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  • RSVLTS Takes On The Empire State Building Run-Up.. Well, Sort Of

    RSVLTS regulars probably know our bro Anthony (@WorstAssistant). When he’s not hosting video shoots for RSVLTS he is kicking ass and taking names over at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Every year the New York Road Runners Association puts together a really cool event called the Empire State Building run up. It’s exactly what it sounds like. You run up all 1576 steps of the 86 story building as fast as you can. This year Anthony took part in the event and as you’ll see he gave the RSVLTS Dream Team gear a sick plug. Boom shakalaka!

  • How to Eat a Hamburger, According to Science

    You’re eating burgers wrong. Oh you don’t think so? You’re wrong. Dead wrong. Grub Guinea pig and Food Beast founder, Elie Ayrouth took a shot at the traditional manner of consumption and failed thrice. Messy, slippery and a terrible meat to bread ratio. No way to devour a proper burger. Elie did his research and stumbled upon a Japanese game show that went to great lengths to research proper technique, optimizing burger consumption forever. Thanks, science! According to gaming blog Kotaku, a Japanese television show Honma Dekka!? brought on three researchers, “experts in fluid mechanics, engineering, and dentistry–try to figure out the best way to hold and eat a large hamburger.” The research was humorously thorough, apparently featuring a 3D scan of a hamburger that studied how the particles interacted together while holding a large hamburger:

  • Amazing Flyover of Antarctica [Video]

    With the winter many of us are currently experiencing, you’re probably thinking how you never want to see snow again. Well you are wrong, buddy. Snow covered landscapes can still be beautiful, just as long as they’re not in your backyard. Take a look at this video of a flyover at Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica at the Italian Mario Zucchelli Research Station and fall in love with snow all over again.

  • 1984 Winter Olympics 30 Years Later [15 Photos]

    In 1984 the Winter Olympics were held in what was then Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Less than a decade after the games ended, the region was engaged in the Bosnian War. Many of the facilities were either completely ravaged or neglected and fell in deep disrepair. Kosevo Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies were held, was renovated in 1998. Skenderija Hall was refurbished in 2006 and is now visited by 500,000 people each year. But not all of the Olympic venues were given new life. The bobsled and luge facilities at Mount Trebevic and the ski jump area at Mount Igmam remain abandoned and have become targets for graffiti artists over the years. Late last year, Reuters photographer Dado Ruvic visited Sarajevo’s abandoned Olympic venues and captured these haunting photos. 

  • The CVS Phase Out of Tobacco Sales Makes Both Fiscal and Physical Sense [Link]

    CVS has announced that they are going to stop selling tobacco products in all of their stores, which accounts for $2 billion in sales. But is this decision as bad for business as that number would lead you to believe? With only a 15% margin, CVS isn’t losing as much as you think. And with all the space taken up by tobacco products now available for high margin items like health products, this could end up being a brilliant business move for the company. Will other stores follow suit?

  • Full Length Crowd-Sourced RoboCop Remake [Video]

    Are you pissed off that another one of your favorite childhood movies is being remade by Hollywood with the release of RoboCop next week? Instead, try watching this fan-made, crowd-sourced, scene by scene remake of the already perfect 1987 Paul Verhoeven original. 50 different filmmakers, both amateur and professional, were given different scenes from the original to re-shoot in their distinctive style. This remake has way more heart than anything Hollywood can churn out, and I for one would definitely buy that for a dollar. For more info on the film, check out Our RoboCop Remake.

  • A Look Inside The Newest NYC Hot Spot: Tao Downtown [22 Photos]

    The newest hot spot in New York City is Tao Downtown located in the Meatpacking District’s Maritime Hotel. Tao Downtown takes up multiple spaces in the hotel, with a restuarant, bar and lounge on the the ground level; a large main dining area on the cellar level; and a separate lounge spanning the mezzanine and cellar levels. The design features plenty of nods to Asian culture while also resembling a dark, underground hangout. For more information and reservations, visit Tao Downtown. If you go, please bring us back some chicken gyoza. Thanks.

  • Meet Russia’s Olympic Curling Team: Smokeshow Overload [36 Photos]

    The Winter Olympics are here, but are you still trying to figure out which sport is worth your attention? It’s time to consider curling. It may look like shuffleboard on ice, but you won’t find any Ft. Lauderdale retirees on the ice in Sochi. In fact, female curling teams are often loaded with beautiful women. This Olympics, the team to watch is Russia. Check out these pictures of Ekaterina Galkina, Anna Sidorova, and Alexandra Saitova and you’ll be sure to have a new favorite winter sport in curling.

