• The 25 Biggest Celebrity Wax Figure Fails

    No, these aren’t the final projects from the art students at Madame Tussaud’s School for the Blind. They are legit wax figures from museums all over the world, museums that obviously rely heavily on the dollars of nearsighted tourists. Do we even need wax museums anymore? Haven’t we reached the point where we can just use holograms or 3D print them or something? Now excuse me while I poke around my brain with a Q-Tip in hopes of killing the memory of the Seinfeld cast wax figures.

  • 33 Childhood Photos of Celebrities

    Before your favorite celebrities were rich or beautiful, they were (sometimes) less rich and (rarely) less beautiful. Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s going on in Nick Offerman’s photo, it was a stunt he pulled to get casting directors to notice his headshot. Evidently it worked.

  • Look Out, Bill Clinton Is Watching [25 GIFs]

    Bill Clinton, our 42nd president, has always been a charismatic man. His folksy charm earned him the nickname Bubba and his extensive transgressions earned him a reputation that would make JFK blush. Now that his wife Hillary is running for president, Bill has been seen out and about more and more. And often when he poses for selfies with young ladies, it is apparent he is checking them out. With that in mind, a new meme of Bill Clinton appearing out of nowhere to sneak a peek has developed. Here are some of our favorites but there are plenty more to be found at Suddenly Clinton.

  • Bill Clinton is The Selfie King [18 Photos]

    Whether he is taking them, photo bombing them or just happy to be in them, Bill Clinton loves a good selife as much as the next man. Back in ’93 Bill was inaugurated Prseident of the U.S. at just 46 years old, the third youngest ever elected and now today he celebrates his 68th birthday. Even at his age he realizes the importance of a great selife face and he just may have perfected it. Happy 68th birthday to the legend. Help a bro out, share this story with your friends: Tweet

  • 25 Rare And Iconic Photos of Bill Clinton

    William Jefferson Clinton will go down in history as one of the most beloved president of his time, so much so in fact that he not only survived a horrific scandal that would’ve crippled most politicians, but thrived out of it. Like a phoenix from the ashes Clinton went on to be a major influence in the democratic party post-presidency and may be the first person in history to make it to the White House for a third term, but this time as husband to HilaryClinton, a heavy favorite for the democratic primaries. Here are 25 Rare And Iconic Photos of wild Bill.

  • Photo of the Day: Bill Clinton Meets John F. Kennedy

    This photo of Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy was taken July 24, 1963, four weeks before Clinton’s 17th birthday as the two attended the American Legion boys nation program in the Rose Garden of the White House. Bill Clinton said the moment had a profound impact on his life. Watch the video below to learn more about the photo.

  • Bill Clinton Saxophone + M83

    While the Cowboys were taking defending Super Bowl champions the New York Giants to the woodshed Bill Clinton was in Charlotte, North Carolina for the DNC and spoke for 48 minutes in support of President Obama. Cool Bill is real hot right now so it’s only appropriate that someone edited his 1992 performance on the the Arsenio Hall show over the epic saxophone solo on M83’s “Midnight City.”


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