• Meet Monyca Byrne-Wickey & Kelia Moniz: Roxy’s New Surf Models [120 Photos]

    When 22-year-old Monyca Byrne-Wickey and 19-year-old Kelia Moniz aren’t hopping around the globe to partake in professional surfing events they are in-front of the camera, modeling for leading surf lifestyle brand Roxy. Today, Roxy released a sneak peek of their highly anticipated Diane von Furstenberg signature swimsuit line which will be modeled by Byrne-Wickey and Moniz. The teaser video is a hit and as a result these two world class athletes will become household names for their talent and beauty.

  • Kelia Moniz: Roxy Surf Model [63 Photos]

    Kelia Moniz is one of the most beautiful world class athletes in the world. At only 19-year-old she recently locked in her first world title at the ASP Women’s Longboard Championship. Growing up Kelia called Honolulu home and grew up on the beach watching her world famous professional surfing father do his thing. Now she is a champion in her own right and doing modeling for Roxy.


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