• Coloring History: Stunning GIFs That Add Color To Vintage Photos

    Black and white photos reimaged in color is one of the most fascinating processes on the internet. It’s literally undeniable to see before and after images and not be completely awestruck. Dutch website NSMBL recently published a collection of very intriguing GIFs that show vintage photographs being colorized—as colors are gradually added to these images, showing a rough cut of the before and after process.

  • Today is Going to Stink. Here are 18Random GIFs To Help You Survive

    Back to work. It’s here. The day you’ve been dreading for a month. The holidays are over, New Years is over. Nancy from accounting can’t stop telling people “New Year, New Me” and the nearest holiday is over a month away. You need soemthing to take your mind off things. Something to make you forget about the long wintery journey of Q1 2015. Here are a few random GIFs to make you forget about Nancy, the winter, work and your meaningless existence. Happy 2015.

  • Mind Your Surroundings, Amazing Street Art Gifs

    A new interesting trend going around the digital creative scene is turning reality into stop motion GIFs. Artist A. L. Crego takes the already interesting medium of street art and bring it to life, turning large murals into moving GIFs. You can take a look at all of Crego’s amazing GIFs at his Tumblr

  • Combination GIFs are Our New Favorite Pastime

    The internet is an amazing creature. What’s better than watching a series of hilarious GIFs? Watching COMBINED hilarious GIFs, Reddit’s /r/combinedgifs section is our official new favorite pastime. Watching one GIF play off another particularly if it includes a man acting like a dinosaur and Jurassic Park footage.

  • 28 GIFS That Perfectly Describe a Morning in a Manhattan Starbucks

    If you’re like me, your first thought is something along the lines of:  And your second thought is: I need it now. Why is this? Well because the only way you’ve gotten through life/education/anything up to this point is with the help of caffeine. And it’s no longer socially acceptable to drink Mountain Dew mixed with Red Bull so… Here we are. Madly addicted to caffeine. And by caffeine I mean coffee. And by coffee I mean Starbucks. Sweet, sweet Starbucks. Oh yeah. I’d sell my soul for the stuff. Perhaps by agreeing to pay boatloads of money for a cup of Joe I already have… Oh well! I don’t question it. Rather I ask, myself: Of course I do. Coffee is delicious. It was love at first sip. Of course I could always be cost-effective and make a pot of the stuff myself. But what am I? A scientist? I can’t make that stuff. Ok so I can. I just can’t make it taste magical, like Starbucks can. Seriously. What do they put in there? Fairy dust? Unicorn tears? Maybe it’s just heaps of sugar. Or maybe it’s science. I vote for science. But really They could put anything in there. more »

  • Strange U.S. Beach Laws Are Definitely Better in GIF Form

    On New York beaches, a woman can go topless anywhere it is legal for a man to do so, but it is illegal to bring a pig to the beach in Miami or to feed a shark in Hawaii. Are you aware of the laws at your local beaches? Before you get in trouble this summer, check out what you can and can’t do. California In Hermosa Beach, it is against the law to participate in “sand throwing” or “blanket throwing.” It is also illegal to change clothes in your car or in a beach bathroom. Delaware In Rehoboth Beach, not only is sleeping on the boardwalk forbidden, but so is pretending to be asleep. Florida In Broward County, food vendors must be wearing “appropriate attire” – that means no thongs, g-strings, t-back bathing suits or anything else that shows dat ass. In Satellite Beach, city code specifies that you’re still considered “nude” even if your body is covered in opaque body paint or liquid latex. Hawaii In Hawaii it is illegal to fish with dynamite, electric current or poison. It is also illegal to kill a manta ray or feed a shark (because that’s totally what I would want more »

  • Give Your Brain a Break and Stare at These Surreal GIFS for a While

    Hayden Zezula, Texas-based visual artist has created a series of hypnotizing GIFs that just might get you through the gap of caffeine fixes during your day. Zezula’s visually surreal GIFS show everything from a foil elephant running through a grass path to 3D liquid metal pouring like Soft icercream. It also helps when you say Zezula repeatedly while staring at these hypnotizing visuals.

  • A Collection Of The Greatest Bond Girl GIFs

    Skyfall, the 23rd film in the long-running James Bond series, is not only the highest-grossing movie of 2012 in the U.K., but also their top-earning Bond film…of all-time and it hasn’t even opened in the U.S. yet.

  • 6 Awesome Trippy GIFs to Get Lost In

    Here’s something to destroy the next 10 minutes of your life.  Matthew DiVito is a 2008 college grad with a gift for GIFs.  Working under the name mr. div, DiVito spends his free time posting his own creations on his Tumblr page (here) while not working as a freelance graphic designer in Boston. You can check out more of his work on his page as well as this interview on Co.Design.


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