• There’s A “Batter Call Saul” Online Comic Book

    On Sunday, AMC’s long-awaited spinoff of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, will premier. But if you have some sort of bizarre, dire medical condition wherein you can’t wait a few days to watch a TV show, you can catch up with sleazeball lawyer Saul Goodman and all-around badass Mike Ehrmantraut in a digital comic book from AMC. The comic, written by the team from Better Call Saul, is an in-depth look at a scene from Saul’s first appearance on Breaking Bad, when Saul and Mike were gathering info on Walter White. Check out the comic for yourself at AMC, then watch Better Call Saul Sunday night at 10 on AMC.

  • Artist Creates Neon Signs For Famous Fictional Businesses [9 GIFs]

    Boston-based artist and designer Alejandro Smal has decided to help out famous fictional businesses with their advertising by creating these great neon signs. Each GIF showcases a business from a movie, such as Terminator’s Cyberdine, or TV show, such as Breaking Bad’s Better Call Saul and A1A Car Wash. To be honest, we can’t really see most of those gigantic, evil conglomerates advertising via neon signs, but Saul Goodman’s fits him quite well. Be sure to check out more work from Alejandro at Behance.

  • Hunter S. Thompson’s Illustrator, Ralph Steadman Draws Breaking Bad Characters

    Breaking Bad’s limited-edition Blu-ray set just announced a nice surprise to sweeten the pot, Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, teamed up with illustrator Ralph Steadman, the illustrator for of Hunter S. Thompson, for an original take on the show’s characters. Six characters were illustrated to create six different covers, representing each season of the show. Starting in February, these exclusive collectibles will be available for purchase. They will only be sold by Zavvi at $30 each. Although the Gus ‘The Chicken Man’ Fring edition have already sold out for season four, the rest are still up for grabs. Pre-order yours now.

  • Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Frozen x Breaking Bad Parody)

    What happens when you fuse Walter White and Frozen? A brilliantly catchy tune about cooking meth throughout the Breaking Bad saga. Set to the tune of Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?,” the mashup from Animeme turns Breaking Bad into a catchy musical with all of the peaks and valleys that you’ve come to expect from Disney films.

  • Ralph Steadman Tackles “Breaking Bad” With New Blu-ray Covers

    Artist Ralph Steadman, best known for his longtime collaboration with Hunter S Thompson and illustrating the the packaging for Flying Dog Brewery, has now created covers for a new Blu-ray collection of “Breaking Bad.” Each season has its own case with a different character drawn in Steadman’s signature style. Walter, Jesse, Saul, Gus, Mike, and Hank are each featured. The set should be available February 2015. And for more info on Ralph Steadman, check out his website.

  • This Two-Handed Breaking Bad Drawing Is The Most Impressive Video You’ll Watch Today

    Want to feel bad about your lack of artistic ability? Then just watch this video! Artist Mark Gibson spent 3 hours and 30 minutes creating this drawing of Breaking Bad’s Jesse and Walter using both his left and right hands. At the same time. And if that doesn’t impress you enough, the music track backing the time-lapse video is from a piano concerto written and performed by…Mark Gibson. Apparently, he can do everything while the rest of us struggle with drawing stick figures and playing “Chopsticks” on the piano. If you want to feel even worse about yourself, check out more incredible artwork from Mark Gibson.

  • Minimalist Posters of Iconic TV Shows

    Why do we enjoy minimalist art so much these days? Is it that we are so overstimulated with contemporary life that we find solace in the clean lines and simple colors of the work? Do we envy the ability to strip away complexities without compromising integrity? Or is that we just think it looks cool? Whatever the reason, minimalism is everywhere right now. Greek illustrator and graphic designer Giannis Sideris has done a lot of minimalist works recently. His latest series is a collection of classic TV shows. Check out the rest of the series and more minimalist collections from Giannis Sideris at Behance.

