• Conan and Dave Franco Join Tinder Then Go on the Prowl

    The good ol’ days of meeting your wife at a dive bar on a Tuesday night are behind us. Now everyone weeds out the b.s. and gets right to the point (for better or worse). Tinder is the newest app that lets two people within a certain distance match up leading to a conversation, which then leads to a potential meet up. Intriguing. Conan and Dave Franco decided to try out the dating app, hop in the creepiest van they could find and go for it.

  • The “Workaholics” Rockin’ Ode To Best Friends [Video]

    Comedy Central’s hilarious “Workaholics” returns for a fourth season tomorrow night and the cast appeared on Conan to get the word out. During the interview, a fight erupts between Adam and Blake. Is this the end of our favorite trio? Of course not, as they are reunited through the magic of music with a song that showcases the angelic voice of Ders. Tomorrow night can’t come fast enough.

  • Ron Burgundy Sings Rob Ford Campaign Song on Conan

    Ron helps out his dear friend Rob Ford by belting out the Toronto mayor’s theme song: Loverboy’s “Working For The Weekend.” Burgundy recently made waves, especially with us, when he campaigned to have his news team replace Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore. Didn’t bode to well with us. We’d have to change our name. BRGNDY.com?

  • Who is The New King of Late Night TV?

    The rules have changed in late night TV. With social media in the mix, a new breed of late night talk show has risen, literally leaving the traditionalists in the dark. Hosts are not only personalities for their shows, but for their YouTube channels, twitter following and Facebook fans. The younger audience relies on the online social interaction to form a bond with their shows of choice.

  • Conan O’Brien Will Appear In The New Season Of “Arrested Development”

    As if we couldn’t be any more amped for the return of Arrested Development, Will Arnett appeared on Conan last night and dropped a complete bombshell about the show that will make the wait until next year absolutely unbearable. When asked about the details on the return, Arnett slyly revealed that both host Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter will be making appearances during the series.


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