  • Inside Google’s London Super Headquarters

    Google’s new super headquarters in Central Saint Giles, London is a mix of beautiful patterned padded walls and submarine style doors. The space includes a 160,000 sq ft, a “secret garden” balcony space, a large Town Hall room for meetings and press gatherings, gym, showers, dance facilities, bike parking, 1250 desks and 1250 meeting chairs/collaboration seats, tons of eco-friendly and/or reclaimed materials, and panoramic london skyline views. Penson Group, the architecture and interior design firm was the brain behind the office identity. Design: PENSON Group Photography: Martin Varsavsky

  • 45 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Yosemite National Park

    Yosemite National Park photo via photographer Wasim Muklashy, view more of his incredible work here. Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National Park photo via Shutterstock Yosemite National more »

  • 40 Infamous Villain Hideouts You Wish Were Real (Infographic)

    Some of the most unforgettable villains in literature and on screen have been synonymous with a secret lair or hideout that’s arguably cooler than the villain itself. The antagonist hideout is the central location for plotting evil schemes for taking down the hero or achieving world domination. This infographic by Movoto shows some of the most well known hideouts from cinema and television.

  • Alone On Valentine’s Day? Get A Dummy, Dummy [21 Photos]

    Art director and photographer Suzanne Heintz makes the best of being single in her series “Life Once Removed.” Fed up with the judgmental looks she’d get whenever the subject of her single and childless status would come up, she decided to be proactive and buy herself a family. In the photos, Heintz goes out on romantic dates with her mannequin man or has family fun with her dummy daughter. She gets all the benefits of a photo album full of great images in exciting places with her “family” without having to deal with any other people, because, let’s face it, family can be the worst. Check out the rest of the series and other projects at Suzanne Heintz Portfolio.

  • Demolition of the Metrodome (20 Photos + Roof Blast Video)

    The Metrodome in Minneapolis was the only place to host the World Series, MLB All-Star Game, NCAA basketball’s Final Four, and a Super Bowl.Next year the Vikings will gear up to play at the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium. Demolition is finally finished, while the rebuilding process is just beginning. Two days ago demolition on the roof structure was polished off with a bang. Here is teh video and 20 photos of the end of the Metrodome and the beginning of… The Metrodome.

  • If New York City Was Home to The Winter Olympics

    New York City and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg went out on a limb to make a bid at the 2012 Summer Olympics. Although the bid fell through the New York Times created a wonderful rendering of Manhattan if it hosted the Winter Olympics. A luge in Times Square,  Rosa Khutor Alpine Center in Central Park and Ski Jumping in Bryant Park.  Is That A Luge in Times Square?

  • Celebrate Bob Marley’s Birthday With This Iconic Concert [Video]

    On this day in 1945, iconic musician Bob Marley was born in Jamaica. Although his life was tragically cut short when he died of cancer at the age of 36 in 1981, his creative output has left an indelible mark upon the world. From his early days as a soulful ska singer to his worldwide success as a reggae ambassador, Marley is much more than just someone who’s picture is hung up next to a “take me to your dealer” poster in a dorm room. Taken from his final tour, the following concert video features Bob Marley at his biggest as an international superstar. Filmed in Dortmund, Germany on June 13, 1980, and broadcast on German TV, this was the biggest tour in all of Europe that year. The first 4 songs are performed by the I Threes, featuring Marley’s wife Rita, then Bob takes the stage performing some of his biggest hits. 

  • Jane Perkins Paints With Plastic [10 Photos]

    UK-based artist Jane Perkins recreates classic paintings and portrait photographs using found plastic objects. Buttons, beads, Lego pieces, and action figures all find new life as brilliant works of art in Perkins’ eye. She finds the plastic pieces at charity shops and recycling centers and also receives donations. She then spends an average of three weeks on each piece, making sure to get the colors just right. Jane Perkins proves the old adage, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Be sure to see more of Jane Perkins work at Blue Bowerbird.

  • Rob Ford’s Facebook Look Back [Video]

    If you haven’t jumped ship and left your Facebook profile to rot in the social network graveyard with your Myspace page, then you have seen your friends posting their “Look Back” videos. If you’re not familiar, it’s a video Facebook generates for you that’s supposed to be a sentimental look back at your time on the site. Really it’s just a sad reminder of all the time you spent on the site. At least some folks are doing good things with it. Here’s a funny look at what troubled Toronto mayor/crack enthusiast Rob Ford’s “Look Back” would look like.

