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  • Breaking Bad Facebook Lookback Video

    Take a break from watching Facebook look back videos of your friends who travel to exotic places or have happy families and watch this spoof featuring Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Watch as the entire critically acclaimed drama is summed up in a silly video. The use of “LOL” and “YOLO” really change the attitude of the show.

  • 8 Wheeled Cadillac Eldorado With Hot Tub and Barbecue Up For Auction

    Have you always wanted a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado but the vehicle’s lack of hot tub and barbecue kept you from every taking the plunge? Well you’re not going to believe this, but I’ve found the Caddy for you. Originally built for promotional purposes, this stretched 77 Eldorado features front and rear tandem axles with 4 wheel steering. But who cares about that mechanical stuff, right? There’s also a hot tub, barbecue, strobe lighting, TV, CCTV camera, reverse sensors and much more. Put in your bid today at Shannon’s then come give us a ride for tipping you off.

  • Mike Judge Returns To TV With Silicon Valley [Video]

    Mike Judge, the comedic genius behind “Beavis and Butthead,” “King of the Hill,” “Office Space,” and “Idiocracy,” is returning to TV with the HBO comedy “Silicon Valley.” The premise, involving a bunch of computer nerds with brilliant ideas but no social skills to sell themselves, is hardly new territory, but Judge’s take is sure to be refreshing and quite vulgar. The show doesn’t premier until April 6, but HBO has been kind enough to leak this teaser trailer and it looks hilarious. It can’t be any worse than “The Good Family,” right? Remember that? Of course you don’t.

  • Just How Big is Google? Huge. Google is Huge. [Video]

    With Google acquiring more and more tech companies, their presence is becoming ever more ubiquitous. With their current forays into artificial intelligence and robotics, are we getting closer to a Terminator-esque Skynet situation? Probably not. But this video presents the facts about Google’s many business acquisitions and the reasons behind them without falling into David Icke “lizard people” territory. There may be many questions as to the tech giant’s ultimate goal, but one thing is for certain: Google is huge.

  • Norwegian Snowboarder Silje Norendal Heats Up Sochi [20 Photos]

    Norway’s Silje Norendal may not have placed in the ladies’ slopestyle at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but she did win a place in our hearts. Silje received her first snowboard at the age of 4 and made her tournament debut in 2007 at the age of 14. She most recently won gold at the 2013 Winter X Games in Aspen. We look forward to seeing her compete again! Keep up with Silje Norendal on Facebook and Instagram.

  • The Surreal Photography Of Erik Johansson [18 Photos]

    Berlin-based photographer and retoucher Erik Johansson creates these surreal photographs using hundreds of layers that he composites into incredible dreamlike imagery. To create his photo illusions, he first sketches and plans out the imagery required. Then he shoots all the different images needed, never relying on stock photography. Finally, he combines the different photographs like a puzzle which can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Johansson is self-taught in photography and retouching and his amazing ability has led him to speak at TED conferences and at the 2013 Adobe MAX Conference. Check out more of his work at Erik Johansson Photography. 

  • Why It’s So Hard to Measure Online Readership [Link]

    Remember when all it took to impress people about how many visitors your website received was a counter at the bottom of your GeoCities page? In these days of analytics, your total amount of visitors means bupkis. Find out the difference between all the current metrics, such as uniques, page views, time spent, and shares and mentions and the pros and cons of each along with ways they are manipulated. I propose that we RSVLTS add a broken counter GIF to the bottom of our homepage. Then people will know we get a lot of visitors and we’re super popular.

  • Heavy Metal Performance Ends With Broken String…On A Piano [Video]

    Classically-trained Ukrainian pianist Viktoriya Yermolyeva has made a name for herself on YouTube as “vkgoeswild” for her incredible renditions of popular rock and heavy metal songs performed on the piano. Recently she was featured on the ultimate heavy metal cruise experience, “70,000 Tons of Metal”-a 5-day festival on a cruises ship in the Caribbean. While performing her version of the Black Sabbath classic “War Pigs” live for the very first time, Yermolyeva’s dynamic playing resulted in a broken string on the piano and a bruised finger on the pianist. Watch more of her amazingly talented videos on her YouTube channel “vkgoeswild.”

