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  • Richard Sherman x Beats by Dre Studio Wireless Commercial

    The newest commercial in the line of controversial Beats by Dre ads features Pro-Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman in their new “Hear what you want” campaign. Fresh off an NFC Championship game-wining, nail in the coffin tip that caused San Francisco 49ers the game, this commercial is more than timely. The tip was the catalyst for a Seahawks victory and a trip to Super Bowl XLVIII.

  • New York City In The 1930s Looks Oddly Peaceful [28 Photos]

    Photographer Berenice Abbott documented New York City for the Federal Art Project (FAP) between 1935 and 1938. FAP was a New Deal program (thanks, Franklin Roosevelt!) for unemployed artists that operated from 1935 to 1943. Abbott’s series, “Changing New York,” captures a city that looks incredibly peaceful and clean compared to today’s Big Apple. The photographs were published as a book for the 1939 New York’s World Fair which attracted over 44 million visitors to the city. The New York Public Library has more of Abbott’s photos on flickr.

  • The “Workaholics” Rockin’ Ode To Best Friends [Video]

    Comedy Central’s hilarious “Workaholics” returns for a fourth season tomorrow night and the cast appeared on Conan to get the word out. During the interview, a fight erupts between Adam and Blake. Is this the end of our favorite trio? Of course not, as they are reunited through the magic of music with a song that showcases the angelic voice of Ders. Tomorrow night can’t come fast enough.

  • Romain Laurent’s Loop Portraits [17 GIFs]

    New York City-based photographer Romain Laurent takes interesting portraits and turns them into incredible looped GIFs. The already unique portraits take on an entire new level of whimsy once animated. you can find more of Romain Laurent’s loop portraits at his Tumblr and also be sure to see the rest of his work on his online portfolio. 

  • Read Martin Luther King Jr’s Historic Playboy Interview From 1964 [Link]

    In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr was interviewed by “Roots” author Alex Haley for Playboy magazine. It was the longest interview that Dr. King ever granted to a publication. Now you can read the entire, in-depth interview and learn Dr. King’s thoughts on race relations directly from the man himself. Afterwards you can proudly state you read the famous gentleman’s magazine “for the articles.”

  • Value Of Dollar In Burgers And Beers [Infographic]

    Lonely Planet’s “How To Land a Jumbo Jet” contains all sorts of useful information presented through 56 infographics. By far, the most useful of these is the visual guide below which illustrates the value of the US dollar in burgers and beers around the world. It’s a tad disheartening. I’ve been watching lots of “Lilyhammer” on Netflix and Norway looks like a great place to visit, but 10 bucks for a fast-food burger?? Guess I’ll just go to the Philippines instead and drink 70 cent beer. 

  • Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr With “King Holiday” From 1986 [Video]

    Martin Luther King, Jr Day was first celebrated as a national holiday on January 20, 1986. To mark the historic occasion, some of the biggest names in 80s music, including El DeBarge, Whitney Houston, Run-DMC, New Edition, Kurtis Blow, and Melle Mel got together and recorded “King Holiday.” All proceeds from the single were donated to the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change. From USA For Africa to Band Aid to Artists United Against Apartheid, the 80s was a time of big names coming together for great causes and King Dream Chorus created another one of those classics. It would be pretty neat to see who would get together and do something like this today.

  • A Look At Cisco’s New San Francisco Headquarters [24 Photos]

    San Francisco-based interior design firm Studio O+A recently designed the new offices at Cisco’s 110,000 square feet facility in San Francisco’s Mission Bay. The studio began by asking employees what they liked about their old office location. Overwhelmingly, the answers were natural light and collaborative spaces. Studio O+A had no trouble utilizing natural light thanks to the new office’s floor-to-ceiling windows. The enormous size of the office also allowed for a variety of informal and formal meeting spaces both indoors and outdoors. There are also chalkboards, whiteboards, and corkboards throughout the facility because you never know when inspiration will strike. What’s that? You need a break from your stressful day at Cisco? Just hop on your bike and take a ride through the office and maybe stop into the lounge and play a ditty on the piano. Oh, you don’t work there? Sucks to be you.

