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  • Why Are Nato Straps The Hottest Trend In Watches?

    Cool kids across America are making their vintage watches new again with NATO Straps. They’re everywhere.  So what makes them so popular? We’ve consulted several fashion blogs to get to the bottom of this and it looks like the answer is pretty simple.

  • Digital Recreations Of NYC Subway Tile Mosaics

    Brooklyn-based freelance art director/designer Adam Chang spent 20 hours last summer riding New York City’s subway and documenting the unique tile mosaics at every station. After 9 subway swipes, Chang had compiled photos of 118 different stations. He then spent countless more hours digitizing each mosaic, thus creating the NY Train Project. Check out the full project on the site for a virtual tour of each subway line along with facts about each station.

  • 15 Thrift Store Paintings Reimagined

    When artist Ben Riddlebarger isn’t creating awesome works from scratch, he is buying up boring thrift store paintings and breathing new life into them with the addition of sex, violence, and/or robots. A boring summer day at the Atlantic City boardwalk? Better add the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. A guardian angel watching over children? Why not giver her a sword for some fun toddlercide? Tranquil nature scene? A defecating robot would certainly spruce it up! Be sure to check out more of Ben Riddlebarger’s work at Facebook.

  • All 32 World Cup national slogans, graded and (in some cases) improved [Link]

    With just a few weeks left before the 2014 World Cup, it’s time to take a look at one of the most important metrics for ranking the 32 teams: national slogans. From the badass of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s “Dragons in heart, dragons on the field” to the embarrassingly terrible “Socceroos: hopping our way into history!” of Australia’s team, all the slogans are graded and the bad ones are improved. “United by team, driven passion”? Come on, US, we can do better than that.

  • Tony Hawk Jumps Moving Mini [Video]

    Remember when Tony Hawk jumped a Lexus LFA a couple years ago? Probably not, because it was so damn boring. The car was parked sideways, for crying out loud! I saw a slow-witted, skateboarding marmot do the same thing one time and the marmot wasn’t even impressed by his own talent. But now Tony has brought his A game in this video where he jumps over a Mini that’s in motion. Next stop: Springfield Gorge.

  • Wayne Gretzky’s 1980s Glamor Shots Win The Internet [10 Photos]

    The 1980s were a special time for Wayne Gretzky fans. They were able to see “The Great One” score hundreds of goals, win 4 Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers, and for the low low price of $7, they could receive posters and photos of a mullet-coiffed Gretzky in silk shirts and pastel sweaters. Flickr user Jeffery Simpson was lucky enough to become one of Gretzky’s “special friends” when he joined the fan club back in 1984. Take a look at what the benefits of such a friendship offered below.

  • 2014 World Cup Posters For All 32 Teams

    ESPN and Wieden+Kennedy New York have teamed up to produce these posters, created by Brazilian artist and graphic designer Cristiano Siqueira, for all 32 countries competing in the 2014 World Cup. With the competition beginning June 12 in Brazil, these posters are sure to make you mad with nationalism and get you amped up for the games. Who will you be rooting for?

  • Artist Adds Cartoons To Real World Scenes [22 Photos]

    Cartoonist Marty Cooper, aka Hombre McSteez, is able to make any boring real-life scene interesting using just transparency film, whiteout, and a sharpie. With his imagination, a hot dog at a baseball game becomes a foam-finger waving fan; a bowl of pho in a Vietnamese restaurant becomes a bathtub for an angry looking cow; a skyscraper transforms into a back scratcher for a giant polar bear. And somehow he is able to overcome the artistic urge that so many of us succumb to: adding boobs and/or weiners to everything in sight. Check out more cartoons from Hombre McSteez on Tumblr.

  • 15 Random Correlations That Mean Nothing

    Harvard Law School student Tyler Vigen has a love of science, discovery, and empirical data. He combined these interest with a program that uses data from the CDC and US Census to automatically find correlations. For the most part, these correlations are completely meaningless, but the inanity of them is hilarious. Death by bedsheets rising with consumption of cheese? I knew it! Let’s just hope politicians don’t get a hold of these graphs. The last thing we need is science and technology spending cuts because some moron in Washington saw the correlation with suicide. Check out more graphs at Spurious Correlations.

  • 24 Photos That Prove Perspective Is Everything

    If there’s one thing I learned from my uncle when he returned from his Thai vacation, it’s that first impressions can be awfully deceiving. These 24 photos prove that what you think you see at first glance may not be the reality of the situation. With that in mind, after a more thorough look, you may even find the reality to be more appealing. Which reminds me, I still need to get a wedding gift for my uncles…

  • Meet the man who unwittingly restored Tarantino’s stolen “Pulp Fiction” Malibu [Link]

    12 years ago, Bill Hemenez traded in his beloved 1946 Chevy hot rod in order to buy a 1964 Chevy Malibu. He spent more than $40,000 restoring the Malibu and would show it off at countless auto shows around California. But in April of last year, he was surprised to learn that the car was stolen from director Quentin Tarantino back in 1994 and that it was the iconic vehicle driven by John Travolta in “Pulp Fiction.” Now Himenez is out two cars and more than $40,000.

