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  • RSVLTS Magazine Issue II Available Now!

    RSVLTS Magazine issue II is officially here! Let that sink in for a moment. Ok, still with us? Good. From an original shoot with internet superstar Leanna Decker to our interview with Green Bay Packers stud Clay Matthews issue two has it all and we’ve launched RSVLTSmagazine.com to offer a preview of what you can expect from the winter 2014 issue.

  • Pebble Steel Watch (Watch Wednesday)

    One of the original smart watches to have mainstream success, the Pebble Watch, now has a more chic look. An option for a leather and steel band. The main concern with the original Pebble was the playful look that was reminiscent of a childs swatch. The steel band option really distinguishes the watch and it’s capabilities. The case is forged of CNC-machined stainless steel in a brushed or matte black finish, but retains the ePaper display and app compatibility of its plastic sibling. Each one ships with a metal and leather strap giving you a good diverse choice for any occasion. So now you can act like James Bond without feeling like Jimmy Neutron. Pebble Steel $249

  • Margot Robbie Me In My Place [12 Photos]

    In 2012 Esquire teamed up with a little known 21-year-old Australian actress named Margot Robbie for a Me In My Place photoshoot. Now, two years later he career is taking off after her appearance as Leonardo DiCaprio’s smokeshow wife in The Wolf of Wall Street. Additional viewing:

  • Here’s What a $500,000 Car Looks Like. Rolls Royce Ghost V-Specification

    Rolls Royce keeps raising the bar and price. The new Ghost V- Specification model is set at a cool $450,000. Sporting a twin-turbocharged 6.6-liter V12 engine, this four-door has 593 horsepower under it’s hood, up from the 563 horse in the last model. Accompanied with 21 inch alloy wheels and a variety of colors (Black) to choose from, Graphite, Black Sapphire, Black Kirsch, Arctic White and Infinity Black. Rolls Royce Ghost V-Specification

  • New Meme Alert: Blanka Is A Troll [43 GIFs]

    Recently we showed you some GIFs that illustrated the rotten behavior of Street Fighter’s Chun Li, but now it turns out that Blanka, the electric monster hailing from Brazil, is even more of a jerk. It’s bad enough that he electrocutes you every time you jump near him then bites your face repeatedly, but knocking children off trampolines? That’s just low class, man. 

  • 2014 New Years Resolutions (By RedBull) (Infographic)

    Asking for a raise, traveling more, and dating more top 2014 bucket lists from men and women 25-49. What’s on your list? Only 12% give themselves a 100% chance of keeping their New Year’s resolutions, but just shy of half say they have a 76% or greater chance of keeping them. What will be your inspiration?

  • The Ammo Box Humidor

    How did Arnold keep his cigars fresh in Predator? Probably in an Ammodor humidor, known for their humidors made from new and recycled ammo boxes. Their most popular, the Ammodor 50, is made from .50 caliber ammo cases, holds between 100 and 125 robusto size cigars, and is lined with Spanish Cedar for humidity absorption. There are many options available, including a choice between new or used ammo cases, different humidifiers and hygrometers, and personalized insignias. The basic case starts at $94 from Ammodor.

  • RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher

    With Super Bowl XLVIII rolling into town we’re on high alert for events and cool happenings going on around New York City during Super Bowl weekend. RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher is your one-stop-shop for the most up to date event information.  Read: RSVLTS Super Bowl XLVIII Event Watcher

  • A U.S. Map Of Failed Secessionist States

    Over the years there have been plenty of secessionist movements in the United States that would have further divided the union into more states to be united. Mansfield University geography professor Andrew Shears used these movements to draw an alternate universe United States map with 124 states. On his blog, he explains the historical events that went into creating the “United States…That Could’ve Been.” It’s a fine idea, but obviously it would never work because trying to fit 124 stars on tiny American flags would be too damn hard. Although, as someone who lived in Florida for 20 years, the idea of separating from the panhandle is quite enticing. 

  • Amazing Street Art of Afghanistan By U.S. Soldiers [10 Photos]

    When the U.S. military arrived in Afghanistan in 2001, one of the first things done to secure an area was to erect concrete walls. Originally, the barriers were kept bare under strict orders form superiors. However, more than a decade later, many brazen artists have taken to expressing themselves on the walls using spare paint from tank maintenance crews and stencils made from whatever bits of cardboard can be scavenged. No word yet on a Banksy residency in Kandahar. 

