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20 Major Celebrity Tattoo Fails

Kate Price Cringe! In 2005 British model got the name of her then-husband, Peter Andre, tattooed on her wrist. Four years later the pair separated and before having her tattoo re-done, Price covered her ex-lover’s name with a pointed “X.” Ouch! Audrina Patridge A snake wrapped around an apple —…

River Phoenix and Joaquin Phoenix

33 Childhood Photos of Celebrities

Before your favorite celebrities were rich or beautiful, they were (sometimes) less rich and (rarely) less beautiful. Oh, and if you’re wondering what’s going on in Nick Offerman’s photo, it was a stunt he pulled to get casting directors to notice his headshot. Evidently it worked.

Cameron Diaz

Early Modeling Photos Of 30 Celebrities

Wondering how you’re favorite ridiculously good looking actor got their start? Easy! They began as lowly, ridiculously good looking models. And all it took was being born ridiculously good looking. Pretty much anyone else can do it, too. Just, you know, be ridiculously good looking. Welp, time to yell at…