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  • The Bountiful Breweries of the United States of America

    The most comprehensive survey of beer-making ever, this beautiful 60” x 40” wall map features over 2,500 breweries, microbreweries, and brewpubs from across the United States.  Perfect for hanging on the wall of your bar, den, or mancave, this cartographic masterpiece plots those celebrated locales known for plying this great nation with its lifeblood—delicious, thirst-quenching beer.  Includes insets for brewing hotbeds (Denver, the Pacific Northwest, the Great Lakes), as well as a design that pays homage to the mapmaking of yore–a giant, multi-colored paean to the noble brewers of America.

  • Striking Visual Data Shows 200 Years of Oceanic Exploration

    Using information dating back 200 years, assistant professor of history at Northeastern University, Ben Schmidt, who uses visual techniques to portray history, took whaling expeditions, sailing charters and even military missions dating back to 1800 to create a negative visualization of ocean exploration. Schmidt used public information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to trace routes ships used for hundreds of years, the darker lines indicate a more common route. The finished product is a stunning representation of exploration silhouetting the continents of the world. Read the full story at FastCoDesign.

  • “Chewbacca” Shared Amazing Never Before Seen Set Photos of “Star Wars” on Twitter (22 Photos)

    Peter Mayhew, the actor behind the mask of Chewbacca, recently released a large amount of Star Wars set photos from his personal archives on Twitter. Mayhew tweets from the account @TheWookieeRoars and the 7’3″ actor says he has around 120 set photos from filming he will ultimately share with his followers. Long nights of rehearsal were routine. pic.twitter.com/b00ItUgzTS — Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) January 13, 2014 I have the biggest smile of all on the inside. Really. pic.twitter.com/6qayXUNNtW — Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) January 13, 2014 The rest of us looked away as Han had a private moment. Everyone but HER. pic.twitter.com/zBpU5x0hV8 — Peter Mayhew (@TheWookieeRoars) January 13, 2014

  • Abandon NY Resort Becomes Safe Haven for Street Art

    Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel was once a prominent staple in the upstate New York culture, opening it’s doors in 1914 then growing into into a 1,200-acre facility with its own landing strip, post office and two gigantic pools. Until it’s decline in the 1980s, when air travel became much more accessible to the common man, Grossinger’s was a favorite spot for the likes of Buddy Hacket, Joan Rivers, Jerry Lewis, Rocky Marciano and Jackie Robinson. What remains now, is an abandon, structurally sound mammoth catering to green house effect plants, urban explorers and graffiti artists.

  • Evolution Comes Full Circle When You See What This Fish Does to a Predator Bird

    For years legend surrounding the ability of the African sharp tooth tigerfish to jump out of the water clenching a bird in it’s jaws was nothing but a myth, until a team led by G. C. O’Brien of North-West University in Potchfstroom, South Africa proved it factual. The results were published in the Journal of Fish Biology. The tigerfish essentially looks like an elongated piranha, growing up to 40 inches with 16 razor sharp teeth and mostly preys on other fish and invertebrates, but up until this video was released, there has been no factual evidence of the fish taking evolution full circle by making predator prey.

  • Range Rover Quiets Critiques by Crossing the Worlds Largest Desert in Record Time

    Over the past decade Range Rover has transformed from a top-of-the-line off road beast capable of taking on the elements, terrain and anything else the world throws at it. Through recently, housewives of Beverly Hills and over privileged teenagers use it as a symbol of wealth and luxury, a stigma Land Rover had seemed to accept, catering to the luxurious with it’s newest sleek, “aerodynamic” look, claiming better gas milage at high speeds because of the new shape. Because people who can afford an $80,000 SUV worry about highway gas milage. Some enthusiasts thought the drastic change was a travesty to the boxy beginnings that was once a Range Rover signature, some rolled with the punches claiming progress. Either way Land Rover is now attempting to rebuke the ‘house wife’ stigma with their newest campaign. ‘Driven Challenges’, an ad campaign pushing their newest edition Rover to the ultimate tests in climate, terrain and performance. The campaign began this year at Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb, where the RR set a record for a production vehicle. Now they’re setting their sights on The Empty Quarter. The largest sand desert in the world. The Quarter is so big, it shares borders with more »

  • 65 Behind The Scenes Photos From The 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

    MJ Day, the editor of Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue and the person basically responsible for turning Kate Upton into what she is today, has a knack for posting steamy behind the scene’s pictures from their exotic photoshoots around the globe to her Instagram account. With the release of the 2014 Swimsuit issue less than a month away we’ve decided to pull together some of the best images from this year’s issue as see through MJ’s Instagram feed. Faces are concealed to protect the identities of the models but we do get a good preview of what is to come on February 11th when the cover is revealed in New York City.

