• Facebook Now Has Account Settings For When You Die

    At some point, we’re all going to die, and although we hope that’s a long way off, we can all rest a little easier knowing that we can now take steps to ensure out Facebook profiles don’t fall into the wrong hands when we pass. When a Facebook user dies, their families can reach out to the social media giant and, upon proving the death with an obituary, have the deceased’s page “memorialized.” Although these “memorialized” pages are left up, they are also locked out, even to family members. But what if you want a trusted to individual to be able to update your profile picture with a fun casket photo? Now you have the option! Go to your account’s Security Settings and scroll down to the “Legacy Contact” section. Here you will be able to set a Legacy Contact, who must be a Facebook friend, who will be allowed to change your profile pic and respond to friend requests from undoubtedly disturbed people long after you’re worm food. Or if you want to be forgotten after you die, you can instead set your profile to delete once you kick the bucket. Such exciting times we live in!

  • Inside Facebook’s New-New York City Digs

    Facebook is officially moved in to their new Greenwich Village engineers offices. The social network has been moving teams in little by little since February, while construction has been on going. The office includes a library, full wall art pieces and the standard office ping-pong table. “Taking a moment to look back, when we first moved into this building in February it was an open construction site, and it’s been really rewarding to have all our employees together as we watch it take shape around us,” site director Serkan Piantino writes. “We’ve seen a dozen pieces of artwork created, filled a library with our favorite books, opened a coffee bar for business, enjoyed the views looking down Broadway and daily sunsets over Greenwich Village, and, most recently, cut the ribbon on Desimone’s café with really quite incredible cuisine from our executive chef Nate Eckhaus.”

  • Twitter Reacts To The Facebook Crash That Rocked The Universe

    Where were you when Facebook went down? Years from now we will hear this question, contemplate thoughtfully…and not remember what it refers to because we have the attention span of, uh, what were we talking about? But for the rest of the day, or at least a few minutes, we will remember. And we will flood Twitter with our witticisms and grievances. It’s times like this I wish I remembered my Myspace password.  

  • Why She Hides Your Status Updates

    Social media is a weird world that we have all accepted as normal. We had to learn how to be polite at the dinner table or considerate on public transit, but technology changes so quickly that we were never taught how to behave properly online. I bet you know someone who is insufferable when they get behind a keyboard. You don’t want to be that person, especially if you want to impress someone. Here are the reasons why she would hide your status updates or even un-friend you. Don’t give her any reason to ignore you! Nobody cares about your games. Your Slots/Farmville/Candy Crush obsession should stay between you and your devices. You can alter the games’ settings so that they do not post your scores or invitations to your friends. I’m just trying to save you from yourself here. We get it. You work out. I don’t know any women who log into social media just clamoring to know where you worked out and whether it’s an ‘Arm Day’ or a ‘Leg Day.’ You’re taking care of yourself and keeping yourself accountable – Good for you! …But I don’t really care to know about it. Did you run a more »

  • Facebookers Share Onion Articles They Think are Real

    ‘The Onion’ is truly the satirical gem of the internet. Because of it’s Huff Po style layout, unassuming ignoramus’ who don’t know any better cite articles all the time under the thought of legitimacy. Including North Korea. Hudson Hongo has compiled a list of the 35 Best Times Someone On Facebook Thought ‘The Onion’ Was Real.

  • Breaking Bad Facebook Lookback Video

    Take a break from watching Facebook look back videos of your friends who travel to exotic places or have happy families and watch this spoof featuring Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Watch as the entire critically acclaimed drama is summed up in a silly video. The use of “LOL” and “YOLO” really change the attitude of the show.

  • An Honest Facebook Movie [Video]

    Those damn Facebook “look back” videos just won’t stop. Every time I log in, I am greeted with a dozen new videos from people I barely remember that for some reason I click on. I’ve yet to see one that impresses me and I’m ever so smug about not making one myself. With that being said, the steady stream of videos parodying the look backs are incredible, like the Rob Ford one we posted earlier this week. Instead of creating a fake look back for someone, this video takes the honest route and gives a much more authentic impression of the increasingly useless social network.

  • Rob Ford’s Facebook Look Back [Video]

    If you haven’t jumped ship and left your Facebook profile to rot in the social network graveyard with your Myspace page, then you have seen your friends posting their “Look Back” videos. If you’re not familiar, it’s a video Facebook generates for you that’s supposed to be a sentimental look back at your time on the site. Really it’s just a sad reminder of all the time you spent on the site. At least some folks are doing good things with it. Here’s a funny look at what troubled Toronto mayor/crack enthusiast Rob Ford’s “Look Back” would look like.

