• Tumblr’s 20 Most Reblogged Models Of 2014

    Tumblr has released their 2014 Year in Review to showcase the most reblogged in a variety of categories including Bands, Fashioon Trends, 3D GIFs, Tattoos, and even Reality Stars. But the category we cared most about was Models. View the top 20 Reblogged Models from Tumblr in the gallery and check out the current photo from each model that is being “liked” and “reblogged” most by all the Tumblr tots. And for more Top Tumblr fun, check out the 2014 Year in Review.

  • Barbara Palvin and Terry Richardson Make Magic Together

    Terry Richardson and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin teamed up for a great new photoshoot. Richardson posted the photos to his cool but hard to navigate blog TerrysDiary.com. There are hundreds and hundreds of amazing photos on the site but the lack of any navigation, search function and archive make it difficult to search for specific models. To cut through the clutter we went through all 127 pages on the site and pulled together the complete collection of Terry’s work with Barbara Palvin.

  • Barbara Palvin Loves Ketchup [10 Photos]

    I love ketchup as much as the next guy but the thought of chugging Heinz straight out of the bottle makes my skin crawl. Regardless there is no way this incident, instigated by the ever powerful Terry Richardson for a new phtooshoot, will change the fact that 2013 will be a very good year for Barbara Palvin who is on our list of 30 Women Who Will Dominate 2013. All these photos came from www.terrysdiary.com which s a treasure trove of photography awesomeness. We’re big fans so head over there when you have a moment.

  • We’ll Take Barbara Palvin For Valentine’s Day [9 Photos]

    Barbara Palvin is on the fast track to becoming the top model of 2013. We’re only 22 days into the year and Bieber’s (alleged) girlfriend is unleashing fire onto the web almost every day. It is a staggering pace that we can hardly keep up with, but we’ll try our best. Here she is  showing off the Victoria’s Secret Valentine’s Day collection.   

  • 2013 Will Be The Year of Barbara Palvin [15 Photos]

    Every now and then a game changing model comes along. Think Kate Upton, circa February 2011. This is Barbara Palvin‘s moment. She has been on the scene for about a year but her breakout year is coming. At 19-years-old you better learn the name Barbara Palvin because she isn’t going anywhere soon and it all starts with these latest photos from Victoria’s Secret.

  • Barbara Palvin Is In The 1% Of Hotness [15 Photos]

    When models.com ranked Barbara Palvin #40 on the their Top 50 Women Models Women list they described her as an “absolutely exquisite looking a cross between a young Brooke Shields and Natalia Vodianova”. Not bad company to be in. The 18-year-old Hungarian has had a steady stream of work with some of the top brands on Earth including Armani Exchange, H&M, and most recently Victoria’s Secret as you’ll see from the following pictures. Follow her on Twitter @BarbaraPalvin.


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