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  • Junyong Pak Is The World’s Toughest Mudder

    At some point growing up, every boy dreams of becoming a tough-as-nails super soldier, like a Navy Seal or Green Beret. A child might fantasize about brutally exhausting training that molds him into an unstoppable force. But in most fantasies the warrior emerges from the training to go on and save damsels and nations; the reward is the heroics after, not the training itself. Junyong Pak, two time winner of the World’s Toughest Mudder, must somehow have gotten stuck in the “brutally exhausting training” part of that fantasy never to move on.

  • ¡Vivimos!, The Fascinating (True) History of The World’s Most Popular Liquor Brand

    ¡Vivimos!, “we live,” is a multi-part film that depicts the actual historical events that shaped the Bacardi brand. This new video, (inspired by real events), celebrates the irrepressible spirit of Emilio Bacardi Moreau, who was more than a rum magnate. Emilio, the eldest son of the founder of BACARDÍ, coordinated an underground network to transmit secret messages and distribute revolutionary newspapers from his rum factory in the late 1800s. Watch to see an inspiring take on Emilio’s role in Cuba’s liberation.

  • Google Reader Was a Good Friend: Every Fallen Google Product (Infographic)

    Google reader is being put down today. All of the loudest nerd cries and blogger poutings had no avail for saving what has become the best RSS feed reader on the internet. While a handful of online platforms have stepped in to replace Reader, none come close to the functionality of our fallen friend. Google is no stranger to putting down products that didn’t live up it’s standards, axing products like Google Wave and Picnik. The keyword is progress here. Although we’ll always miss a product that has become second nature after e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, work e-mail, Instagram, Tumblr, breakfast, we have a feeling it’s place will be taken quick.

  • Game of Thrones as 80s/90s Characters: Round 2

    Mike Wrobel, a french graphic designer, created a set of Game of Thrones characters dressed in totally awesome 80′s/90′s garb and we’re pleased to announce the second set is here and equally if not more hilarious than the first set. Drogo as a grunge musician and Margaery Tyrell as what looks to be Blossom are in heavy contention for the favorites from this round.

  • Iconic American Architecture Being Built

    We know and appreciate the sheer size and complexity of the structures of the U.S. that have become iconic symbols of cities around the country. What we rarely see is the process and great sacrifice the country went through to erect the structures we take for granted. From the mammoth columns of The Golden Gate Bridge to the puzzle pieces of Lady Liberty, here are iconic American structures in the process of completion.  

  • Greg Cook: The Best Quarterback That Never Was.

    The occurrence of a promising career being lost to an injury is far too frequent in the NFL. It is nearly unfathomable to imagine what players like Bo Jackson or Terrell Davis would have accomplished had they not been forced into early retirement by a crushing injury—Jackson was an athlete unlike anyone prior. And Davis, who was still in his 20’s upon the tearing of his anterior cruciate ligament, already boasted a plethora of accolades that most athletes don’t achieve even if they play in fifteen NFL seasons.

  • What Does Your College Major Say About Your IQ?

    Everyone knows you need to have some smarts to get accepted in to college, but just how smart is the average person with your major? You might be surprised at the average student IQ for a select major in college. Actually you probably won’t. The highest IQ’s in college pretty much parallel the toughest majors in school. Pick up the slack social science.

  • ‘Merican Man Meal: Mini Pork Cheeseburgers

    This week we’ll be showcasing some of the most simple,  grilling recipes you’ve never thought of. This 4th put away the frozen dogs and hockey puck burgers, go to the grocery story and be a BBQ hero. Today’s recipe puts a twist on the average slider substituting ground beef for pork adding a unique twist to an American classic. Whether you’re throwing the party or just bringing some grub, these sliders will not be confused with the bland burgers that have become standard. Hockey season is over, put the pucks away.

  • Jimmy Kimmel: This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

    Kimmel’s infamous “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship” is back for an edition featuring Paula Deen, Cousin Sal’s inappropriate hand shaking and Newt Gingrich tweeting something suspect about an elephant. This segment makes me almost wish I lived in a world where these censorships were true. We’d all have so much more to talk about.  

  • 5 People to Not Confuse NBA Commissioner Silver With

    Last night was a touching draft for the NBA, as Commissioner David Stern announced the 2013 draft picks for the last time. In fitting form, the fans gave Stern the booing, we’re sure deep down he’ll miss, before giving him a standing ovation for 30 years of (Overall)  solid service. While Stern has caught some heat for intervening a bit too much in the league, it has run like a well oiled money making machine for the better part of his thirty year reign. The new guy, Adam Silver, is well suited for the job, Darth Mauling  Supreme Chancellor Stern. Silver became NBA Deputy Commissioner and Chief Operating Officer in July 2006 after his appointment was unanimously approved by the NBA Board of Governors. Silver is pretty acclimated already in his career being named to the 100 Most Influential People in Sports by BusinessWeek, the Sporting News and the SportsBusiness Journal and named to Time’s 20 Global Business Influentials. With that said, Silver is a fresh face in a sea of faces already in the public eye that mirror his own. We’re here to distinguish those faces you know and recognize from Commish Silver. You’ll thank us later.