  • Top 21 Undrafted Football Players Who Crushed It In the Pros

    The NFL Draft is undoubtedly the highest-touted amateur selection event in all of the four major American sports; the stars align in New York City and the brightest stars of the NCAA prepare to take a step into fortune, fame, and media over-exposure. But, the history of the draft isn’t a kind one. Hence, not every college standout is promised NFL glory. Likewise, not all collegiate afterthoughts are guaranteed the same fate when playing under the big, American-colored, tri-lettered shield. As such, there is seldom a more celebratory event in the NFL than a previously unknown athlete emerging from obscurity and into the heralded pigskin pantheon. Recently, RSVLTS got to sit down with one of such athlete at the Xbox One Loft in New York City. Victor Cruz, undrafted out of Umass, discussed on his lifelong gaming hobby, Xbox One’s  “Playoff Face Off,” and his humble origins.  While led us to produce this list of the all-time greatest undrafted NFL legends:

  • 27 of the Most Interesting Facts You’ll Ever Read

    Call them what you will, interesting facts, “snapple” facts, facts you didn’t learn in school, either way to preface it, these are twenty seven of the most interesting facts, you’ll ever read. So interesting, you’ll be checking Google for authenticity before number ten. From tales of Sugar Ray Robinson’s fight premonition to to one of the luckiest men of all time.

  • See Your Favorite Childhood Characters’ Insides

    New York-based artist Jason Freeny takes classic characters like Mario and Hello Kitty and sculpts their inner anatomy, complete with skeletal system and organs. He purchases high quality toys of the characters, cuts away a portion, then gets to work sculpting their innards. He tries to be accurate with the anatomical features, but sometimes that can be a little tough considering the fantastic nature of certain characters. The entire process for each work is documented on his Facebook page. His sculptures have become so popular, Freeny was able to quit his day job as a designer and now works full-time on his artwork. You can purchase Jason Freeny’s sculptures, toys, and prints at Moist Production.

  • 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Dubbed The “Big Nasty” By GM President

    When the president  of General Motors calls their signature supercar the “Big Nasty”, you know you’re in for a treat. Chevrolet recently unveiled the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, a 625 horsepower and 635+ pound feet of torque this is a behemoth of American hustle, buscle and muscle. The Z06 will have 3 trim levels offered, so you can decide whether you want to embarrass your on track competitors or completely dismantle their pride.

  • Oasis Celebrates 20th Anniversary By Making Catalog Available For Streaming

    It was 20 years ago today that Oasis released their debut album, Definitely Maybe, that took the world by storm. By the release of [What's the Story] Morning Glory in 1995, they had solidified themselves as kings of the Britpop movement of the 90s. Constant feuding between guitarist and songwriter Noel Gallagher and singer Liam Gallagher, caused the brothers numerous breakups over the years. Although officially disbanded in 2009, there has been talks of the band reuniting for the 20th anniversary, but so far no plans have been set in stone. Luckily, Oasis has finally agreed to put their music on streaming services Spotify, Deezer, and Rdio. So until they get back together, here’s a collection of some of the best from the Manchester lads.

  • Street Artists “Toon Bombs” Inanimate Objects, Fun Ensues

    Recently, street artist and animator, Aiden Glenn of the Pizza and Pixels Tumblr brought his passion of character design to Liberty Village, Toronto. Glenns work as an animator speaks for itself on his blog, but a new hobby of his dubbed “Toon Bombing” puts googley eyes and mouths on inanimate street objects passers would normally overlook, bringing life and a degree of fun to the village. Halfway across the world German artist, Timm Schneider uses the same design idea on the streets using nothing more than styrofoam balls. Aiden Glenn Timm Schneider  

  • Confused Baby Girl Meets Her Father’s Twin for First Time [Video]

    Witness the best double-take the Internet has ever seen when a baby girl is introduced to her father’s identical twin brother for the first time. The confusion is obvious when she meets her Uncle Herbie.  “There’s two of us, huh? You’re confused,” Herbie says to her. However, she quickly warms up to her uncle giving him a high five and fist bump. Right in the feels.

