• Google Has Made It Easier Than Ever To Find Your Phone

    Maybe you left your phone at the bar last night. Maybe it fell out of your pocket during your Uber ride. Or maybe it’s hidden under some dirty laundry in your room. No matter what, we’ve all lost our phones and we will all lose our phones again in the future. But now Good Guy Google is making it easier to track down your phone. Android Device Manager is already available for Android phones, allowing you to remotely lock and wipe your device, but now Google has made it even easier to find your phone by simply typing “find my phone” into the search bar. As long as your Location is turned on, Google will be able to show you an amazingly accurate map of where your phone is. You can even ring your phone for five minutes to really hone in on the location. Now I’ll just have to remember to keep GPS enabled…

  • The Launch of Google Flights Just Changed the Travel Booking Game Forever

    The summer seasons are synonymous with travel, it’s peak season for vacation travel and booking, so Google has completely revamped it’s online flight comparison tool, so you don’t have to pull your hair out walking on eggshells on sites like Expedia and Travelocity, watching your precious flight deals skyrocket the more you click and compare. In 2010 Google spent half a billion dollars acquiring a travel tracking site which paved the way for Google Flights. No longer does that travel booking on a Tuesday myth have to apply to your booking ritual, Google claims as long as your dates are flexible you should be able to find deals any day of the week. Google Flights is by far the easiest way to see fare hikes, scrolling through calendar dates and using it’s lowest fares graph set beneath the calendar to find out when exactly to book. You can also set preferences (such as direct flights only) and our calendar will adjust to show you just those flights and fares that fit the bill. Finally, if you can save more by using a nearby airport or flying on a different day, we’ll show you a tip at the top of your results. I’m more »

  • The 10 Coolest Google Maps Hacks You Should Be Using

    Google Maps officially turned 10-years old yesterday, so you can thank a 10-year old for holding your hand as you stroll through the streets helplessly lost without it. Though you, like everyone except my map & compass wielding grandfather, are probably completely dependent on Google Maps to get you to even the simplest of destinations, there are some helpful tips and tricks you probably don’t even know about. Here they are. Bonus! Save addresses for quicker directions Save your address for “work” and “home” to quickly get directions to your most traveled destinations. Open the Google Maps app, tap the side menu, then “Your places” and enter your address for home and work. (iOS and Android) And a few more tips: Traffic and incident reports: Google Maps shows you what’s ahead. When you search for driving directions, you’ll see congestion along the route and real time traffic incidents on the map, including data reported by Waze (which shows user-submitted traffic reports to make sure you’re offered the quickest route for the current road conditions). (iOS and Android) Avoid highways and tolls: When you search for driving directions select “Route options” and check off the categories (highways, tolls, ferries) you wish to avoid. more »

  • The Most Searched MLB players and Teams of 2014, According to Google

    This year was one of the most talked about in recent history for the MLB, a cinderella story team almost took home the World Series, the most popular player on the planet played his last game in pinstripes and there were a handful of tragic losses from Hall of Fame star, Tony Gwynn to Cardinals top prospect Oscar Taveras. The year definitely had it’s peaks and valleys, but in a sea of negative press surrounding players in the NFL, the MLB had a pretty positive year. Hunter Pence embraced his internet 15-minutes, Giancarlo Stanton signed a contract, putting him in the upper echelon of super-stardom, and Clayton Kershaw proved to be one, if not the, best pitcher to ever play the game. Google trends has pulled the top 10 searched players, MLB teams and full list of “Sports” teams for their 2014 year in review. Here are the top trends. Trending MLB Players 1. Derek Jeter 2. Tony Gwynn 3. Oscar Taveras 4. Madison Bumgarner 5. Hunter Pence 6. Giancarlo Stanton 7. Justin Verlander 8. Mike Trout 9. Clayton Kershaw 10. Pablo Sandoval The Royals, second to only the Giants in the playoffs, were the top trending Major League club. Interestingly, more »

  • This Google VP Just Broke Felix Baumgartner’s Freefall space jump record

    Dr. Alan Eustace, a senior vice president at Google’s Knowledge division, broke the world record for high-altitude jumps today and no one knew about it. The 135,908-foot jump surpasses Felix Baumgartner’s free fall from last year’s anticipated Red Bull jump. The strangest part of all this was the complete lack of media buzz. Friday afternoon. Everyone is hardly working, this would’ve made for a great conference room hangout sesh. Thanks Google.

  • Where People Want to Travel According to Google Autocomplete

    The world’s most desired travel destination can be sorted and decided upon in an infinite amount of categories and filters, But to really get a sense of where people want to travel you have to get scientific. So we called upon our market research and development team at RSVLTS Labs to conduct a very complicated social experiment. Using Google’s complicated search technology, we sourced every letter in the alphabet using the constant “I Want to Travel to…” to find a definitive answer of where people want to travel to. Some letters gave us pretty obvious answers, “E” had Europe topping off autocomplete search results and “U” had USA, but some of the more interesting results came from “O”, “Y” and “H”; apparently people really want to go Home and apparently people love going to “One Direction”. Also note the second answer under “T”; me too. Me too. After all the results were archived, we decided to find out where the most desired travel destination would be without using a letter. Here are the results.

