• Lucas Theatre in Savannah Creates Amazing Original Movie Posters

    Originally built in 1921, Savannah’s Lucas Theatre is a cultural mecca in the city’s bustling arts scene. The venue hosts operas, touring music acts, and orchestras, but is most popular for its original purpose as a movie house. In addition to hosting the Savannah Film Festival, the Lucas Theatre also regularly shows classic films. But instead of using old posters we’ve seen far too many times before, the theatre employs illustrator Sean Loose to create original works. Some of our favorites are below, but be sure to check out more of Sean’s work at Behance and Loose Illustration.

  • These Back To The Future Shoes Are So Hot Right Now

    Although the hoverboard was the most wanted item from “Back to the Future Part II,” the self-lacing, light up Nike shoes worn by Marty McFly were a close second. In 2011, Nike released a limited run of MAGs that were replicas of the shoes from the movie (sans automatic laces) but only 1500 pairs were sold at tens of thousands of dollars each. It seemed as if regular folks would never get a chance to own the shoes. Until now. Universal Studios has officially licensed these Air MAG replicas available exclusively through HalloweenCostumes.com. But if you want them in time for Halloween, you’re out of luck. They’ve already sold out and the next shipment won’t be available until November. That’s still plenty of time for Christmas, though! Unfortunately, they still don’t lace automatically (rumor has it Nike will unveil that technology next year), but these replicas do light up and can be recharged via USB. A velcro strap around the ankle and elastic at the top will keep these shoes on your feet as you’re fleeing from Griff and his band of goons. They may not have the signature Nike swoosh, but at just $99 versus thousands, that is something more »

  • East London Transformed For Immersive “Back To The Future” Experience [10 Photos]

    Secret Cinema undertook a huge project when they announced that they would be transforming an area of East London into a replica of Hill Valley for a special total-immersion viewing of the 1985 classic “Back to the Future.” Many thought the group couldn’t pull it off, and when the first week of shows was canceled last week, the naysayers seemed to be right. But last night, with all the problems from last week solved, Stratford’s Olympic Park filled with fans dressed in 50s attire, ready to experience Hill Valley. And the whole production went off without a hitch. 66,000 tickets priced at £53.50, about $90, have sold for the summer showings throughout August. Check out the photos form opening night below and see what you’re missing out on. Unless you’re going, in which case please take us along, too.

  • 21 More Before and After VFX Photos From Classic Movies

    Although movies seem to be increasingly reliant on computer-generated visual effects (did Ryan Reynolds really need a CGI costume in Green Lanter?), chroma-keying with blue or green screens is nothing new. To illustrate the point, we’ve included some classic films that used visual effects for otherwise impossible scenes, like Ghostbusters and Back to the Future, along with newer movies, like The Great Gatsby, where computers are used for every last detail to perfectly convey the director’s vision. After looking through this gallery, be sure to check out our previous collection of Before and After CGI Shots.

  • 36 Portraits Of Your Favorite Movie Characters

    Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell created these instantly recognizable portraits of 36 of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema. “The Portrait Show” can currently be seen at Austin’s Mondo Gallery. More work, including mashups of these portraits, can be seen at Sir Mike of Mitchell.

  • Back To The Future iPad Case

    The Grays Sports Almanac. The very book that would alter the course of history as we know it. The very book old Biff gave to young Biff in 1955 which he eventually used to become a crooked millionaire. And now it can be yours. Well sort of, the Complete Sports Statistics 1950-2000 almanac is actually an iPad case, but then isn’t an iPad it’s own sports almanac in a sense. ‘Oh LàLà’ cover not included! Make your own you mucky pups. The Grays Sports Almanac iPad Case $33.49

  • Everything Wrong With Back To The Future [Video]

    Cinema Sins ruins your childhood with their video pointing out every mistake in Back to the Future. Many of the “sins” are simple continuity errors that nobody notices anyway, but the ones about time travel are just not fair. When time travel is what propels your entire plot, some holes are to be expected. But varying pens in Geroge’s pocket in one scene? Come on Continuity Supervisor Nancy Hansen, what were you thinking?

  • Minimal Photos of Famous Shoes

    Minimalist artist, Fredrico Mauro, not only got his hands on these shoes, but managed to photograph them in pristine condition. With the array ranging from contemporary movies to retro athletes, Mauro photographed some of the most iconic footwear in popular culture history. See the entire collection at Fredrico Mauro: Famous Shoes 

  • Back to The Future Hoverboard (18 Days Until Christmas)

    I was just a small lad when Back to the Future 2 hit theaters, but I knew someday I’d be hovering around causing all sorts of hijinks on my hoverboard. Whizzing by robot fruit stands, stealing a few apples as the robot street vender disappeared into the rear view with his robot fist shaking in the air. Alluding Biff and his cronies. Hangin’ with my friends at the hover park, ya know, usual future dreams. Well that day has come. Mattel has released a replica of the infamous hoverboard that skyrocketed the BTTF trilogy from epic to legendary. Too bad it doesn’t actually hover… SMH science. Back to the Future Hoverboard $130 Navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys

  • Classic Movie Garb Photography

    French Photographer, Candice Milon, is a fan of classic ficks, so she thought it would be a good idea to source some garb from all of our favorite movies and take some shots. While you may only have 1 night a year to pull some of these combos off, at least it will save you some youtube costume sourcing. Back To The Future Casablanca A Clockwork Orange Rebel Without A Cause Forest Gump Wall Street Blues Brothers


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