  • Spanish Language “Breaking Bad” Es Muy Bueno

    Last week, “Metastasis,” the Spanish-language version of AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” premiered on Univision. The show follows cancer-stricken chemistry teacher Walter Blanco and his partner-in-crime and former student Jose Miguel Rosas as they cook up drugs to make money for Walter’s treatments. There are some differences, but for the most part, it’s a faithful recreation albeit with a lower budget. The good news is there will be no cliffhangers that you’ll have to wait 9 months to resolve. All 62 episodes have already been filmed, with 6 already airing. That means the whole show should wrap up in three months. There’s only one problem: no subtitles. So if you had trouble passing high school Spanish 15 years ago, you’re gonna have a bad time. Watch the first episode below, streaming on Hulu.

  • Each “Breaking Bad” Episode As A Poster [62 Photos]

    Hungarian designer Zutti of Posterology spent the last 5 months creating posters for each episode of AMC’s “Breaking Bad.” He watched every episode 3-4 times and some 5 or 6 times to get an idea of how to best capture them in a single image, then spent 400 hours creating. Read an interview with Zutti on the Posterology Tumblr and order your favorites from Society 6 and Redbubble. We’ve presented them in chronological order in the gallery, so if you haven’t seen the entire series, stop on whatever episode you’re currently on or you will see spoilers.

  • Breaking Bad Facebook Lookback Video

    Take a break from watching Facebook look back videos of your friends who travel to exotic places or have happy families and watch this spoof featuring Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Watch as the entire critically acclaimed drama is summed up in a silly video. The use of “LOL” and “YOLO” really change the attitude of the show.

  • Caricatures Show an Interesting Side Of ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

    French illustrator and graphic designer Anthony Geoffroy created a series of caricatures along with quotes that represent the darker side of the men of Breaking bad. Walter White, Gus Fring, Saul Goodman and of course Jesse Pinkman are some of the characters featured in the series of surreal art. Although some of the illustrations may look playful and funny, the series is made to portray the more sinister side of the characters.

  • If Walter White Told ‘Chemistry Dad’ Jokes

    You know Walter White, the family man and you know Heisenberg, the meth dealer, but what if Mr. White was also, the “dad” comedian? You know that dad/teacher who always tells those jokes that are painstakingly clever, but also wildly cheesy. The jokes your chemistry teacher told the first day of chem class. He knows how bad they were, but he got a certain satisfaction when the majority of the class put their face in hand at the bud of the punchline. Reddit user Luannyboyzz thought it was a good idea to give science dads across the globe a little more material in the form of Mr. White.

  • 12 Things You Need To Know About Breaking Bad Spin-off “Better Call Saul”

    With Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan announcing that he intends for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman to appear on Better Call Saul, we got to wondering what other info is out there. After all, this will probably THE show of 2014. So, after smoking a bit of the blue sky (not really(really?)) and suddenly gaining the energy to search every bit of the internet for any scrap of information about the show, we were able to compile Everything You Need to Know About Better Call Saul (so far).

  • Breaking Bad Brings New Fans To Badfinger

    When Badfinger signed to Apple Records in 1968 (originally as The Iveys), they were expected to be the next big thing. After all, they were the first non-Beatles on the record label. They started off very successful ,with many hits from 1970-72.  However, it was no to last. Management changes and the suicide of lead singer Pete Ham in 1975 led to the breakup of the band by 1977. A reunion was attempted but ended when guitarist Tom Evans committed suicide in 1983.  But with their song “Baby Blue” featured in the Breaking Bad finale,  the tragic band has found a whole new audience. If that was your introduction them, here are the essential Badfinger tracks to get you into this incredible band.

  • Walter White’s Rap Sheet (Infographic)

    It’s over. I know, but we just can’t seem to let go of what once was (an neither can the internet). So until we kick the Breaking Bad habit, we’ll continue to post up on the subject. If Walt got jail time he would have to serve over 300 years in prison. This infographic breaks down every crime Walt every committed and the prison sentence that goes along with it.