  • You Can Now Travel by Dragon on Google Maps

    Google is known for hiding Easter eggs in their platforms, like celebrity photobombing in Auto Awesome or countless hidden gems in their search graphic. Now they’re mixing in Maps. If you select a between Snowdon and the Brecon Beacons in Wales, Google will suggest a “dragon” as one of your transport options. They’ve even gone as far as to include an estimated flying time by method of dragon. Where as a drive would take you 3 hr 42 min a ride a top the mythical beast would only take around 21 min. That’s not all, you can call upon the Loch Ness Monster when traveling from Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle in Scotland which will take around 28 min, much faster than taking the bus, but you might want to leave your cellphone at home.

  • Inside Google’s Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Offices

    Google and M Moser Associates have recently completed construction and design on their new Kuala Lumpur headquarters. As of recently the tech mogul’s employees in the area were spread across different offices across Malaysia. “This design – led by M Moser Associates’ Kuala Lumpur team – addresses those needs in spectacularly eclectic fashion. Aesthetically, with its unexpected shifts from beach to forest to city streets, it is a space that begs to be explored and discovered – stimulating and interactive. But beneath the references to Malaysia’s topography and cultural icons is an office shaped around the goal of bringing Google people, customers and ideas together.”

  • Google Kicks Off April Fools’ Day With A Photo Themed Prank

    As the world wide web turns so do the quality of April Fools’ pranks. This year Google is taking it to another level by implementing a clever prank into their Auto Awesome  tool, turning April Fools’ Day on it’s head. Auto Awesome will introduce a (faux) feature that makes celebrities photo-bomb your uploaded photos. With celeb-bombing becoming a cheeky part of (internet) culture these days, Google’s joke will have your favorite celebs crashing your party, or selfie or pet photo or creepy secret photo you take of a celebrity in Trader Joe’s (which would then be classified as celeb-ception). Here’s how to prank your friends; Go to Auto Backup on Google+, upload a photo to Google+ or snap a photo on your phone and select “Auto Backup” in settings on the Google+ app (iPhone and Android). What you’ll find is a cheeky surprise from a famous friend. You can also have some fun making GIFs and portrait style stitches on Auto-Awesome whenever you want, but for a full day you can get bombed.

  • Finally An Up-to-date Apple vs Google Comparison (Infographic)

    Apple and Google have been competing in a tech “space-race” for the past recent years, only there is not end result in sight. Only innovation, and if they can’t create what they’d like, they’ll buy the company who can. This infographic created by Great Business Schools puts both tech-moguls head to head in a fun easy to read visual data chart. From software to hardware to apps, here is the Thrilla in Manila of Silicon Valley.

  • Google Unveils Project Tango Smartphone To 3D Map Your World [Video]

    Our eventual tech overlords at Google have unveiled the next step in their plan to bring about the singularity. Named Project Tango, Google revealed their new smartphone technology capable of 3D mapping your surroundings in real time. With Tango, directions from Google maps will no longer stop once you reach the building of your destination. You’ll be able to find your way through labyrinthian corridors in even the biggest, most confusing complexes. The tech will also aid the visually impaired when they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. There are also gaming opportunities, as Tango would add more realism to augmented reality games. Now put on your tinfoil hat and consider that this will also give Google a real time, 3D map of where you are at all times. When they become Skynet and send out Terminators, there will be nowhere safe to hide. Unless you don’t have your phone on you every second of the day. But then how will you see if your friends liked the filters on the picture of your eggplant parm sandwich that you Instagrammed earlier?

  • Inside Google’s London Super Headquarters

    Google’s new super headquarters in Central Saint Giles, London is a mix of beautiful patterned padded walls and submarine style doors. The space includes a 160,000 sq ft, a “secret garden” balcony space, a large Town Hall room for meetings and press gatherings, gym, showers, dance facilities, bike parking, 1250 desks and 1250 meeting chairs/collaboration seats, tons of eco-friendly and/or reclaimed materials, and panoramic london skyline views. Penson Group, the architecture and interior design firm was the brain behind the office identity. Design: PENSON Group Photography: Martin Varsavsky

  • The Google Smart Contact Lens Project

    Google announced last week they’re currently testing a new “smart” contact lens which uses a tiny wireless chip and miniaturized glucose sensor that are embedded between two layers of soft contact lens material to detect glucose levels for diabetics. The prototypes, not yet FDA approved can generate one reading per second using tear fluid from the eyes of it’s wearer. The contact lens is also being tested to detect early warning signs that would trigger a tiny LED light to indicate a spike or decline in normal glucose levels. The project is still in its early stages, but making leaps and bounds in clinical research to help refine the prototype as said on Google’s blog.

