• These 30 Photos Might Change Your Perception of Burning Man

    By now people have their own conception of what Burning Man is. A hippie driven desert rager, a millionaire driven dessert circus, an expressive congregation of artists and freethinkers. Whatever your judgements are on the event, you cannot disregard it’s surreal visuals. I’m writing this post, still wildly confused about it, my thoughts; expressive desert exhibition that looks like Alice in Wonderland meets Mad Max with beach cruisers instead of motorcycles. Besides those random thoughts running through my head from photos I’ve seen, I can’t pass any more judgment. the festival is based around the values of community and self-expression hosted in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. Photographer Trey Ratcliff has been a Burning Man entusiast over the past few years and has shared some of the most visually stunning photos from past festivals you’ll see to date. His close perspective of the event might give you a bit of insight into the only festival of it’s kind.

  • What Is this? This A Music Festival For Ants?

    “Burning Man festival is one of the world’s hippest and most mind-blowing gatherings. It’s not quite an art festival, not quite a desert rave, and not quite a social experiment, but something of all three.” says photographer Scott London. It is one of the coolest festivals in America and this experimental video called “A Burning Man for Ants” is a time-lapse video of Burning Man that, thanks to tilt-shift photography, gives the art event a whimsical miniature quality. The video was created by James Cole, Byron Mason & Jason Phipps.

  • The Creative People & Art of Burning Man Festival [34 Photos]

    Burning Man 2012 is mid-swing, things are said to wrap up on Labor Day, so to get a glimpse of what you’re missing out on see the collection of pictures below. Once you’re done head on over to ScottLondon.com, Scott is a photographer who has captured some of the most impressive and interesting images from Burning Man that we’ve seen.