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GoPro Video Shows Jedi POV

We’ve all at one time or another imagined ourselves as a Jedi — there’s something about laser swords and mind controlling that gets people going — but have we ever fully submerged in the experience? Well, thanks to Youtube user “Bill Parker,” we now have a more realistic understanding of…


Astronauts Take GoPro On Spacewalk [Video]

We’ve all seen those “First Burger/Beer/Burrito in Space” videos and they’re cool and all, but a GoPro and food strapped to a balloon is not particularly awe-inspiring. And those GoPros never really make it to “space” anyway. But now there’s nod denying that GoPro has been to space, as NASA…


Amazing GoPro Video From The Royal Danish Air Force

GoPro cameras aren’t just for extreme sport enthusiasts. The compact yet high quality cameras are now finding themselves installed all over, including Royal Danish Air Force F-16 cockpits. Check out this footage of low level tests over Greenland. The footage was originally intended for internal RDAF research, but the higher-ups…


GoPro: Shaun Flippin’ White [Video]

With much of the Midwest and Northeast United States facing the first winter storm of the new year, dubbed “Hercules,” now is the perfect time to get pumped about winter sports. What better way than watching this GoPro video featuring Shaun White? Also, with the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi…