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  • New York City in the ’80s Makes Me Happy I wasn’t in New York City in the ’80s

    New York’s Lower East Side did not look like a good time in the 80′s. This documentary style film from Kinolibrary Archive Film collections shows a tracking POV from side car window past run down buildings, graffitied walls and cars. Shops with shutters down, rough area, ghetto. Streets are almost empty, apocalyptic compared to NYC’s standards today. The areas that aren’t covered with abandon buildings covered in graffiti are open fields covered in rubbish and trash. Thank you Rudy Giuliani.

  • 21st Amendment Fireside Chat Ale

    A beer inspired by FDR himself by 21st Amendment brewery, Fireside Chat is a seasonal brew with a kick. Rich, dark, English-style ale and then we improvise with spices FC is available through October through December in six pack cans and on draft. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s fireside chats, which often began with the words, Good evening, friends are what this brew is all about. A warm and welcoming deep ruby brown ale with a pleasant finish. 7.9% by volume

  • AOL’s Colossal CD Campaign [Infographic]

    Every 90s kid remembers the America Online CDs that came in the mail almost everyday, supplying us with a seemingly endless supply of flying discs of death to fling at each other. Apparently, there were people who actually used them for their intended purpose since AOL’s user base expanded from 200,000 to 25,000,000 during the campaign. Now they’re down to just 3.5 million subscribers, but somehow they added 200,000 dial-up users last year. Who are these people?

  • 10 Athletes You Need To Know In 2014

    The world of athletics can be likened to a grand cycle—one where, as old players retire, new generations emerge to occupy the open void. Whether still in college or emerging as standout professionals, upstart athletes are the players that get sports’ fan base energized; eager to watch the latest young sensation. And, as a part of the RSVLTS Yearbook13 event; we have gathered a list of all the latest—as Dick Vitale phrases it—“Diaper Dandies” that look ready to electrify the sports world in 2014.

  • Le Meridien Is The Finest Resort In Bora Bora [27 HQ Photos]

    Bora Bora is a small island thick with coconut forests and colorful villages and surrounded by miles of fine, white sandy beaches and crystal clear, turquoise water as far as the eye can see. Welcome and “Ia Orana” to Le Méridien Bora Bora which won the 2013 Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor, which basically means it’s the nicest hotel in the world. It’s overwater Bungalows feature a large glass floor with amazing views of the lagoon and its marine life. And by “marine life we mean sea turtles! The Bora Bora Turtle Center at Le Méridien Bora Bora, is home to numerous marine turtles which means you’ll see them floating by your room nearly 24/7/.

  • The 33 Best Dive Bars in America

    Craft cocktails and moustachioed bartenders are nice and all, but sometimes you just want a super-still whiskey/Coke served up by a lifelong bartendress with nicotine-stained fingers who calls you “hon”. Or just hates you outright. Sometimes you want to sit in the dark, watching people playing video poker. Thrillist has named the 33 best diver bars in America check them out here.

  • Kanye West Leaves Nike For Adidas [Video]

    After his performance at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West stopped by Hot 97 and talked with host Angie Martinez about his troubles with Nike. Apparently, Yeezy, the Great and Almighty, wanted royalties on the level of athletes like Michael Jordan. Nike refused, pointing out that Kanye is not a professional athlete, to which he replied “I go to the Garden and play one-on-no-one. I’m a performance athlete.” Now the creative genius says he will partner with Adidas for the next Yeezy shoe. What will the professional crybaby have a problem with next? Only time will tell. I give it until the afternoon before we hear about the next thing that bothers him.