  • Zombies Attack New Yorkers [Video]

    AMC’s hit show “The Walking Dead” returns for its fifth season on Sunday night. To get the word out about the post-apocalyptic zombie program, AMC did the hip thing to do these days and scared the hell out of people around New York City. To accomplish this, they transformed a bunch of actors into zombies and had them reach out through sewer grates on the sidewalk and grab unsuspecting passersby. Fun!

  • Bizarre Things That Could Only Be Sold At Chinese Walmarts [15 Photos]

    We’re not here to pass judgment on foreign cultures. In fact I wish I could go sift through a pile of random meat pieces at my neighborhood Walmart. And anti-bacterial underwear? Why is that not a thing EVERYWHERE? Also, if anyone has info on those hot and spicy beef granules, I’m very curious. Are they some sort of meat candy? If so, China may be the most magical place on Earth. Aside from the overpopulated cities and pollution, I guess.

  • 9 Lessons in Entrepreneurship From Shark Tank [Link]

    First off, if you don’t watch Shark Tank, you are missing out. Get on Hulu right now and watch as many episodes as you can. If you don’t have that option at the moment, here’s a quick rundown: Entrepreneurs bring their business ideas to 4 wealthy and savvy investors and try to sell at least one of the gurus on their idea. It’s very entertaining, but at the same time enlightening. There are many lessons for budding entrepreneurs to take from the program. If you’ve got an idea for the sharks, make sure you read through this list first. You don’t want Mr. Wonderful tearing you apart on national TV. 

  • New Meme Alert: Golden Retrievers Celebrating Birthdays

    I don’t know enough about dog owners to have any insight as to why there are so many pictures of golden retrievers on their birthdays. Do more photographers own golden retrievers than other breeds, perhaps as a holdover from the age when photographers employed golden retrievers to carry their gear on long photojournalism assignments? Or perhaps do golden retrievers just like to party more than other breeds? Whatever the reason, flickr user Brady the Golden Retriever, aka Jill M, has put together 9 galleries of golden retrievers celebrating their birthdays. I had a cat, but I never celebrated his birthday. In fact, I never even knew his birthday. We just never reached that level in our relationship.

  • If Instagram would have been invented in the ’80s

    Here’s a video of Instagram if it were invented in the ’80s. Squirrel Monkey created a retro style video featuring 8-bit style visuals, floppy disks, cassettes and a new ’80s future style logo. The video is wrapped nicely in an informative style video. Ya know, like the kind they showed you when your teacher was sick.

  • The Truth About This Weekend’s Mega Snowstorm

    You may have seen 5-day to 10-day model snowfall forecast graphics shared in social media and on some websites proclaiming that an epic winter storm is on the way late this week into the weekend. It’s time to separate the forecast from the wild rumors regarding this potential upcoming storm. “@NJP1982: @nynjpaweather pic.twitter.com/qTkoiW3jYu” You know what's scary. Not unreasonable. — Steven DiMartino (@nynjpaweather) January 29, 2014 What We Know Now: Late-Week Storm It is still much too early to forecast specific snow and ice amounts in any given location. Weather.com explains: For now, Saturday’s snow appears to be a light to moderate event for parts of the East Coast, from New Jersey and the Delaware Valley into the Ohio Valley, Mississippi Valley and Great Lakes. Sunday, as the main upper-level southward dip in the jet stream, or trough, swings eastward, more snow may pivot through the East and persist in some areas through Monday. At this time, there are many critical details — the track of the surface low pressure system and the interaction of upper-level disturbances — contributing to high uncertainty with the Sunday/Monday forecast. For now, this storm does not appear to be a high-impact, crippling snowstorm, but more »

  • Philip Seymour Hoffman Wrestles With The Concepts of Happiness, Love, and Death [Video]

    With the sudden, unexpected death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman from a heroin overdose on Sunday, the Internet has become overrun with differing opinions on the matter. Some feel like a drug addict is being glorified. Others feel Hoffman is receiving more sympathy than other addicts who are equally deserving. No matter what your thoughts are on the matter, you’ve got to admit that his death has sparked discussion on addiction. We are fortunate enough that Philip Seymour Hoffman, being an extremely popular actor, was often in the public eye. Through his work and interviews, where he was often candid about his issues, we get a view of addiction that many of us would never see. Such is the case with this discussion between Hoffman and philosopher Simon Critchley filmed at the Rubin Museum of Art on December 17, 2012. The two explain the nature and illusion of happiness, love, and death, an especially prescient dialogue considering recent events.

