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  • Casey Neistat Bangs Out Another Travel Supercut. This time for J. Crew

    Casey Neistat, best known for staring and directing in a handful of YouTube mega-sensations caught the attention of Nike before the launch of their FuelBand and was contracted to direct a short for their new Fuel Band campaign. He took the money and ran. Literally running around the world using Fuel Band capabilities to gauge his activity. Well world traveled faster than Casey in the video, and now after a few independently successful videos like NYC Bike Lanes and Snowboading in the NYC streets Casey is back with a branded video, partnering up with J. Crew promoting their Ludlow suit. Neistat has managed to find a business model that works for him and is tolerable for the viewer, because he takes them on a journey filled with global travel, clever cuts and camera angles, synced to fun and energetic music and keeps it raw. No doubt Neistat ultimately strives to be the king of cool, showing off his skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing talents all in one video (Oh and he rides a motorcycle, too), but also shows hints of an awkward side, getting stuck between the doors of an elevator and tinkering with the engine of a motorcycle. Neistat has a more »

  • The Inside Story of Baseball’s Grand World Tour of 1914 [Link]

    The 2014 Major League Baseball season opened over the weekend with a two-game series between the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks in Sydney, Australia. This wasn’t the first time baseball went international, though. Beginning in October of 1913, the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox embarked on a five month world tour, beginning in Japan and ending in England with many stops in between.

  • The Gruesome Grimaces Of The Sour Face Challenge [22 Photos]

    Earlier this month at The Photography Show, a convention for amateur and professional photographers and retailers in Birmingham, England, G-Technology Europe sponsored a stand where photographer Tom Barnes captured participants as they sucked on a sour candy. The collection presents a wide assortment of reactions, from those who look like their faces are imploding to those doing their best not to make any out of the ordinary expression. Many more photos of sourpusses from the convention can be found at the G-Technology Europe Facebook page and more of Tom Barnes’ work can be found on his Facebook page.

  • Jack Daniels Plays with Fire

    It was inevitable. Fireball was a great idea while it lasted, but in the whiskey game something as game changing, yet easily copied will eventually lead to the heavy hitters stepping in and creating their own version of it. Jack Daniels, the biggest of players in the whiskey game has created Tennessee Fire a  70-proof liqueur perfect for taking shots and for stepping on toes of smaller cinnamon infused whiskey distillers. available April 2014.

  • Kate Upton at 18 Years Old [Photos]

    Before she was floating in Zero G Kate Upton was a model trying to make it in the game. Kate looks pretty much unchanged since the days of this test shot, which is dated June 2010 and bears an “IMG” scribble, likely referring to the modeling agency that took Upton in.

  • The 10 Most Dangerously Incredible Roads in the World

    Some of the most beautiful visuals in the world would not exist if it weren’t for the sacrifice man has made out of neccecity to get from point A to point B. A quick route through a mountain created by decades of construction and engineering marvel could lead to some of the most stunning views this world has ever scene. But these roads are just as spectacular as they are dangerous. Mud slides, treacherous terrain and falling cars are some of the challenges you’ll have to endure when traveling to these dangerously incredible roads.

  • Evolution Of Famous Logos [Infographic]

    Track the evolution of some of the most recognizable brand logos of the last century with this infographic. Sure the simple, dignified minimalism ever-present with today’s logos is better than some of the busy of the 40s, but the Microsoft should have stuck with their 1981 logo. The font looks like something off an old videogame, maybe “Micrsoft: Clippy’s Voyage” for the Atari 2600. The rundown of the worst logos at the bottom is pretty entertaining, too. What were you thinking, Kidsexchange??

  • The Most Expressive Dog Portraits You’ll Ever See [17 Photos]

    Germany-based photographer Elke Vogelsang mostly shoots straightforward, serious portraits of people and pets, but in her spare time she likes to capture her own dogs at their most absurd moments. These photos feature Vogelsang’s three rescue dogs Noodles, Loli, and Scout. Noodles and Scout are beautiful Galgo Español mixes and Loli is a true mutt, but all three make for incredible models. Check out more of Elke Vogelsang’s portrait work at her Facebook page.

