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Back to the Future: GTA Style [Video]

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has long been a popular medium to both recreate famous scenes and create original ones. So, seeing as tomorrow is both Back to the Future Day as well as the day in 2015 that Marty and Doc Brown arrive in 2015, there’s no surprise that the guys over at GTA…

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40 Iconic Movie Scenes Then And Now

Thanks to Tumblr account, dat scene, we can see the drastic (or nonexistent) changes in the real-life locations of some of the most memorable scenes in movie history. Ranging from 1920s to the current decade, Phil Grishayev, the man behind dat scene, recaptured scenes from famous movies in their current conditions.…


Fastest Ship in the Universe

Space is certainly the one mystery that literally surrounds us. Outside of planet Earth, we really don’t have an understanding of anything that occurs and exists beyond this planet. In fact, not a single human can say they’ve walked on the surface of another planet — unless they’re fictional. Well, aside from equipment, budget…

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21 More Before and After VFX Photos From Classic Movies

Although movies seem to be increasingly reliant on computer-generated visual effects (did Ryan Reynolds really need a CGI costume in Green Lanter?), chroma-keying with blue or green screens is nothing new. To illustrate the point, we’ve included some classic films that used visual effects for otherwise impossible scenes, like Ghostbusters…