  • Minimalist Breaking Bad Episode Posters

    An Italian comic book artist by the name of Francesco Francavilla designed a series of minimalistic Breaking Bad posters from the first two seasons, then continuing the series in the last half of the final season. Francavilla claims to have sketched the images while watching the show pointing out the key moments he saw fit to share without giving too much away. For the full collection head over to Francavilla’s site.

  • Breaking Bad In Real Life [7 HQ Photos]

    A Breaking Bad superfan named Ariana Gonzales painstakingly recreated iconic scenes from the shot by blending stills with the actual, real-life locations in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where the hit TV show is filmed.

  • 10 Memorable Breaking Bad Props You Can Bid On Right Now

    We are all huge fans of Breaking Bad. Honestly, who isn’t? Now you can own a piece of the greatest drama on tv today. There is an auction taking place at ScreenBid.com from August 29 to October 8 where you can bid on 267 props from the show. Some of them are extremely lame, like Marie’s purple coffee mug. Who wants to be reminded of her every morning, anyway? But others are definitely iconic, like Tuco’s grill that Hank threw in the river. However, none of them are light on the wallet. We pulled together 10 that we would buy if we had the money. You can see them all here.

  • Breaking Bad Superlab Lego Playset

    Looking for a way to hold on to all those fond Breaking Bad moments that will be gone forever at this seasons end? Look no further, Citizen Brick, a custom Lego set building site, has created a set for one of the most acclaimed shows on TV. Keep the show going in your own little creepy world of lego playsets, you could even merge your Star Wars set and have Walter White lead the Empire toward galactical glory. Anything is possible in your mothers basement. The set features White/Heisenberg and his team with a state of the art ‘super’ lab. Breaking Bad Lab Set$250

  • Breaking Bad Honest Trailer

    Breaking Bad returns this Sunday, so Screen Junkies thought they’d welcome back everyone’s favorite show with a little honesty. By the way, major SPOILER ALERT. If you ever plan on catching up with this show do not watch.

  • Bad Chemistry: The Character Elements of Breaking Bad

    Part two of Breaking Bad‘s final season kicks off in just a few days, and we’re growing increasingly anxious, wondering where the end will take us. For four-and-a-half seasons, we’ve watched the characters grow and change, with no transformation as significant as Walter White’s own personal journey from meek and innocent to ruthless and evil. Years of watching Breaking Bad has taught us which chemical elements combine to make meth, and now, as we await the show’s denouement, Shutterstock decided to break down the characters in the same way. Using assets from their extensive library, Shutterstock created a “chemical” diagram for each of the main players from the show. See how they all combine below, then tell us what you think. Does everything add up?

  • Bryan Cranston Reveals His Hidden ‘Breaking Bad’ Tattoo

    Like all good tattoo stories Bryan Cranston’s starts after a night of drinking. Following the last day of shooting Breaking Bad the cast had a wrap party and a tattoo artist showed up. “We were having a couple of drinks at a bar and they brought in a tattoo artist and we thought, ‘Why not? This is the time to do it.’”

  • If Breaking Bad aired in 1995 [Video]

    One of our absolute favorite shows on television is Breaking Bad. We are patiently waiting for the highly-anticipated final half season. But while we wait, we can enjoy watching re-runs on Netflix and videos like this. Some genius created a video of what the opening credits of Breaking Bad would have been in 1995. The video looks like Dawson’s Creek or some WB teen show with the choice of music, slow dissolves and font used for each actor. Absolutely hilarious.

  • Breaking Bad’s Walter White Mini Figurines

    Artist Trevor Grove of Sideshow Collectibles sculpted the likeness of Walter White, the character of actor Bryan Cranston on TV’s Breaking Bad. According to Huffington Post, Grove gifted the figures to Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show. No word on whether they will eventually go up for sale but if they do Grove will be making money hand over fist, just like Walter White minus the stress and threat of dying.


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