• Top 10 Overhyped Sports Stories of 2013 (That Didn’t Actually Matter)

    With ESPN running nearly 24-hour sports news and banter-laden segments, they need to maintain a constant flow of material. Unfortunately, this means that many of the stories that they cover are tabloid-esque sensationalist time-fillers that further invoke the interest of a population who catalyze meaningless brouhaha. A year full of soap opera-worthy drama that ESPN beat until the end of its ninth life, 2013 had no shortage of meaningless locker room tales. And, in true End of the Year fashion, RSVLTS has the best—and least meaningful—of the sporting news abyss. 10. Mark Sanchez’s Headband Does anybody remember that guy who was the New York Jets’ starting quarterback? Well, the biggest splash he made in 2013 was via his choice of headwear. And, as the media gravitated towards it, it spiraled into a story much larger than necessary. Seriously, the MLB is on during the summer, can’t tabloid NFL stories fall to the wayside during the offseason? 9. The Alex Rodriguez Saga While controversial, the Alex Rodriguez debacle in New York City hardly has the same impact as it once did. Once a player who would easily join the all time greats in Cooperstown, A-Rod is now a shamed fallen star more »

  • If 22 of Your Favorite Athletes Worked at the Mall…

    The keyword here is what-if. What if some of our favorite athletes chose a different life path somewhere along their road to professional athletics. If so, they’d probably be working at some of the stores you frequent in the local shopping malls. The Foot Lockers and Modell’s Sporting Goods are a no brainer, but what about some athletes that have a more unique style or charisma. We’ve complied a list of athletes and the shopping mall store that best compliments their personality.

  • The 26 Most Incredible Moments From The 2012 MLB Regular Season

    2012 was one of the most memorable seasons in recent MLB history. It was the year of the pitcher but there were also several incredible hitting performances as well. We went through the archives and pulled together the most impressive highlights from the regular season to gear up for playoff action. If you think we missed anything let us know about it on Twitter @RSVLTS.

  • The 2012 MLB All-Bro Team

    Professional baseball players range from a could-be-your-math-tutor Greg Maddux to a could-be-your-county-lockup-bunkmate John Rocker. Usually we like a Bro somewhere in the middle, the kind of guy who can be paid millions of dollars to play the same sport most of us pee’d our stirrups playing and still seem like someone you’d want to hang out with. Or at least list as an acquaintance on Facebook. These aren’t the only bros in the bigs, but they’d all be a better choice to be around than Kei Igawa.

  • Watch: Bryce Harper Hit A Monster Home Run Against Toronto

    Your browser does not support iframes. In yesterday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays Bryce Harper hit an mammouth home run that easily went 480+ feet. There was no doubt that the ball was going to go a long way when it left his bat and it ended up being one of the furthest shots in Rogers Center history. If you are a Harper fan make sure you follow @HarperAtBat so you know when Harper steps up to the plate and you can switch channels.

  • Watch: Bryce Harper Steal Home

    Philadelphia Phillies’ ’02 1st Rounder, left-hander Cole Hamels, retired the first two Washington Nationals he faced on seven pitches in the bottom of the first Sunday night in Nationals Park, then the 28-year-old starter hit 19-year-old Nats’ 2010 1st Round pick Bryce Harper in the backside, right below the numbers with the first pitch Hamels threw to the Nationals’ outfielder. Hamels would later admit that the 93-mph fastball he threw at Harper was intentional, telling reporters including the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Matt Gelb, “‘I was trying to hit him. I’m not going to deny it.’” Bryce Harper’s response was swift. The young, often brash and outspoken National bent over at the hips for a moment, then calmly and professionally took his base. Harper went first-to-third on a Jayson Werth single to left in the next at bat, running on contact and never slowing down until he reached the base and turned to see if Phillies’ left fielder Juan Pierre’s throw into second went awry. What happened next had the entire baseball world talking. With Chad Tracy at the plate, and Hamels ahead 1-2, the Phillies’ left-hander threw over to first uneventfully, chasing the Nats’ right fielder back to the bag, with more »

  • Bryce Harper’s First Weekend In “The Show” [9 High Quality Photos]

    There has been much discussion on Bryce Harper, the 19-year-old phenom who make his major league debut this past weekend in Los Angeles against the Dodgers (see: 34 Bryce Harper Facts You Probably Didn’t Know). His Saturday night coming out party was spoiled by a 10th inning Matt Kemp walk-off and the Nationals were swept by the superior west coast foes. Even with the losses Washington should be excited because that have one of the best young teams in baseball led by their up-and-coming star Bryce Harper who went 2 for 6 at the plate and flashed some serious leather in the outfield. [9 photos]

  • 34 Bryce Harper Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

    Bryce Harper once said that he chose to wear #34 to pay homage to Mickey Mantle (three and four equals seven). The Washington Nationals are calling Bryce Harper up to the major leagues and since he is the most talked about rookie since his teammate Stephen Strasburg we pulled together a few Bryce Harper facts that you can impress your friends with.


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