• Jurassic Park Remade In Lego Stop-Motion [Video]

    What happens when a father and daughter who love Lego and Jurassic Park get together with all their friends? Something pretty damn amazing, apparently. Six Lego collections were combined, over $100,000 worth of bricks, to recreate Spielberg’s classic Jurassic Park from 1993. It took about three months to make and all the hard work shows. The father and daughter team have made other Lego videos, too, that you can check out on YouTube, but none as epic as this.

  • You Probably Shouldn’t Buy This Lego Strip Club for Your Kids

    Remember all the joy you got as a kid when you tore apart the wrapping paper on your Christmas gift only to reveal a Lego set? You’d spend the entirety of Christmas break constructing then playing with those little yellow folks in their imaginary world. If you have kids, you should ensure they experience the same joy by giving them a Lego set this year. But for God’s sake, don’t buy them this one. Citizen Brick, producers of custom Lego items aimed mostly at adults, has created their greatest product yet with the Citizen Brick Center for the Performing Arts. But don’t count on seeing the symphony or a production of Don Giovanni at this performing arts center. It’s actually a strip club playset, complete with pole, dancers, creepy DJ, and dollar bills to make it rain. The detail is extraordinary, with pink leopard print floors, zebra print furniture, working led lights, and holographic mirrors aplenty. For added realism, you might want to poor some bubble gum vodka over the whole thing to give it that disgusting stickiness and maybe a spray or twelve of the cheapest perfume you can find (perhaps some Designer Imposters). Be sure to get yours more »

  • Ferris Bueller And Other Movies Recreated With LEGO [11 Photos]

    Each year, a group of Swedish LEGO enthusiasts called Swebrick hold a design contest. Each year has a different theme and this year’s was movie or television vehicles. The winner of this year’s competition was Etzel, who recreated the iconic 1961 Ferrari GT California Spyder from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off complete with bewildered Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron staring in disbelief as the car flies out the window. It’s pretty impressive and definitely deserved to win, but check out some of the other entries below, too.

  • Inside LEGO’s Denmark Office/Playground [15 Photos]

    Think of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, only instead of a secretive chocolate factory, it’s tiny toy bricks. That’s essentially what LEGO’s Billund, Denmark headquarters is like. Completely shut off to the public the facility uses a “listening post” in Los Angeles to keep up with trends. Inside, however, looks like an open space office more suited for a trendy media agency, not a toy factory, but this is how LEGO has been doing business since 1949. The company employs around 180 people from 24 different countries, but uses fun as the general language around the office. Slides and colorful conference rooms help the creativity within the confines to generate some of the longest running toys in the world.

  • Recreating Paintings And Photos With Lego

    New York-based artist and software developer Andy Bauch is a master when it comes to LEGO mosaics. He is able to recreate famous paintings and photographs using a combination of thousands of bricks. For example, to recreate Roy Lichtenstein’s “Girl with Hair Ribbon” as a 30″ x 30″ LEGO mosaic required 4000 pieces. Check out more of Bauch’s work below along with comparisons to the originals. You can even purchase your favorite at his website, HippoBricks.

  • The 50 States In LEGO Form

    Jeff Friesen is an award-winning photographer who spents much of his time on his serious, fine art photography. But during the summers, when he’s spending time with his daughter, he often finds himself playing with her toys. Last year, this led to a fascination with Legos. He first constructed and photographed a funny scene depicting Manitoba, Canada. He enjoyed it so much, he completed scenes for all 10 Canadian provinces. Still yearning for more Lego projects, he decided to capture all 50 states in Lego form. The series provided so popular, Friesen is now publishing a book, “United States of Lego,” that you can preorder on Amazon. And check out more of Friesen’s Lego projects at The Brick Fantastic. 

