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  • The Card Ninja: Making A Silly Talent Look Cool [Video]

    Apparently Pepsi Max is an unbelievable beverage because it’s high on sweetness and low on calories. Real mind-blowing stuff, right? Pepsi UK went out in search of equally unbelievable and extreme people and found a guy who can throw cards quickly and accurately. Unimpressed? Watch this video of Javier Jarquin, the Card Ninja, and maybe you’ll change your mind. He actually makes his totally inane talent look pretty neat. Just imagine if he had those razor edged cards you can buy from the weird, old, hairy dude in the far corner of the flea market who has a locked glass case full of watches with smashed faces…the Card Ninja would be unstoppable! Until he ran out of cards, I guess.

  • The Evolution of the Warner Bros Logo

    Any self proclaimed movie buff knows that major studio logos have always kept a basic brand identity through the years. Paramount mountains, Universal globe and the WB shield to name a few, but have almost always kept a general brand identity. Designer Christian Annyas has compiled a great collection that shows the evolution of the Warner Bros. logo over the past 90 years. “During 90 years the Warner Bros. shield has undergone a series of refinements. Three variations reflect transitions in ownership (Warner Bros.-Seven Arts in 1967, Kinney in 1969 and Warner Communications Inc. in 1972). In 1984 Warner Bros. returned to the shield set over a background of clouds. The corporate names below the shield have changed over the years, but the logo has been a shield ever since.” View the entire collection at Christian Annyas’ site here.

  • ABCDEFGeek: Alphabet For Geeks

    Comic book writer and artist Otis Frampton recently completed his first “ABCDEFGeek” series where he creates a nerdgasmic scene for each letter of the alphabet. The first volume has proven so popular that he has started work on a second collection and he will add a new letter every Wednesday. Keep up with his latest work and order prints of your favorites at Otis Frampton. 

  • Fallon Watch: LeBron Shows Jimmy up at Office Wastepaper Basketball

    Jimmy and LeBron James make a rap video ’80s style about office wastepaper basketball. The video is cute, because it’s filmed ’80s style and it shows LeBron dunking a piece of paper, which is funny, because LeBron usually dunks a basketball, not a piece of paper, get it? But as I sit here deciphering the motive behind it all, I find myself asking “but why? What does it all mean?”.

  • If These Celebrities Had Tattoos [31 Photos]

    Who knew Photoshopping tattoos onto celebrities could be so entertaining? Apparently Seattle-based artist Cheyenne Randall, who created these, was well aware of that fact. Also, I think Marilyn Monroe just became my new favorite suicide girl. I mean because she’s hot and has tattoos. Not because of that, um, suicide thing. Anywho, for lots more shopped goodness, head over to Shopped Tattoos.

  • Rural Robotica: Sci-Fi Outside City Limits [20 Photos]

    We’re all familiar with representations of dystopian cities ravaged by futurific robot wars, but Stockholm, Sweden-based artist Simon Stalenhag takes a different approach with his art. Instead of robot despots standing atop the rubble of razed skyscrapers, we see everyman rural folks continuing their lives the best they can…with robots. The result is calming, serene images that still have an uncomfortable coldness about them and not just because many feature a snow-laden Sweden. 

  • A New Era in Skateboarding: Nike SB x Jordan I

    The Joran brand has always been synonymous street culture. So it’s only fitting that when multimedia artist Craig Stecyk was sanctioned to design the first sneaker of a new era. A tribal signature on the back heel paying homage to his Northwest Passage gallery. The inscription notes “AJ One SB” in the same typeface Stecyk used in a leading 1982 skateboarding magazine in 1982. The original shoe, made for basketball offers perfect support for the skate community, which is why the retro 1’s resonate so well with skaters. The supportive ankle height and Nike Air cushioning of the Air Jordan I, the very things applied to help Jordan hit terra firma with immunity, were perfect for vert’s needs. Decades in the making, the Nike SB x Air Jordan I designed by Craig Stecyk will be available in limited quantities at select Nike SB and Jordan retailers and nike.com beginning March 15.

  • UK Spies Used Yahoo Webcams to Spy on You: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know [Link]

    You might want to be careful if you are engaging in long-distance romantic rendezvous via Yahoo! webchats. It has now come to light that Britain’s spy agency, GCHQ, with help from the NSA, spied on Yahoo! users and captured webcam stills from chats between 2008 and 2012. Many of the stockpiled photos were of a sexual nature, because if there is one thing religious fundamentalist terrorists are known for, it’s their uninhibited attitudes towards sex. Isn’t freedom grand?

