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Does Pokemon Go Work In Space?

Pokemon Go seems to be active just about everywhere on Earth — inappropriate gamers are even finding themselves catching Pokemon at concentration camps and ground zero — but what about the rest of the solar system? Twitter users needed an answer: @NASA_Astronauts So… can you guys play Pokemon Go in…


Tour The ISS In Unbelievable 4K [Video]

One of the most amazing developments aboard the International Space Station recently has been the introduction of Ultra High Definition (UHD) video. Not only does it look awesome to civilian space lovers, the high resolution and high frame-rate video is also invaluable to researchers back on terra firma, offering unprecedented…


Astronauts Take GoPro On Spacewalk [Video]

We’ve all seen those “First Burger/Beer/Burrito in Space” videos and they’re cool and all, but a GoPro and food strapped to a balloon is not particularly awe-inspiring. And those GoPros never really make it to “space” anyway. But now there’s nod denying that GoPro has been to space, as NASA…