• Jimmy Fallon Plays Pictionary With Jerry Seinfeld, Martin Short, And Miranda Sings [Video]

    Jimmy Fallon continues his domination of late night TV by gathering up the best guests and having them do absurd things. Sure, we still have to hear the boring stories about the new project we don’t care about, but now those stories are shorter because Fallon has his guests engage in shenanigans such as this game of Pictionary with Martin Short, Jerry Seinfeld, and YouTube star Miranda Sings. Not only are the comedians all bad at drawing, but they are also terrible at guessing! And wait til you see the boobs on Martin Short’s Mrs. Claus…

  • 20 Celebrity Then And Now Photos That Give Hope To Goofy Looking Kids

    Are you an ugly duckling hoping to one day transform into a beautiful swan? Well give up, uggo, because you’re too damn old and there’s no hope for you. But if you’ve got equally goony kids, there might be a chance that they won’t suffer your same hideous fate. Show them these photos to let them know there’s a possibility they’ll grow out of their gruesome guise. And if they still grow up to be freaks, know that it’s all your fault. Now excuse me while I yell at myself in the mirror and cry for a few hours.

  • Fallon and Kevin Delany Suck in a Balloon that has the Opposite Affect as Helium

    Jimmy, Lucy Liu and science badass, Kevin Delany had some fund with experiments on Fallon. They mix nitrogen together with boiling water to make an amazing cloud effect, but by far the coolest experiment Delany shows the crowd is what happens when you suck in hexa floride, it’s essentially the opposite of sucking in helium. Because hexa floride is 5 or 6 times heavier than air, sound is slowed down. Watch in awe then order some online to scare your friends. Apparently you need to do proper exercises for it to leave your body and also hang upside down, so be careful kids.

  • Watch Jimmy Fallon at His “Giddiest” While Jeter Gets his Last Home At Bat

    Jimmy Fallon is the giddiest host on late night, maybe all of television. When he gets excited about anything he can’t help but babble, laugh and flail his hands about like a cartoon character. Last night Jimmy had Derek Jeter on the show and Jeets went over some past memories of Jimmy acting like a child behind home plate during some iconic Jeter moments, then they do a play-by-play on Jeter’s final at home hit and how bonkers Fallon went.

  • Fallon Debuts the Rock’s New Hercules Action Figure on The Tonight Show

    Last week Dwane “The Rock” Johnson made the internet shut down for a minute when a 1996 photo of him posing with a black turtleneck, gold chain (on over the turtleneck), sporting a fanny pack, while posing with a tissue under his elbow was released. If that photo wasn’t perfect enough, The Rock’s new movie Hercules hit theaters making it oh-so-much-more relevant. Dwane stopped by the Tonight Show to talk about his new movie, but Fallon surprised him with a new action figure, we can only hope will actually hit stores one day.

  • Kevin Delany Stops by Fallon to Show Why Science is Just the Best

    Kevin Delany from the Museum of Discovery in Little Rock, Arkansas stopped by the Tonight Show to show Jimmy just how much fun science could be. Kevin starts out the demonstrations by adding some delicious candy to potassium chloride (The stuff on the tips of matches) to cause a flat out cool reaction to the sugar in candy. Then combining some very potent hydrogen peroxide with some soap and potassium iodine to make some elephant toothpaste. You’ll get it, just watch.

  • Robinson Cano Surprises Booing Yankees Fans [Video]

    Robinson Cano returns to New York today, but no longer as a Yankee. He left the Yanks for Seattle and a $240 million, 10-year contract. Although most folks would go where the money is, that doesn’t mean fans still aren’t angry. To help them blow off steam, Jimmy Fallon presented a giant portrait of the second baseman for fans to boo in public. They didn’t know the real Robinson Cano was right behind the picture. How quickly their attitudes change…

  • Jimmy and Anne Sing Rap Classics

    Jimmy and Anne Hathaway team up to perform rap hits like “Gin and Juice,” “In Da Club,” and “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” with a Broadway twist. Now we know sometimes Hathaway could get a bit goody goody, unless shes on a Batcycle in a black leather cat suit and the camera angle is just right, but the girl can sing. And show off her butt.

