• Take A Sad Look At Kickstarters That Raised $0

    In the dark days before crowd funding websites, it was always extremely awkward when your friend would approach you with their bad business idea. You’d have to either find a diplomatic way of calling them a moron or give them faux support in hopes that someone else would have the balls to tell them they’re a moron. But thanks to Kickstarter and Go Fund Me and other money-grubbing websites, you’re off the hook! Your friend will either find strangers who are also morons and will give them money or they won’t raise a dime and realize they are, in fact, a moron. What happens to those Kickstarter campaigns that don’t raise any money at all? Italian artist Silvio Lorusso has been collecting them, and his archive of over 9000 is available to browse at Kickended. We traveled down the rabbit hole and pulled some of our favorite failed campaigns. Can you believe these all raised $0?? Who wouldn’t visit a Hawaiian Shirt Musuem? And a movie about an angry clown paying a ticket for a broken headlight? Certainly that’s worth $525!

  • A Wood-Burning Pizza Oven That Anyone Can Afford

    Wood-burning ovens can be very expensive. Until now they were a luxury that only the 1% could afford. Lucky for us  there is a Kickstarter project by Kristian Tapaninaho for a wood-burning stove the size of a carry-on suitcase with temperatures of up to 840 degrees Fahrenheit which means you can cook a delicious pizza in under 3 minutes. In the video Tapaninaho says it takes 15-20 minutes to heat up and needs to be re-fueled with wood every 20 or so minutes. Buy now: $287.00


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