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Dave Grohl Reaction GIFs Are The Best Reaction GIFs

Thanks to high-speed Internet and seemingly unlimited bandwidth, reaction GIFs have replaced actual thoughts spelled out in text as a form of communication. And as some Imgurians recently pointed out, there are no better reaction GIFs than those featuring Dave Grohl, probably the coolest musician that has ever existed. Now…

1000 Forms of Fear-Sia

23 Album Covers Recreated With Paper Clips

In this messy, cluttered world, there is nothing we crave more than the awesome organizational properties of paper clips and the soothing simplicity of minimalist art. And thanks to Philippines-based digital artist Eisen Bernard Bernardo, we get both in a single gallery. Bernardo, whose mash-ups of magazine covers and classic…

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Foo Fighters Are Going On Hiatus

Foo Fighters‘ Dave Grohl has delivered a clear indication that the band may be gone for a long time. During the band’s epic set at the massive Global Citizen Festival in New York’s Central Park on Saturday (September 30), Grohl told the 60,000 crowd in attendance that “this is it”, reports Billboard.