  • 2013 Nike Army Navy Gameday Uniforms

    For the rivalry’s 114th matchup in history, Nike pays tribute to each academy’s rich heritage and drawing inspiration from key historical figures within each respective military branch.  The Army uniforms tribute the legacy of General Winfield Scott, nicknamed “Old Fuss and Feathers” for his insistence on maintaining proper military dress. Scott served as General in the U.S. military longer than any other. The Navy garb pays homage to the dying command of Captain James Lawrence: “Don’t Give Up the Ship.” Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry flew a flag emblazoned with the statement during the decisive Battle of Lake Erie, one of the biggest naval battles of the War of 1812. The 114th meeting between Army and Navy takes place on Dec. 14 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

  • 3 Minute Minimalist Portraits From Face-O-Mat [24 Photos]

    Swiss artist Tobias Gutmann constructed his portrait “machine”, Face-O-Mat, and traveled the world drawing minimalist portraits of people in a matter of minutes. The Face-O-Mat is just an MDF facade that Gutmann sits behind and looks through a window at his subject. His project proves that despite all the benefits technological advances afford us, there is no substitute for one-on-one interaction with another human being. Gutmann posts his Face-O-Mat portraits to a Tumblr page with their happy subjects and we have just a small sample of them below. 

  • Buy A Fully Functional Batmobile For Christmas

    Ever want to drive the Lincoln turned Batmobile driven by Adam West in the 60s Batman television show? Well, those purveyors of things you never knew you wanted, Hammacher Schlemmer, are selling the iconic car. This Batmobile has some great new technology, like a Bluetooth Batphone and rear video camera, along with cool but useless features from the show, such as a retractable Batray antenna. Want to shoot flames out the back? You can do that, too, thanks to a propane tank. Unlike the original, this model also comes with clamp-on side mirrors so it’s street legal. Order yours today for the reasonable price of $200,000 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

  • 852 Instagramers Unwittingly Contribute To Short Film [Video]

    Amsterdam art director Thomas Jullien used 852 photos on Instagram from 852 users to create this video that shows how similar we are when it comes to what sort of pictures we take. From France, to Australia, to New York, Jullien shows how artistic these photos are as part of a project when on their own many would dismiss them as just typical social media garbage. Will this usher in an era of movies crowdsourced from the seemingly infinite amount of material available on social media? Maybe, but it seems like a lot of work. We’ll leave it to Jullien for now.

  • Debt By Lottery [Infographic]

    Do you play the lottery? Apparently 50% of Americans do, so if you are one of them, learn from the mistakes of the lottery winners in this infographic and study the tips at the end on spending your winnings wisely. Also, if you win, don’t forget about us, who give you informative and entertaining content day after day and never ask for anything in return. 

  • Russian Island Of Abandoned Military Waste [20 Photos]

    The Russian island of Kildin, located in the Barents Sea near Norway, is home to tons of old military junk from the Soviet-era. Photographer Ralph Mirebs explored the island and took these pictures of assorted anti-missile systems, machine guns, target drones, and a really creepy bunker. The island also has underground tunnels where Russia stores radioactive waste. If the condition of the island’s surface is any indication, the radioactive waste is undoubtedly disposed of in a safe and controlled manner.

  • Seth Rogen And James Franco Parody Kanye and Kim [Video]

    Remember how terrible Kanye West’s “Bound 2″ video, featuring fiance Kim Kardashian, was? If not, you should get your head checked because it just came out last week. Anyway, James Franco and Seth Rogen have remade the video from the set of their upcoming movie, “The Interview”, and it’s as good as the original was bad. Which means it’s really, really good. Hey Kanye, want to know what real genius looks like? All you need to do is watch this video.

  • Meme Alert: Birds With Arms [28 Photos]

    It’s a good thing that birds don’t have arms. If the imaginative photo manipulators at Reddit’s “birds…with arms” subreddit are right in their assumptions, then our winged friends would use their arms to smoke, drink, shoot firearms, and flip us the, um, bird. Of course, they would also be real funny to look at, which these pictures also prove. 

  • Stunning Video Using A Phantom Quadcopter And GoPro Camera

    YouTube user Claytonias F spent months travelling across the United States with a DJI Phantom quadcopter with a GoPro camera mounted to it. The collected footage was paired with Big Black Delta’s “Love You This Summer” to create this incredible video. The pairing of small, resilient, high quality cameras with versatile quadcopters has ushered in a revolution in videography by allowing aerial shots that would have been all but impossible for any production without a significant budget just a few years ago. And this revolution is one we can definitely get behind.

