• 16 Cities Transformed Into Little Planets

    Earlier this year we shared the incredible (and free!) 3D tours available via breathtaking 360° panoramic photos at AirPano. Now the developers of the site have further enticed us to take a virtual voyage by converting their helicopter panoramas into spherical stereographic projections known as Little Planets. We’re a tad miffed that they neglected to include Hoboken (and RSVLTS HQ), but we have to admit, Abu Dhabi looks amazing. Which little planet city is your favorite?

  • Al Capone’s Miami Hideaway Now Available For Video And Photo Shoots [18 Photos]

    Last year we shared photos of Al Capone’s Miami mansion which ended up selling in May for a little over $8 million. In order to recoup some of that investment, the private buyer of the 30,000-square-foot estate enlisted MB America to host a media open house, photos of which appear below. The hope is that the restored 1922 Art Deco mansion will be used in photo and video shoots. Let’s just hope that the syphilis that claimed Capone’s life when he died at the mansion in 1947 isn’t still infecting its walls.

  • David Beckham Unveils Plans for Miami MLS Stadium

    In addition to bringing a Major League Soccer franchise to Miami, David Beckham recently unveiled his plans to construct a 25,000-seat stadium for the team. Located on Miami’s man-made Dodge Island, the plan calls for the open-air arena, a surrounding plaza offering dining, shopping, and entertainment options, and the rehabilitation of a drawbridge offering access to and from downtown Miami. The arena, which would be the league’s third largest, would be entirely privately-funded, which is great news for Miami and Dade County taxpayers. The location is currently home to Royal Caribbean Cruises, who is concerned about traffic the arena would bring. Beckham’s group insists the night-time schedule of the MLS should have no conflict with the mostly daytime business of the cruise industry. With parking also a concern, the group plans not to schedule home games on the same night as the Miami Heat, who play nearby. If the Dodge Island plan falls through, Beckham does have three backup options around the city. Whatever they do, they better get moving, because the new team is scheduled to begin playing in 2017.

  • Chef Bobby Flay Crowned America’s Burger Champion

    Crunchified beef burger with queso sauce, green chili pickle relish and potato chips. This was the burger combination that landed chef Bobby Flay the coveted Amstel Light People’s Choice Award at the Amstel Light Burger Bash in South Beach. Flay has been competing in the Amstel Light Burger Bash in South Beach since 2006 and this is his first win. In fact, for the last three years Flay’s burgers placed second behind fellow chef (and Flay’s bestfriend) Michael Symon who took home the coveted honor every year since 2010. “It’s about time,” Flay told the Assiocated Press. “The green chilies were my secret weapon. I pulled out all the stops for this one. Michael Symon is a tough guy to beat.” And more good news for RSVLTS.com readers living in and around New York City. Bobby’s Burger Place in Paramus, NJ will be serving the winning burger so you can give it a taste for yourself.

  • MIAMI vs OKC Food & Drink Challenge

    The NBA Finals are underway and the only people who want the Heat to win are The Heat, people from Miami and people from Seattle. With all this Miami/ OKC tension, why not put the signature food & drink of each city to a head to head match up. We’ll also give you the recipes for each, so you can put them to the test yourself. Cuban Sandwich (also know as The Cubano) Loaf of Cuban style bread (you can substitute with a bread that has a crispy crust and soft inside such as French or Italian bead or even a hoagie or sub roll) 1 pound ham 1 pound of sliced roasted pork 1 pound of Swiss cheese 3 tablespoons of traditional yellow mustard or hot & spicy whole grain yellow mustard (depending on how hot you like it) 20 dill pickle slices Preheat sandwich press or skillet. Slice the bread lengthwise. Spread mustard on the inside of the bread then layer the pickles, ham,cheese and pork. Put other slice of bread on top and slice into 3 sandwiches. Add butter to an indoor grill or panini maker (we used our George Foreman grill) and grill sandwiches until cheese more »


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