• The Staggering Cost Of Attending 2013 Super Bowl XLVII

    Round trip airfare from New York City: $2,200. Three nights at the local Holiday Inn: $4,500. Two tickets for the Super Bowl in the absolute furthest corner of the Superdome’s upper deck: $5,500. Getting to see the big game in person: Priceless. Wait, no. It’s not priceless at all. The absolute minimum it will cost you to attend this year’s Super Bowl is $12,200 and that doesn’t account for parking, eating, etc. Heck, even the taxes for all this will be about the price of a round trip flight to Europe. Check it out for yourself on StubHub and Expedia.

  • RSVLTS vs NFL Star Dhani Jones In A Fitness Showdown [Video + Infographic]

    Yesterday, in the middle of Times Square, former NFL star Dhani Jones went head-to-head with Anthony from RSVLTS.com in a fitness throwdown at Gillette’s “My City is My Gym” pop-up fitness site. Certified trainer EJ Barthel was on hand to pump the guys up and in the end things worked out well for Anthony. You’ll see what we mean at the end of the video… There is no need to spend a butt load of money on a fancy gym ever again. You have everything needed to obtain a rockin’ workout right in your backyard. Check out the graphics below to see eight work outs to do around your city and locations New Yorkers can knock these out.


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