• What’s Was In Colin Kaepernick’s Gatorade Cup?

    Colin Kaepernick led the 49ers to an epic come from behind victory to land a spot in the Super Bowl but when he went over to the drink table to get a cup of Gatorade something weird happened. He picked up a cup, looked at it with a face of disgust and put it back down. What do you think was in there?

  • Top 10 Viral Sports Advertisements (Videos)

    Over the past few years, big brands have been featuring viral videos of professional sports figures accomplishing astounding feats during “down time” on a commercial set or just practicing their trade. While everyone knows the authenticity of these viral ads, it’s fun to imagine these athletes as the larger than life figures we once thought they were as children. Kobe Jumps Over Speeding Aston Martin- Nike Evan Longoria Saves Reporters Life- Gillette Micheal Vick Practice Field- Powerade LeBron’s Full Court Show- Powerade Hardest Hockey Shot- Samsung The Black Mamba Jumps a Pool of Snakes- Nike Van Persie Does The Ricochet Trick- Adidas Ball Girl- Gatorade Roger “William Tell” Federer- Gillette David Beckham Hits 3 Beach Bins- Pepsi

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