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Breaking Bad Facebook Lookback Video

Take a break from watching Facebook look back videos of your friends who travel to exotic places or have happy families and watch this spoof featuring Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Watch as the entire critically acclaimed drama is summed up in a silly video. The use of “LOL” and “YOLO”…


An Honest Facebook Movie [Video]

Those damn Facebook “look back” videos just won’t stop. Every time I log in, I am greeted with a dozen new videos from people I barely remember that for some reason I click on. I’ve yet to see one that impresses me and I’m ever so smug about not making…


Rob Ford’s Facebook Look Back [Video]

If you haven’t jumped ship and left your Facebook profile to rot in the social network graveyard with your Myspace page, then you have seen your friends posting their “Look Back” videos. If you’re not familiar, it’s a video Facebook generates for you that’s supposed to be a sentimental look…

Photography: Jasper Sanidad  Design: Gensler

A few months ago Facebook made home to the old Sun Microsystems campus in Menlo Park. The nearly 1 million square-feet of office space was recreated from cells of private offices to a fresh open space.