• You Won’t Believe These Stars Are The Same Age [16 Photos]

    Let’s be honest, all celebrities have the means to make themselves look whatever age they want, but it’s still incredible to see side-by-side comparisons of stars who are the same age but look nothing like it. For some it may be because the roles they are known for are so much younger than their real age. For others it may that they’ve opted for plastic surgery to keep young. And then there’s 75-year-old Chuck Norris, who must live on his Total Gym machine to look like that while poor Michael Gambon is left to decay.

  • Early Modeling Photos Of 30 Celebrities

    Wondering how you’re favorite ridiculously good looking actor got their start? Easy! They began as lowly, ridiculously good looking models. And all it took was being born ridiculously good looking. Pretty much anyone else can do it, too. Just, you know, be ridiculously good looking. Welp, time to yell at my reflection and punch myself in the face for a while.

  • 19 Reasons Why Kate Upton’s Beach Bikini 2014 Swimsuit Shoot Is Better In GIF Form

    Kate Upton is the Queen of the internet and her 2014 Swimsuit shoot definitely deserves the Better In GIF Form treatment. Fur sure. Additional stories from RSVLTS/women 19 Reasons Why Emily Ratajkowski’s 2014 Swimsuit Shoot Is Better In GIF Form Scarlett Johansson GIFS (31 GIFS) | Emily Ratajkowski GIFS (19 GIFS) | Melanie Iglesias GIFS (40 GIFS)  Leanna Decker GIFS (39 Pics) | Kate Upton GIFS (53 Pics) | Bounciest GIFS Ever (50 GIFS) Brooklyn Decker GIFS (100 Pics) | Melissa Bolona NFL (32 Pics)  | Arianny Celeste GIFS (70 GIFS) Sports Illustrated South Africa’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue Complete Collection  [50 Photos + GIFS] Kate Upton + Terry Richardson GQ Outtakes Everyone Will Be Taking About [41 Photos] More Galleries Kate Upton Voted ‘Best Cleavage’ In The World [80 Photos] 75 Reasons Why Megan Fox Is Better In GIF Form Melissa Boloña Wins The 2013 Beach Bunny Model Search [30 Photos] The British Glamour Model Hall of Fame It’s Yoga Pants Season! [24 Photos]

  • Snoop’s Got Just What Kate Upton Eats In New Hot Pockets Ad (Video)

    Kate Upton, Snoop, Bow Wow, Oliver Cooper, KevJumba, and even Larry King star in the latest bizarre yet really enjoyable ad from HotPockets. Falling asleep while eating a hot pocket, Kate Upton enters a dreamworld where Snoop expounds on the virtues of the stoner treat’s crust, while Oliver Cooper tries to convince her that it’s the meat that keeps her eating the strangely alluring snack. The song they all serenade her with is a parody of Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend.” Between this and his “Pocket Like It’s Hot” ad, Snoop has really solidified himself as the master of munchies.

  • Kate Upton’s Complete Collection: Every Photoshoot of Her Career To Celebrate Her 21st Birthday [Over 1000 Photos]

    The internet’s leading lady Kate Upton is turning 21-years-old this month. We’d like to think there is a whole new world for her to experience but who are we kidding? This bombshell has been partying it up with the over 21-crowd for years. To help mark this momentous occasion we’re giving her the best gift of all. A database of every photoshoot of her young but accomplished career. From her first shoot with Venus Swimwear when she was 18 and a few days to her greatest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit moments to her most recent work with Vogue, it’s all here.

  • We’re Retiring The Harlem Shake With This Video Of Kate Upton

    To say that we are over the Harlem Shake would be an understatement. I don’t think there has been an internet trend that has blown up and disappeared faster. BUT this video of Kate Upton doing the Cat Daddy edited into the Harlem Shake has to be shared. I promise, you’ll never hear of the Harlem Shake ever again on RSVLTS.com.

  • Behind The Scenes of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s 2013 Media Blitz, Launch Party and Vegas Adventure

    For the last several days the 22 models featured in the year’s Sports Illustrated Swismuit issue have been on a whirlwind media tour that included stops at the NYSE, Today Show, dozens of radio shows, David Letterman and a launch party that concluded with a private carteret flight to Las Vegas. Unfortunately us mortals could not attend but at least we can see what the fun was like with these behind the scenes photos.

  • Kate Upton’s Greatest Swimsuit Photos

    By now, Kate Upton has become a household name. And whether you love her or think she’s overrated, your head always turns as soon as you hear she’s involved in another shoot. And more often than not, you’re not disappointed. She burst into the mainstream in 2011 by being named SI’s “Rookie of the Year” for her Body Paint section of the magazine. Later that year, an internet video of her performing “The Dougie” at a Clippers game went viral followed by her famous “Cat Daddy” dance video which currently has over 13 million views. 45 Additional Swimsuit Photo Galleries (click each thumbnail to see more)

  • Kate Upton Gets Body Painted for SI Swimsuit 2013

    It was only a matter of time until SI Swimsuit’s stapl body painting and Ms. Upton collided to unveil some of the best painted curves since Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. Jimmy Traina’s Hot Clicks released this eye popping, tongue rollin out of your mouth shot of Kate this morning and it made Mondays worth living again.

  • Kate Upton Is The 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Cover Model

    FashionCopious On February 12th the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover will be released on Late Night with David Letterman. The identity of the swimsuit cover model is typically one of the best kept secrets in the publishing industry but today it looks like this year’s cover has been leaked by fashioncopious.com.  If this is in-fact a leaked photo of the real 2013 issue and not a really, really good fake Kate Upton will be the queen of the modeling world for the second year in a row. This would also dispell very convincing rumors started by The Daily Mail that Nina Agdal had landed the cover. Back on December 18th TMZ published photos of a Kate Upton bikini busting shoot in Antarctica. According to TMZ these photos were for a  ”super-secret Sports Illustrated cover shoot” and now it looks like these images were for the 2013 cover.

