• Coachella 2013 Line-up Guide: Confirmed Acts And Dispelling Rumors

    Coachella will be announcing their 2013 two weekend line-up in the next few hours or days (at the most). Get excited. Here are some pictures from Coachella 2012. With Governors Ball dropping a bomb on the music industry today it’s now Coachella’s turn to awe us.  We’ve been following Twitter religiously for confirmations and dispelling of rumors. Here is a feed of what we’re seeing. 

  • The Black Keys Blew The Roof Off Madison Square Garden [18 Photos + 5 Videos]

    The Black Keys sold out Madison Square Garden in 15 freakin’ minutes then proceeded to rock everyone’s face off for over 90 minutes last night. An impressive feat for two guys from Akron, Ohio who, to many peoples surprise, have been making music for over a decade. Tickets we’re impossibly hard to obtain so in the likely chance you couldn’t make it out to the Garden here are 18 photos and five videos from last night. Next up they will continue touring and headline Coachella Arts and Music Festival in April. 


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