  • Most Expensive Versions Of Everyday Items [17 Photos]

    I spent $50 on a glass of single malt one time and felt like a baller. But now that I know there is such a thing as $300 toothpaste, I am harshly reminded that I’m more on par with a Victorian street urchin and I’m lucky that debtor’s prisons no longer exist. But maybe one day I can eat a $2300 hot dog that costs more than my first two cars or drink coffee that costs about as much as my rent. Until then, I’ll keep surviving off Burger King’s King Deals menu. It almost tastes like food! 

  • Dennis Rodman’s Touching Rendition Of Happy Birthday For Pal/Despot Kim Jong Un [Video]

    Glorious leader of Best Korea celebrated his birthday with good friend Dennis Rodman and a team of former NBA players, despite pressure from evil U.S. imperialists against the visit. Rodman sang “Happy Birthday” to Kim Jong Un while all the ecstatic attendees clapped in unison completely of their own free will. Best Korea then beat Yankee dogs at their own game.

  • World War II Claims Another Victim, 70 Years After It Ended [13 HQ Photos]

    During World War II, American, British, and Russian forces dropped 2.7 million tons of bombs on Germany. It is estimated that somewhere between 7 and 15 percent of them were never detonated and remain hidden beneath the German soil, still live. 2000 bombs have been recovered in Berlin alone since the end of the war, with 10 to 15 still found each year. Usually they are found safely, with no injuries occurring, but on Friday, in the German town of Euskirchen, an excavator driver was killed and 13 others wounded when a World War II bomb went off. The blast even damaged windows and doors on buildings 400 meters away from the site. As of now, it’s unclear whether the device was buried underground or brought to the site for disposal or even what the device was. But with so many bombs still yet to be found, World War II may continue claiming victims.

  • Is Today the Day After Tomorrow?

    The phrase of the day is “polar vortex.”  To clear up the confusion, ‘polar vortex’ is not the name of an Alaskan heavy metal band, an MLS expansion team, or the new Kim Stanley Robinson novel. No, the polar vortex is the reason you had to wear three pairs of thermal socks today. CNN’s International senior meteorologist Brandon Miller explains: The polar vortex, as it sounds, is circulation of strong, upper-level winds that normally surround the northern pole in a counterclockwise direction — a polar low-pressure system.  These winds tend to keep the bitter cold air locked in the Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. It is not a single storm. On occasion, this vortex can become distorted and dip much farther south than you would normally find it, allowing cold air to spill southward. That’s the science behind the phenomenon.  Here’s a collection of photos: Hold up. Sorry, those photos were from the 2004 sci-fi flic The Day After Tomorrow (via IMDB.com). Here are a few eerily similar-looking photos of the effects of the polar vortex on several actual American locations:   Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • An Inside Look at the Office of Nike’s CEO, Mark Parker

    In the latest issue of Obscura magazine, Nike CEO Mark Parker opens his door at their new headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon. The office showcases an art collection of over 1,000 pieces, keeping Parker constant inspired while he sketches new ideas. From the big picture the office looks like the cluttered room of a child unable to let go of old toys, but take a closer look and each piece serves a purpose for generating fresh ideas  every day. Pick up issue 14 of Obscura for the full article.  

  • Think Spring, Be Warm with 2014 Golf Shoes

    Anything to get your mind off the polar vortex that has not only engulfed the majority of the U.S, but also the internet. Everywhere you turn you can’t seem to get away from a video of someone experimenting with boiling water outside. So we’re here to change up the pace a little. With spring just around the corner, and yes, it’ll be here before you finish reading what exactly a poler vortex is, the precious game of golf will take the southern jet stream back in to our lives. If you’re one of the lucky states unaffected by the cold front, then good for you, we’re freezing our toes off and thinking of our happy place is all we have left. The newest lines from adidas Golf, Nike Golf and Puma Golf don’t exactly mesh well with your daddy’s golf attire, but bring a fun bright aspect to the game it otherwise lacked. With young-gun-stars like Fowler, Bubba and Rory taking center stage on the coarse the buttoned up rules of days yonder are exactly that. Behind us. This season lace up your spikes with one of these new golf shoes, featuring lighter and more comfortable technologies. adidas adizero one more »

