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  • Nike Sneakers Through the Decades

    Designer, Stephen Cheetham, put together this personal project of Nike sneakers (trainers, runners or worse ‘tennis shoes’) to show the progression and design evolution of iconic Nikes through the years. We’re postive you’ve seen many of these in your every day life, but maybe you didn’t know how old the original designs are. Just goes to show you the timeless fashion of a good looking shoe.

  • Roxanne Barcelo, So Hot Right Now (In The Philippines)

    Although 28-year-old Roxanne Barcelo is a product of Fairfax, Virginia she is relatively unknown in the United States (she was on ESPN Kids in her early teenage years and had a role in the 1999 movie Click), but over in the the Philippines she is a big star from her roles in numerous TV shows and a singing career. This month she appears on the cover of FHM Philippines and lucky for you there is no need to book a 12 hour flight across the Pacific to see the pictures because we’ve got ‘em.

  • Adding Color To More Iconic Photos In History

    This is our third installment featuring black and white iconic photos from history colorized. In this edition we feature work from Colorized History, a collection of heavy military, but also contains photos from the entertainment biz and wild west colorized photos. 

  • Weiss Watch Company Field Watch (Watch Wednesday)

     Weiss Watch Company is an American manufactured company base out of California. What better way to leave you off before the birthday of the U. S. of A than with their Field Watch. The fully mechanical movement is a manually wound Caliber 6497 that is comprised of over 60 Swiss parts. These parts are then hand-finished and assembled in Los Angeles, California and encased in a 41.5mm water resistant, 316 stainless steel case with sapphire front and back crystals. The beauty of the watch speaks for itself but the delivery is tremendous. Each watch arrives in a wood box accompanied with an extra brown leather band and tool for making the switch. Weiss Watch $795.00

  • Man Meal: Bulleit Bourbon Burger

    We know burger recipes are terribly cliché, but this has a twist. A Bulleit bourbon infused burger made with just the right amount of liquor will have you at the top of the party food chain. Try this tonight then try it again tomorrow just to get a “taste” for the right amount of bourbon and the right amount of burger.

  • Yelp Launches A Wildly Accurate “Hipster Heatmap” For 14 Major Cities

    Yelp has launched the “Yelp Wordmap,” a heatmap showing the density of various words used in over 39 million Yelp reviews in 14 popular cities. It’s a very handy tool for finding outdoor seating, bacon, cocktails and… best of all, an incredibly accurate heatmap of where all the mustache loving, scarf wearing, PBR drinking hipsters live in 14 major cities across the globe. Looks like our homebase of Jersey City, NJ made the map with a small but every expanding red blob. For better or worse the hipster revolution is coming.

  • The Largest Building in the World is Open for Business

    500 meters long, 400 meters wide and 100 meters high, the 1.7-million-square-meter mega-structure is capable of housing 20 Sydney Opera Houses and almost three times the size of the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Just what’s inside this mammoth building anyway? The New Century Global Center is the “largest freestanding building in the world,” Chinese officials say and it is now home to business offices, hotels, movie theaters, shopping malls, a faux Mediterranean village and a water park. The building opened it’s door on June 28th and is located in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province in southwestern China with a population of over 14 million.

  • Man Show Reunion: Adam Carolla Shows Up on Kimmel

    Pod cast king, Adam Carolla made an appearance on Kimmel last night for a nice little blast from the past reunion of ‘The Man Show’. Remember? That show that was on 20 years ago, where hosts, Kimmel and Carolla used to touch on topics you could only talk about in the sanctity of a man-cave or in a garage fixing up the red dragon. Then they would close with girls jumping on trampolines. For me it was 26 minutes of issues I wouldn’t understand and 1 closing minute that would define me as a man. There hasn’t since been a more bluntly executed minute of simplistic brilliance than girls jumping on trampolines, but I digress, it was a pleasure to see Kimmel’s quick wit and Carolla’s inate ability to rant about pretty much anything back together for a harmony from a decade ago. Carolla has a new film coming out dubbed ‘Road Hard’ about his ‘Pirate Ship’ pod cast, staring him and funded by the public on Fundanything. The more you donate the sweeter the pot gets. Take a look.

  • 4th of July by the Numbers (Infographic)

    As we march closer to Independence Day prepare to have your news feeds and social streams flooded with the stars and bars. Hashtags that say ‘#murica’ or ‘#back2backworldwarchamps’ are sure to be trending by early afternoon and who are we kidding. We’re guilty of loving the country so much it’s almost ironic too. As if you haven’t noticed already we have a thing for America, but it’s also good to be well informed on the facts of the fourth. So tomorrow in between two swigs of whiskey and Budweiser let your peers know that the youngest person to sign The Declaration of Independence was only 26 or that George Washington gave out double ratons of rum to celebrate the Fourth in 1778.

  • Made in America: 76 Born & Bred Beauties

    364 days a year we feature an eclectic mix of beautiful women from every coner of the globe, but today, as we prepare to celebrate the birth of our nation, we pay tribute to the lovely ladies who are from right here in the States. These are the home-grown women reigning supreme in 2013. They’re the local girls next door and they’re all grown up and posted all over the walls of teenage youths around the globe. From small towns like Kettering, OH (Brooklyn Decker) or Lewiston, ME (Erin Andrews) to big cities like New York, NY (Melanie Iglesias) or San Diego, CA (Brittney Palmer) we’ve got every inch of the map covered so read on an meet this year’s 76ers.