  • Meet David Belle, The Founder of Parkour

    Running up walls, leaping through tight passages, crawling gracefully on railings, and passing over a flight of stairs with a single jump– a key staple of modern action cinema is an epic chase over rooftops and through narrow alleyways. These pursuits often happen when the film’s protagonist must navigate through urban constructs quickly and efficiently in order to catch a fleeing antagonist. The truth is that there is an art behind such chases, and it is called parkour. Created by David Belle—a Frenchman originating from the nation’s northern regions—parkour is the emphasis on one thing, which is getting from one point to the next with the highest amount of efficiency.

  • Rory vs The Robot

    Rory McIlroy against a trash talking robot. This has gold written all over it. Mac has caught some slack  lately, but it seems as though this may put him back in the good graces of his followers. Basically Rory was a childhood phenom on late night TV, chipping golf balls into a washing machine, and now the European Tour has recreated this on an extensive level… Against a robot or a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine to be precise

  • 4th of July, Then and Now (Infographic)

    This summer, the United States celebrates a big birthday – 237! To commemorate this milestone, CheapOair has put together an Infographic that brings us back to colonial times, and gives us a little deeper dive into the logistics of Independence Day. We took an in-depth look at population trends, first and foremost. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence the United States has seen a population increase of 12,548%! That’s over 52% per year. Ever wonder how long it would take to get to our top destinations in 1776? The predominant mode of transportation back in the day was horse and buggy. At an average speed of 8-10 miles per hour, a 3 hour flight from NYC to Fort Lauderdale turns into an excruciating 13 days. Forget about that 5 hour flight to Vegas – you’d be in that buggy for 26 days! Almost a month! Let’s not forget about price, though. An average ticket to San Francisco today will set you back about $500. However, in 1776, you’d be spending a mere $17.25. Can you really put a price on convenience, though? Well maybe you can. In 2012, over $200 million worth of fireworks were imported from China more »

  • Can You Unfriend This Person? [Flowchart]

    Unfriending someone on Facebook can be pretty offensive but sometimes it is totally necessary. CollegeHumor created this handy dandy flowchart to show you how to decided if it’s time to defriend that person who blowing up your feed. 

  • Colorizing History [43 Photos]

    When looking back at history we only have a view of how things were in black and white, until now. In the age of graphic design many savvy photoshoppers are now going through the archives of history and colorizing photos to give us an idea of what things really looked like. The following collection in fascinating but please keep in mind that many of these photos depict scenes of war and they could be considered a bit graphic but that is part of history so view at your own discretion.

  • Nike’s Kevin Durant KD VI Shoe is About to Invade Street Ball Courts Everywhere

    KD VI, Kevin Durant’s sixth signature shoe. Designed for Durant’s evolved style of play, the shoe’s striking silhouette combines with technical innovations to complement Durant’s controlled footwork. Prepare for every little twerp at the park to have a pair of these on just in time for summer. Braking your ankles left and right, dribbling circles around you, then through your legs, but your too winded to care. It’s all good, my Fila Grant Hill 2′s have survived this long, I don’t need new shoes to make me feel younger. I need my youth back to make me feel younger. I digress, The KD VI is a simple, lighter than lightweight shoe designed out of simplicity with thoughts of a modern wristwatch in mind. “When Kevin and I first discussed his sixth shoe we wanted to create a simplified design that was bold, beautiful and told a story,” said Leo Chang, Nike Basketball Footwear Design Director. The first colorway derives from that of Durant’s home town Seat Pleasant Activity Center, his home away from home. The rec center’s trademark teal and yellow colors were the inspiration for the release of the shoe.  

  • A 3 Hour Helicopter Journey Through New Zealand With A EPIC RED

    For all you regular Joes out there who aren’t filming big budget Hollywood movies let us break it down. The EPIC RED is by far the best high definition camera on the market. Videographer Mark Toia took an EPIC RED to Southern New Zealand, strapped it to a helicopter and shot this beautiful video in under three hours.

  • The Most Dangerous Job in The World Will Have You On The Edge of Your Seat

    If you’re afraid of heights in any way, this video is definitely not for you. The job of a radio antenna technician is scarier than you think. Mostly because its a free climb. That’s right, because of the strenuous climb, OSHA rules allow for this, which means it’s actually safer for the climber to climb freely, rather than stop every few feet and readjust his harness. The climb is 1768 feet up. That’s higher than the Empire State Building and as you’ll see in the video, as the heights climb the method of climbing gets more dangerous. My hands are still sweaty.

  • Iconostory: Minimal Illustrations of Key Events in History [18 Photos]

    René Mambembé is a graphic design from Nantes, France and a big fan of RSVLTS.com. Thanks Google Translate! As an Information designer, René made it a personal challenge  to sum up key events in global history into minimal illustrations and icons. The results is Iconostory. We cherry picked a few of our favorite’s but you can view them all on the Iconostory Behance page.


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