  • Major Lazer Teams With Palladium For “Sweat” [Video]

    Major Lazer, the fun, dancehall DJ side project from famed producer Diplo, has released a video for “Sweat” from their “Free the Universe” album released earlier this year. The video was produced in partnership with footwear manufacturer Palladium, whose boots are prominent throughout. Major Lazer videos are always fun, and “Sweat”, directed by Ryan Staake, is no exception. The black light lit video is a great showcase for Palladium’s boots and if this is the future of footwear advertising, then it’s a future we’ll gladly embrace.

  • NYC Basic Tips And Etiquette [16 Pictures]

    Earlier this year, we shared some of Nathan W. Pyle’s New York City tips in GIF form. The popularity of those brilliant graphics led to a book deal for Pyle and his “NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette” is set to be published in April of next year. The paperback can be pre-ordered now for $7.65 at Amazon. To hold us over until then, Pyle has been releasing pictures that didn’t make it into the final work on his Facebook page. We’ve got some of them below, but be sure to head to Pyle’s homepage for all the latest on the New York artist. 

  • Colorado News Anchor Rants About Viewers’ Snow Pics [Video]

    Colorado news anchor Kyle Clark is sick and tired of viewers sending in pictures of their snow covered patio furniture every time it snows. Last week he took to the air to call out his unimaginative public and plead for better photos of the snow. Come on, Coloradoans (Coloradans?), get your act together. Or not, because this guy is pretty funny and I would like to hear his continued complaints.

  • Vertigo-Inducing Mirrored “Infinity Room” Is One Of NYC’s Most Buzzed About Art Installations [18 High Quality Photos]

    Long lines have been forming inside the David Zwirner gallery in New York City as visitors wait for their chance to stand inside one of eccentric Japanese artist Yoyoi Kusama’s vertigo-inducing “Infinity Rooms.” The installation’s mirror room, “Souls of Millions of Light Years Away,” is brilliantly simple – it’s a room in which the walls, the floor and the ceiling are mirrors. This seemingly infinite space is populated by hanging, blinking LEDs, which make the space seem like a galaxy or a nebula. Word of the art instillation, on display until December 21st, 2013, has gone viral in the city and lines can be up to several hours long. If you decide to check out the exhibit that will have you trying to wrap your mind around “infinity” just know that there will be a 40-second limit, yes you heard us right, on how long you can stand in the room. If you don’t feel like standing in the cold for three hours only to have under a minute of payoff check out the photos we pulled below.

  • Insider Look At A Chaotic Amazon Warehouse [11 Photos]

    As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon owns and operates 80 enormous fulfillment centers around the globe that are strategically placed to make every online order a breeze, from click to delivery. Amazon must rely on barcodes and human hands to find the ordered items and drop them into the proper bins — without robots, Amazon utilizes a system known as “chaotic storage,” where products are essentially shelved at random. Consumers typically only experience the selection and receiving parts of the fulfillment process; rarely do they get a glimpse into the warehouses where their orders are received, fulfilled and shipped. Now, with thee insider photos, and you’ll finally understand just how overwhelmingly massive Amazon’s warehouses truly are.

  • Pharrell’s 24-Hour Music Video for “Happy”

    Pharrell “Outside-the-box” Williams has done it again. Well not saying that he’s already done this, but his progressive, forward thinking has gotten him significant creative recognition in the past in the early years with the Neptunes and N.E.R.D., then as a solo producer and more recently in fashion and art. His newest brain child combines two of those. A 24-hour long music video based on the time of day. The premise, simple; The video is a simple one-shot take for each segment, some featuring Williams and some, just regular folk dancing or singing “Happy”. Result; By the end of watching 5 minutes worth, skimming through the hours, you now know “Happy” word for word. Mission accomplished, P.W. 24 HOURS of HAPPY

  • Criss Angel’s Shaq Balloon Sightings

    Earlier this month, Criss Angel blew Flavor Flav’s mind when he made Shaq “levitate” in one of the silliest looking stunts in his lame career as a David Blaine wannabe who looks like he lives in a dumpster behind Hot Topic. Radio hosts Opie and Anthony used their detective skills to deduce that Criss Angel switched out the basketball great with a Shaq balloon that floated around for a bit then, upon landing, pulled the ol’ switcheroo one more time. Shaq, who honed his acting chops in such classics as Steel and Kazaam, then acted as if he had no idea what just happened. Or maybe he wasn’t acting. Now the Shaq balloon has gotten loose and is showing up all over the place.

