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This Avengers/Oz Mashup Needs To Happen

Now that Disney and Sony have decided on terms that will see Spider-Man enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe, maybe the House of Mouse can play nice with MGM and get the Wizard of Oz characters, too, because let’s face it, if they continue putting out 50 billion Marvel movies per…


The Bizarre Syphilis Awareness Posters of the 1930s

New Deal-era America was home to many patriotic artists answering Uncle Sam’s (and President Roosevelt’s) call to use their talents to help their fellow citizens. It was also home to an inordinate amount of syphilitic vagabonds. The Works Progress Administration put these artists to work creating brilliantly bizarre posters warning…


Deep Fried Big Mac? *Sigh* Yes, Please

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this. This moment being the creation of the deep fried big mac. And some people being girthsome state-fair-goers and me, apparently. Seriously, though, who could resist something so awful yet undoubtedly delicious? In an age where the FDA has picked up…


Pappy Van Winkle Maple Syrup Is Coming

Pappy Van Winkle has already conquered the bourbon world with it’s ultra-rare and much sought-after Family Reserve bourbon, so what’s next? Maple syrup, of course! Don’t laugh, there are plenty of people who take their maple syrup seriously, and we’re not just talking Canadians. Pappy & Company Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple…