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  • RSVLTS Around The World [27 Photos]

    Tailgates, beach BBQs, music fests, climbing Everest, drinking a 30 pack of Miller Lite with Wade Boggs, meeting Hulk Hogan. Take RSVLTS gear on your epic adventures and share the pictures with us on Instagram and Twitter using the hash-tag #RSVLTS. 

  • Photographing The Big World Of Miniatures [17 Photos]

    For over 10 years, David Gilliver has been creating and photographing a giant, quirky world for his miniature figurines. The 34-year-old artist scours the Internet for the little people then spends about 90 minutes constructing a scene with common household items for pictures that look like something out of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.” In Gilliver’s little world, a sewing needle becomes a giant weapon at a crime scene, Froot Loops are water tubes, and sprouts are vast forests. The “Little People” make up just a small sample of Gillver’s work. He has many more series, including long-exposure physiograms, on his site, David Gilliver Photography.

  • Long Lost Aphex Twin Album Available To Stream

    Aphex Twin fans rejoice! Although it has been a decade since the electronic music genius also known as Richard D James has released an album, an unreleased LP from 1994 is now available to stream for the first time. A test pressing of the album, “Caustic Window,” recently appeared for sale online for $13,500. A Kickstarter campaign, led by an electronic music forum known as we Are The Music Makers, allowed fans to donate to the cause to buy the album and release it digitally. The next plan is to sell the pressing, with one third of the proceeds going to James and his label Rephlex Records, one third to the Kickstarter donors, and one third to a charity of James’ choosing. You can stream all of “Caustic Window” on YouTube. The album serves as a bridge between the more laid back “Selected Ambient Works 85-92″ and the heavier, frenetic sound of the “Richard D James Album.”

  • The O.J. Simpson Bronco Chase was 20 Years Ago Today [5 HQ Photos]

    Twenty years ago today, Al “A.C.” Cowlings and O.J. Simpson took the entire world on a dramatic ride. With 95-million people watching on TV Simpson and Cowlings attempted to outrun the LAPD on Los Angeles highways in the now infamous 1993 white Ford Bronco. During the police chase heard round the world, more than six news helicopters tracked it and over two dozen squad cars pursued the Bronco. It was the moment that all believers and non-believers alike cemented their thoughts that Simpson did, in fact murder his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. After learning about the accusations Simpson and Cowlings took to the road with a loaded gun, a fake goatee & mustache and passport. Simpson was later acquitted of all charges after 15 months of agony for the grieving families of the victims, but would later be incarcerated on a 33 year sentence for kidnapping and robbery after attempting to steal back his own memorabilia.

  • The Beatles In Mono Gets Vinyl Release

    In September of 2009, “The Beatles in Mono,” a 13-CD set featuring mono remasters of the band’s albums through 1968, was released to critical acclaim. Although their albums were released as both mono and stereo LPs in the 60s, the band and their fans consider the mono editions to be definitive. Now 5 years later, the set will be released as a 14-LP box set this fall. Each 180-gram vinyl record will also be sold separately. This new set was made without the use of any digital technology. Engineers used the original master tapes and transferred the music directly to vinyl using a 1980s-era VMS80 lathe. Look for the set, complete with a 108-page hardcover book, on September 9 in the US.

  • Famous Faces As Juggalos And Juggalettes [10 Photos]

    Have you ever wondered what your favorite celebrities would look like if they listened to the terrible awesomeness that is the Insane Clown Posse? Redditor Juggalo4U takes celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and the Kardashians and paints their faces like Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J. If only Katy Perry were really a juggalette. There’s no way she would lose the Faygo wet t-shirt contest at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos.

  • The Surprising Colors Of Antarctica [14 Photos]

    When one pictures Antarctica, images of snow and ice covered landscapes dotted with the occasional penguin are commonly conjured up. That same snow white scenery is what Canadian photographer Gaston Lacombe expected to find when he spent two months on the continent. As artist-in-residence at Argentina’s Esperanza Base, Lacombe was able to witness colorful changes in scenery that he never expected. The browns are sediments released by thaw and carried across the icy surface by wind and meltwater. The pinks surrounding penguin colonies are the krill that makes up most of the penguins’ diet and also comes out of the penguin as pink waste. Microscopic red algae lie dormant in the ice until activated by rising seasonal temperatures cause them to bloom resulting in brilliant reds and greens. These amazing color photos and more from Lacombe’s stay in Antarctica can be found in his book “As the Sun Warms the Land.”