  • 8 Lessons in Manliness From Nick Offerman

    The paragon of manliness in today’s culture, otherwise void of such mythical creatures, is Nick Offerman. Or more accurately, it is his character, Ron Swanson. If you couldn’t decipher, though, much of that televised manliness is tongue-in-cheek. Offerman, though it is hard to believe, eats vegetables sometimes. He admits to being sensitive and to taking ballet lessons. He does so with utmost confidence. He’s also modest and open-minded, at least according to his book, Paddle Your Own Canoe. Therefore, I think we can learn more about manliness from the real man behind the farcical myth than from the symbol of manliness that his character has become. Here are eight lessons, pretty literally transcribed from his book:

  • The Rodman North Korea Meltdown From the Thoughts of his Teammates

    If you didn’t hear or see the meltdown Dennis Rodman had during an interview with Chris Cuomo of CNN’s “New Day,” here it is. It is what it is. Rodman defends his movement to North Korea, pressing to stay out of the political tape during his time there. Defending his trip, claiming it’s strictly to bring the game of basketball to their culture. There are concerns for the welfare of U.S. citizen Kenneth Bae, who’s been detained there for more than a year for reasons that are unclear, which Rodman, and Rodman spokesman and teammate, Chris Smith refused to comment on. The other former NBA players are along side ‘The Worm’ to take part in a basketball game for Kim Jong Un’s 31st birthday against the North Korea team. The players knew they’d catch slack for participating in the controversial game for a dictator’s personal pleasure, but what they didn’t account for was the unpredictable Rodman’s on air meltdown, chalk full of tears and babble. The look on his teammates faces morph from objectified stance to “What have I done” in less than two minutes says it all. We’ve mocked up a few screengrabs from the best moments of the more »

  • Amsterdam In Motion Timelapse Video

    UK born photographer/filmmaker Jack Fisher is quickly becoming a big name in the hyperlapse medium. What seperates hyperlapse from regular timelapse is that the camera is moving throughout the shoot. His latest commission, “Amsterdam in Motion,” showcases the Dutch capital in November and December of 2013, during the annual Light Festival. The result is a high definition video of an already visually-striking city during one of the most epic public art installations in the world.

  • 30 Things I’ve Learned Last Year That Were Stupidly Obvious, But Helped Me Anyway

    I never thought I would see the day. But here I am, writing a proselytizing article with advice aimed at twenty-somethings from my own Gen-Y perspective–and it’s in (true Elite Daily) list form. Well, anyway, I’ve gotten over my squeamish fear of appealing to the mainstream, enough so that I wrote an article about all the nifty things I’ve learned this year. I’m sure I sound naive. And I am. All “twenty-somethings” that write “twenty-something” articles are naive. Because, they are “twenty-somethings”. Duh. Being well aware of that fact, I still think some of these ideas can help you. They’ve helped me out over the last year. These ideas continue to help me still. I’m sure some of them will be replaced by better ideas, but so goes the nature of life and living.

  • Own A Pair Of Retro Leather Boxing Gloves

    Reenact the early days of the Marquess of Queensberry Rules, when gloves were first required in boxing, and pretend you’re “Gentleman Jim” Corbett with these vintage leather boxing gloves. Made of hand-stitched cigar leather, these gloves will make you feel like a classy Jack Dempsey rather than that bare-knuckled brute John L. Sullivan. The description says “for decorative use only,” but if Jack Johnson challenges me, you know I’ll be putting these on before I start swinging. By Jack Johnson, I obviously mean the gentle singer-songwriter, not the heavyweight champ of 100 years ago. Get your pair of retro leather boxing gloves today for $69 from Restoration Hardware.

  • FSU Defeats Auburn in BCS Championship (20 HQ Photos)

    Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston led his Florida State Seminoles to the last BSC National title of the modern era. Winston led the top-ranked FSU team to victory after an undefeated season. The first half of the game was lop sided to say the least, Auburn gaining heavy ground on a flat footed Seminole squad. In the second half, however, Famous Jameis took the reigns and led State to a 34-31 victory after a 4th quarter shootout.

