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Animator Transforms Athletes Into Super Saiyans

Everyone, in some capacity, remembers DragonBall Z. The long running cartoon (or anime, depending on who you ask) featured alien warriors protecting Earth from other alien warriors. And it was about as wild as it sounds. Well, user proxyrax over at imgur decided to turn a bunch of athletic warriors into the…

Tim Howard

25 Portraits Made Into Haircuts

Once the avant-garde types began to create works using their bodily fluids, it seemed as if there was no new medium for artists to turn to. But then Rob the Original looked at a head of hair and saw his canvas. Based in San Antonio, Rob the Original is a…

2013 Players

10 Athletes Who Blew Our Minds in 2013

It’s clear that—in sports—there’s a need to point out the best individual players despite the overwhelming message that a team’s collective effort trumps everything (points to Boston Red Sox and the Seattle Seahawks) But, with the Most Valuable Player Awards being among the most coveted pieces of recognition in athletics,…

Athlete commercials

The 12 Funniest Athlete Commercials of 2013

Everybody knows commercials; the annoying interludes that gratingly occupy the period of time in between your scheduled programming. Often, commercials are muted or used as optimal times to perform a task that involves being removed from the television. However, there are always exceptions to those rules; counting down the best…