• How To React When You See Your Ex-Girlfriend (Video Tutorial)

    There isn’t much in life worse than running into an ex. You’re out with your friends, having a great time, not worrying about anything except having fun and then boom, in walks the person that ripped your heart out. You get that feeling in your stomach like someone punched you and you even think to yourself, “I wish someone WOULD punch me. Just to ease this pain”. Your friends ask you, “You okay?” You answer like Joe Cool, “Psh, yeah I’m fine. You kiddin’ me?” Then after that terrible first greet with him/her, you proceed to “show them” by getting black-out drunk and making a total ass of yourself. And you know what follows: You go home alone, wake up the next morning completely hungover and stuff your face all day long with terrible food to cure your hungover blues. Well worry no more! CollegeHumor has uploaded this hilarious video showing us exactly how to act when you run into that terrible ex of yours. Just use these steps in the video and you will be cured of any future awkwardness.

  • How To Get Over Your Fear Of Rejection

    Many guys have a so called “fear of rejection” or “approach anxiety” which basically means they don’t have the guts to go and talk to women. But what most guys don’t know is that rejection is the best things that can possibly happen to you. That’s right. The above statement should be engraved into your mind. Rejection is a good thing; you can never reach your true potential unless you get rejected. Here are just a few reasons why.

  • A Gentleman’s Guide to Dating Out of Your League

    It happens everyday. You’re at a bar, or on the subway, and you see her: a stunning woman with glowing skin and legs as long as the Mississippi. She reverberates with confidence and walks mean. You’d talk to her if it weren’t for one thing: She’s out of your league. The truth is, she isn’t. The idea of not having a shot with a woman who’s more attractive than you is bull, and we’re here to show you why with our gentleman’s guide to dating out of your league.

  • 10 Signs Your Girlfriend is a Fake Gamer

    With society placing an ever-increasing importance on intelligence, it’s no surprise that nerd culture has slowly become revered. While the following list isn’t a hard and fast guide to sussing out a fake gamer, it should help you decipher whether or not your sweetheart is in fact a gaming enthusiast or just posturing; apologies in advance to any posers who get ousted by it.

  • Body Language Lessons From Charismatic Men

    When most guys think about being charismatic, they think about what they need to say to impress a woman, a boss or a client, but body language is just as important, if not more so. Guys need to think about the messages their body language is sending, which is why we’ve assembled this list of body language lessons from charismatic men.

  • The 5 WORST Ways To Meet Women At The Gym

    Admit it: Sometimes you go to the gym to meet women. After all, it’s a sneaky-smart way to find a date: You already have a shared interest with her, she doesn’t have her guard up at the gym like she does at the bar, and you can’t help but enjoy sneaking a peek at fit chicks in sports bras. And yet, men manage to constantly blow the art of picking up women at the gym. So we consulted with top female experts to find the five worst flirting faux-pas you make, and how you can avoid each one.

  • 5 Timeless Dating Tips That Never Go Out Of Style

    Some dating advice is just terrible. Most of it, actually. And yet, some of the best observations go ignored. People think they’re clichéd,old fashioned or just don’t apply to their specific dating life. But a lot of this wisdom has stood the test of time for a reason: it’s good and useful. In dating as in other areas of life, the classics never go out of style. Here are five nuggets of knowledge I swear by.

  • 6 Types Of Girls You’ll Find at Every Sporting Event

    Girl’s can be a pretty large presence when it comes to game day. Whether it’s the “Girl Who Knows Her Sh*t” or the “Girl Who Pretends To Know Her Sh*t” they travel in packs and can make or break a your sporting experience. Brobible.com compiled a dead on list of the 6 girls that you’ll find at every sporting event.

  • 9 Turn-Offs in Your Bedroom [Infographic]

    Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that having a clean room is CRUCIAL for setting the mood, according to a National Sleep Foundation and the WB&A Research poll. But what other factors matter to her when it comes down to getting busy at your place? Check out the map below for upgrades that will transform your boyish bedroom into an IRRESISTIBLE love chamber. [source]


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