  • The Greatest Day Of Luke Perry’s Life [21 Photos]

    “Beverly Hills 90210″ star Luke Perry, who can currently be seen in reruns of “Beverly Hills 90210,” granted his aged fans the opportunity of a lifetime by posing with them in photographs at DragonCon. What was Luke Perry doing at a sci-fi/fantasy convention, you ask? Undoubtedly promoting his role in 1992’s original “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” film. Perhaps someone needs to tell him that he no longer has to play the part of brooding Dylan McKay. I bet Ian Ziering would have been ecstatic to get that kind of attention.

  • NASA Satellite Captures Sochi Olympics and Past Historic Olympic Sites From Space

    The Olympics are being held in the hottest location for a Winter series ever. The sub-tropical land of Sochi is averaging out at about 50 degrees (F) making conditions interesting for competitors. NASA has unveiled two amazing photos of the games… FROM SPACE! The first acquired Jan. 4, 2014, by the Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer (ASTER) instrument on NASA’s Terra spacecraft. The Olympic Park Coastal Cluster for indoor sports is spread out in a circular area on the shoreline in the center of the image above. Among that is a series of arenas for hockey and skating as well as a separate arena for curling. While Sochi the city is populated by around 400,000 people, it’s not visible in the image. The Second photo centers on the Rosa Khutar ski resort in the mountains near Sochi, where the alpine Olympic events will be held. The resort sits in the valley at the center of the image, where ski runs are visible from shadowed slopes. Height is exaggerated 1.5 times to bring out topographic details. Here are images from past Winter Olympics also acquired by NASA 1. Vancouver, Canada 2010. Thematic Mapper on the Landsat 5 satellite captured more »

  • No, These Are Not Photographs. They Are Hyperrealistic Portraits

    Want to feel bad about your lack of artistic ability? Take a look at these hyperrealistic portraits from Madrid-based artist Eloy Morales. Using oil paints or pencil, Morales is able to produce works that look exactly like a high resolution photograph. Just in case you don’t believe it’s real, we’ve added some photos of the works in progress and some closeups where you can see the paint. His ability isn’t just limited to portraits, either. Be sure to check out Eloy Morales’ portfolio for his other hyperrealistic works, including his amazing landscapes. Now excuse me while I burn my paint by number Starry night then extinguish the flames with my tears.

  • Google Search Hacks that Will Change the Way You Internet

    The Google search may be looked at as the worm hole to the pinnacle of our civilization when the future looks back on our present. An entire world at our fingertips, it’s only a matter of time until the world Google replaces “search” in the dictionary. Most students would be completely lost without it, because it’s so embedded in their brains as being the most trustworthy informational search resource available. But you’re using it wrong. These quick Google search hacks are simple,but effective. To really optimize your search try these in your next Googleventre.

  • Live Your Life According to These Wise Yoda Quotes, You Should

    Inspired by watching Star Wars, Designer, Navdeep Raj created a series of typographical quotes inspired by the master Jedi himself. The wise Yoda gave Luke and Sam Jackson some sage advice during the acclaimed sci fi series and now his words can live on forever as your desktop wallpaper. Sorry “Hang in there cat”.

  • McDonald’s Puts An End To The McNugget “Pink Goop” Urban Legend

    McDonald’s has launched an award-winning transparency campaign called “Our Food. Your Questions” that aims to dispel the rumors and misinformation floating around about its production process. One such urban legend stems from a photo that has gone viral several times claiming that a pink, marshmellowy goop/slime is actually Chicken McNuggets during the production process. You’ve probably seen the disgusting photo pop up on your Facebook feed several times. The people asked the question and McDonald’s pulled back the curtain to answer it.

  • 35 Songs Added To “RSVLTS Alternative Essentials” Spotify Playlist – Follow It Now!