  • Snoop Releases Mixtape For 20th Anniversary of Doggystyle

    Tomorrow marks the 20 year anniversary of Snoop Dogg’s Doggystyle and to celebrate he released a mixtape of the samples he used on the monumental album. The entire mix is available to stream and Soundcloud and it’s a great listen. Throughout the samples, he explains what he was looking for and how they were used on Doggystyle. It’s an informative look at the creation of a rap album that you wouldn’t normally get a chance to experience.

  • 17 Ancient Abandoned Websites That Still Work

    Check out these 17 sites from the Internet of long ago (the 90s!) for some nostalgia overload. While at the Space Jam site, be sure to download the free background images, but don’t forget to tile them. Those 128 x 128 Bitmaps don’t stretch too well. The 1996 Fantasy Baseball website is pretty informative, too. I’ve got a good feeling about Kenny Lofton.

  • Celebrities Read More Mean Tweets on Kimmel, Classic Ruffalo

    Call the wambulance. In this weeks roundup of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” on Kimmel, John Kasinski, Kevin James and Larry David will have us laughing well into this weekend at their own expense. To me the funniest mean tweets are those who target the less relevant celebrities, i.e. Dennis Quaid, Jason Biggs, but man does Mark Ruffalo get me every time. Classic Hulk.

  • Realistic Celebrity Make-Unders [17 Photos]

    Want to feel better about yourself? Then take a look at these pictures from Planet Hiltron, a Facebook page from artist Danny Evans. He turns the biggest celebrities into the, well, BIGGEST celebrities by turning them into everyday slobs like you and me. Personally though, I sort of think that the Miley Cyrus shopping mall glamour shot is a bit of an improvement over the real thing. Don’t forget to like Planet Hiltron on Facebook to keep up with all the latest pictures.

  • Dranksgiving: Guy Fieri’s Whiskey-Glazed Sweet Potatoes

    Let’s Keep the booze infused feast going with some whiskey glazed sweet potatoes to keep your motor running this Thanksgiving. This tasty recipe was devised from the brain of Sir Guy Fieri, of “Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen”, “Diners, Dives and Drive-ins” and creator of “Donkey Sauce”.  A perfect combination of sweet and… well sweet and whiskey I guess. Enjoy getting drunk while stuffing your face next Thusday. Oh and giving thanks as well.

  • Chris Farley Stars In Rob Ford: The Movie

    Everyone has made jokes about how similar Toronto’s hilariously troubled mayor Rob Ford is to Chris Farley’s characters, and no someone has actually done something about it. Taking footage from a ton of Farley’s movies, YouTube user Tristan Gough made an awesome trailer for Rob Ford: The Movie. If you can get posthumous Oscars for fan made trailers for films that don’t exist, then Chris Farley is a shoe-in.

  • Top 10 Most Touching Sports Moments of 2013

    Sports have functionally become the mechanism that unites communities—providing those facing adversity with a brief amount of respite. In 2013, this was proven with moments that gave purpose to an otherwise questionable necessity of spectator sports. As a part of the Yearbook13 event, RSVLTS has compiled a list of the moments in 2013 athletics that transcend stats—giving athletics an intangible relevance in American society.

  • That’s Gotta Hurt: UFC 167 In Slow Motion [Video]

    Give your wincing muscles a workout with this super slow-motion recap of UFC 167. The action was captured using Fox’s Phantom Cam, which is capable of recording up to 5000 frames per second. A regular slow-motion camera records around 380 frames per second. The fact that even when slowed down so much, some of these punches still look pretty quick is incredible. Also, the way their faces smush makes me giggle.