  • Lego Mini Cooper Replica For Sale This Summer [12 Photos]

    Lego has announced the latest addition to their “Creator” series aimed at more mature builders, age 16 and up, and it’s another classic car replica in the spirit of the Volkswagen Camper Van released a few years ago. The Mini Cooper Mk VII set is a 9-inch long detailed replica of the 10-foot long iconic car made up of 1,077 pieces. The doors, hood, and trunk open and the roof pops off to showcase the detailed interior. Under the hood lies a replica of the car’s 1.3-liter engine while the trunk reveals a picnic basket, blanket, and bottle. The set will be available starting August 1 for $99 in the US.

  • Ill-Fated Simpsons Car “The Homer” Built Out Of LEGOs

    In season 2 of “The Simpsons,” which aired 23 years ago by the way, we learned that Homer had a half-brother named Herb Powell who owned a car company called Powell Motors. Herb asked Homer to help design a car for the everyman. The finished product, dubbed The Homer, featured two bubble domes, shag carpeting, three horns, and tailfins. It was a complete failure. Now that LEGO is producing sets based on The Simpsons, LEGO enthusiast Brain Williams has taken it upon himself to build an incredible replica of The Homer. You can see the model in person at Brickworld or head over to Williams’ Flickr account, loaded with pictures of plenty of awesome LEGO creations.

  • These 20 Bands Recreated As Legos Are Eerily Accurate

    Malaysian Twitter user Adly Syairi Ramly used real Lego pieces to reimagine 20 famous bands as little yellow people. The fact he was able to make many of them so closely resemble their real life counterparts is incredible, especially when you consider no Photoshopping or other manipulation was employed. Lego Fat Mike looks just like the real Fat Mike from NOFX. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder looks the same as a Lego dude. Really, the only problem I see is that The Smiths are all smiling in their Lego form. I just don’t buy that.

  • Lego Announces Star Wars Sandcrawler [6 Photos]

    Lego has announced the newest addition to their Star wars line and it is quite impressive. The Jawas’ Sandcrawler from the first movie has been recreated on a massive scale, utilizing almost 3300 pieces. That means there will be lots of frustrated dads come holiday season. The mobile droid junkyard is big in Lego terms, at 9 inches high, 18 inches long, and 6 inches wide. The minifigures that come with the set include Luke, Uncle Owen, C-3PO, R-2D2, 4 Jawas, and more droids and droid parts. The set won’t be available until May, which gives you plenty of time to save your allowance, since the Sandcrawler will set you back $300.

  • The Empire Strikes Back, Lego Style [25 Photos]

    Using Star Wars Lego sets and baking soda, photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, or Avanaut, is able to recreat the ice planet Hoth from “The Empire Strikes Back.” Sure, some nerds might complain that the photos don’t follow the actual storyline, but there’s no denying how impressive and cool they are. And anyway, I think we can all agree that Boba Fett making an appearance on Hoth would have been awesome. Who can get enough of the Slave I? Be sure to check out the rest of the Hoth series and Avanaut’s other Lego photo sets on Flickr.

  • Breaking Bad Superlab Lego Playset

    Looking for a way to hold on to all those fond Breaking Bad moments that will be gone forever at this seasons end? Look no further, Citizen Brick, a custom Lego set building site, has created a set for one of the most acclaimed shows on TV. Keep the show going in your own little creepy world of lego playsets, you could even merge your Star Wars set and have Walter White lead the Empire toward galactical glory. Anything is possible in your mothers basement. The set features White/Heisenberg and his team with a state of the art ‘super’ lab. Breaking Bad Lab Set$250

  • Mind-blowing LEGO Art

    Tip: navigate using the ← left and right → arrow keys LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya (aka “Brick Artist”) is proving that there is no limit to what someone can create out of LEGO. His most recent works feature impressive large-scale sculptures built out of LEGO building blocks. Nathan casually played with LEGO as a child, but only rediscovered the pieces after college as a medium for art. Since then, his New York studio has filled up with over 1.5 million bricks. As you can tell from looking at each piece, he painstakingly pours hours into each creation, transforming what most view as an ordinary toy into a piece of art. Nathan’s LEGO art is currently touring museums throughout North America, Asia, and Australia in a show titled, The Art of the Brick. Be sure to check out his website for more information about his work and exhibition dates. Source: Enpundit


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