  • First Lady Friday: Ireland Baldwin [32 Photos]

    First Lady Friday is a staple of our quarterly RSVLTS Magazine and now, each week, we’re going to profile the women who dominate your social media feeds on a daily basis. To nominate a RSVLTS First Lady just tag them on Instagram with #RSVLTSFLF. Now on with the good stuff. Ireland Baldwin is the stunning daughter of Hollywood royalty (Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger) but just this week she stepped out of their shadow and stole the show at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’s 50th anniversary celebration at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. #Swim50 was hosted by Heidi Klum and dozens of models were in attendance, including Kate Upton, Genevieve Morton, but the following day everyone was talking about Baldwin. We don’t know if she will appear in this year’s Swimsuit issue but it looks as though she may have signed on with Beach Bunny Swimwear, joining Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, Nina Agdal and our favorite Melissa Bolona. 5 Things You Need To Know About Ireland Baldwin Birthday: October 23, 1995 Height: 6 ft 2 in Dating professional stand-up paddle boarder Slater Trout She is the daughter of actors Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin Signed with IMG Models in March 2013 more »

  • 25 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Is Better In GIF Form

    It’s not always the beautiful women who are better in GIF Form, the art of sport is also mesmerizing to watch in GIF Form. In the past we’ve shown you the skill of Kevin Durant and Mike Tyson but today is Ronaldo’s day. This week the 28-year-old footballer was crowned the top player of the year and now we show you why. Hat tip: Total Pro Sports

  • Why Songs Get Stuck In Your Head [Link]

    We’ve all experience “earworms,” those catchy pieces of music that replay themselves over and over again in our heads, sometimes driving us insane in the process. The phenomenon went widely unstudied until the last few years, but now numerous studies provide us with a plethora of information about when and how often our internal jukebox gets stuck. Now if only they could develop a definitive cure.

  • Habits Of The Wealthiest People [Infographic]

    So it’s noon and you’re just getting out of bed, about to watch Law and Order: SVU for a billion hours on USA, while eating bag after bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. After a few episodes, you begin to zone out while Stabler uses unnecessary force on a perp for the umpteenth time and you begin contemplating your financial situation, getting Cheeto dust all over yourself while stroking your unshaved chin in deep thought. “How come a young go-getter such as myself ain’t drivin’ the latest Studebaker down Madison Ave with the rest of the fat cats?,” you ponder. Maybe, just maybe, it’s your habits. Take a look at this infographic and see if perhaps you can make a change or two and increase your-oh man Ice T is flipping out again. This is going to be great.

  • Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Brighten Your Day With “Run” [Video]

    The infectious, highly danceable, indie-pop from Detroit’s Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is on display more than ever in their new video for “Run.” The track, taken from the band’s second album released last fall, “The Speed of Things,” will get you moving on the dance floor despite sad lyrics that are in stark contrast to the upbeat music and melody. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. is currently on tour throughout the US in support of “The Speed of Things.” Be sure to check out their fun live performance when they come to your city.

  • Honest Posters For Best Picture Nominees [9 Photos]

    The nominees for the 86th annual Academy Awards have officially been announced and everyone feels compelled to check out the 9 Best Picture nominees. But those movies tend to be 2 hours at least and going to a theater that many times gets expensive. Thanks to College Humor, you’ll have no need to watch any of them! They’ve put together a series of honest posters that summarize the films perfectly, giving you more time to watch the incredible movies that the Academy passed over, such as Grown Ups 2 and After Earth.  No Best Actor nomination for Jaden Smith? He almost made you believe he was a living person at certain points!

  • Boring Eastern European Buildings Turned Into Works Of Art [15 Photos]

    Etam Cru, a joint effort between Polish artists Sainer and Bezt, are well known for their large scale murals that give new life to old buildings. Originally working around Eastern Europe, especially in their native Poland, they’ve since had works commissioned all over, even recently painting a mural in Richmond, Virginia. No matter where they’re located, Etam Cru’s enormous paintings invigorate their surroundings and make even the dreariest of structures into a destination. More of the duo’s surreal works can be viewed at Etam Cru.

