• A Lisa Frank Sticker Adorned Love Letter From A Young Katy Perry And Other Bizarre Music Memorabilia Is Up For Auction

    On Friday, November 7, you can bid on a whole bunch of bizarre music memorabilia at Julien’s Live. Some of our favorites from the huge lot of 720 items are in the gallery, including a love letter from a 10-year-old Katy Perry that is covered in Lisa Frank stickers and Liberace’s “Stars and Stripes” get-up—perfect for Independence Day galas. And for those of you who are feeling especially creepy, Beyonce’s bra from the “Run” trailer is also up for auction. Personally, I’m hoping to win Elvis’s TCB sunglasses. I bet they smell like sweat and cheeseburgers!

  • Katy Perry Will Be The Bounciest Super Bowl Half Time Performer Ever [88 GIFS + Photos]

    The NFL might have another controversy brewing on their hands. Just take a look at these GIFS and photos. Katy is a f&%kin’ bombshell and whether you agree or not CNN is licking their chops with the idea that Katy Perry is too “risqué” to perform the half time show at Super Bowl XLIX. We’re just fine with it but what do you think? Can I get a betting line on some Katy Perry/Super Bowl controversy popping up? — Tyler Riggs (@TySpace) October 10, 2014

  • Must. Maintain. Eye Contact. [18 Photos]

    We’ve created an eye contact game for both men and women alike. This is a legit challenge. Look at the following 18 photos of famous celebrities and try to maintain eye contact the whole way through. Bet you can’t do it. We kick things off with Katy Perry and her epic Grammy’s dress. As you’ll see below, John Mayer was able to maintain while Ellen… not so much. Can you maintain eye contact through all 18 photos?

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