  • A Look Inside The “Super Top Secret” SLC Office

    Creative-anti-agency, Super Top Secret has worked with some of the most sought after brands in the agency realm, and they did it, not by buttoning up, shining their shoes and putting on a show for a client, but by being themselves, an “Independent Misfit Back-Alley Advertising Crew” out of Salt Lake City. Their walls, lined with skate decks and snowboards of interesting and inspiring design. The perfect canvas for an ‘agency with a skate park in the back’ or probably the way they see it, ‘a skate park with a creative agency in the front’. That seems to be the entire mantra for STS, who’s main focus is on next-level marketing at the crossroads of video production, digital development and mobile innovation. With clients like Ubisoft, Rossignol, Gold’s Gym and University of Oregon Football, STS has nothing to prove to anyone. The intrigue of their agency brings about those high profile clients looking for an innovative agency to compliment their outside-the-box thinking that took their brands to the next level in the first place. They are who they are and they do things to the beat of their own drum (which I’m sure lies somewhere between the skate park and more »

  • Van Damme Zero Gravity Split [Video]

    We thought the Van Damme split meme was long dead. Well, long in Internet time, since the original Volvo commercial came out just a few months ago. But boy are we glad someone has been working on the ultimate swan song for one of the best memes in recent memory. Chinese filmmaker Linh Mai, who created the video, is currently raising money for his own sci-fi project on Kickstarter. I think it’s safe to say he’s got the necessary skills.

  • Yankees Spring Training 1961 [16 Photos]

    Spring training is here again, so we thought we’d share the best spring training photo shoot with you. In 1961, LIFE gave Yankee shortstop Tony Kubek a camera and assigned him the task of capturing his teammates during spring training. His teammates at the time included the legends Mickey Mantle, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, and Roger Maris. The amazing and fun photos were never published in the magazine. Thankfully, LIFE gave them new life (ha!) on their website a couple years ago. 

  • Ultra-sonic Sensored Subway Ad Uses Train to Trigger a Surprise

    Apotek, a pharmacy brand, took subway platform billboards in Stockholm, combined them with ultra-sonic sensors that used an oncoming train to trigger the ads interactive messaging. A beautiful girl remains all but still in the advert, until the sound and wind from an oncoming train sends her beautiful locks into a frenzy, creating a fun and unexpected surprise, leaving onlookers talking about and sharing the unique ad. Apotek Hjärtat – Blowing in The Wind from Ourwork on Vimeo.

  • Star Wars Trilogy Retold Using Icons

    I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. In fact, I probably haven’t watched the original trilogy in over 15 years. But I’ve got to say, using just simple pictures and no words whatsoever, artist Wayne Dorrington was able to perfectly illustrate the films in his “iconoscope” style. I’m amazed I was able to follow these completely and now I really want to watch them again. Oh, and just in case you missed out on the last 30 years, spoiler alert!

  • 1940s America In Color: 30 HQ Photos From The Office Of War Information

    Between 1939 and 1944, around 1600 color photographs were collected by the U.S. Government’s farm Security Administration and Office of War Information. The pictures focused on rural areas and farm labor around the nation, including Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, along with World War II mobilization. The following photos focus on factory workers during that period.

  • Inside Alaska’s Creepy Abandoned Buckner Building [20 Photos]

    Whittier, Alaska, with a population of 182, is home to what was once Alaska’s largest building, the Buckner Building. In 1964, a 9.2 earthquake badly damaged the building and for 50 years it has sat empty and abandoned. Whereas most cities would demolish such a building, Whittier is only accessible by water, a small airstrip where 2 single-engine aircraft are based, or a tunnel that has shared traffic between east and westbound traffic and the Alaska railroad. The fact that the government was able to construct the Buckner Building is already incredible, so it’s best for the townspeople not to push their luck by asking for its removal. The Buckner Building is not the safest place, with a couple inches of water on the floor at all times, asbestos all around, and bears using it as a home in the spring, but that doesn’t stop explorers and vandals from visiting. A few months ago, a fence was erected around the facility, but how successful it will be at keeping people out remains to be seen. If anyone actually cared, you’d think it would be easy to figure out who, out of the 182 residents, is poking around and vandalizing. 

  • Keith Olbermann Reveals That Jason Collins Is Not The First Openly Gay Player In Major Sports

    Keith Olbermann pays tribute to the first openly gay player in one of the four major sports. And it’s not Jason Collins. Glenn Burke was the first openly gay athlete in one of America’s four major sports, breaking the barrier over 30 years before Jason Collins and yet the history books don’t remember the name Glenn Burke. Watch the fascinating story described by Olbermann and wait for the interesting twist at the end.

  • A New App To Help You Fight Parking Tickets

    Nothing ruins the memory of a good night out like waking up to find a sheet of paper slapped under your windshield wiper. First you’re outraged and ready to take on the man and then – in the words of Tyler Durden – you accept your fate. The bottom line is it’s a hassle to fight it and not worth your time, but with Fixed, it couldn’t be easier. Simply upload a picture of your parking ticket and the Fixed team will do the rest. You don’t pay to contest your ticket, and if you win they charge you just 25% of the fine (listen, it’s not like you were going to fight it anyway).