  • Meet The World’s Dirtiest Man [6 Photos]

    Move over Andrew Dice Clay, the world has a new “dirtiest man.” 80-year-old Amou Haji, residing in southern Iran’s Dejgah village, has been revealed to not having bathed for 60 years. The former record, held by a relatively immaculate 66-year-old Indian man, was a paltry 38 years. Amou Haji lives an isolated life (obviously) but has been offered free showers from locals who take pity on him. However, he equates cleanliness with sickness and has turned down offers to bathe him. He enjoys smoking dried animal dung out of his pipe and his favorite food is rotten porcupine meat. He drinks water (for your health!) but only does so out of an old oil can. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have the sudden urge to take a shower. 

  • Bar10Der 10-in-1 Bartending Tool

    We’re all grown up now and Jack and coke just doesn’t cut it. Mature palates require mature cocktails, but those intricate drinks also require a lot of tools. Luckily, the Bar10Der is here to save you space and sanity. Only 8.75 inches, this is a lot of tool in a small package. You get a bottle opener, corkscrew, strainer, jigger, extendable stirrer, 4 inch knife, channel knife, muddler, reamer, and zester all in one. Available for $40 from Brookstone. Now go order one and make me a spicy mojito.

  • The Lifestyles of Young Billionaire Entrepreneurs (Infographic)

    There are many young adults who took an entrepreneurial risk and made it big, and in the following infographic we’re featuring a handful of young adults who didn’t just become successful and rich—they became full-fledged billionaires. This infographic built by Tim Sykes shows the abridged Wiki-info of America’s self made young tech-Billionaires, from side projects to charitable contributions.

  • Unbelievable Cigarette Ads From Before We Knew They Were Unhealthy

    It’s hard to imagine that there was a time when people not only thought that inhaling smoke was not bad for you, but that there were benefits to certain brands’ death sticks. It’s good to know that when I feel like eating, I’m better off smoking a cigarette. Who wants to be fat when you can have that svelte cancer frame that’s all the rage? And Edmund Lowe, that dapper fellow in the top hat and cape in the Lucky Strikes ad? I’m sure he was happy he protected his voice with cigarettes when he died of lung cancer!

  • This Star Trek Trailer Cut From the Blooper Reel is Nerdly Brilliant

    The super-cut masters over at Slackatory have done it again, fusing blooper reel cuts with elements from the actual motion picture trailer. The cut shows the lighter side of Kirk and his Enterprise fleet in some off camera slap stickery as well as a face tatted Eric Bana jokingly threatening J.J. Abrams life. Always great to see actors in a serious action movie humanized, especially set to epic trailer music.

  • Condemned NYC Building Hosts Secret Art Show

    43 New York City artists, over a period of 6 days, painted 3 floors of a condemned apartment building then held a super secret, two hour show in Friday. Street artist Hanksy, known for putting Tom Hanks face over Banksy works, came up with the show, called Surplus Candy. If you’re looking for the building, don’t bother. It’s already closed up and awaiting demolition. Luckily Gizmodo was able to attend the exhibition and capture these great photos before the artwork is gone forever.

  • Game of Thrones Season 4 Promises to be Dragontastic (Trailer)

    You’re going to want to be in front of a television with HBO on April 6th. Game of Thrones Season 4 will be making it’s debut, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll be square in front of your TV, no more than 2 feet away from the screen. The trailer for the upcoming season debuted at last nights golden globes opening with an enormous dragon shadow soaring across a medieval city. I’m already sold. While the majority of the trailer focuses on King Joffrey, the season will be a season of kingdoms growing closer toward each other. This anticipated season is based on George R.R. Martin’s book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,”, but Let’s just hope we see some dragons kill more than one weirdo warlock. Yes, I have my LAIR role playing costume uniform on as I write this.

  • These Will Be The 10 Tallest Buildings On Earth In 2019

    With a pinnacle height of 1,792 feet, One World Trade Center in New York City is the currently the third tallest building in the world. In fact, three buildings grace the current top ten list and the Empire State Building comes in at number eleven. Go USA! But all that will change in the next few year’s as countries in Asia produce modern marvels that reach higher than engineers could have ever imagined just year’s ago when they were designing One World Trade. To give you an idea of how furious the development of ultra sky scrapers is check out the current top 10 list of world’s tallest buildings and then look at how it will change over the next five years (source Wikipedia).

