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  • 4th of July, Then and Now (Infographic)

    This summer, the United States celebrates a big birthday – 237! To commemorate this milestone, CheapOair has put together an Infographic that brings us back to colonial times, and gives us a little deeper dive into the logistics of Independence Day. We took an in-depth look at population trends, first and foremost. Since the signing of the Declaration of Independence the United States has seen a population increase of 12,548%! That’s over 52% per year. Ever wonder how long it would take to get to our top destinations in 1776? The predominant mode of transportation back in the day was horse and buggy. At an average speed of 8-10 miles per hour, a 3 hour flight from NYC to Fort Lauderdale turns into an excruciating 13 days. Forget about that 5 hour flight to Vegas – you’d be in that buggy for 26 days! Almost a month! Let’s not forget about price, though. An average ticket to San Francisco today will set you back about $500. However, in 1776, you’d be spending a mere $17.25. Can you really put a price on convenience, though? Well maybe you can. In 2012, over $200 million worth of fireworks were imported from China more »

  • Can You Unfriend This Person? [Flowchart]

    Unfriending someone on Facebook can be pretty offensive but sometimes it is totally necessary. CollegeHumor created this handy dandy flowchart to show you how to decided if it’s time to defriend that person who blowing up your feed. 

  • Colorizing History [43 Photos]

    When looking back at history we only have a view of how things were in black and white, until now. In the age of graphic design many savvy photoshoppers are now going through the archives of history and colorizing photos to give us an idea of what things really looked like. The following collection in fascinating but please keep in mind that many of these photos depict scenes of war and they could be considered a bit graphic but that is part of history so view at your own discretion.

  • Nike’s Kevin Durant KD VI Shoe is About to Invade Street Ball Courts Everywhere

    KD VI, Kevin Durant’s sixth signature shoe. Designed for Durant’s evolved style of play, the shoe’s striking silhouette combines with technical innovations to complement Durant’s controlled footwork. Prepare for every little twerp at the park to have a pair of these on just in time for summer. Braking your ankles left and right, dribbling circles around you, then through your legs, but your too winded to care. It’s all good, my Fila Grant Hill 2′s have survived this long, I don’t need new shoes to make me feel younger. I need my youth back to make me feel younger. I digress, The KD VI is a simple, lighter than lightweight shoe designed out of simplicity with thoughts of a modern wristwatch in mind. “When Kevin and I first discussed his sixth shoe we wanted to create a simplified design that was bold, beautiful and told a story,” said Leo Chang, Nike Basketball Footwear Design Director. The first colorway derives from that of Durant’s home town Seat Pleasant Activity Center, his home away from home. The rec center’s trademark teal and yellow colors were the inspiration for the release of the shoe.  

  • A 3 Hour Helicopter Journey Through New Zealand With A EPIC RED

    For all you regular Joes out there who aren’t filming big budget Hollywood movies let us break it down. The EPIC RED is by far the best high definition camera on the market. Videographer Mark Toia took an EPIC RED to Southern New Zealand, strapped it to a helicopter and shot this beautiful video in under three hours.

  • The Most Dangerous Job in The World Will Have You On The Edge of Your Seat

    If you’re afraid of heights in any way, this video is definitely not for you. The job of a radio antenna technician is scarier than you think. Mostly because its a free climb. That’s right, because of the strenuous climb, OSHA rules allow for this, which means it’s actually safer for the climber to climb freely, rather than stop every few feet and readjust his harness. The climb is 1768 feet up. That’s higher than the Empire State Building and as you’ll see in the video, as the heights climb the method of climbing gets more dangerous. My hands are still sweaty.

  • Iconostory: Minimal Illustrations of Key Events in History [18 Photos]

    René Mambembé is a graphic design from Nantes, France and a big fan of RSVLTS.com. Thanks Google Translate! As an Information designer, René made it a personal challenge  to sum up key events in global history into minimal illustrations and icons. The results is Iconostory. We cherry picked a few of our favorite’s but you can view them all on the Iconostory Behance page.

  • Training for a Spartan Race with Perforomology and Jordan Burroughs

    The Spartan Race is a 3-5 mile sprint with unexpected obstacles terrain you can’t control. These all-terrain mud races have become the newest form of full body, endurance driven, mental challenges and in this Perforomology video series presented by Gillette Clear Gel, Jordan Burroughs teaches us how to train for a race that will have you bending, stretching, running and lifting… in mud.

  • New Meme Alert: Hernandezing [24 Photos]

    Ever since Aaron Hernandez walked out of his home with his arms handcuffed behind his back and a white t-shirt on a Meme has taken the web by storm. It’s called “Hernandezing” and everyone is doing it.

  • Bailey Nortje and Erin Blows Will Cure Your Winter Blues (If You Live In The Southern Hemisphere)

    You first met Bailey Nortje back in October 2012 when she was featured in Sports Illustrated South Africa’s 2012 Swimsuit issue. Now she is back alongside British newcomer Erin Blows for the latest issue of Men’s Health South Africa. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere these girls will certainly have you forgetting that it is the start of winter.

