intense training videos from the 80s. The tough-talking entrepreneur is sure to make you think of Alec Baldwin’s brass-balled salesman in “Glengarry Glen Ross.” Forget ABC, AUATSCI is the true acronym of any successful businessman.

  • Wash Up With Soaps Shaped Like Videogames

    What better way to clean your greasy, sweaty gamer hands than with soaps shaped as your favorite Super Nintendo and Game Boy games? UK-based Firebox, purveyors of all sorts of stuff you never knew you had to have, is selling soaps that look just like their plastic cartridge counterparts. Made from vegan-friendly ingredients, these soaps are infused with an “energy citrus” scent that is sure to complement the eau de Mountain Dew that is always popular with the gaming crowd. Choose from 7 Game Boy games for $11.49 each and 4 Super Nintendo classics for $21.19, available only at Firebox. 

  • Well, The USMNT Didn’t Fare Well in the World Cup Draw #groupofdeath

    Today soccer fans across the world were glued to their TVs awaiting the World Cup draw for their countries. Some countries drew fair positions, others not so much. The United States, possibly having the toughest schedule on the board. With by far the worst travel schedule, having to travel over 9,000 miles, also has a rough road ahead, facing Ghana, Portugal and a heavy favorite to win it all, Germany. With Twitter going haywire right now, here is a feed from around the globe to see what fans think the real “group of death” is. Tweets about “#groupofdeath” Photo via: KickTV

  • Pantone Announces Color Of The Year; RSVLTS Announce Runners-Up

    The moment we wait around for all year has finally arrived! That’s right, Pantone has revealed 2014′s color of the year, Radiant Orchid. Described as “a captivating, magical, enigmatic purple” and “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” this color will be sure to infiltrate our lives and make us sick of it within a few months. But did Pantone make the right decision? With such a colorful year coming to an end, it seems like there were so many other candidates that in our opinion are much better. Sure, we don’t have the abstract vocabulary to make these colors sound like the manifesto on the label of an overpriced bottle of iced tea, but we feel they warrant some attention. So without further ado, let us announce the color of the year runners-up:

  • Korean Artist Transforms Studio Into Incredible Settings [18 Photos]

    Korean artist JeeYoung Lee spends weeks at a time transforming her 3×6 meter studio into different worlds for her amazing, Photoshop-free photos. The result is a series of self-portraits that reveal the artist not through her physical appearance (she is often not in full view or facing the camera) but rather through her dreamscapes come to life. JeeYoung Lee’s exhibition, “Stage of Mind,” will be presented by Opiom Gallery in Opio, France beginning February 14.

  • Cardboard Rodeo With Dale Earnhardt Jr. [Video]

    Devin Graham, aka Devinsupertramp, seems to have a lot of fun making his awesome videos and the latest is no exception. Sponsored by Mountain Dew, Devin traveled to Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s home in North Carolina and recklessly towed folks around on pieces of cardboard, a plastic bin, and a Power Wheels. Getting sponsored by big-name companies to make insanely fun and dangerous videos: What could be better?

  • 16 Gifs to Rehash Why Bill Murray is so Lovably Awesome

    The internet has a serious crush on Bill Murray, as well they should have. The man has played his cards right his whole career. He knows who he is, doesn’t derive from that, makes people laugh, surprises random people on the street and does it all with that “Bill F*cking Murray” Dryness we all wish we could pull off. There will never again be another Bill Murray.

  • Repeal Day Tweets From 1933

    Extree! Extree! Read all about it! On this day in 1933, the US repealed prohibition and alcohol was again (legally) available throughout the land. We searched through the Tweets at the National Archives and found these gems celebrating the return of delicious booze. OMG they were so ridic back then. #ThrowbackThursday  

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: Star Wars Edition [Video]

    The students and faculty of the Digital Video Program at the University of Advancing Technology in Tempe, Arizona took Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” changed the lyrics to make it about Star Wars, then made this great video of their performance. Turn on the captions to follow along with the lyrics. Come for the fun song, stay for the attractive (and scantily clad) lady Vader!

  • The Incredible Street Art Of Owen Dippie [15 Photos]

    New Zealand born street artist Owen Dippie is well known for his portraiture work. His large-scale paintings, many of deceased celebrities like Heath Ledger and Biggie Smalls, can be found all over the world, including many throughout New York City’s five boroughs.  If you can’t see his work in person, you can check out more of it on his Blogspot and Facebook pages.