• Minor League Baseball Team, ‘Hartford Yard Goats’ Officially Name Team After Our ‘Goats Yelling Like Humans’ Video

    A couple years ago while in Puerto Rico, and respectably drunk from a long night of crushing Miami Vices, I thought it would be hilarious to create a super cut compilation of goats yelling like humans. I remember it like it was yesterday because the idea seemed so dumb. The video went up on the RSVLTS YouTube page, one thing led to another and 30 million views later it is one of the iconic YouTube videos of all-time. That’s not really even an exaggeration. G.Y.L.H. has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel, Zuckerberg used it in Facebook’s year in review, it was in two different Super Bowl commercials this year, created an entire music craze and so much more. I’m now forever tied to goats and people even bring goats to parties so I can hold them and take pictures. Who would have thought? It’s all pretty weird if you ask me. And just when I thought the buzz finally died down, and I can stop humble bragging by sharing links on my Facebook Wall, the goats come back around like Terminator. It’s like clockwork. But today might be the benchmark day in Goats history. According to SB Nation an entire minor more »

  • 50 Reaction GIFS Showing How We Feel About “Goats Yelling Like Humans” Being Referenced On This Week’s SNL

    Yup, it happened. The shoutout was quick but it happened. In a skit featuring Melissa McCarthy portraying a trailer hitching, mullet sporting, tone deaf contestant on “The Voice,” our original video “Goats Yelling Like Humans” was referenced at 0:24. Taran Killam playing “The Voice” host Carson Daly says, “So far our celebrity judges have picked a rocker, a latin artist and a goat that screams like a person.” … And 50 GIFS Showing How We Feel About SNL    

  • Buttercup Is The Internet’s Favorite Goat

    Goats Yelling Like Humans: Part 2 is blowing up all over the web today. Thanks Gawker! Goats may be starting to over take cats as the internet’s favorite animal but there is one in particular that is the coolest of them all. Meet Buttercup, the overly excited baby pigmy goat.

  • Goats Yelling Like Humans – PART 2 [Super Cut Compilation]

    The original “Goats Yelling Like Humans” video has been featured on every major website on the internet.  It made it on to Jimmy Kimmel and sparked the new music trend of goats yelling in music videos, which got major complemints from People Magazine. Now, with over 10 million views under our belt, we’ve decided to celebrate by pulling together a sequel, “Goats Yelling Like Humans – PART 2.”

  • 12 Goats Destined to Become Pop Stars

    Goats get a lot of flak for eating trash and headbutting whomever they please. But these creatures are more than just a source of cheese — it turns out goats make excellent sample tracks for pop stars. The Internet recently re-discovered the joys of goat yelling, which sounds similar to a human scream. The latest viral video phenomenon sparked from a goat bleating along with Taylor Swift. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latest creations. Most of these videos come from YouTube user GoatsDub, along with a few others. Here’s hoping goats aren’t running for office by 2016.

  • Watch: Skrillex “First of the Year” Goat Yell Remix

    Our Goats Yelling Like Humans started a new web trend of music videos being remixed with goats screaming. Taylor Swift’s goat scream edit of “I Knew You Were Trouble” got over two million views last week and now copy cats are popping up all over the place. Take this Skrillex video for example…

  • Watch: RSVLTS Original Video “Goats Yelling Like Humans” Featured On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Last night, I got about a dozen text messages, all at the same time, saying that our “Goats Yelling Like Humans” super cut video was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He is well known for featuring popular YouTube videos, and Goats was the third most shared video on the entire internet last week. So it makes sense that he featured this, but I was still surprised and extremely psyched. It’s amazing how much this has blown up in the last week. If you haven’t seen the original video by now, check it out below and subscribe to our RSVLTS YouTube page for weekly Super Cut Compilations.


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