• Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: Part 6 [Video]

    Jimmy Kimmel Live recently returned to one of the best bits on late night TV with a sixth installment of “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets.” Kimmel hopes that the segments will raise awareness of the pain caused by anonymous hating on celebrities in a public forum. You can really see the pain in the eyes of these helpless actors. The most hateful of the tweets comes from Kimmel himself, about his arch nemesis Matt Damon.

  • Man Show Reunion: Adam Carolla Shows Up on Kimmel

    Pod cast king, Adam Carolla made an appearance on Kimmel last night for a nice little blast from the past reunion of ‘The Man Show’. Remember? That show that was on 20 years ago, where hosts, Kimmel and Carolla used to touch on topics you could only talk about in the sanctity of a man-cave or in a garage fixing up the red dragon. Then they would close with girls jumping on trampolines. For me it was 26 minutes of issues I wouldn’t understand and 1 closing minute that would define me as a man. There hasn’t since been a more bluntly executed minute of simplistic brilliance than girls jumping on trampolines, but I digress, it was a pleasure to see Kimmel’s quick wit and Carolla’s inate ability to rant about pretty much anything back together for a harmony from a decade ago. Carolla has a new film coming out dubbed ‘Road Hard’ about his ‘Pirate Ship’ pod cast, staring him and funded by the public on Fundanything. The more you donate the sweeter the pot gets. Take a look.

  • Watch: RSVLTS Original Video “Goats Yelling Like Humans” Featured On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

    Last night, I got about a dozen text messages, all at the same time, saying that our “Goats Yelling Like Humans” super cut video was featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! He is well known for featuring popular YouTube videos, and Goats was the third most shared video on the entire internet last week. So it makes sense that he featured this, but I was still surprised and extremely psyched. It’s amazing how much this has blown up in the last week. If you haven’t seen the original video by now, check it out below and subscribe to our RSVLTS YouTube page for weekly Super Cut Compilations.

  • Apologies, to Matt Damon (Video)

    Jimmy Kimmel has been giving Matt Damon the shaft for years now, apologizing for bumping him at the end of countless shows for years. Damon’s many attempts to one up have come up short. Watch a supercut of Kimmel bumping Damon for years.

  • Who is The New King of Late Night TV?

    The rules have changed in late night TV. With social media in the mix, a new breed of late night talk show has risen, literally leaving the traditionalists in the dark. Hosts are not only personalities for their shows, but for their YouTube channels, twitter following and Facebook fans. The younger audience relies on the online social interaction to form a bond with their shows of choice.


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