  • Take To The Skies…In A Honda? [11 Photos]

    Japanese auto manufacturer giant Honda first unveiled the Honda HA-420 HondaJet way back in December, 2003. After establishing the Honda Aircraft Company, they began taking orders for the jet in 2006. After years of setting up factories and delays in parts manufacturing, the jet finally appears to be in production. Honda is aiming for the 6-passenger jet to receive FAA certification in early 2015. Then it will be only a matter of time before teenage pilots will be outfitting their own HondaJets with spoilers and obnoxiously loud exhausts. Albeit very wealthy teenage pilots, for the price is estimated at $4.5 million. Better work hard on that paper route!

  • A Look Back At The Hottest Fans Of The 2010 World Cup [50 Photos]

    With the 2014 World Cup set to begin in the coming weeks, we already know we’ll be glued to our TVs the entire time. Sure, to watch all the matches, but, more importantly, to check out all the hot fans. Even those of us who know nothing about soccer can appreciate the dedication and emotion and other things we won’t mention of the overly-animated female fans. Many of them turn out to be models who are paid to be there and draw our attention, but does it matter? Of course not! So until we get a look at the girls of the 2014 World Cup, here is a look back at our favorites from 2010.

  • Jessica Alba Stunning New Entertainment Weekly Bikini Shoot + Her 28 Foxiest GIFS Of All-Time

    Jessica Alba was the hottest woman on the planet from 2006-2010 but then she went off the grid to settle down with her hubby Cash Warren. But luckily for everyone she is back for with a Maxim-esque photoshoot for Entertainment Weekly (yes, Entertainment Weekly) that shows off her rockin’ body that has us reminiscing about the good ole’ “Into The Blue” days as seen in the GIF below. Give the GIFS a moment to load, it’ll be worth it

  • Tupac’s Last Words Were Classic Tupac

    Granted, if these were indeed Tupac’s last words then they are the most dramatic, Bishop-like last words ever uttered in this era. And they will only serve to increase his legend. Recently, Vegas Seven interviewed Chris Carroll, a retired sergeant on the Las Vegas PD’s bike patrol unit on the Strip who happened to be on duty during the tragic September night when Tupac was shot. And per Carroll’s account, he was the last person Tupac saw, the same person who ‘Pac spoke his last words to.

  • Blake Griffin’s 22 Most Badass Dunks of This Season In GIF Form

    We can now watch all of Blake Griffin’s nearly 200 dunks from the 2013/14 NBA season thanks to a new supercut compilation that is blowing up on the web. Only problem with the video (which you can watch at the bottom of this story) is that it’s 10 long minutes so we decided to weed out all the easy “lob city” dunks and turn his most posterizing, bench clearing throwdowns of this season into GIFS.

  • Pharrell Williams Starts Every Hit Song the Same Way

    Bum-bum-bum… YEAH. This is the formula for most of the intros Pharrell writes: looping the first beat of the first bar four times. Think of the beginnings to “Blurred Lines,” “Beautiful,” “Milkshake,” “Sweet Life,” etc. etc. etc. Better yet, listen to the collection on Brobible.

  • 27 Astounding Images Of Earth As Seen From Aboard The International Space Station

    Despite any political differences between the United States and Russia, the space agencies of the two countries continue their cooperative work in Earth’s orbit, aboard the International Space Station. Apart from the research being done in microgravity, ISS crew members continue to send back amazing images of our home world, photographed from low Earth orbit. Gathered here are recent images of Earth from aboard the ISS, and from a handful of other NASA satellites.

  • 17 Animals Asking “Do You Even Lift, Bro?”

    Looking to get swole for the summer, bro? Well you’ve got some competition. Apparently humans aren’t the only ones bulking up at the gym. Plenty of animals have taken up the gym rat lifestyle (although not rats, oddly enough) and if you’re not careful, they’ll be kicking sand in your face and stealing your girl at the beach this summer. I don’t want to point fingers, but I think at least a couple of these creatures are juicing. Also, I can see why kangaroo boxing is no longer in vogue. These contemporary kangas look like they could punch your head clean off!