  • Slow Watches Tell 24 Hours of Time Using 1 Hand (Watch Wednesdays)

    The concept of the Slow Watch might be a little unsettling at first if your one of the few who depend on a turn of your wrist for the most precise time (air traffic controller, NAVY Seal or human DVR), but if your cell phone tells accurate time and you want something a little more unique give it a shot. What might require a bit of adjusting might just give you a completely different outlook on the concept of time. A full 24 hours of display on a watch has never been done before and while the single hand might give off the theory of a simple mechanism under the hood, it’s actually quite complex. The watch has a Swiss Made Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT movement that originally has 4 hands plus the date, but SW only uses the one hand that shows the 24 hour time in order to create a true slow watch that is reduced to only one necessary component. A unique differentiator for the watch lover. Slow Watches $250-290

  • 13 Failed Predictions That Couldn’t Have Been More Wrong [Infographic]

    Did you ever have those positive-thinking musclemen come to your school when you were a kid, telling you to be a “dream maker” not a “dream breaker” before tearing phone books in half? Well, in their own insane way, they were really onto something. Throughout history, some of the world’s biggest innovations have been scoffed at as being an impossibility or simply a passing fancy. The electric light bulb? Automobiles? Those things are for niche enthusiasts and crackpot tinkerers. I’ll stick with candles and horses, thank you very much. 

  • Movie Posters With Their Original Titles [12 Photos]

    What’s in a name? That which we call “While You Were Sleeping” by any other name would be as bad. True. But “Coma Guy” sounds like an SNL skit a la “Massive Headwound Harry.” As you can see, it’s common for movies to change titles throughout the development process. Often, the changes are for the better. “Tonight He Comes?” “Bone Deep?” Those sound like they would be very different movies with a totally different demographic. 

  • Shaun White Pulls Out of Sochi Slopestyle After Concerns Arise About Conditions

    Shaun White announced Wednesday he will not be competing in the slopestyle event making it’s debut at the Sochi games, because of risk of injury plaguing the course. White suffered what would be the last of many spills on the Rosa Khutor Extreme Park course in Sochi, before deeming it too dangerous to compete on. After hurting his wrist on a trial run the two time Olympic gold medal winner made the decision making it the last straw in a series of small injuries sustained. “After much deliberation with my team, I have made the decision to focus solely on trying to bring home the third straight gold medal in halfpipe for Team USA,” White told TODAY in a statement. “The difficult decision to forego slopestyle is not one I take lightly as I know how much effort everyone has put into holding the slopestyle event for the first time in Olympic history, a history I had planned on being a part of. “ Concerns went mainstream after Torstein Horgmo of Norway broke his collarbone jumping off of a rail that was criticized as being too slippery. Just one of the faults riders have expressed concerns about the slope. The course’s three  jumps more »

  • How the Neighborhoods of Manhattan Got Their Names

    For an island of only 24 square miles, Manhattan sure has a lot of neighborhoods. Many have distinct monikers that might not seem intuitive to the lay-tourist, or even to a lifelong New Yorker. Here’s where the names of New York’s most famous ‘hoods came from.

  • Cartoon Characters As Famous Brand Logos

    Artist Bruce Yan has taken beloved cartoon characters, such as Bugs Bunny and Astro Boy, and inserted them into classic brand logos. In Yan’s world, Bugs is the Playboy bunny and Astro Boy is slinging burgers for Bob’s Big Boy. The series, titled “Brand New,” is currently exhibited at Los Angeles’ Gallery 1988. Prints and laser cut boards of the pieces are for sale, but with the sudden Internet fame of the images, they are selling fast. Also, be sure to check out more of Bruce Yan’s work at his website. 

  • The Progression of Facebook for it’s 10 Year Anniversary

    Since it’s 2004 launch, Facebook has gone through some serious changes. What began as a social platform for college students to interact with one another, first peer to peer on campus, then stretching out to different universities across America has vastly changed. In fact, it’s somewhat of an antithesis from which it began. Exclusive, private and lawless Facebook began and for it’s initial years was the exclusive club anyone without a college email couln’t get into. No baby pictures. No engagement photos. No sponsored stories or BuzzFeed quizes. Facebook was essentially a platform for college kids to browse, poke and in time communicate. What was once the cool club is still the standard of social platforms, now just comes with more baggage and more of a nanny-cam for parents, big brands and potential work suiters to cyber-stalk. Progress, I guess, but Facebook’s will to stay relevant is to keep the wheels moving, Changing, evolving. Acquiring new innovative start ups like Instagram that could potentially make Facebook the Myspace of 2014. This year is going to be a tipping point for the decade old revolutionary network. It’s their move to stay innovative or become another ubiquitous social channel lost in the more »

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