  • Putin’s Cold War Kickstarter

    Vladimir Putin has officially been declared a world villain, which could make it difficult to come up with funds necessary to take over the world or at least start a war. Which is why he made his own Kickstarter to fund the “New Cold War” and why not. Kickstarter’s fundraising capabilities are used by celebrities seeking means to capitalize on their status or raise funds which they probably have in their checking account, but are too greedy to use. Donate to the Putin fund for a signed photo from your favorite warlord on a horse, shirtless. )

  • Jon Hamm and Fallon Photobomb Unsuspecting Families

    Jimmy Fallon had a special guest and friend on his show last night, Mad Men star, Jon Hamm. Hamm and Fallon decided to have some fun with unsuspecting tourist families on top of 30 Rock, by photobombing them using some super secret stealth moves. Jon and Jimmy not only accomplished the task at hand, but went the extra mile, piggy back riding, lady-and-the-tramping a hero and peaking out of two well disguised columns. )

  • Jimmy Fallon’s 5 Best Classroom Instrument Performances

    Jimmy Fallon and The Roots’s performances alongside top music talent using only instruments found in an elementry school classroom has become one of the Tonight Show’s most sure fire hits so in honor of his latest video with Idina Menzel, singing “Let It Go” from “Frozen”, we give you his five best “Classroom Instrument” performances.

  • Fallon and Springstein Take on Bridge-gate

    Bruce Springsteen & Bruce (Fallon) Springsteen rework “Born To Run” to address the Fort Lee, NJ bridge scandal involving Governor Christie. At one point the duo are singing side by side and Fallon’s impression is so spot on it’s tough to distinguish the two from each other. Fallon’s impressions are, for the most part, spot on, but critiques have concerns if that’s enough to carry the weight of “The Tonight Show” come this February. With Fallon’s goofy charm, charisma and his ability to let guests let their guard down, Jimmy will do just fine. His online presence is arguably bigger and more sharable than any other late night host, which is proof his material resonates better with a younger audience, but if this video is any indication for what to expect, we’re excited for February 17th.

  • The Fallon Timberlake SNL featured Giggles Galore

    This weekend SNL was hosted by Jimmy Fallon with musical guest/co-host Justin Timberlake. In what was looked at as one of the most anticipated SNLs of the year, the brotastic duo gave us exactly what we expected. Giggles galore. Skit after skit the bash bros of late night TV tried everything in their power to keep a straight face, but in true Fallon form, couldn’t. The overall episode was good to quite good, a plethora of special guests including Barry “effing” Gibb, Madonna and Sir Paul McCartney were in attendance and Madonna acted weird, go figure.

  • Jimmy Fallon and Johnny Knoxville Play Epic Game of Battle-shots

    Johnny Knoxville went on Fallon to promote his new hilarious film, Bad Grandpa, and Jimmy coerced the Jackass star to play a game of Battleship, but any correct guess forces the opponent to take a shot of tequila or beer. Look for this new hybrid of a childhood favorite game to take over every college campus in the near future. The essence is in the sailor caps.

  • Fallon and Alec Baldwin Starred in an 80’s Cop Show

    Fallon had Alec Baldwin on his show last night and they reminisced about that time when they were both on an 80’s cop show called “Point Pleasant Police Department”. Like 90% of all of Jimmy Fallon’s SNL skits, he couldn’t keep a straight face during the schtick where two cops talk with their mouths full while bellowing words that start with the letter “P”. Baldwin’s acting prowess takes over, even when Fallon’s mustache falls off.

  • Jimmy Fallon, Miley Cyrus & The Roots Sing An A Cappella Version Of “We Can’t Stop” (Video)

    With all the craziness and controversy that Miley Cyrus has been engaging in, from feuding with Sinead O’Connor to her Terry Richardson photo shoot, it’s easy to forget that she has real talent as a singer. Luckily, The Roots and Jimmy Falloon came to the rescue and teamed up with her to remind us that there’s a great voice that can come out of that mouth, not just a nasty tongue, with this a cappella rendition of “We Can’t Stop.” Pay special attention to ?uestlove’s scene-stealing reactions during the video.

  • Timberlake and Fallon Kill the #Hashtag

    The dynamic duo is at it again this time with some witty banter about the overuse of the ‘hashtag’. Justin Timberlake and jimmy Fallon’s bromance has produced some of the best internet based videos of all time. The History of Rap, The Barry Gibb Talk Show (SNL) and most recently Summer Camp, but last night their take on the over use of the hashtag on social brought to real life is a satire you need to see.

  • The Roots and Fallon Help Derek Jeter with Some New At Bat Music

    The New York Yankees Captain hasn’t had many opportunities to step up to the plate this year, but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have the best possible walk out music. Jeter mentioned he’s respect and love for Bob Shepard, the Yankees late stadium announcer, so before every at bat, Jeter requested to have a recording of Mr. Shepard introduce him. This year he chose to use Eminem’s ‘Square Dance’ as his walk out music, but Jimmy and the Roots have a few ideas of their own.

  • The Lonely Island Kill ‘YOLO’ on Fallon

    Samberg & Co. showed up on Fallon last night for a live rendition of the hit single from their new album, YOLO. The trio have hit over 1.2 billion hits on their new EP, titled The Wack Album.  Samberg is set up to star as a ditective on a new FOX show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, this fall created by Daniel Goor, or Parks & Goor and Conan.

  • Brian Williams is Back Rapping Warren G ‘Regulate’ on Fallon

    Hip Hop sensation Bri-Wi is back for a second round, this time mashed up to Warren G’s ‘Regulate’ on Jimmy Fallon. If you missed it Fallon released Brian Williams singing ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But a G Thang’ mashed up from Nightly News clips. If this is going to be a regular occurrence on Late Night, we’re all for it and could be in our top spot of Late Night TV skits in front of Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Lie Witness News’ or ‘Unnecessary Censorship’. I praise the editorial team responsible for this, and please keep on making these.

  • Brian Williams Mashup Sings ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But A G Thang’ on Fallon

    Last night Jimmy Fallon featured this brilliant supercut mashup of Brian Williams edited to sing Snoop Dogg’s ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But a G Thang’. Williams is a regular on Fallon’s show, both sharing a building, and we’re sure he would’ve done this if Jimmy would’ve just asked, saving editors thousands of hours of work. But then we probably wouldn’t be talking about it.  

  • Justin Timberlake ’20/20 Experience’ Volume Two Coming Later This Year Says Questlove

    Hot on the heels of his highly anticipated SNL hosting gig and following a weeklong stint on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon alongside the Roots, Justin Timberlake gears up for the release of 20/20 Experience this week. For the past few months, Timberlake was hard at work promoting the new album, his first since FutureSex/LoveSounds in 2006. The latest member inducted into SNL’s elite Five-Timers Club will join Jay-Z for the Legends of Summer tour and co-headline the Yahoo! On The Road tour that hits 14 cities within the United States kicking off in New York City on May 3 and ending in San Francisco in May 31. Still, the new album, Legends tour and festival appearances notwithstanding, the item generating a huge amount of buzz is news that a followup album to “20/20 Experience” could hit just a few months from now. The Roots drummer Questlove got the inside scoop. “Spoiler alert. 20/20 Vol 2 comes out in nov. (10 songs now . . . 10 songs later= 20 vision),” he posted on an Okayplayer chat board over the weekend. Yes, that’s right. He is saying a second album will be released sometime around November. 10 songs on this album + 10 more »


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