  • Team USA 101: 5 Things You Should Know Before The Game [Link]

    Team USA faces Ghana in their first match of the 2014 World Cup later today. Being a patriotic American, you undoubtedly want to watch the match and support the team. Also, being an American means you probably don’t k now much, if anything, about our soccer team. But don’t worry your xenophobic little head! Read this primer that will prepare you for the match enough that you won’t feel totally lost while watching.

  • The 33 Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

    Now that we’re half way through the year we have sliced and diced all the major movie databases, blogs and resources on the web to compile the ultimate guide to the most anticipated movies on 2015 (in order of their release date) because it never hurts to look ahead.

  • Mexico Celebrates National Pole Dance Day [9 Photos]

    On June 8, Mexico celebrated Pole Dance National Day for the fourth year in a row. The holiday aims to bring awareness to the skill involved with the sport that is often unfairly dismissed as being sleazy. Pole dancing, or pole fitness, is an increasingly popular sport in Mexico whose practitioners claim improves their strength and fitness. During the holiday, pole dancers take to the streets, parks, and outdoor gyms and display their talent using street lamps, sign posts, or whatever else is available. Now that the holiday is popular in Mexico, it’s time for it to spread to the rest of the world. What do you say, pole dancers of the USA? Show us your stuff!

  • John Oliver Talks Robots, the Universe and Charlize Theron with Stephen Hawking

    John Oliver sat down with the smartest man on the planet last night on Last Week Tonight (… Last night) where he spoke to Stephen Hawking about an artificial intelligence revolution, imaginary time and even asked him to guess what number he was thinking of. Hawking nailed it on the head. In a new segment on his show, “People Who Think Good” Oliver will interview poeple who are smarter than the average bear, in which he’ll combine his cleverness with laughable questions like if there will ever be a chance in any universe where he’ll date Charlize Theron. The answer is always no.

  • Brilliant Book Satirizes Children’s Books And Modern Art

    Even people who appreciate modern art have had those moments staring at Jackson Pollock’s paint drips or Mark Rothko’s rectangles and thought “Really? Well I could have done that!” Or stood in an empty room doubling as an art installation where the art was the absence of art and wondered if someone was just screwing with you. Artist Miriam Elia satirizes these moments and many others in her book “We Go to the Gallery.” The book features Peter, Jane, and Mummy, stars of the popular 1960s British children’s book series Peter and Jane. The book itself can be seen as postmodern piece that comments on modern and postmodern art. Penguin, the British publisher who claims copyright ownership of the Peter and Jane series tried to get force Elia to destroy the first run and halt further printings, but she has not backed down. The second print run is on the way and you can get more updates at Learning with Miriam.

  • Tywin Lannister, The Lord of Burns

    Whether he ever wore the crown or not Tywin Lannister was the ruler of Westeros ever since he rode in at the Battle of Blackwater. His unrelenting grimace became his signature look accompanied by his constant gaze of distain as if everyone around him was intellectually inferior to him. In most cases Tywin is right, but that never stopped him from using his cunning wit to to get the upper hand or simply just stick it to just about everyone around him. Cheers to the wit of the Hand of the King, the Lord of Burns Maxiumus Disserous, Sir Tywin Lannister.

  • 8 Remarkable Tony Gwynn Stats

    Tony Gwynn lost his battle with cancer this morning. Twitter is being flooded with people calling Gwynn one of the most talented and classiest guys to ever play the game. In my years covering MLB, easily the most approachable, greatest person I met was Tony Gwynn. May he rest in peace. Heartbroken. — Rich Eisen (@richeisen) June 16, 2014 To put his career into perspective we pull together some astonishing facts. 1. Tony Gwynn struck out only 434 times in his 20 year career, spanning 2440 games, 10,232 plate appearances. 2. He had the second fewest strikeouts of any member of the 3,000-hit club. To put it into perspective, Derek Jeter has played 20 seasons and has 1791 strikeouts. 3. Had 3,141 hits in his 20 year career 4. Only Ty Cobb had more consecutive seasons over .300 than Tony Gwynn’s 19. 5. The only year of his career he didn’t hit .300 was his rookie year. 6. His .338 career average is the highest in MLB since Ted Williams 7. Tony Gwynn’s batting average on 6/16/1994 was .386. Two months later, it was .394 when the strike began 8. Tony Gwynn had a five-year stretch where his WORST batting more »

