• Top 10 Most Disliked Contemporary Athletes

    Hate is always a strong word, and it is somewhat puzzling that people would hate a person who they have never met. But, with sports media reaching such heights as those in modern times, the layman will always look for an athlete to loathe. However, some athletes have done nothing to truly deserve any of the negative attention that they get. It may be something they said in a press conference, the general disliking of their team, or any other trifle reason that attracts mass disgust. While the latterly reason for hatred isn’t as valid is the formerly mentioned, it is a simple fact of mass televised sports. Some receptors of negative emotion are well deserved, as they have sought to capitalize on their fame in order to break the rules of sport, or to commit harmful crimes. That being said, all the athletes chronicled on this list seem to be generally disliked. While some of the athletes may be personally disliked, it is not necessarily true for all them. The purpose of this article is to examine public opinion over personal opinion.

  • This Nike LanceStrong Commercial is Still My All-Time Favorite

    Did he or didn’t he use steroids. We’ll probably never know but one thing is for certain, this Nike commercial of then 24-year-old Lance Armstrong‘s 1996 press conference announcing he has cancer and will be taking a break from cycling is just as powerful now as it was almost 16 years ago when it came out.


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