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Iconic Works Of Art Saved From Evil Gluten

Thanks to the teachings of amateur nutritionist bloggers, who are untainted by scientific gobbledygook like “proof” and “education,” we now know that gluten is a horrible poison that is the cause of our laziness, depression, and obesity. And with our newfound knowledge, we can now fight back against those fat…


New Movies Get The Classic VHS Treatment

Some of you younger folks may not remember this, but before Blu-ray and DVD, we had to watch movies on big bulky VHS tapes. We would rent them from Blockbuster and if we didn’t rewind them before returning, we’d have to pay extra. The resolution was terrible, skipping from scene…

Boston Marathon Survivors

Touching Portraits Of Boston Marathon Survivors Returning To The Finish Line To Share Messages Of Healing And Hope To The World

As the two-year anniversary of the bombing at the Boston Marathon approaches, photographer Robert X. Fogarty, known for his message-on-skin portrait project called “Dear World,” asked marathon survivors, first responders and supporters to return to the finish line. Photo by Robert X. Fogarty as part of his “Dear World” portrait project He captured…