• 10 Cringeworthy Nostalgic Songs That Took the World By Storm

    This topic has been harped on to ridiculous levels. But, since sonic atrocities continue to plague the airwaves, articles such as this one continue to be necessary. Some songs get inexplicably huge—only to later fade into irrelevance, which leaves the general populace to collectively ask, “why did we ever like that song?”

  • Creed Gets Dubbed Over While Shredding This Live Song

    Whether we want to admit it or not, we all listened to Creed back in the day. C’mon, Higher? With Arms Wide Opened? My Sacrifice? Those were classic tunes, written and sung by Scott Stapp, built to pump you up or make you cry about that girl that denied you at the 8th grade dance. Alright, maybe Creed sucked but they have resurfaced in a hilarious video of one of their concerts that has been dubbed over for our viewing pleasure. We give you…Creed Shreds.


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