  • Watch: The Highly Disappointing Mercedes-Benz Kate Upon Super Bowl Commercial In It’s Entirety

    For what ever reason Mercedes thought it would be a good idea to release the full version of their Kate Upon Super Bowl commercial…before the Super Bowl. The version posted on YouTube is the two minute “extended cut” but to our disappointment the Kate Upton appearance everyone has been talking about lasts only seconds. And she is looking more like the late-great Anna Nicole Smith in a white ball-gown and less like the 2012 Swimsuit cover model we all know. Fail. We aren’t the only ones who feel this way. A popular men’s interest site Brobible.com says, “You give America’s “It” girl six measly seconds of a 2-minute commercial? Ball dropped, Mercedes…ball dropped. Also, Usher and Willem Dafoe are in the commercial as well, if anyone gives a sh*t.” Do we need to remind you again that Nina Agdal is going to leap frog Kate Upton once her Carl’s Jr. commercial is aired and she lands the cover of Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Swimsuit issue next month?

  • 5 GIFs From Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz CLA Super Bowl Commercial

    The teaser trailer for Kate Upton’s Mercedes-Benz 2013 Super Bowl commercial leaked online yesterday and has already been given the GIF treatment. The full-length commercial will air on Super Bowl Sunday and will feature Upton alongside Usher. This is a pairing that Mercedes believes will help reach a younger audience for the new C-Class, the company’s first front-wheel drive car for the U.S. market, according to the Los Angeles Times. It reportedly goes on sale in September for about $30,000.

  • Kate Upton Washes A Mercedes in Super Bowl Ad

    Kate Upton has selling power. She definitely gets a lot of slack for being over hyped, but you know everytime you see her name next to a headline that notes, “New Pics” “Doing a New Dance” or “New Commercial” you watch it. We all do, because it’s Kate Upton and she knows sex sells more than you do. So now Mercedes has made her the face of the new CLA, In order to tease us before the big game, Benz has just released a 90-second clip with Upton blowing on some soap suds. The real Super Bowl ad, partially filmed in New Orleans, will feature the bombshell along with Usher.

  • Kate Upton Tries To Make Smoking Look Cool [Infographic]

    Kate Upton appeared in V Magazine’s January issue ripping a cigarette like it is fashionable. Well Kate, smoking is NOT fashionable! But we’ll let it slide because that shirt is two sizes too small and we like it. Now quit that habit because webMD says smoking give you wrinkles and SI Swimsuit frowns upon women with wrinkles.

  • Kate Upton’s 50 Hottest and Most Notable Moments of 2012

    Hey… Hey you… Eyes up here!  Once again, Kate Upton ruled the world in 2012. No one quite had a year like she did, jumping from the Internet fringe to the mainstream. Thanks to countless magazine covers, photoshoots, commercials, and viral stunts, Kate Upton is now a household name.

  • First Look: Kate Upton’s “Sports Illustrated Cover Shoot” In Antarctica [18 Photos]

    This morning TMZ published photos of a Kate Upton bikini busting shoot in Antarctica. According to TMZ these photos are for a  “super-secret Sports Illustrated cover shoot” and could possibly be featured in the upcoming 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit being released in February. As we saw in our story featuring leaked photos from the 2013 SI Swimsuit issue, MJ Day and crew love exotic locations and although it is cold, nothing is more exotic than Antarctica.

  • Kate Upton’s GQ Outtakes Everyone Will Be Taking About [41 Photos]

    With Justin Verlander’s family confirming that he is dating Kate Upton it makes this story even more timely. At year’s end if we look back to all the highlights on the web Kate Upton’s photoshoot with the great Terry Richardson will certainly be up near the top. It was the most provocative photoshoot of her young career and the photos spanned across a wide range of sites from men’s lifestyle to legit news sources. Here are more than a dozen outtakes from the epic shoot.  Additional RSVLTS galleries… Melanie Iglesias GIFS (40 GIFS) | Bri Teresi Bikini (50 Pics) | Kate Upton Greatest GIFS (53 Pics) Brooklyn Decker GIFS (100 Pics) | Alexis Ren Smokeshow ( 142 Pics)  | ScarJo Foxy GIFS (31 GIFS) Rosie Jones Outtakes (14 Pics) | Kate Upton GQ (24 Pics) | Irina Shayk GIFS (67 GIFS) Leanna Decker GIFS (39 Pics) | Emily Ratajkowski GIFS (60 GIFS) | Bounciest GIFS Ever (50 GIFS) More Galleries

  • 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Behind The Scenes Photos Revealed

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Unfortunately Sports Illustrated asked us to remove MJ Day’s photos from the site. Fail. But as a consolation prize we pulled together the 35 best photos from Swimsuit models on the web so we don’t leave you hangin’. If you want to see the SI Swimsuit 2013 preview check out @MJ_Day on Twitter. View all the galleries below! See also: 2012 SI South Africa Swimsuit Issue Revealed [8 Models, 106 Photos]

  • Kate Upton Is All Her High Quality Goodness [11 Photos]

    A few months back Kate Upton photoshoot with Miguel Reveriego was featured by Vogue Spain. The photos we posted on June 26th were a bit low quality but today this bombs dropped on the web in all their high definition glory. Askmen.com‘s 2012 Great Male Survey revealed that a small group of men are starting to get tired of Kate Upton, we are not apart of that group.


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