  • Timeline Of The Far Future Infographic

    Nobody likes surprises when it comes to universal events. With that in mind, BBC Future presents this handy infographic to help you plan for the future that you’ll never see. Hmmm…I seem to be having trouble entering some of these dates in my Google Calendar.

  • The 50 Most Popular People On Instagram in 2014

    We’re willing to bet you use Facebook less than you did one year ago. Right? As statistics show Facebook is in decline we think when it comes to social media Instagram is King. So let’s take a look at the people who are running the show in 2014. We’ve combed through Instagram statistics to pull together the following list of the 50 Most Popular People on Instagram.

  • JuggaLove Juggalo Dating Service [Video]

    Are you a juggalo looking for your juggalette? Is it hard finding a significant other who is down with the clown? Try out JuggaLove, founded by Dr. Kenneth “2 Krunk Pussy Killa” Ross, and find your dream gal who’s not put off by Faygo-induced diabetes, Great Milenko tattoos, and ridiculously oversized JNCOs.

  • Nicolas Cage Film Review Haiku

    I think we can all agree that Nicolas Cage is the greatest gift to mankind. Even when his movies are bad, and they’re often really, really, bad, there is always something insanely interesting about Cage’s performance. Maybe it’s the nonsensical voices he chooses for his characters. Maybe it’s the way he loses his shit. Whatever the reason, today we celebrate the 50th birthday of this fine actor. To commemorate his half-century of greatness I revisited some of his best films and wrote down my impressions in the form of haiku.

  • Footage From Nirvana’s Last LA Concert [Video]

    On December 30, 1993 Nirvana took the stage at the LA Forum during their In Utero tour and the show was captured by filmmaker and longitme friend of the band, Dave Markey. This footage would be the last time the band would play Los Angeles before singer Kurt Cobain committed suicide in April of 1994. To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the performance, Markey recently posted a a video highlighting three songs form the show. Here is Nirvana playing their covers of the Vaselines’ “Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam,” Daivd Bowie’s “Man Who Sold The World,” and their own “All Apologies” at the LA Forum for the last time.

  • Full-Length Trailer For Season 2 Of ‘House Of Cards’

    Netflix hit original series “House of Cards” returns for a second season on February 14, guaranteeing a weekend of binge watching for millions of people all over the world. Here’s the full trailer to get you ready for the next chapter in the saga of Frank and Claire. Let’s hope season two of “Orange is the New Black” won’t be far behind.

  • Rope Swing Zipline From The Top of an NFL Stadium [Video]

    Devin Super Tramp, who shows us again and again that he has more fun than anyone in the world with his YouTube videos, has managed to make something worth watching that takes place at the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium. With help from Panasonic, who provided cameras, and Aerial Concepts, a live entertainment and production firm, Devin was able to make a rope swing zipline and capture some incredible footage.

  • Dapper Baseball Players Of The 1800s [25 Photos]

    The A.G. Spalding Collection from the New York Public Library has some amazing photographs of all your favorite baseball stars of the 19th century, like Civil War hero Dick McBride, but the best find is proof of contemporary actor Zac Efron being a time traveler. Check out that picture of Philadelphia Athletics superstar Joe Battin and try telling me that’s not the star of the upcoming “That Awkward Moment.” Also, although most of these dudes are nothing like the MLB juiceheads of today when it comes to physical appearance,  JF Guehrer looks like a total badass. The rest of them, with their scrawny frames and interesting facial hair, just look like the guys you’d see at any cocktail bar in Brooklyn drinking Fernet.

  • You’re Eating Wings Wrong. Brandi Milloy & Food Beast Make it RIght.

    As evolution goes, progress is inevitable. The consumption of eating chicken wings is no different. For years, the staple snack synonymous with sports food has been eaten by the discretion of the wing eater. Well the game has changed. Forever. The scientists over at Food Beast’s applied food science division have devised an economical method for taking down wings by removing the bone completely. Brandi Milloy gives a step by step breakdown anyone can achieve with flawless results.

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