  • Inside Google’s New $82 Million Private Jet Facility

    It appears Google is going into the airline business, or at least the airPORT business. This January, groundbreaking is expected to begin on a 29-acre facility featuring approximately 270,000 square feet of hangar space on a new Google complex on the San Jose Airport grounds. Documents published in February 2013 state the new facility will generate 370 “direct and indirect jobs,” create 36 permanent jobs, and eventually generate more than $300,000 in taxes annually, over and above the $3 million annual lease cost for San Jose. Partnering with Google on the project, private aviation support firm Signature Flight Support signed a 50-year lease on the facility and will operate under a partner company named Blue City Holdings. Blue City is described as a “corporation representing the personal aircraft of the principals at Google” as well as other principals in the Silicon Valley area. The current space Google has just signed onto was a piece of the San Jose airport that had been dormant for quite some time. Over the next few decades Blue City/ Google will be paying upwards of $150 Million for the space.

  • Japan’s Abandon ‘Battleship Island’ is Explored by Google Maps

    A small island off the coast of Nagasaki Prefecture, Hashima was populated from the late 19th century to the 1970s as a coal mining facility. The island was then abandon, closing out all access to the public until late 2009, and then now opened up to Google Trekker and the Maps Team. In the most recent Bond film, Skyfall, 007 is taken to an uninhabited, abandon island similar ro Hashima, which was actually the inspiration for the villans secret hideout. With the help of the Nagasaki goverment, Google gained access to even the territories blocked off to tourists. Look closely and you can even get a glimpse of abandon technology, bottles and old TV’s. Click here to access ‘Battleship Island’ 

  • Google Reader Was a Good Friend: Every Fallen Google Product (Infographic)

    Google reader is being put down today. All of the loudest nerd cries and blogger poutings had no avail for saving what has become the best RSS feed reader on the internet. While a handful of online platforms have stepped in to replace Reader, none come close to the functionality of our fallen friend. Google is no stranger to putting down products that didn’t live up it’s standards, axing products like Google Wave and Picnik. The keyword is progress here. Although we’ll always miss a product that has become second nature after e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, work e-mail, Instagram, Tumblr, breakfast, we have a feeling it’s place will be taken quick.

  • Google Launches Streaming Music Subscription Service: Google All Access

    Google made a game-changing announcment today at Google I/O, revealing the launch of a music service, Google Play Music All Access. Set for a Wednesday launch date in the United States for $9.99 per month. People who sign up by June 30 will pay $7.99. The news is a big deal to all users who frequent Spotify, Pandora, Slacker and iHeartRadio, claiming that the platform will be “a uniquely Google approach to a subcribtion music service.” Google is no stranger to music, already having services that allow users to upload 20,000 songs to any android device in Google Locker, and Google Music, a service that allows users to purchase music. Claiming All Access to be the ultimate explorers experience, making the search for any music genre easier than the available networks out there. All Access, creates suggested music for you based on your listening preferences, as well as featured suggestions from the “music experts” at Google. When you drill into the genre section you’ll be able to browse for featured albums, top albums and (what I personally thought was the coolest arm) Key Albums that define a specific genre. Here’s where it gets “Google”. Every Song you play has the more »

  • A Look Inside Google’s New Tel Aviv Office

    Google has recently opened up new offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. The seven-floor space, located in Electra Tower, is filled with different themes within the common areas on each level. From the large windows allowing employees to look over the urban landscape of the city to the trees and picnic tables giving the impression that one is walking through an orange grove, the office presents a uniquely inviting environment to expand one’s mind. It is also through this separation of desks and cubicles from the vineyard-like communication areas that the office seeks to provide different settings for varying innovative work processes—whether than be collaboratively or in isolation. Source: mymodernmet.com and officesnapshots.com

  • Google Street View Coming To The Grand Canyon

    Google just announced that it is taking the Trekker, its backpack-sized Street View camera system into the Grand Canyon to map the National Park’s hiking trails. Instead of having to huff and puff your way up Bright Angel Trail in person, you will soon be able take a virtual stroll down to the Colorado River. According to Google, this is the Trekker’s first “official outing.” Google didn’t announce when these new images from the Grand Canyon will appear on Google Maps. The Grand Canyon, however, is the perfect place to take the Trekker on its first official imagery collection. “The canyon landscape is one of the most breathtaking places in the world, is only accessible on foot, and perfectly demonstrates why the Street View Trekker backpack was developed to maneuver narrow trails and rocky terrain,” a Google spokesperson told Techcrunch.

  • Inside Google’s Top-Secret Data Center [37 Photos]

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys The Great Barrier Reef isn’t the only thing getting Google’s “Street View” treatment. Now we can cruise around their formally super secret data center. This could very well be considered the hub of the entire internet so it’s important for us all to take a peek.


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