• 26 Celebrity Passport Photos

    Sure, we all like looking at normal, untouched photos of celebrities, but there is more to these famous passports than just that. Many are vintage with handwritten information. Check out George Harrison’s edit from student to musician. Also interesting is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s family passport with photos of wife Zelda and daughter Scottie. And Alice Cooper’s legal name? Alice Cooper. Huh.

  • 5 Public Relations Lessons You Need To Know From The Late Great John F. Kennedy

    Politicians are excellent at a certain rhetoric device called “framing.” They know how to switch conversations to more favorable topics, they know how to avoid the ugly answers, and sometimes they can flip a public relations disaster into an underdog victory. On the 50th anniversary of his assassination, I’m going to show you how JFK did just that, winning over the audience as an underdog even after some sharp criticisms from Harry Truman.

  • The Life of John F. Kennedy: 75 Rare and Iconic Photos

    November 22, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He was and still is one of the most iconic personalities in American history so we’ve pulled together 75 fascinating photos that show the life and times of JFK from his time growing up in Massachusetts to his final day in Dallas, TX, and everything in between.

  • Photo of the Day: Bill Clinton Meets John F. Kennedy

    This photo of Bill Clinton meeting John F. Kennedy was taken July 24, 1963, four weeks before Clinton’s 17th birthday as the two attended the American Legion boys nation program in the Rose Garden of the White House. Bill Clinton said the moment had a profound impact on his life. Watch the video below to learn more about the photo.

  • 43 Rare Photos of John F. Kennedy’s 1960 Presidential Campaign

    John F. Kennedy was a man of the people. So when he went up against Richard Nixon in the 1960 Presidential election JFK did what he does best, traveled 40,000 miles, across all 50 states in a matter of month to meet, face to face, with tens of thousands of potential voters. What you are about to see is largest collection of photos from JFK’s 1960 election ever assembled. The photos are very rare and show a different age in campaigning where television was an emerging promotional tool and people still had direct access to candidates. Image source #1 | Image source #2 | Image source #3

  • JFK’s Moon Speech 50 Years Later

    On Sept. 12, 1962, fifty years ago today, President John Kennedy challenged us to go to the moon within the decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard.

  • Top 5 Books Every Guy Should Read Before Turning 30

    For eternity, books and the authors that write them have helped shape society and inspire the people that have changed this world. Even today, books go a long way in helping form our outlook on love, success, courage..anything, really. I attempted to make a list of 5 books that every guy should read before turning 30. Allow yourself to learn from these books and the great minds behind them.

  • Read These Books

    Some men throughout history set the standards for the meaning of “being a man”. Churchill, Roosevelt, Hemingway and Kennedy (to name a few) have become synonymous names with the likeness and image of the modern man, but if you ever felt inclined to broaden your knowledge on any of these men, then here are the books you need to read to do so.   The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Seven men in one–naturalist, writer, lover, hunter, cowboy, soldier, and politician, Theodore Roosevelt, by the turn of the century, built himself up from a frail, asthmatic boy to become the youngest and most charismatic president in our history to that time. Edmund Morris has written an extremely readable, highly entertaining, and factually sound biography. In “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt,” he completely captures the essence of this towering early twentieth century figure, making him totally relevant to today’s readers. “The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt” is a biography that’s indeed very well worth reading.  The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt Churchill Style One of the most iconic and endlessly fascinating figures of the 20th century, Winston Churchill has been the subject of any number of books, but none of them have analyzed his more »


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