  • Mind-Blowing Shadow Sculptures [17 Photos]

    Dutch artist Diet Wiegman was voted the “Most Brilliant Artist of the Netherlands” in 2009 for his use of  garbage, pieces of glass and other rubble to create breathtaking sculptures that, with a light source, project beautiful shadow images onto a wall.

  • Rockin’ #RSVLTS June 2013 Grand Prize Winner

    The votes for our Rockin’ #RSVLTS contest have been flowing in like the Salmon of Capistrano and now that the month is over, it’s time to announce the June winner along with the grand prize. Since July is the Saturday of Summer we expect you to act like it. While wearing your RSVLTS gear, of course. Travel, adventure, grilling some meats or just being kissed by a couple of english dames at the Olympics are just a few of the activities that can win you the glory of a grand prize in our monthly Rockin’ #RSVLTS contest. We’ve wiped all the votes clean and someone needs to unseed Scott as the best Rockin’ #RSVLTS picture when the winners are announced later this month. Vote on the July 2013 photos and submit here >>

  • 5 Bourbon/Whiskeys To Pass Around on the 4th of July

    It’s tradition. Right? Every 4th of July everyone passes around a bottle of fine bourbon whiskey and trade stories of what they think it means to be American. Right? No? Well you very well should. We’ll help you along the way, pick up one (or five) of these bottles this Thursday and you won’t be disappointed. Each bottle has it’s own distinct nose and flavor for every type of drinker. We just ask that you do it responsibly, legally and away from  fireworks. 

  • Man Meal: Whisky BBQ Shrimp

    This is one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever make and it is sure to have the party you decide to treat with it going bonkers for more, so might as well double up on the order. This is a simple sweet flavored BBQ shrimp concoction with a little Whisky (We prefer George Dickel Tennessee Whisky) kick to add that flavor. Mix ingredients, marinate cook. Get drunk on shrimp. 

  • The Great Gatsby VFX Reel Will Blow Your Mind

    Chris Godfrey, the VFX supervisor on ‘Gatsby’ released this visual effects reel, director, Baz signed off on. The reel consists of real time ‘before and after’ shots that slide seamlessly from studio to finish product shot, giving the viewer a thorough idea just how much the film was crutched by VFX. It’s almost as shocking to see the environments created around the actor, as the actors ability to execute the shots with nothing around them, but a blue canvas. That’s Hollywood for ya. The Great Gatsby VFX from Chris Godfrey on Vimeo.

  • The 15 Best American Made Supermodels

    As we get close to Independence Day, we commemorate the best of the best American made supermodels of all time. In a world dominated by brazilian thoroughbreds and eastern european stick figures, we salute our home grown slices of American apple pie. The girl next door meets the girl who’s got you begging for more. Through the years, before the internet, these wild mustangs of our hearts were all that we had. A centerfold here, a bikini shoot there, but I digress. Here are the ‘The 15  Best American Made Supermodels’.

  • Japan’s Abandon ‘Battleship Island’ is Explored by Google Maps

    A small island off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture, Hashima was populated from the late 19th century to the 1970s as a coal mining facility. The island was then abandon, closing out all access to the public until late 2009, and then now opened up to Google Trekker and the Maps Team. In the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, 007 is taken to an uninhabited, abandon island similar ro Hashima, which was actually the inspiration for the villans secret hideout. With the help of the Nagasaki goverment, Google gained access to even the territories blocked off to tourists. Look closely and you can even get a glimpse of abandon technology, bottles and old TV’s. Click here to access ‘Battleship Island’ 

  • The 10 Most Bizarre Trades In Sports History

    Trades are often some of the most rumored and speculated occurrences in all of professional sports. People’s minds are often littered with images of what the discussed player would look like in a different team’s uniform. But, some trades in sports history are something of an oddity. Whether a player is traded for himself, an inanimate object, a seemingly oversized bounty, or in the presence of sheer spite, all of the completed trades on this list stand out in athletic history as thoroughly bizarre.

  • Top 5 Speeches From Fictional American Presidents in Movies

    In the crazy mixed up world we live in, fiction many times takes precedent over non-fiction. The grey area can sometimes even confuse the history of the world with fantasy. We’d like to think… Well we hope to think we can distinguish the two and commemorate great speeches made by fictional American Presidents. Now we know none of these speeches can compare to the eloquence of The Gettysburg Address or the courage of Teddy’s Milwaukee speech minutes after an assassination attempt left him wounded by a gun shot. These fictional speeches by actors live on in the distance of JFK’s Moon speech or LBJ’s address on equal rights, but in the generation we live in some of these speeches, ironically or not, have become more familiar than the great ones of our past leaders. We’re not trying to glorify them, more like ‘distinguish’ them from truth… And also expose the sheer awesomeness that are the Top 5 Speeches from Fictional American Presidents in Movies.

  • Junyong Pak Is The World’s Toughest Mudder

    At some point growing up, every boy dreams of becoming a tough-as-nails super soldier, like a Navy Seal or Green Beret. A child might fantasize about brutally exhausting training that molds him into an unstoppable force. But in most fantasies the warrior emerges from the training to go on and save damsels and nations; the reward is the heroics after, not the training itself. Junyong Pak, two time winner of the World’s Toughest Mudder, must somehow have gotten stuck in the “brutally exhausting training” part of that fantasy never to move on.


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