• Tilt-Shift Video Of Norway Looks Like Tiny Toy World

    We can’t get enough of the fantastic, toy-like worlds created with tilt-shift photography. And “The Little Nordics,” a time lapse, tilt-shift video of Iceland and Norway from Damp Design, is one of the best we’ve seen. The footage was shot using Panasonice GH3 and Canon 7D and 650D cameras then the tilt-shift effect was added in post. For some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot, check out Damp Design on Facebook.

  • Incredible Drone Footage Of Iceland [Video]

    The quality in this video is so good, it must have been made with professional equipment, for an absurd amount out of reach of any hobbyist, right? Nah. It was all done with a DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero4 Silver. The video was shot in 30fps then slowed to 24fps in post to give it an ethereal quality. Also, the original 2.7k resolution was downsampled to 1080p, resulting in supersharp video. And as a testament to the incredible quality of the GoPro, all the settings were left on auto. For a detailed description of the project, be sure to check out the story at Fstoppers.

  • An Icelandic Volcano Is Erupting And It’s Glorious [11 Photos and Video]

    Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano began erupting on Friday, August 29 with a larger eruption on Sunday, August 31. Fountains of lava have been seen shooting 70 meters into the air. And due to a series of earthquakes since August 16, cracks have been created in the Vatnajokull glacier allowing for lava to pour through. The concern is if the flow continues, the glacier can melt, causing vast flooding in the area. Also, increased volcanic activity has resulted in increasingly violent eruptions over the last 72 hours. The ash warning, initially at red, the highest level, has since been reduced to orange. So far the activity hasn’t affected commercial flights, unlike Eyjafjallajokull volcano in 2010, whose ash cloud interrupted flights for 6 days. It’s incredible to see this amazing display, but it’s also important to remember the very real consequences that can follow.

  • Aerial Shots Of Iceland Or Middle Earth? [13 Photos]

    Iceland, Europe’s most sparsely populated country, is known for it’s incredible natural vistas. With volcanoes, geysers, and waterfalls and bursting with color thanks to an abundance of lichen varieties, it is like nowhere else on Earth. And as magical as it looks from the ground, it’s even more otherworldly when seen from above. France-based photographer Sarah Martinet recently traveled to Iceland and captured these incredible shots from the open windows of an airplane. The landscapes, free of civilization but bursting with natural wonder, look more like Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings than anything in our world. Check out some of the series below and take a fantasy vacation through the rest of the photos at Sarah Martinet Photography.

  • 20 Reasons You Should Book a Ticket To Iceland Now [Travel Tuesdays]

    Iceland is a country full of enough natural wonders to keep your adult ADD in check for at least a couple of weeks. With beautiful summer weather and brisk winters, Iceland is the perfect spot to visit during all four seasons. With stunning colorful mountains, bursting geysers and of course the Northern Lights, Iceland should definitely be your next adventure. Oh and did we mention it’s only a four hour flight from New York.

  • Iceland May Just Be The Most Beautiful Place On Earth [17 HQ Photos]

    Never been to Iceland before? It is one of the cheapest international destinations for anyone living in the eastern part of the United States and as you’ll see from the photos, it might just be the most beautiful place in the world. We found travel deals on Iceland Air and LivingSocial starting at only $600 so jump on them while you can.


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