  • Pepsi Ad Pranks London Commuters With Crazy VFX [Video]

    Pepsi Max UK has released the latest ad in their “Unbelievable” campaign and it is, well, unbelievable. A London bus stop gives waiting commuters a look into an alternate reality where monsters and UFO are commonplace. Cameras outside the bus shelter capture passers-by and places them into all sorts of sci-fi scenes with real-time visual effects. Seeing this before your morning commute may even do a better job at waking you up than drinking the highly caffeinated soft drink.

  • Creative Illustrations of James Harden’s Beard

      In an experiment to sharpen creativity, artist Filip Peraić created ‘James Harden Illustrated’ a series of creative renditions focusing on James Harden’s iconic beard and side profile. The series was made to enlighten and enhance the creative process invoking viewers to see a simple profile of an iconic athlete in a completely new light. Peraić also has some fun with the series illustration Harden as a Greek philosopher in one piece and replaces his beard with a whale in another.

  • This Crazy Kate Upton and RSVLTS Moment Happened On Friday…

    A few weeks back, at the height Kate Upton’s zero gravity viral-ness, we put our stellar photoshop skills to work in hopes of piggybacking on the phenomenon. The idea was simple, use photos from our own zero gravity shoot with our friends from the Elvis Duran Morning Show and superimpose Anthony, Carla and Josh photobombing Kate Upton.

  • What Would Perfectly Symmetrical Faces Look Like? [10 Photos]

    New York City-based photographer Alex John Beck examines the idea that symmetrical faces are most beautiful in his series “Both Sides Of.” Using 10 models, Beck shows what their faces would look like if symmetrical from both original halves. The results are fairly attractive on some and downright hilariously ridiculous on others. It’s also interesting to note how vastly different the face shapes change based on the symmetry. For more great work from Alex John Beck, be sure to check out his portfolio.   

  • The Global Guide To Hand Gestures [Infographic]

    Plan on an international vacation any time soon? You might be wise to look at this infographic and learn what common hand gestures mean around the world. You wouldn’t want to find yourself in a pickle after a giving a thumbs up to some Latin American gentlemen. And the downward hand wave meaning “go away” in some countries and “come here” in others? That’s more confusing than flammable and inflammable! Source: Cheap Flights

  • How To Sneeze Properly [Link]

    Spring is officially here, although you wouldn’t know it with the cold temps many of us are still dealing with. Eventually, though, it will warm up and flora will bloom and everything will look nice and those of us with allergies will be sneezing incessantly. But what is the best method of sneezing? Dr. Julian W. Tang of the Alberta Provincial Laboratory for Public Health has researched the subject extensively and he has these tips to offer sneeze sufferers.

  • Tom Hanks’ Best Role Yet: Rap Superstar [Video]

    Rap geniuses Buckwheat Groats have teamed up with everyone’s favorite actor, Tom Hanks, for their newest video. Sort of. Well, they rap about Tom Hanks and they superimposed his face, so it’s almost looks like he’s making it rain in the club and drinking Hennessy. What about the lyrics? Well, any song that shouts out “Sleepless in Seattle” director Nora Ephron gets props from us. It’s just too bad that Tom’s own rapper son Chet Haze didn’t come up with the idea first. Maybe Chet can start a feud with Buckwheat Groats.

  • Win A Bud Light March Madness Mini Hoop Table [Giveaway + 5 Photos]

    Your bracket is set and there is a good chance it’s already busted, thanks Dayton!  Bud Light wants to make sure that one lucky RSVLTS reader is prepared for their Final Four party in the most epic way possible. They’re letting is give away the following Bud Might Mini Hoops table so you can challenge friends to various games that involve accurately tossing ping pong balls in 35 seconds or less for years to come.

  • Slurpee Gluttons Take Advantage Of Bring Your Own Cup Day At 7-Eleven [20 Photos]

    Yesterday 7-Eleven Canada marked the first day of spring by allowing diabetes-seekers to bring their own container and fill it up with Slurpee for $1.49. There were official rules, which we posted below, but there were plenty of gluttons who payed no mind and filled containers with ungodly amounts of the frozen nectar of the gods. It’s not the first time they’ve held the promotion, either, so it must not hurt business. But why would someone get so much? You can’t possibly drink it all in one sitting before it melts and you can’t refreeze it. Oh yeah, because humans are greedy, even when it comes to novelty frozen drinks. Who am I kidding? I’m just jealous I didn’t get to take part.