  • Then and Now: Abandon Olympic Villages [28 Photos]

    It is unanimously known that after an Olympic village is used it will most likely crumble and wither away. Podiums where once great athletes draped themselves in the colors of their country to hold up the highest honor of sport in the world are left decrepit and aged, vines and plant life find their way through the cracks eventually engulfing the once towering icons of sport. Although some structures are kept in tact and even fair useful to some countries, most eventually become abandoned shadows of a multi billion dollar plague that come and vanish in the blink of an eye.

  • Spanish Language “Breaking Bad” Es Muy Bueno

    Last week, “Metastasis,” the Spanish-language version of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” premiered on Univision. The show follows cancer-stricken chemistry teacher Walter Blanco and his partner-in-crime and former student Jose Miguel Rosas as they cook up drugs to make money for Walter’s treatments. There are some differences, but for the most part, it’s a faithful recreation albeit with a lower budget. The good news is there will be no cliffhangers that you’ll have to wait 9 months to resolve. All 62 episodes have already been filmed, with 6 already airing. That means the whole show should wrap up in three months. There’s only one problem: no subtitles. So if you had trouble passing high school Spanish 15 years ago, you’re gonna have a bad time. Watch the first episode below, streaming on Hulu.

  • 5 Surefire Ways To Get Right-Swiped More Often on Tinder

    In this day and age, it is so easy to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about somebody through the use of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. While these sites are used primarily to share information ranging from an engagement announcement to taking a survey of whether you should use soy or 2% milk with your Wheaties, their main use is for keeping up with friends old and new. And when these websites feed into the changing times, it is safe to say that the days of meeting your soul mate in a malt shop are long gone.

  • The IRS Star Trek Parody Is Even Worse Than You’d Think [Video]

    Last June, the IRS was in hot water with Congress when it was discovered that the agency of nerdy accountants held a $4.1 million conference in 2010 featuring a Star Trek parody that cost $60,000 to produce. Faris Fink, the unfortunately-named IRS commissioner who portrays Spock in the awful video below, was forced to apologize to Congress for making the video. What’s really sad is that the video is aims to show that without tax collectors, anarchy results, but if I had to choose between anarchy or self-indulgent nerds, anarchy wins out every time.

  • Google Launches World Cup Trends Landing Page

    For the next few weeks the globe will be engulfed in a sea of soccer, while the World Cup commences during an information age like no other. With digital trends spiking and falling as the games are previewed, played and reviewed the World Cup has snowballed into a massive scaled internet phenomena. Google has created a landing page for all searches and timely trends for teams and match ups. On the trends site, if you click “Upcoming Matches” and chose a country you’ll find: sentiment (“Brazil is feeling hopeful”), top questions, people of interest, people on the rise, global interest, and more!

  • Scottish Aladdin Is The Funniest Video you’ll See Today

    Have you ever wondered what Aladdin would be like if Aladdin and Jasmine talked like the cast of Trainspotting? Probably not, but it’s a good thing somebody did! This video shows what the Disney classic would be like if voiced by foul-mouthed Scots. And it’s incredible.

  • These Alien Worlds Reside Inside Gemstones [15 Photos]

    Danny Sanchez has spent the last 8 years learning to examine and photograph gemological interiors. His photomicrographs, or photos of very small objects taken through a microscope, are unique in a field where most subjects are microbes, insects, and other organic matter. Most photomicrography is done for academic purposes, meaning the work is financed with institutional budgets. Sanchez on the other hand, who sees his work as fine art, has had to finance his rig on his own. It took 10 years of buying parts on eBay before constructing a rig that allowed him to capture the high quality photos he desired. One look at this series, and it’s obvious all the work was worth it. For more info, check out Danny J Sanchez. 

  • Bizarre PT Cruiser Limo, Because Russia [10 Photos]

    Remember the PT Cruiser? When it first came out in 2000, the retro-style hatchback from Chrysler was one of the ugliest cars on the market. It was also insanely popular with soccer moms! Russians, always a little late on American fads, apparently still have a soft spot for the ugly automobile. A car mod company in Novgorod came up with this Pt Cruiser limo that looks like Cinderella’s coach. Presumably, it’s used for luxurious weddings, but I could see some of Staten Island’s classiest couples hiring it for a night out to the pizza parlor.

