• New Banksy Art Pops Up in the U.K., Dubbed “Racist”

    Yeah, um I think that was his intention… New works of street artist Banksy have surfaced at Prayers Park in Folkestone and another in ‘Clacton-on-Sea’, two small U.K. towns. The mural at Prayers Park, depicts an elderly woman looking at a roman column as if at an art gallery with an audio guide, with the actual art buffed out, titled ‘Art Buff’. The more controversial one was painted on a boathouse wall owned by the Tendring District Council “because of an upcoming by-elections that could result in a member of the anti-EU party UKIP being elected to Parliament”, as quoted by Complex. After the complaints rushed in the council immediately buffed it out. It features a group of pigeons protesting with held signs that read “Migrants not welcome”, “Go back to Africa” and “KEEP OFF OUR WORMS”, pointing towards an African swallow.

  • Recreating Banksy’s Greatest Works With Legos [20 Photos]

    Award-winning photographer Jeff Friesen recently took his camera along to the mean streets of Legoland in order to capture the works of that mysterious, edgy, underground artist known only as Bricksy. It has been hypothesized that Bricksy is a major influence on Banksy. Personally, I just don’t see it, but take a look for yourself and form your own conclusion. Each of these Bricksy works is accompanied with the corresponding Banksy work in the corner. And for more clever Lego projects, check out The Brick Fantastic.

  • Banksy’s Latest Work: Nazi Oil Painting For Charity

    For his latest project in New York City, Banksy purchased an oil painting at Housing Works, a thrift store on 23rd Street, added a reflective Nazi to it, then returned it to the store. Of course, people rushed out hoping they could purchase it for cheap but no such luck. It’s still on display at the store for now but is also up for auction at Bidding For Good. The auction ends tomorrow, but you better pool your money with your other art-loving hippy friends, because as of right now the price is up to $300,000. Now to wait for the fake Banksy thrift store oil paintings to start showing up around the city. 

  • Brilliant Artist Brings Banksy Street Art To Life As Animated GIFs (12 GIFs)

    Artist,  ABVH, is a mastermind of taking stagnant art and transforming it into seamless GIFs. The Serbian artist has a knack for taking Banksy’s messaging and morphing specific elements, giving them moving parts. Banksy’s recent tear upon NYC looks as if it’s given ABVH some inspiration taking a few of Banksy’s latest pieces in his latest work.

  • Banksy Gives Men An Excuse To Go To The Hustler Club

    This morning Banksy did every man in New York City a favor when he put his newest piece on the side of the Hustler Club in Hell’s Kitchen. Now when your girlfriend or wife gets mad when you say you’re heading to Larry Flynt’s wonderland, just let them know you’re only going to support urban graffiti culture as a legitimate art form in the wake of threatened gestapo tactics from the establishment. Also, they should probably stay home in case things get dicey. 

  • Fake Banksys Sell Out For Same Price As Originals [Video]

    Remember last week when Banksy tried selling his originals for $60 in Central Park and he was only able to make $420 over the entire day? Well genius artist Dave Cicirelli succeeded where Banksy failed by selling fakes, which were clearly advertised as being fakes, for the same price and selling out of all 40 in just one hour. Do people really think that this was Banksy playing a trick? Maybe they just couldn’t read the big “Fake Banksy” sign. Maybe they just wanted to prove that they have no appreciation of the art itself and just want to make some kind of investment. I’m just mad I didn’t think of this first.

  • Has Banksy Finally Been Revealed? – SPOILER ALERT [Photos]

    For the past week the reclusive street artist Banksy has been dominating the New York City art scene with his mysterious Better Out Than In campaign. New Yorkers can visit an almost unlimited amount of art in the city but each day they eagerly await the revelation of the newest Banksy, which raises an interesting but relevant question, “who the hell is Banksy?” No one seems to know. And for a guy that got nominated for an Oscar and has sold millions of dollars of art all over the world, it is pretty amazing he has kept his identify a secret this long. Well, it finally looks like someone captured Banksy on camera. With the ubiquity of cell phone cams it was bound to happen eventually. Although the ambiguity of it all has given Banksy more of a legend status. The mystery of exactly who he is was part of the intrigue, his work and clever talent always spoke for itself, especially in this self indulged world of selfies and humble bragging. The blank canvas of banksy’s identity put him on a hierarchy of virtue in that he let his work do the talking.

