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Food Porn of Coachella 2015

Sure, Coachella is first and foremost a music festival, but when more than 500,000 people show up for the two-week event, food becomes a big deal. This year’s festival featured dozens of vendors serving up the most delicious recipes (probably) found on Pintrest. The food area was set up not far off from…

Coachella Lost and Found (4)

The Lost and Found of Coachella 2013

Every year the Coachella cleanup crew finds hundreds of wallets, ID cards, bags, sunglasses and other valuable handheld items strewn around Indio’s iconic polo fields. The event organizer Goldenvoice displays all the lost goods on their website, describing them as “casualties to a weekend of hard partying; a rare chance…


Coachella Here We Come

The population in Indio, California is roughly 76,000 for 50 weeks of the year. But for two weekends in mid-April, the population quadruples as nearly 200,000 lively enthusiasts congregate on the city’s polo grounds for Coachella Arts and Music Festival.

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The Rolling Stones To Headline Coachella?

The producers of Coachella won’t be releasing the 2013 line-up until later this month but if a cryptic photo of a big round rock in an empty field on the festival’s grounds is any indication we might assume that The Rolling Stones will be headlining this year’s festival. See also: 40 Incredible High-Res Photos from…