  • Classic Paintings Come Alive In BEAUTY [Video]

    Milan-based experimental animator and director Rino Stefano Tagliafierro has released this incredible video that takes classic paintings form the likes of Bouguereau, Rubens, Vermeer, and Rembrandt and brings them to life through animation. Titled “BEAUTY,” the 9 minute short highlights the beauty that was such an integral part of these works from the masters of Renaissance, Pastoralism, Romanticism, and Neo-classicism. Animated GIFs taken from the video can also be found on the BEAUTY website, along with a list of the paintings used.

  • If Domestic Beer Commercials Were Honest [Video]

    I’ve got no problem with cheap domestic beer. I often choose to drink Schaefer, PBR, Schlitz, and others of their ilk, but this honest beer commercial from Random at Best is still pretty damn funny and accurate. I could go on and on about how much I enjoy the taste of Genesee Cream Ale (and I really do) but what it mostly comes down to is this: it costs $7 for a 12 pack and it gets me drunk. And now I’ve gone and made myself thirsty. Anyone want to grab a beer? Maybe something domestic?

  • Scott Hocking Documents Detroit’s Bad Graffiti [25 Photos]

    Scott Hocking, a photographer and artist from Detroit, has captured the amazing artwork of the unknown street Picasso’s around his city in his collection titled “Bad Graffiti.” Everyone pays attention to the Banksys of the world, but how often does someone champion the dude who paints crude genitalia on abandoned buildings? Or how about “free balls in your mouth” written in giant cursive letters? Not even Magritte is so brilliant! Looking through these, I have a newfound appreciation for whoever draws the horrific vaginas all over the benches in Jersey City’s Exchange Place. Also check out the rest of the collection and other work from Scott Hocking.

  • So NBA All-Star Jerseys Are Just T-Shirts Now

    The NBA All-Star jerseys have leaked and they are painful to look at. For better or worse the All-star game has become a full blown calamity. Players don’t play defense, the dunk contest stinks and now this. These terrible jerseys are everything that embodies a game players take for granted. The jerseys themselves aren’t necessarily ugly, but they’re far from nice and far from even looking like a basketball jersey. They’re stuck in a limbo of awfulness combined with a lazy design scheme. Shame on you NBA. Both jerseys feature a large Fleur de lis on the chest and uniform numbers on the left sleeve similar to the terrible jerseys worn on Christmas day. EXCLUSIVE! NBA All-Star jersey leaked on French site. I confirm it's the real deal –> http://t.co/ihX7lPzEQu pic.twitter.com/7tuvUvp3E4 — Paul Lukas (@UniWatch) January 16, 2014 Los "pijamas" del All Star ya han salido a la luz #allstar #nba pic.twitter.com/rXSHaxX1xa — FUIKAOMAR (@FUIKAOMAR) January 16, 2014

  • Frozen Lighthouses on Lake Michigan [9 Photos]

    Winter is here and we are all cold and miserable. Despite this, there are lunatics out there, like photographer Thomas Zakowski, who dare to venture outdoors and even manage to make these bleak times appear beautiful. Zakowski travels around Lake Michigan during the calm after a winter storm and captures these striking images of amazing ice formations on frozen lighthouses. I don’t know what brand of magic he employs, but for a brief moment his photographs warmed the cockles of my heart  (maybe even below the cockles, in the sub-cockle area) and made me forget that i was wearing multiple layers of clothing and shivering INSIDE my apartment. You almost had me, Zakowski. See more of his work at 500px.