    Our on going “RSVLTS Alternative Essentials” Spotify playlist gives you all the freshest music well before anyone else. Our track record for breaking artists like Atlas Genius, Bastille, Captial Cities, Lorde, The 1975, and many others before their albums even dropped and went mainstream is well documented by the timestamp in the playlist. Check out today’s massive 35 songs update to the list. It includes music from heavy hitters like Haim, Young the Giant and Arcade Fire and music from artists you may not know yet like Gemini Club (see them in the photo above), Kevin Devine, Bad Suns, Bear Hands and many more.

  • A Visual History Of Beatlemania

    Fifty years ago The Beatles came to America. On Friday, February 7, 1964, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr arrived from the U.K. at the newly-named John F. Kennedy International Airport. With cameras flashing and reporters jostling, they were whisked into Manhattan amid the screams, shouts and tears of New York area teens, braving the cold for a mere glimpse of the band. Then, that Sunday, the veritable king of the television variety show, Ed Sullivan, introduced them to a captivated American audience of more than 73 million viewers—at the time a television record. And just like that Beatlemania was upon us.

  • Indian Luger Wipes Out Then Amazingly Recovers To Finish Run [LINK]

    Indian luge athlete Shiva Keshavan, whose insane training video showed him speeding down a busy highway, was both the unluckiest and luckiest Olympian Friday morning. During a training run, he flipped off his sled while going around a turn then managed to somehow flip back on it, all while speeding down the track at nearly 60 miles per hour. 

  • Be Prepared For Anything With The Survival Slingshot

    Slingshots aren’t just for young scamps with mussed hair to keep in the back pockets of their overalls. Not true outdoorsman is complete without one of these survival slingshots. It is configured for archery with a mounted whisker biscuit (get your mind out of the gutter, you dirty devil) to increase accuracy with arrows. The 25 pound pull band is perfectly suited for regular arrows. Need to do your slingshotting (that can’t possibly be correct) at night? Not a problem thanks to the one inch diameter flashlight mounted to the side. What are you waiting for? Get your Survival Slingshot today for $140 and you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

  • Ice Sledding In Russia at 96 MPH [Video]

    Anyone can sled down a snowy hill and it’s plenty of fun…if you’re a little baby. Now Russia has taken sledding to the next level by strapping the sled to a speeding car while the sledders try their best to not die. Between this and the Russian city climber we posted pictures of today, I think its time Russia has their own Olympics involving all their crazy sports that the rest of the world doesn’t have the balls (or lack of safety concerns) to engage in.

  • The Great Language Game [Links]

    Do you have a discerning ear when it comes to identifying languages? Find out by playing the Great Language Game. The game gives you an audio clip to listen to and two different languages to chose from. All you have to do is pick which one you hear. Easy, right? Although the game only includes 80 of the thousands of languages spoken on the planet, it’s still tougher than you’d think. To improve your skills, the game gives you a short lesson on the languages you failed to identify at the end. Good luck!

  • These Russian Daredevils Won’t Stop Until Someone Gets Hurt [25 Photos]

    Kirill Oreshkin and his friends engage in the extreme sport of city climbing. As the name implies, they climb up buildings, bridges, spires, what have you take photos that make lesser men, such as myself, sick to their stomachs. It’s amazing enough that these folks able to get to such insanely dangerous locations, but the fact that they then take a break to snap a few pictures to memorialize the occasion is simply mind blowing. Check out more of Kirill Oreshkin’s pictures on VK.

  • What If Game Of Thrones Characters Existed In The 80s & 90s [20 Photos]

    Tokyo-based creative graphic designer Mike Wrobel re-imagined the characters from the HBO hit series “Game of Thrones” as folks from the 80s and 90s. Jaime Lannister is looking pretty badass in his Miami Vice ensemble. Also, I’m positive I owned the shirt Tyrion Lannister is wearing when I was a kid. Probably in the same size, too. Get it? Because of his short stature. If you like what you see, you can purchase these and other Mike Wrobel pieces as prints, shirts, phone cases, etc. from his Society6 store. Also , check out more of Mike Wrobel’s work at Moshi Studio. 

  • Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: Part 6 [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel Live recently returned to one of the best bits on late night TV with a sixth installment of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.” Kimmel hopes that the segments will raise awareness of the pain caused by anonymous hating on celebrities in a public forum. You can really see the pain in the eyes of these helpless actors. The most hateful of the tweets comes from Kimmel himself, about his arch nemesis Matt Damon.

  • Heavy Metal NFL Logos [29 Photos]

    Iowa-based graphic designer Kimberly Breuer wanted to celebrate the end of football season the best way she knew how-by creating new logos for the teams. She went for a heavy metal look, and the results are simple and fun. Breuer re-imagined every team’s logo except for the Seattle Seahawks because, as she put it, “it’s not like they didn’t get enough attention already.” Be sure to check out more of Kimberly Breuer’s work on Behance and her blog, Socks Are For Your Feet.

  • An Honest Facebook Movie [Video]

    Those damn Facebook “look back” videos just won’t stop. Every time I log in, I am greeted with a dozen new videos from people I barely remember that for some reason I click on. I’ve yet to see one that impresses me and I’m ever so smug about not making one myself. With that being said, the steady stream of videos parodying the look backs are incredible, like the Rob Ford one we posted earlier this week. Instead of creating a fake look back for someone, this video takes the honest route and gives a much more authentic impression of the increasingly useless social network.

  • A History of U.S. Olympic Uniforms [15 Photos]

    Throughout the years, the US Winter Olympic uniforms have been good, bad, and very, very ugly. We take a look at some of our favorites from all those categories with these photos. As you can see, we were quite fashionable in the 50s and 60s. The problems really started in 1980 when Levi Strauss designed our cowboy outfits. They must have been popular, though, for cowboy hats seemed to be a common motif throughout the 80s and 90s. People complained about the 2014 Ralph Lauren designed uniforms, but looking back at some of these other years, 2014 is not so bad after all. I mean, take a look at the fedoras the 1992 team is sporting. They look like extras from Dick Tracy.

  • Fearless Boy Risks Life To Save Drowning Baby Deer From Raging River [12 Photos]

    During the rainy season in Noakhali, Bangladesh, many deer are lost each year. The locals have to do all they can to save them and such was the case when a boy named Belal spotted a fawn that had been separated from its family and was caught in a flash flood. Belal braved the waters to save the animal and afterwards it was reunited with its family. Wildlife photographer Hasibul Wahab was able to capture the heroic act in these photographs.

  • Photo of the Day: Spectacular Fresh Impact Crater On Mars

    A dramatic, fresh impact crater dominates this image taken by the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) camera on NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter on Nov. 19, 2013. Researchers used HiRISE to examine this site because the orbiter’s Context Camera had revealed a change in appearance here between observations in July 2010 and May 2012, bracketing the formation of the crater between those observations.

  • RSVLTS Takes On The Empire State Building Run-Up.. Well, Sort Of

    RSVLTS regulars probably know our bro Anthony (@WorstAssistant). When he’s not hosting video shoots for RSVLTS he is kicking ass and taking names over at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Every year the New York Road Runners Association puts together a really cool event called the Empire State Building run up. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You run up all 1576 steps of the 86 story building as fast as you can. This year Anthony took part in the event and as you’ll see he gave the RSVLTS Dream Team gear a sick plug. Boom shakalaka!

  • How to Eat a Hamburger, According to Science

    You’re eating burgers wrong. Oh you don’t think so? You’re wrong. Dead wrong. Grub Guinea pig and Food Beast founder, Elie Ayrouth took a shot at the traditional manner of consumption and failed thrice. Messy, slippery and a terrible meat to bread ratio. No way to devour a proper burger. Elie did his research and stumbled upon a Japanese game show that went to great lengths to research proper technique, optimizing burger consumption forever. Thanks, science! According to gaming blog Kotaku, a Japanese television show Honma Dekka!? brought on three researchers, “experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry–try to figure out the best way to hold and eat a large hamburger.” The research was humorously thorough, apparently featuring a 3D scan of a hamburger that studied how the particles interacted together while holding a large hamburger:

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