• Running Never Felt So Soft: The Adidas Ultra Boost Review

    Adidas’ BOOST technology is now being introduced to different facets of their company, running, basketball and even casual wear with the drop of their Yeezy line. We had an opportunity to test out their newest addition, the Ultra Boost, claiming the runner has 20% more boost cushioning material making impact not only much more forgiving, but adding acceleration upon release. Upper- The first thing noticed when you try on the shoe is how well it molds to your foot, it’s PrimeKnit technology feels completely different than last years model which is a great sign for this shoe, but more importantly where PrimeKnit is headed. Although it’s probably not the best option for running outdoors in the winter, the PrimeKnit does weave tighter in high-stress areas like the toe area also keeping your foot fairly warm. The only real structure on it’s upper is the counter and a black support cage around the midfoot that is a little reminiscent of a Nike Presto (Not in the terrible way it sounds). The support cage is solid, but pretty flexible adding to the snugness of the shoe without suffocating your foot. Definitely a positive if your foot cramps if a shoe feels too tight. Lace these babies up more »

  • Adidas Release Energy Boost Reveal

    Adidas has found their saving grace with their Energy Boost line of running shoes. Now adding to that line is the Energy Boost Reveal adding a mesh two-tone stretch mesh upper in favor of the standard monotone uppers. Complementing the new upper are a flexible suede heel and synthetic overlays and Three Stripes branding. Energy Boost technology has been a huge success for adidas, giving a cushioned stable sole, while claiming each cell springs back upon compression. The Energy Boost Reveal will be available at select retailers and adidas at the end of July.

  • adidas climachill Golf Technology Adds a Cool Factor Back to Golf

    With the summer and Fathers Day approaching adidas may have just solved two problems for your golf needs. From their latest line of hot weather apparel comes the adidas climachill collection. With a combination of titanium-woven fabrics and enhanced breathability thanks to a few strategically placed aluminum dots inside the back neck of the shirt. Why are a few metal dots so important? They provide a cooling sensation on the upper back and neck and if you’ve ever played golf in anything over 90 degrees, is just what the doctor ordered. The polyester in the shirt’s fabric is made of flat yarn, making it lightweight and cool making it’s ventilation a key component. adidas climachill golf shirt

  • adidas Kareem “The Blueprint” Abdul-Jabbar

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is looked at as the blueprint for the contemporary basketball player, tall, agile with some serious finesse. His accolades speak for themselves and shall forever be known as one of the greatest of all time. adidas release the “Blueprint” today with Abdul-Jabbar there to meet and greet a select few fans in New Orleans. “The Blueprint” Jabbar Hi is crafted out of actual Tyvek® blueprint paper which includes white contrast stitching, laces, and printed graphics. Each player interviewed is printed on the right footbed, each response is printed on the left footbed. Available at adidas Originals retail stores and adidas.com, $100.

  • Kanye West Leaves Nike For Adidas [Video]

    After his performance at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West stopped by Hot 97 and talked with host Angie Martinez about his troubles with Nike. Apparently, Yeezy, the Great and Almighty, wanted royalties on the level of athletes like Michael Jordan. Nike refused, pointing out that Kanye is not a professional athlete, to which he replied “I go to the Garden and play one-on-no-one. I’m a performance athlete.” Now the creative genius says he will partner with Adidas for the next Yeezy shoe. What will the professional crybaby have a problem with next? Only time will tell. I give it until the afternoon before we hear about the next thing that bothers him.

  • adidas NBA On-Court Collection

    Adidas and the NBA today unveiled an all-new collection of premium on-court apparel.  The NBA On-Court Collection will outfit players on all 30 NBA teams with the most innovative performance and on-trend style. To celebrate the new season, the adidas NBA On-Court Collection includes several items that players will wear on game days including the On-Court Warm-Up Jacket and Pant, Varsity Warm-Up Jacket, Long-Sleeve Shooting Shirt and Short-Sleeve Shooting Shirt.

  • Adidas Samba + Blauvelt Snowboarding Boots

    Adidas has officially kicked their winter sports campaign into full gear, developing their first lineup of snowboard boots. Basing their boots off their classic footwear styles, adidas created a familiar style boot from their Samba line. First introduced to the world in 1950 as an indoor football shoe, the Samba’s iconic design quickly became a staple from the pitch to the streets. The Samba shoe lineage is traced back to their roots as a indoor soccer shoe and one of the most iconic sneakers of all time, also used by a large percentage of skateboarders. Only appropriate to take the model that made adidas a household name for the inaugural Snowboard boot. Adidas is also unveiling the first pro-model for Jake Blauvelt, which is their first signature line, a modified version of the boot.  adidas Snowboarding

  • Shoe Box Illustrations Show Evolution of Sneaker Brands

    London-based graphic designer, Stephen Cheetham created a visual evolution of famous sneaker brands through their shoe boxes. The minimalist illustrations depict each brands progression through the years. The absence of a 3D box gives a crisper look to the detail of each box.

  • Robert Griffin III Backtracks On Adidas Ad Promising He’ll Be Back By Week 1

    Robert Griffin III’s new Adidas ad, titled “Blow Up,” which looks to be inspired by Dark Knight Rises seems to imply that the injured star Quarterback for the Washington Redskins will be ready in time for the first game on the season on September 9th in New Orleans. The spot went live on YouTube yesterday afternoon and RGIII even Tweeted a link to his 800,000 followers. But then less than an our later, he sent a tweet to clarify the ad and his previous Tweet. H/T – BusinessInsider.com

  • Adidas New York ’12 Sneakers

    The New York ’12 combine bold style with cushioned support for running in an urban environment. They have a breathable mesh build with durable suede overlays, a comfortable webbing-wrapped EVA midsole and a long-running ADIWEAR™ outsole. Available in hipster black or black and NY orange.  Adidas New York ’12 $75.00  

  • Nebraska to Wear Black Cleats that Turn Silver in Spotlight

    This Saturday The Nebraska Cornhuskers will set out to play The Wisconsin Badgers in a midwest showdown. Adidas, Nebraskas official athletic sponsor, has been trying to keep up with the ever changing can’t-do-wrong style of Nike the past few years and had come short a few times. These Cleats are sure to stir up a little conversation, and is going to be interesting to see how they look on the field and on tv.

  • Top 10 Viral Sports Advertisements (Videos)

    Over the past few years, big brands have been featuring viral videos of professional sports figures accomplishing astounding feats during “down time” on a commercial set or just practicing their trade. While everyone knows the authenticity of these viral ads, it’s fun to imagine these athletes as the larger than life figures we once thought they were as children. Kobe Jumps Over Speeding Aston Martin- Nike Evan Longoria Saves Reporters Life- Gillette Micheal Vick Practice Field- Powerade LeBron’s Full Court Show- Powerade Hardest Hockey Shot- Samsung The Black Mamba Jumps a Pool of Snakes- Nike Van Persie Does The Ricochet Trick- Adidas Ball Girl- Gatorade Roger “William Tell” Federer- Gillette David Beckham Hits 3 Beach Bins- Pepsi


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