  • The Definitive Collection of Broncos, Pats, 49ers and Seahawks GIFs, Because Playoffs

    This Sunday we embark on a glorious feat of strength between the four best teams in the NFL. In a perfect world these four teams would be exactly where they are now, fighting for the Lombardi trophy. Each team is stacked with talent and players most Pro Bowl teams would be jealous of. We’ve collected this seasons most definitive GIFs for each remaining team to leave you to decide what team’s going to come up on top this Sunday. Denver Broncos New England Patriots San Francisco 49ers Seattle Seahawks

  • 15 Ways to Make It Look Like an Adult Lives in Your Apartment

    Hey man, that Bob Marley poster, collection of empty liquor bottles, and black sheet thumbtacked around the window make for awesome decor, there’s no denying that, but you’re a big boy now and you should have a big boy apartment. Too bad you’re a crass philistine and have no idea where to begin. There’s hope for you yet, though, with this list of 15 ways to make it look like an adult lives in your apartment courtesy of Refined Guy. I’d start with putting that Bob Marley poster in a frame. You’re welcome.

  • The Official Batkid Movie Is Here [Video]

    Back in November, we reported on San Francisco’s transformation into Gotham City for 5-year-old Miles, aka Batkid, via the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Now you can relive that day when we learned a whole city can come together to make a little boy happy. Watch as Batkid rescues Lou Seal, the San Francisco Giants’ mascot, from the evil clutches of the Penguin and restores peace to Gotham City while restoring your faith in humanity.

  • 35 Women We Want To See In Sports Illustrated’s 2014 Swimsuit Issue

    Less than one month until the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue hits newstands and the buzz is beginning to build. This week it was leaked that Kate Upton went to “space” for her Swimsuit photoshoot and there was a bash in Los Angeles to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Swimsuit that brought out current stars and legends alike.  We suspect that Nina Agdal will land the cover but with rumors that internet superstar Emily Ratajkowski will make her rookie debut and legends like Kathy Ireland will return anything is possible. Each year we like to predict which women will make their Rookie debut and what body paint theme the SI editors will choose. Our predictions in 35 Women We Want To See In Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue was spot on – we nailed Michelle Jenneke and Alana Blanchard – to name a few. So who might be in this year’s issue released on February 11th? Find out below.

  • 10 Unspoken Rules Of Suits That Every Man Should Know

    We’re adults and sometimes we have to dress the part. For those times when sweats, t-shirts, and sneakers aren’t appropriate, you’ve got to suit up. Too bad you’re the immature, uncultured bum that your ex accused you of being those many months ago. Hey there you disgusting slob, don’t start crying about it, for here are 10 rules of suits that will transform you from Eddie Murphy at the begin of Trading Places to Eddie Murphy at the end of Trading Places.

  • Things You Didn’t Know About Legalizing Marijuana [Video]

    With recreational use of marijuana now legal in Colorado, the rest of the country will be watching closely to see how well it works and, most importantly, how much money it brings in to the Centennial State. Get the straight dope on the issue with this video from BuzzFeed then soberly wait for your state to follow in Colorado’s footsteps. If you’re already in Colorado, go get some of those lollipops and report back.

  • Nike Golf Evokes Teddy Roosevelt in New Ad Spot

    Nike’s new ad campaign for their new Nike VR_S Covert 2.0 club is to “Play In The Now”, a message to all the nay-sayers of progressive golf clubs. In their full length commercial a couple of golf buddies backtrack through time complaining about the ever going progress of the golf club. Their short spot evokes the help of good ol’ Teddy.

  • PEP Channels 50s Pop In “Stephen” Video

    Karys Rhea, best known as drummer for Brooklyn’s Starlight Girls, is releasing an EP for her side project PEP on February 11. Titled “My Baby and Me,” the record is four tracks of vintage pop reminiscent of early girl groups like the Ronettes and Shangri-La’s. PEP has released a video for “Stephen” and it really illustrates how much Rhea understands the genre. She has stated that the idea came to her when she heard “Runaround Sue” playing in a store then downloaded over 100 albums from the period. PEP’s appreciation of that golden era of pop is evident and “Stephen” is a fun song with a great video. Check it out then pre-order the EP at PEP.

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