  • Thomas Morgenstern, Three-time Olympic Champion Ski Jumper, Injured In Horrific Crash [Video + Photos]

    TAUPLITZ, Austria (AP) — Three-time Olympic ski jump champion Thomas Morgenstern of Austria was hospitalized with skull injuries and a bruised lung on Friday after crashing during training for this weekend’s ski flying World Cup. “Thomas Morgenstern is conscious and well responsive,” the Austrian ski federation said in statement hours after the incident, adding the athlete’s condition would be monitored in the intensive care unit of a Salzburg hospital for the next 72 hours. Morgenstern’s injuries were not life-threatening, head of clinic Josef Obrist told the Austria Press Agency. “He has a serious injury and he has to be monitored fulltime,” said Obrist, adding that Morgenstern was responsive and gave clear answers. During his second training jump of the day, the 27-year-old Morgenstern lost his balance in the air, turned over to the left and landed on his back and head. He briefly lost consciousness but was able to speak shortly afterward. “Fortunately he was responsive, Thomas can move arms and legs. That’s very important,” team physician Herbert Leitner said. “He asked me what happened.” Morgenstern received first aid on the hill and was flown by helicopter to the hospital, head coach Alexander Pointner said. “We can only hope for more »

  • RSVLTS Predicts the Playoffs: The Divisional Round

    Well, the table for the 2014 NFL Playoffs has already been set. Upon which, the appetizing course—otherwise known as “Wild Card Weekend”—has already been feasted. But, before we take another look into ole RSVLTS Crystal Ball—a mythical sightseeing orb of dubious success—let’s recap the predictions thus far. For the NFC, RSVLTS predicted that the following teams would receive playoff berth. To the right of our predictions were the actual standings: NFC Division Winners Our prediction: 1. Seattle Seahawks   Actual standing: 1. Seattle Seahawks Our prediction: 2. Carolina Panthers Actual standing: 2. Carolina Panthers Our prediction: 3. Philadelphia Eagles Actual standing: 3. Philadelphia Eagles Our prediction: 4. Chicago Bears Actual standing: 4. Green Bay Packers NFL Wild Card Our prediction: 5. New Orleans Saints Actual standing:  5. San Francisco 49ers Our prediction: 6. San Francisco 49ers Actual standing:  6. New Orleans Saints  With one mistake with the Division Winners and the inversion of the Wild Cards, RSVLTS’ predictions were better than some but worse than what actually came to pass. Now, for the AFC. AFC Division Winners Our prediction: 1. Denver Broncos Actual standing:  1. Denver Broncos Our prediction: 2. New England Patriots Actual standing:  2. New England Patriots Our prediction: 3. Cincinnati Bengals Actual standing:  3.  Cincinnati Bengals Our prediction: 4. Indianapolis Colts Actual standing:  4. Indianapolis Colts Wild Card Our prediction: 5. more »

  • Uh Oh. NYC Mayor De Blasio Eats Pizza With A Fork

    New York City’s new mayor Bill de Blasio was caught eating his pizza with a fork. Is this even more offensive to New Yorkers than the Donald Trump forked pizza fiasco? The Post, Daily News, Times, Village Voice and Time Out are sure to have a field day with this. Protesters have already begun occupying City Hall with Pizz-ins; sitting in a circle, eating pizza without the assistance of utensils, folding a slice the way it’s meant to be eaten.

  • Remember That Sweet Air Hockey Beer Pong Table? Here’s How to DIY

    If you can remember that far back, a few weeks ago, the internet spiked with the innovative brilliance of a few bros who created an air hockey beer pong table. A new game, with new skills which will ultimately lead to bromantic intoxication. The skilled toolmen responsible for this revolutionary creation, built an imgur with a step by step process to help you achieve table themed drinking game glory. “All in all took about 200 bucks and 2 weekends to make, including the 50 dollar 4″ drill head and 80 for the table. It helps make the jersey hurt less.” Check their page for the full breakdown.   

  • Slow Motion Bowling Is Surprisingly Epic [Video]

    Filmmakers Givan Egbers and Bjorn Meertens used a Sony NEX-FS700, a favorite for capturing slow-motion video, to create this hilariously suspenseful video of bowling at 400fps. You can almost taste the nachos and smell the shoe deodorizer while you watch this video that makes bowling look way more intense than it ever actually is.

  • The Jordan VI Will be Returning to the Postseason On the Field Instead of the Court

    The AIR JORDAN VI will make its return to the postseason this weekend,on the field instead of the court. Micheal Crabtree and DB Earl Thomas will be sporting these fantastic Retro VI when they take the field this weekend as they embark on the quest for the Lombardi trophy, just like Jordan wore on the court en route to his first championship in 1991. The Crabtree color way are black/white with a gold sole with red cleats, while Thomas will be sporting a navy/white colorway with a neon green sole. A beautiful throwback the Jordan Brand did justice to. The sneaker will be available to the masses this summer at Jordan retailers.    

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