• Watch What these Incredible People Do After a Man Gets His Leg Caught in a Subway Gap

    Despite all the wrong in this world, good people still exist. In Perth, Australia a typical work commute turned ugly when a man walking off a subway car trapped his leg between the train and platform around 9am. Rail officials didn’t want to move the train, fearing it would cause serious damage to the mans leg, so onlookers jumped at the chance to help. Hundreds of people joined in an effort to push the train just enough so the man could dislodge his leg from the small space that had wedged itself in. After a few attempts the plan worked and faith in humanity was restored. Hopefully the aliens saw that and not the video of that woman riding a bike face-planting on a dock.

  • Australian Bachelor Pad Hovers Over The Beach [18 Photos]

    Originally built in 1978, Australia’s iconic “Pole House” on the Great Ocean Road was really showing its age when the current owners purchased the property in 2005. After 13 months of renovation by Melbourne’s F2 Architecture, the house has reopened, with no signs of the Berber carpeted walls or light fixtures made from green wine bottles. From the outside, the house looks very much the same, but inside it is sleek and modern. The only hint of its age is the 1960s-era floating fireplace, which would have been foolish to remove. The entire house is basically one big, open room looking out onto the ocean. The supporting pole and bathroom are concealed in a burnt ash timber wall. And the best part? The house is available for vacation rentals through Great Ocean Road Holidays. You’ll be sure to get plenty of Sheilas, mate.

  • Australian Wildfires Rage Out of Control [45 HQ Photos]

    It is the middle of summer Down Under and tempretures are soaring. Four of the county’s hottest 10 days on record have been in 2013. With that, brush fires are spreading across the entire country. These fires are fueled by dry land and high winds. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been burned and 35,000 firefighters are battling the raging infernos. Most news agencies are reporting on the fact that 2012 was the warmest year on record in the United States but they aren’t talking about Australia but the pictures are shocking.

  • Photo of the Day: Rubber Duck in Sydney Harbour

    It’t bath time in one of Sydney’s most iconic locations. This 50-foot rubber duck is seen here floating in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, best known for it’s views of the Opera House, in preparation for a festival this weekend which organisers say will turn the harbour into a “giant bathtub”. “People will see it from the highway, will see it from the harbour, it’s five storeys high, and it’s just a very quirky way to say ‘the festival is on, please join us in the party’”, Sydney Festival director Lieven Bertels said. The rubber duck, designed by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, is made out of PVC material and took three weeks to make, according to Sydney Festival officials.


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