  • Diplo Releases Hour-Long World Cup Mix

    In honor of the World Cup, genius music producer and DJ Diplo released an hour-long mix on BBC Radio1Xtra’s MistaJam show. The mix features lots of Latin rhythms, which is nothing new for Diplo, who has worked with Brazil’s very own carioca funk electropop superstars Bonde do Role in the past. You’ll hear remixes of Beyonce, Kanye West, and the Black Keys in the mix along with Diplo’s project Major Lazer. Stream the mix from BBC below, fix yourself a caipirinha, and, if you’re feeling real adventurous, try to watch a match.

  • History Of The American Flag [Infographic]

    On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the flag of the United States. The resolution stated:”Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.” Although stars have been added, the striped and overall design have remained the same. In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson officially established June 14 as Flag Day. In honor of Flag Day, take a look at this infographic and learn a little something about the stars and stripes.

  • James Franco and Seth Rogen Attempt to Assassinate Kim Jung Un in “The Interview”

    Dave Skylark (James Franco) and his producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) run a popular celebrity tabloid TV show “Skylark Tonight.” When they discover that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is a fan of the show, they land an interview with him in an attempt to legitimize themselves as journalists. As Dave and Aaron prepare to travel to Pyongyang, their plans change when the CIA recruits them, perhaps the two least-qualified men imaginable, to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

  • 25 HQ Aerial Photos That Give You A New Perspective Of The World

    In 1987, author Frank White first described the Overview Effect as an experience that transforms astronauts’ perspective of Earth and mankind’s place upon it. When viewing the planet from above, some astronauts have described a feeling of awe and understanding of the interconnectedness between all species. Obviously, it’s not possible for all of us to travel to space and experience the Overview Effect, but a website aims to do the next best thing by offering daily high quality satellite images of locations all over the planet. Farms, parking lots, cemeteries, cities—all are on display at the site. Some of our favorites are below, but plenty more can be found at Daily Overview.

  • Make the National Drinks of Mexico and Cameroon for their Matchup Today

    The last leg of Group A will go up against each other at 11:30 EST and it promises to be a solid head to head. Chicharito and the young Mexican squad face off against Eto’o and his Cameroon team. What better way to get a full day of World Cup games started than to make the drink of choice for both teams native land. Cameroon drinks palm wine or white mimbo, which is fermented sap from palm trees. The sap is extracted from the tree and sometimes an alternate method is used by felling the entire tree. Where this is practiced, a fire is sometimes lit at the cut end to facilitate the collection of sap. Mexico is known for it’s tequila. Straight, neat, mixed, however you’re drinking it is fine, but if you’re in Mexico we suggest always drink it straight or sip it neat.

  • Giant Nike ” The Last Game” Figures Show Up in Hong Kong

    The latest Nike craze “The Last Game”, a short animated film featuring the world’s best soccer stars released the day before the World Cup began has been circulating around the internet like wildfire. Yesterday, giant-mega-sized figurines of the characters from the film arrived in Hong Kong’s Harbor City for display. The figures range from 9- 14 ft tall and highlight some action moments from Nike’s short film.

  • The Evolution of Dad Dancing With Chris Christie

    New Jersey Governor Chris Christie helped Jimmy Fallon pay tribute to all the dads out there by showing “the evolution of dad dancing”. Christie and Fallon start off fairly casual with “the lawnmower” then progressing into the “Oh stop it I’m not embarrassing you” into a personal hit at Christie called “The bridge is closed”. Christie was not pleased.

  • 20 Paintings You Won’t Believe Aren’t Photos

    Florida-based artist Doug Bloodworth is recognized as one of the premier photorealist painters in the world today. His paintings, which resemble high-resolution photographs, are influenced by childhood passions for comic books, toys, and junk food. Earning a degree in commercial arts in the 1974, Bloodworth began his career painting billboards, learning techniques that he still uses today. He has also been commissioned to paint two 30′ x 200′ murals at Tropican Field, home of the Tampa Bay Rays. Check out more work from Doug Bloodworth and other similar artists at Photorealism.


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