  • The Progression of Facebook for it’s 10 Year Anniversary

    Since it’s 2004 launch, Facebook has gone through some serious changes. What began as a social platform for college students to interact with one another, first peer to peer on campus, then stretching out to different universities across America has vastly changed. In fact, it’s somewhat of an antithesis from which it began. Exclusive, private and lawless Facebook began and for it’s initial years was the exclusive club anyone without a college email couln’t get into. No baby pictures. No engagement photos. No sponsored stories or BuzzFeed quizes. Facebook was essentially a platform for college kids to browse, poke and in time communicate. What was once the cool club is still the standard of social platforms, now just comes with more baggage and more of a nanny-cam for parents, big brands and potential work suiters to cyber-stalk. Progress, I guess, but Facebook’s will to stay relevant is to keep the wheels moving, Changing, evolving. Acquiring new innovative start ups like Instagram that could potentially make Facebook the Myspace of 2014. This year is going to be a tipping point for the decade old revolutionary network. It’s their move to stay innovative or become another ubiquitous social channel lost in the more »

  • This Is Where Your Facebook Data Is Stored [27 Photos]

    Facebook’s new data center is located in Lulea, Sweden. So far it’s one of the most amazing data centers in the world. The center runs on locally generated hydroelectric energy along with the icy Nordic air to power and cool the masses of servers. The excess heat is harnessed to keep the offices warm.

  • Kobe Bryant Tweets a Grotesque Picture of His Surgery, Crosses Social Media Boundaries

    In case you’ve been living under a rock the past couple months, Kobe Bryant has taken up social media in an unprecedented way. After rupturing his achilles tendon, Kobe has embraced the 21st century and has quickly ascended my Power Rankings of Favorite Tweeters and Instagrammers. Congrats Mamba, you’re my number one! Recently, he’s been giving updates on his rehab as he tries to prove his haters wrong and comeback from his most devastating injury of his career. But Kobe crossed a line this past week. A social media line, that is usually reserved for the creepy people on the internet not named Kobe. He Instagrammed a picture of his achilles surgery and it was the most disgusting picture I’ve seen since Kevin Ware’s broken leg made its way on the interwebs.

  • A few months ago Facebook made home to the old Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park. The nearly 1 million square-feet of office space was recreated from cells of private offices to a fresh open space.

  • Facebook Unveils Maps Showing NFL Fans Loyalty By Region

    The National Football League is one of the most popular sports in America with some incredibly devoted fans. Facebook has about 35 million account holders in the United States who have Liked a page for one of the 32 teams in the league, representing one of the most comprehensive samples of sports fanship ever collected. Put another way, more than 1 in 10 Americans have declared their support for an NFL team on Facebook.

  • Why It’s Too Soon To Unfriend Facebook Stock

    As Facebook approaches 1 billion users, its revenue growth has slowed. But it has the advantage of high engagement. The average Google user spends about 1 hour, 40 minutes a month on the site, says Nielsen. The average Facebook user spends almost 7 hours a month. Here is why you may want to hold the Facebookenfreude.

  • How Instagram Got Crushed In Their Deal With Facebook

    At the beginning of 2012 many business insiders would have argued that Instagram, the popular photosharing app, was Facebook’s top competitor. So what does Facebook do in this situation? The same thing any company would do. Buy ‘em out! It was fear that lead Mark Zuckerberg to buy Instagram for $1 billion (twice it’s reported value) but in the end, according to this article by NY Times, Facebook gave Instagram a raw deal.

  • Facebook ‘Likes’ Money: Behind The IPO Everyone Is Talking About [Infographic]

    Facebook is now on the brink of am Inital Public Offering that has the company valued at up to $100 billion. That’s well over enough to cover the national debts of Cuba, Guatemala, and Panama put together. With 900 million registered members that make’s it the 3rd largest country, if we were to look at it in those terms. How ever you slice it Mark Zuckerberg is getting paid!!!! So here is one of our favorite infographics of the year (so far) that breaks down the situation everyone is talking about. Once you are done make sure you read “A Look Inside Facebook’s 57-Acre Silicon Valley Campus [15 High Quality Photos].” Created by: MBAOnline.com

  • A Look Inside Facebook’s 57-Acre Silicon Valley Campus [15 High Quality Photos]

    On the eve of Facebook becoming a publicity traded company Wall Street Journal posed a poignant question, “Can you keep a freewheeling, youthful culture once you have become a $100 billion publicly traded corporation?” Facebook’s 57-acre Silicon Valley campus, which it moved to in December 2011, is chock full of amenities, ranging from a barbecue shack and two coffee shops to an on-site doctor, laundry and dry-cleaning facilities and a fitness center with personal trainers. We like to call this start-up culture on steroids, much different from Pinterest’s garage style set-up. Most of us will never set foot on to Facebook’s campus so to give you perspective we take a look at the beautiful shots from WSJ when they were given an all access tour for their must-read article, “Facebook From the Inside Out.”

  • 33 Photos From Inside The New Facebook HQ

    It’s been a little more than a year since Facebook bought a 57-acre campus on the outskirts of Menlo Park in Silicon Valley, and started the slow process of turning it into its headquarters of the future. Well, the future is now. As of last week, every last Facebook staffer has been moved into the Menlo Park facility, which is almost unrecognizable compared to the way it looked a year ago. Launch the gallery!

  • 6 Steps To Spring Cleaning Your Facebook

    Nearly a billion of us earthlings log into Facebook daily, and spend about 8 hours per month on the free social networking site. It’s springtime, and a perfect excuse to do a little maintenance on the ol’ Facebook account. Follow these five steps to get started. And add a sixth by following The Roosevelts on Facebook too!


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