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12 Cuts Of Steak Every Man Should Know

There’s nothing manlier than grilling up a steak. Why do you think guys with low self-esteem or dads who are stuck in emasculating marriages take such pride in cooking the hell out of steak? But some people don’t know the difference between the different cuts. To some hardos, a steak…


Man Meal: Shrimp & Grits

In preparation for March Madness we’re giving you a staple in southern and coastal cuisine. The Carolinas are home to some of the best basketball in the country, so we’re going to feature Grits & Shrimp, an easy to make, easy to eat food, commonly made in the southeastern coastal…

bbq shrimp

Man Meal: Smokey BBQ Shrimp

The days are about to get longer, the women are about to start shedding layers of clothing and ah yes the temperatures-a-changin’. You know what that means… BBQ SEASON! Hot dang it, I can barely contain myself. The sweet smell of a piece of livestock marinated to perfection gets my…

know your knives

Know Your Knives (infographic)

Okay, so you got wise and got yourself a set of proper knives, now what? What’s the difference between the butchers cleaver and that long rigid one? Stop pretending you know how to use the filet and learn how to use the filet. This infographic will help you distinguish your…