  • People Travel From All Over The Globe To See The Sunset In Santorini, Greece [35 HQ Photos]

    Oia, Santorini is a small Greek island in the middle, lower part of the Aegean Sea that offers one of the best sunsets in the world. People actually travel from all over the globe to wach the sunset each night from the famous “Captain’s House” at the top of the mountain which offers 360 degree views of everyone below. If you have a travel bucket list Santorini island shoudl be right up at the top.

  • 100 Years of Change: 1913 – 2013 (infographic)

    People are constantly comparing today with the days of old. How much things used to cost. How much simpler everything was back then. Walking 10 miles in the snow, over a mountain to get to school was the norm. But what would it really be like to live back in the early 1900’s? MoneyChoice.org has created an informative infographic detailing life back in 1913 compared to today, showing 100 years of change.

  • Adidas Springblade

    Running will never… look the same. A shoe six years in the making and is suppose to deliver one of the highest energy returns to your body, in turn making you jump 30 feet in the air. But seriously, the shoe was tested on springboards and pole vaults among running and got better reception than any sneaker on the market. Adidas standard EVA midsoles are known to give support vertically, springblade features 16 forward angled blades made out of a high-tech polymer. The highly elastic blades instantaneously react to any environment, first compressing, then releasing energy giving you the feeling of (you guessed it) springs. Thinking of another company that made millions of a smililar product? Yeah, why not try it out as long as you’re not a cornerback. Available August 1st $180.

  • Become a Champion of Facial Hair

    ­ So this week we’re partnering up with Smiley360 and Just For Men Mustache and Beard for a chance to win some sweet products. Join today and you could immediately qualify to receive sweet facial hair grooming products and the Grand prize is a trip for you and a friend to the Just for Men National Mustache & Beard Championship in New Orleans on Sept. 6-7 and also a GoPro Camera. Five runner up prizes will receive GoPro Cameras.

  • The Counsellor (Trailer)

    Ok, we’ll be honest. We’ve played this video a few times now and still have no idea what it’s about. Friendship? murder? Cheetahs? It doesn’t matter. The cast includes Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz and Javier Bardem. Not enough? The screenplay is written by Cormac McCarthy and Directed by Ridley Scott. Still not enough? Our office rumor mill thinks it’s the pre-prequel to Aliens or the Sequel to Gladiator. Our office rumor mill has some imagination.  

  • Snowboarder Shaun White’s Band “Bad Things” Is Actually Pretty Good

    Olympic snowboarder Shaun White has launched a second career as the lead guitarist for a new rock band named Bad Things who have just been signed to Warner Bros. Records and will be putting out their debut album later this year. Bad Things have a song “Caught Inside” on SoundCloud which has a dreamy ’60s California vibe similar to Vacationer.

  • Actors Breaking Character for a Good Laugh (15 Photos)

    You won’t catch Daniel Day Lewis in this batch of lively actors taking a break from their stoic roles to have a chuckle with their supporting cast. We look at these people immersed in the characters they play and our minds forget once the camera stops rolling they’re not arch rivals or evil villans. Here we take a look at some of the most iconic movies and their (out of) characters. From Bane and Batman having a gas to Caesar and Maximus hysterical in the Colosseum, it’s good to see these stars not taking themselves too seriously.

  • Paris Like You’ve Never Seen It Before [Timelapse Video]

    Paris is often called “La Ville-Lumière”or the “The City of Light,” a name it owes first to its fame as a center of education and ideas during the Age of Enlightenment, and later to its early adoption of street lighting. A Russian videographer named Kirill Neiezhmakov produced this incredible timelapse that gives us a tour of Paris like we’ve never seen it before. There are few cities in the world more impressive looking than Paris at night so once you’re done with the video check out Paris at Night [40 High Quality Photos].

  • U.S. Map of True Land Name Origins

    The Atlas of True Names reveals the etymological roots, or original meanings, of the familiar terms on today’s maps of the United States. Each state has true meaning derived from certain cultures and languages. The map is part of a growing collection that now covers the World, Europe, the British Isles and Canada. The maps open up a whole new meaning to the names of the places familiar with, but otherwise thought they were just letters slapped together. The US version includes 535 ‘true’ names and an index view on the reverse side which includes additional details about the origins of each name.

  • Red Bull 400: An Insiders Look At The Toughest 400 Meters In The World

    The Red Bull 400 could very well be the most difficult sprint in the world. This year 300 male and female contestants met at a ski-jump slope in Planica, Slovenia for a 400-meter vertical sprint that pushed their muscles to the absolute limit, in an attempt to reach the top first. It is basically the complete opposite of the Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling race. The sprint took a grueling seven minutes to complete and Planica offered the steepest slope in the race’s history.

  • 17 Hilarious Beard Enthusiast Poster Quotes

    Beard men. Liberated. Free from the contraints society has thrust upon the male gender. Bearded guys are a different breed, they look at smooth faced conformists with distain as well they should. They haven’t succumb to the pressure of their bosses, girlfriends or parents at holiday dinners. And I’ll tell you this, my friends, no matter what a clean shaven guy says, he always has a little bit of beard envy every time he walks past a beard of good stock. BeardedGospelMen.net have created this series of quote posters for all who know and appreciate serious facial hair.


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