• 36 Portraits Of Your Favorite Movie Characters

    Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell created these instantly recognizable portraits of 36 of the most iconic characters in the history of cinema. “The Portrait Show” can currently be seen at Austin’s Mondo Gallery. More work, including mashups of these portraits, can be seen at Sir Mike of Mitchell.

  • Art That Transforms Beloved Childhood Characters Into Nightmares

    Digital artist Dan LuVisi has a knack for taking your favorite childhood characters, such as Kermit or Yoshi or Fozzie, and placing them in violent situations that forever change the way you look at them. And he delights in his nightmarish creations. Of his version of Ernie, LuVisi states “May he rot your dreams.” Thanks, buddy. Check out more of Dan LuVisi’s incredible digital art on DeviantArt.

  • 12 Alternative Drive Movie Posters

    You either love this movie, or think it just plain stinks. Gosling said no more than 3 sentences the entire movie, so you think his silence is a brilliant interpretation of confidence and poise, or you think he stinks as an actor. The bright colors accented with the synth-heavy soundtrack either pays homage to the golden era of 80’s movies, or you think the color pink stinks. You’re either a fan of the protagonist’s confusingly cool, but weird signature jacket, or you think scorpions stink. Either way, the movie has acquired a massive cult following and earned uber-cool guy, Ryan Gosling, much acclaimed respect. Respect the Gosling.


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