• Man Meal: The Secret’s In the Sauce, 5 Summer BBQ Sauce Recipes

    A summer barbecue is only as good as the sauce that flavors the meats. Everyone know’s this. Or do they? Most people seem to think Sweet Baby Rays or the elusive Dinosaur BBQ sauce is all you need to season or marinate a good set of ribs or piece of brisket, but oh boy are they wrong, sweet baby wrong. While SBR and Dino-BBQ are great quick solutions for a quick meal, a good BBQ sauce is the unsung hero of every barbecue. We’ve pulled a collection of sauces to last you the whole summer, so simmer down now and get to work and by Labor Day weekend, your sauce will be the nectar of the Gods.

  • All Other Smokers are Inferior to This Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

    The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart should be all you’re thinking about right now. With a brutal winter sinking it’s teeth into 2/3 of the U.S. the only thing you should have on your mind right now is the thought of a summer BBQ with a cold beer and meat smoked to perfection. With Yoder’s cook-approved Heat Management System, slide out 2nd shelf, square firebox, 304 Stainless Steel front shelf, small footprint, large pneumatic tires and a robust 2-position handle for easy positioning (Enter Tim “the Toolman” Grunt here) all your winter worries will fall by the way side. This behemoth beast of wood burning steel will guarantee you the blue ribbon of backyard BBQs in the summer of 2014. The Yoder Smokers Kingman Competition Cart

  • BBQ While Floating On A Lake

    Ever wished you and ten friends could sit under an umbrella and cook up a BBQ all while floating on a lake? Course you have, who hasn’t? Well, with the deliciously (if confusingly) named BBQ Donut Boat we’re excited to introduce one pretty fantastic floating food barge. Seating up to 10 people and featuring a specially installed BBQ grill, you can even correct your course between courses with the compact outboard engine. With loads of storage under the seats and the fully adjustable sun shade, you can take to the (not so) high seas for hours. The BBQ is a low smoke charcoal kettle grill, especially setup to ensure maximum safety and ease of use and the moulded table settings ensure your sausages and steaks won’t slide off. With a movable side section for easy boarding, and all necessary rigging and safety features, you’ll be able to tuck in to your floating feast without a care in the world. Plus, as with every good BBQ Donut Boat, there are plenty of customization options and extras. Cast off, it’s time to eat!

  • Man Meal: Whisky BBQ Shrimp

    This is one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever make and it is sure to have the party you decide to treat with it going bonkers for more, so might as well double up on the order. This is a simple sweet flavored BBQ shrimp concoction with a little Whisky (We prefer George Dickel Tennessee Whisky) kick to add that flavor. Mix ingredients, marinate cook. Get drunk on shrimp. 

  • Man Meal: BBQ Cheat Sheet

    If you’re the barbecuing type, and we think you are, then you’ll do yourself a favor and print out this cheat sheet for the top meats to BBQ this summer. Each suggested type also has a recommended wood use to obtain some great flavors for your meats. It also has some great suggestions on how to prepare, marinate and sauce to accomodate your meal.

  • Guide To the Largest BBQ’s On Earth [Infographic]

    We all love a BBQ. It’s what summer is all about; socialising and bringing people together whilst enjoying cooking in the great outdoors! Which got us wondering; how big can BBQ’s get and where on earth do they take place? We’ve accumulated some of the biggest and best BBQ’s from around the world into one meaty looking infographic. See for yourself and decide which is best!

  • How to Roast a Pig (Book)

    The all encompassing guide to roasting your very own pig. The idea in itself seems like the pinnacle of outdoor cooking, a feast for all looked upon with envy and salivating mouths by all friends and onlookers, but the task can be grueling and disastrous with out the proper techniques and cuts. ‘How to Roast a Pig’ is the one and done guide to roasting, by renowned chef, Tom Rea. The book guides you through the most common joints and cuts, from loin chops to Boston butt, then as you attain your brown and yellow belt, takes those skills to move onto the joy of roasting a whole pig, spit-roast or Coja China style, for the be-all-end-all pig roast. How to Roast a Pig $17  

  • 3 Essential Grilling Books For Summer

    Part of becoming a man is knowing how to grill. It’s a coming of age journey not mastered overnight. It takes time, trials and of course, error. Hopefully not giving an entire party full of guests salmonella, but we all make mistakes manning the grill. With all things intricate comes a step by step process to create something perfected, but with taste everyone has a different palette, so use these three books as your lantern through the dark, then when you’re a master have some fun with the recipes.

  • Memorial Day Weekend Tool Kit

    Assuming  your balls have dropped and you got yourself a decent charcoal, gas or electric grill, then your halfway to having a good MDW grilling experience, but just as Batman is nothing without his wonderful toys, so are you without the proper grilling tools. Although none of these are neccesary to cook food, they’ll optimize your grilling experience and in turn, your guests will be overwhelmed with the taste of their food and showmanship of their grill master… well except for the Condiment gun. That’s just cool. 3-in-1-BBQ-Tool You need three basic tools to grill; a spatula, tongs, and fork. This one tool combines all three, so you dont need an extra table to hold all of your gadgets and grillwear. Red Oak Burger Grilling Planks One of the most creative and flavorful grilling ideas for summer is also the simplest. Try grilling your burgers on these red oak planks at your next barbecue party and I guarantee your guests will be rioting for more! They’ll also impart a rounded, smoky finish for chicken, pork or beef.  $7.99 3-in-1-grill-brush Get a grip on grill cleaning with this triple-threat tool. Grab the contoured rubber grip handle for thorough scraping and brushing more »

  • Did You Know May is National BBQ Month?

    I just blew your mind and made you real hungry. With NBA and NHL playoffs mid-swing you’re probably in the market for some good eats to cook up for you and your friends so check out these easy to make Jim Beam BBQ Drumsticks.


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