  • Bryan Cranston Was A Teen Heartthrob In 1985

    Before he was Heisenberg, Malcolm’s Dad, or Jerry Seinfeld’s dentist, Bryan Cranston starred in the ABC soap “Loving,” and if this 1985 issue of Teen Talk is to be believed, he was every teen girl’s dream. This photo spread features everyone’s favorite crystal meth cook in too-short shorts showing his playful side in New York City’s Central Park. Who knew he was a “jock of all trades?” Is this magazine still being published? They should do an updated spread with Bryan in the same outfit plus Heisenberg hat. What girl could resist?

  • 27 More Honest Company Slogans

    We are huge fans of Clif Dickens’ Honest Slogans and we know you are, too. Here’s the latest batch he’s created since we last featured them. Keep up with all the latest from Honest Slogans on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. What’s your favorite of the new batch?

  • 12 Terrifying Unused Gravity Poster Ideas

    British visual effects house Framestore not only worked on the vfx for “Gravity,” they also designed the poster. However, the poster that we all recognize was not the only one made up. Recently on the Framestore blog, they offered a peak at a dozen other “Gravity” posters that were not used,  probably for the better. Even if you’ve never seen the movie, which was plenty terrifying on its own, some of these posters are enough to make your heart race.

  • The Awesome Vehicles of James Bond [13 Photos]

    Beginning today, the London Film Museum will be exhibiting “Bond in Motion,” the largest official collection of James Bond vehicles. And it’s not just the classic cars from the films, all sorts of wacky flying vehicles and submarines are on display, too. For info on tickets, check out the London Film Museum. The exhibit will be running all year long, but if you’re not going to make it, here are some pictures to show you just what you’re missing out on. Is it weird that the Mercury Cougar is probably my favorite of these?

  • Drummer Plays Every Green Day Song In 5 Minutes [Video]

    Drummer Kye Smith wanted to pay homage to Green Day for getting him into music and drumming when he was young, so he created a medley of all of their songs. Then he played along on the drums. That’s over 90 songs in 5 minutes. If nothing else, this video will remind you how great the first 4 Green Day albums were. Time to fire up Spotify…

  • 2 Refreshing Drinks You Need To Order This Spring (RSVLTS Drink Infographic)

    Spring reminds us of the beginning of baseball, the end of winter hibernation, people actually smiling, women walking around Manhattan without bras on, but most importantly; Day Drinking. Next time you’re at an out door happy hour spot, drinking on a weekend day, or hell, at your job, concoct one of these guys. It’s a drink you’ve heard of, but probably haven’t the slightest idea whats in it. The Tom Collins isn’t just for the country club anymore. Also try his hybrid freak of deliciousness “The Arnold Collins.”

  • Leanna Decker’s NBA Madness Is Better In GIF Form [31 GIFS]

    For the second issue of RSVLTS Magazine we brought the lovely and wildly popular Leanna Decker to RSVLTS temporary headquarters in New York City for an NBA themed photoshoot. While the shoot was going on we were also rolling video in anticipation of this day where we could release it to the world in beautiful GIF form. Back in December 2013 we proved that Lenna Decker is Better In GIF Form (see the previous 39 GIFS here) and today we have done our damnedest to reinforce this notion once again.

  • These 20 Stereotype Maps Are Funny And Sad At The Same Time

    At first these maps may appear to be lighthearted jabs at stereotypes, but, especially in the increasingly hostile environment worldwide, it’s actually a sobering look at many geopolitical issues facing the world. These maps could actually be fairly effective teaching aids in social studies classes. This is just a small sample of them, too. For all the maps and to order prints, check out Mapping Stereotypes.

  • How to Fund Your Band’s Tour On Spotify (Without Really Trying) [Link]

    Certain big-name musicians like Thom Yorke and David Byrne have openly criticized Spotify for being detrimental to small bands with its minuscule payouts. Plus, they said, there was no way for small bands to get promoted. Well it turns out those guys are just old and out of touch. Michigan-based funk band Vulfpeck has already made $5000 off the streaming service with their new album that’s 12 tracks of complete silence. And best of all, Spotify is applauding them for their ingenuity and rewarding them with more press than they could ever hope for. Find out what they did and maybe come up with an idea of your own. What’s wrong, David Byrne, you jelly?