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All About Tequila [Infographic]

It’s May 5, which means if you’re some parts of Mexico or any part of the US, you’ll be celebrating Cinco de Mayo. And when celebrating Mexico’s unlikely victory over France at the Battle of Puebla, what better drink to imbibe than tequila, a spirit synonymous with Mexico? But you…


So You Need A Typeface [Infographic]

Looking for the perfect font for your project or at least a good starting point? Then check out this flowchart from graphic designer Julian Hansen. And to appeal to those of us who are simpletons with no sense of style, Comic Sans is even included in the flowchart, although it…

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Wine Cocktail Guide [Infographic]

The weekend is just about here and you’ve worked hard all week long. You deserve a drink to celebrate. But why get the same old cocktail you always imbibe? This weekend try one of these wine cocktails suggested by some of London’s best cocktail bars. As a Lewis Carroll fan,…