• All of This Year’s Oscar Nominees Have One Thing in Common

    Column Five + Viasge teamed up to create a clever graphic surrounding the most recent Academy Award nominations for actors and actresses. The graphic was created in the wake of backlash after widely acclaimed Selma, centered around Martin Luther King Jr.’s civil rights struggle, received but two nominations, for best picture and best song. Director Ava DuVernay, who could have made history as the first female African-American director nominee, was shut out. So was her much-touted star David Oyelowo. This all coming after last year’s triumphant success of director, Steve McQueen and his interpretation of 12 Year’s A Slave. Column Five’s simple, but clever interpretation of this year’s nominees is a blatant message toward the lack of diversity chosen by this year’s panel of judges, which shows every nominated actor in Lead and Supporting categories — 20 actors in all — is white. Food for thought.


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