• RSVLTS Sit Down with the Cast of 21 & Over

    The day before the release of 21 & Over, I sat down with the three stars of the sure-fire-quote machine movie of early 2013, Miles Teller, Skylar Astin and Justin Chong, for an insiders look at wild off-camera antics, awkward on-camera moments and obviously, drinking. The flick was everything you’d expect from Hangover super bros, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The duo debuted their directorial skills with this film, and if you’re a fan of their work, then 21 & Over is worth a gander. The three up-and-coming actors thrive off each other’s character traits and flaws which make for good ad-libbing, while never losing sight of Jeff Chang, the epicenter of the plot. Usually actors manage to squib playing the drunkard by over acting, but Justin Chon does a somewhat believable job of portraying the belligerent birthday boy. Justin’s strong points come about during the bar scene montage, which had the audience bellowing a sizable amount. Teller’s role as the quick witted instigator, Miller, keeps the comic relief flowing, while carrying the dry, buttoned up and soft, Casey (Astin). Overall the coming of age, college cliche, holds your attention enough for the movie to fly by and definitely holds more »

  • 21 & Over (Trailer)

    Ah the ol’ coming of age, binge drinking, college romping, girls and boobs story we all love and will undoubtedly go see. Especially when it’s written by the dudes who brought us Hangover. So basically, straight-A college do gooder, Jeff Chang, turns 21. His roommates or bro’s take him out for a night of college rompus, Jeff Chang almost dies several times at the hands of his friends. Hilarity ensues. You will leave the theater satisfied and with the name Jeff Chang branded into your brain for the foreseeable future. In theaters. March 1st.


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