  • Banksy Sells His Art On The Streets Of NYC For $60 To See What People’s Reactions Would Be

    Banksy continued his month-long experiment in New York by offering a deal so good, nobody would take advantage of it. He set up a table in Central Park selling original canvasses for $60. The lonely old man selling the art didn’t even make a sale until 3:30 in the afternoon, and that was to a woman who talked him down 50%. By the time he folded up the table at 6, only $420 worth had been sold. When Banksy posted this video of the experiment, New Yorkers throughout the city cursed themselves for missing out on an investment easily worth five figures. I was planning on going to the park on Saturday but opted for the free Wallflowers show in Times Square instead. What was I thinking?

  • BanksyNYC Watch: Lower East Side Mural Unveiled

    Banksy unveiled his latest work last night, featuring some horses wearing night vision googles along with warplanes, crosshairs, and a couple of scared civilians. There’s a video on YouTube featuring a photo of the work with Audio used was taken from the “Collateral Murder” footage recently leaked by Chelsea Manning. It seems as though the elusive street artist is getting pretty serious with his subtle messages. We’ll keep you updated with more works. This one is located at 159 Ludlow St, NY, NY

  • Banksy Posts video of ‘Rebel Rocket Attack’ on Dumbo

    On Banksy’s sisxth day in NYC, he refused to post a piece on his month long NYC tear. Instead, he posted a video to his YouTube page of a man with a rocket shooting down Dumbo. Could this be a hint of whats to come to DUMBO, BK? Either way Banksy’s work has been gaining a lot of steam, not for his work, but for the defacing of the defacer. Banksy’s latest NYC works have all been mauled by graffiti artists looking to hop on his coat tails.

  • Banksy Giveth, NYC Taketh Away: Third Banksy Piece Tagged Over in an Hour

    Banksy’s attempt to “to host an entire show on the streets of New York.” has had more than buzz surrounding it. Within a day of his first piece done featuring a young, barefoot boy standing atop another figure’s shoulders, reaching for a can of spray paint hidden inside a “Graffiti Is a Crime” sign, it was completely whitewashed within 24 hours. Next was a piece written in classic graffiti style type reading “THIS IS MY NEW YORK ACCENT” followed by a seriffed typeface reading “… normally i write like this”. That piece was written over within half a day by a toy type graffiti artist. This morning Banksy unveiled his third installment of a silhouetted dog urinating on a fire hydrant with a thought bubble above the hydrant reading “You complete me…”. Within an hour an artist by the name of Kaffzilla had leashed the dog and vandalized the vandalism. Not sure if this is al part of Banksy’s elaborate plan or he actually thought his work would last the day in the city where street art is as prevalent as taxis are. We have a full month to find out.  

  • Banksy To Inundate New York City With Street Art This Month

    Banksy has launched a month-long art show in the streets of New York City. The show is being called “Better Out Than In” and in typical creative Bankey fashion he included a phone number viewers can call to take an audio tour around the city. To listen to the tour dial 1-800-656-4271 and enter #1 when prompted. Or you can just listen to it on his website. It all started when a piece called “The Street is in Play” appeared in Chinatown and for some ridiculous reason the art was powerwashed away but you can view it below. 

  • Banksy Inside Releases Canvas Paintings on Website

    Infamous street artist, Banksy, released paintings on canvas on his Banksy website. The artist, who is known for outdoor street installations has come out with a more traditional true art model, showcasing a mixture of his more infamous street pieces on hand painted canvas. A different approach to showcase his art, but could be a very profitable avenue. Banksy Inside    

  • Bring Banksy To Your Home

    Want to have Banksy’s famous street art inside your home but you don’t have $100,000 to spare? This week you can visit Living Social and get 75% off Banksy’s art as super-size vinyl wall decals. Only $25, not bad considering the normal $99 asking price at Zanzino. There are 10 different designs to choose from which include the classics – sweeping maid, drilling rat and the girl floating away with the balloons.

  • Banksy Goes To The Olympics And Challenges London Authorities [4 High Quality Photos]

    In an effort to clean up London’s graffiti city authorities have threatened to power wash any Olympics-related graffiti that shows up during the games. Sensing a growing controversy secretive artist Banksy challenged the authorities the only way he knows how, by daring the city to carry out it’s threat on two new piece he created and posted on his website. Banksy is one of London’s most well-known artists and his creations sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars so it will be interesting to see what the city decides to do.


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