  • Blood On The Tracks: Insane Board Track Racing Of The Early 1900s [27 Photos]

    Board track racing, one of the most popular sports of the early 20th century, was also one of the most violent sports ever attempted. With the introduction of the 1.75 horsepower Indian in 1901 followed by Harley Davidson in 1903, it’s only natural that folks wanted to race each other. Large oval tracks comprised of wooden planks were built for the sole purpose of racing and to make things interesting, turns were often banked at over 45 or even 50 degrees, allowing for incredible speed. Crowds flocked to the races to see brave (or stupid) motorcyclists zip around at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour while wearing little more than a leather helmet and goggles. Oh yeah, and they had no brakes, so fatal crashes were quite common, with many of the big names in the sport dying on the track. Onlookers weren’t too safe, either, with an accident in Atlantic City in 1912 that claimed the lives of 4 spectators and injured 10 others. Amazingly enough, it wasn’t the fact that racers and fans were constantly being killed that led to the end of the sport, but rather the Great Depression made it impossible to keep up with the more »

  • The Alexander Hamilton vs Aaron Burr Duel, Part Two

    Dana O’Keefe’s finely-crafted short film blends 18th Century concerns, 21st Century technology and a soundtrack reminiscent of the 1970s. Aaron Burr, Part 2 tells the story of the infamous bloody duel between the Vice President of the United States and the former Secretary of the Treasury. “AARON BURR, PART 2 is a contemporary re-imagining of the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. The film explores the idea of history as a contested narrative. Also, it is a comedy.” Aaron Burr, Part 2 from Dana O'Keefe on Vimeo.

  • When Hipster Logos Go Corporate

    Cornett, a Kentucky ad agency decided to take the style of small brand logos and transform them into a more corporate style branding. Interesting to see companies like Dollar Shave Club with a Gillete style branding or Urban Outfitters with an Urban Outfitters branding.

  • 10 Greatest Moments of Derek Jeter’s Incredible Career

    Truly, there are few pinstripe clad baseball players that trump Derek Jeter. Entering the Big Leagues when Gangsta’s Paradise by Coolio was the toast of the music world, Jeter quickly saw an elevation to equal—and much longer lasting—fame. Now, in 2014—nineteen years removed from his MLB debut—Jeter has decided to hit the ole dusty trail come this fall. Yankee fans will be awash in nostalgia when the Captain’s final season comes to pass. As such, we decided to countdown the best moments from Jeter’s career.

  • 74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza [Link]

    The eggheads over at NPR’s Planet Money used the prices of 74,476 pizzas from 3,678 different restaurants around the country to see how much the prices changed with the pizza size. They constructed a handy interactive graph that illustrates just how much you save by going with the larger size. The results may surprise. That 20″ pie for $20? On average you’d have to spend $51 on 8″ pies to get the same amount of food. Now you don’t have to feel so bad for always ordering the biggest pizza, fatso!

  • Fallon has a Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd

    Jimmy Fallon had a Lip Sync Battle with Paul Rudd last night and it was nothing shy of epic. Rudd begins the battle with an on point rendition of Tina Turner’s “You better be good to me” and the fun begins with that. Fallon has been pulling out all the stops, having a top tier list of guests on the show ensuring a quality of show to set a standard for the future of The Tonight Show.

  • Postmodern Jukebox Jazzes Up “Careless Whisper” [Video]

    Postmodern Jukebox, the YouTube sensation made up of jazz musicians who turn banal pop garbage into fun jazz masterpieces, tackles Wham’s “Careless Whisper” in their latest video. Don’t worry, the famous saxophone part, probably the only good thing about the original, remains largely intact. Actually, the sax part is improved thanks to a nod to Dave Brubeck’s classic “Take Five.” They really do a fantastic job with every song they cover, and if you’d like to help the group out, consider becoming a patron on their Patreon page.

  • The Not So Distant Future of Cars Will Be More about Luxury and Turtlenecks than Driving

    Swiss automotive innovation company Rinspeed is about to release final specs and showings for it’s Tesla based “XchangE” a fully autonomous car that is well within reason to be mass produced in a decade’s time. The XchangE has developed, with the help a prostetic engineering firm, a joint that enables the seats to swivel and recline their way into 20 different positions without compromising safety integrity. Another interesting feature is the steering wheel, a ultra cool microsuede wheel, with gear shifters to toggle right on the wheel. The computer detects when you are and aren’t using the wheel so it can move to the center console, freeing up your legroom, because luxury. Also turtlenecks are required everywhere in the future.

  • J&B Tattoos Their Whiskey Bottles [12 Photos]

    Blended scotch whisky producer J&B has been around for about 150 years, which just so happens to coincide with the arrival of tattoos in Great Britain. Royal Navy sailors would get tattooed in foreign lands and soon enough the fashion caught on back home, with Prince Bertie, who would become Edward VII, getting inked for the first time in 1862. J&B decided to celebrate the art of tattooing with the production of 25 tattooed bottles. These bottles aren’t just wrapped with some lame Ed Hardy sticker, though. Each bottle is covered with a latex skin, the same material used to practice tattooing, then a real tattoo is applied by Sébastien Mathieu, owner of Le Sphinx, a private tattoo room in Paris. Each bottle took about 20 hours to complete. Unfortunately, the bottles are all for sale in France. Oh well, at least we have these pictures and a making of video to look at.

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