  • NASA Creates World’s Largest Selfie

    On April 22, Earth Day, NASA asked the question “Where are you on Earth right now?” on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. The space agency asked for answers in the form of selfies. The response was incredible. More than 50,000 photos from all 7 continents and 113 countries were posted. Ultimately, 36,422 of the selfies were used to create a zoomable 3.2-gigapixel image. See the image for yourself and learn more about the project at GigaPan.  

  • 11 Disney Princesses With Steve Buscemi Eyes To Give You Nightmares

    Why does this exist? What sort of sick person feels the need to ruin our fond childhood memories of “Aladdin” or “The Little Mermaid” by placing Steve Buscemi’s eyes on the popular Disney princesses? Although it could be worse: at least it’s not Bob Costas’ gross conjunctivitis infected eyes from the Olympics staring deep into our souls. Wait, that gives me an idea…

  • Nike “Gold Trophy” Pack Comes Just in Time for the World Cup

    Nike NSW released their latest pack dubbed “Gold Trophy” in preparation for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The pack includes Roshe Run Hyperfuse, Tiempo Trainer Mid, Tiempo Trainer, Lunar Tiempo 94, Air Max Premium and the Air Max 90 Jacquard. The themed colorway throughout the pack include a varsity gold accent with either a gold or black swoosh and white or grey uppers. Look for the pack at select Nike distributors priced between $120-220.

  • The Grand Scam, How to Sneak Into Any Game

    If you live in one of the major U.S. cities then you know going to a ball game is going to cost you more than a few shekels. The ticket, the food, the beer and the beer all added up will run you $100 + depending on your seats. Mike from Hacks of Life, managed to sneak into a Dodger game without spending a nickel. All the while getting free food and beer. Mike’s methods, while questonable, hit a home run and 9/10 time’s would work at any game. Just don’t act like a goofus, the trick is to play it cool.

  • 35 Clever Billboard Ads

    The great Ogden Nash once opined “I think that I shall never see a billboard lovely as a tree. Perhaps, unless the billboards fall, I’ll never see a tree at all.” Sure, it’s easy to hate on billboards for cluttering our surroundings and covering up nature with commercialism, but at least there are admen and adwomen out there who try their darndest to create clever billboards. These ads utilize the three-dimensional nature of the billboards by incorporating their structures and surroundings into the ad so at least you can be entertained while being sold to.

  • Coldplay Heading for Year’s Best Sales Week, Now Watch Their Iconic Concert At Rock in Rio 2011

    With six epic concerts scheduled around the globe to mark the release of their new album “Ghost Stories,” which is on track to score the largest sales week of the year, we look back at Rock in Rio 2011 where Coldplay proved why they are a once in a generation band and one of the best live acts in the world. Their energy, song selection and light show had the crowd of nearly 1 million grooving along in ways that we’ve never seen before. To put that crowd size into perspective, Coachella typically draws roughly 80,000 people so that is almost 10 times the size. Press play and I personally guarantee you’ll watch the entire thing.

  • The Most 27 Bizarre Team Logos In Minor League Baseball

    With the 2014 MLB season well underway there are hundreds of minor league baseball players trying to make it up to the big leagues. Most will not not get promoted and will have to spend another year in obscurity with a minor league affiliate, many of which have pretty strange team names and logos. Here is a look at some of the most bizarre.

  • What kind of person paints a topless Eli Manning?

    You are almost certainly familiar with Rappoccio’s work, whether you know it or not. He has imagined NFL logos as if they were hipsters, or obese, or fustily monocled Brits, or afflicted with terminal Manningface, at his own site and at Kissing Suzy Kolber. He is also the man who (MS) painted the masterpiece above, which is something like what a shirtless, beachcombing Eli Manning would look like if he were painted by David Hockney. This is a weird thing to do, maybe, but it is also what David Rappoccio does.

  • Scientists Discover A Winning Strategy for Rock-Paper-Scissors. THANKS SCIENCE!

      For centuries, game theorists have wondered about capitalizing on a strategy to attain a vital edge at Rock-Paper-Scissors. Well the conundrum scientists have been wrapping their heads around has finally been solved. Zhijian Wang, a game theorist at Zhejiang University in China claim there is more to Rock-Paper-Scissors than previously thought. Their work shows that behind a seemingly random acts lies a very consistent predictable pattern that an opponent could gain and exploit for a critical edge Zhijian and his team began experiments with 360 students from the university and split them into 60 groups of six players each. Every group of players played 300 rounds of the game against each other with their actions and choices carefully recorded. Winners were paid in local currency in proportion to their number of victorious rounds. To test how the currency altered strategy, Zhijian varied each payout amount for different groups. If a loss is worth nothing and a tie worth 1, the winning payout varied from 1.1 to 100. Initially the behavior showed a interesting pattern, where each group chose each choice a third of the time, which is precisely as expected if their choices were random, but after a closer more »


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