• Man Meal: Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

      This ain’t yo grandmama’s pork tenderloin. Well, maybe it is if your grandma cooks a bad-ass loin with a serious kick. Next time you have a craving for pork give this recipe a try for a unique blend of sweet and spicy that tastes more impressive than the time it takes to make it.

  • Man Meal: The Richard Blais Burger with Braised Bacon, Candied Onions and Cheddar

    If there ever were a burger master, it would be Richard Blais. The Top Chef star is the king of conjuring up creative methods of the burgers and all household foods for that matter. The Atlanta restaurateur and author of the new cookbook, “Try This at Home: Recipes From My Head to Your Plate” gave us the recipe for his signature burger, a roundorbrisket and beef monster with bacon and a whipped cheddar topping. Yes, it just might be (dare I say) the best burger ever tasted.

  • Man Meal: Spicy Margarita Chicken

    This easy to make chicken recipe should be your go to once a week meal. It’s prep time is quick, the ingredients are basic and everyone should have a little tequila at least once a week in the summer. The recipe gives off just a kick, you should accent with a juicy side to alleviate your mouth on fire. Use your own discretion when using the jalapeño for spiciness.

  • Man Meal: Pork Chops with Pepper Jelly Sauce

    No photo was really necessary for this one. The mear sound of Pork Chops with Pepper Jelly Sauce should make your mouth water.  The recipe takes a bit of time to prep the ingredients, but a quick pan sear and your good to go. The finished product gives a little kick to the sweet, but bland pork chops and apple sauce recipe you grew up on. And while jalapeños may not be for everyone, the sweet power of the jelly should neutralize the spice. Babe: Pig in my belly. 

  • Man Meal: Shrimp & Grits

    In preparation for March Madness we’re giving you a staple in southern and coastal cuisine. The Carolinas are home to some of the best basketball in the country, so we’re going to feature Grits & Shrimp, an easy to make, easy to eat food, commonly made in the southeastern coastal region.

  • Man Meal: Baked Spaghetti

    Enjoy a simple tomato sauce with ground beef, peppers and onions, then layer it in a casserole dish with cooked pasta and a duo of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses and bake it until the cheese is bubbly. Boom, perfect!

  • Man Meal: Smokey BBQ Shrimp

    The days are about to get longer, the women are about to start shedding layers of clothing and ah yes the temperatures-a-changin’. You know what that means… BBQ SEASON! Hot dang it, I can barely contain myself. The sweet smell of a piece of livestock marinated to perfection gets my jimmys in a bunch like Savannah in a heat wave, but meats don’t have to be the only thing on the menu this spring, Try this tantalizing smokey BBQ shrimp recipe to kick off your spring in good style and health.

  • Know Your Knives (infographic)

    Okay, so you got wise and got yourself a set of proper knives, now what? What’s the difference between the butchers cleaver and that long rigid one? Stop pretending you know how to use the filet and learn how to use the filet. This infographic will help you distinguish your tools of the kitchen. I can promise you, one day you’ll attempt to be chivalrous and promise a girl a home cooked meal at your pad. You have all the tools ready then it’s something as simple as the knife you choose to slice an onion that can be the make or break move of the date. Choose wisely, young bachelor pad-ewons.

  • Man Meal: Chicken with Mushrooms

    An simple to cool dish chicken dish featuring sauteed spinach seasoned with garlic and a healthy grain such as quinoa from the culinary genius of andrewzimmern.com.