• NPR’s Interactive Guide to Running Jokes on Arrested Development

    NPR has created this time consuming interactive chart of every running joke on the series that recently debuted with much acclaim on Netflix. The chart is broken down by character, season and then when rolled over, highlights the  joke quote and episode. The chart was recently updated for Season 4, so if you haven’t “blew your wad prematurely” and watched the whole season already, maybe shut off the season 4 plug in. The chart also lets you breakdown each joke by episode and character as  well, so you can really get down and dirty with the Bluths. 

  • Let’s Play Catch Up: Every Running Gag from Arrested Development

    If you haven’t been ritualistically watching every episode of Arrested Development waiting patiently to binge this Sunday, May 26th, then you should probably take a refresher coarse on the many running gags that subtly emerse into the shows script. Eighteen, infact, there are eighteen running ‘inside’ jokes, ranging from the family’s obscure take on impersonating a chicken ( each family member has their own quirky dance) to the head down, arms stiff, sad Charlie Brown walk. Slackatory, put together this amazing compilation so you don’t have to sit home all weekend catching up, although we recommend you do. Take a look see and try not to “prematurely shoot your wad on what’s suppose to be a dry run”, because then you’ll “just have something of a mess on your hands.”  

  • Arrested Developing Story: The Bluth Banana Stand Sets Up Shop in NYC

    Last week, The Bluth Banana Stand was spotted in London, pictures arose, people got chocolate dipped bananas, all was well in foggy London town. This morning our food editor, Sarah Polite, spotted the Bluth Family’s prized possession in midtown (6th Ave between 50th and 49th in front of the fountain). Not only are the Frozen Bananas available for purchase, but Seamless is also promoting the cause, offering up the menu for delivery for a mear $250,000 minimum and estimated delivery time at 13 days (days till the show airs). The show has been teasing the public with viral posters and just released the Season 4 trailer last night, but this Banana Stand is the ultimate Bluth balls tease.

  • Arrested Development Season 4 Trailer has Arrived

    The whole Bluth family is back and although much has changed and time has passed since we last saw them, everyone seems to be exactly where we liked them when we last left off. It looks like George Michael is in college (with Maybe) and Gob is still doing magic, which is really all we care about. Season 4 is set to kick off May 26th on Netflix.

  • New Arrested Development Posters Hit the Streets, We Officially Have Bluth Balls

    The highly anticipated season of Arrested Development has been dangling in front of us just enough to keep our attention, realeasing teaser posters after teaser posters. Character posters have been popping up throughout the day in Los Angeles and we just got our hands on the bunch. The official release date (May 26th) is less than a month away and I think it’s safe to say we have Bluth balls.  

  • Conan O’Brien Will Appear In The New Season Of “Arrested Development”

    As if we couldn’t be any more amped for the return of Arrested Development, Will Arnett appeared on Conan last night and dropped a complete bombshell about the show that will make the wait until next year absolutely unbearable. When asked about the details on the return, Arnett slyly revealed that both host Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter will be making appearances during the series.


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