• 10 Record Breaking Major League Baseball Contracts

    Baseball players are among the highest paid professional athletes—salaries that allow the leagues’ brightest stars to earn astronomical sums of money. Currently, the league’s highest paid player is Alex Rodriguez, who will make $29.5 million before the conclusion of the 2013 Major League Season. But, according to the folks at baseball almanac, Rodriguez’s current contract—while mammoth—is not unprecedented. And, while Rodriguez is the highest paid player in the history of the Big Leagues, there were other players that predate Rodriguez who—for their time—made unthinkable amounts of money. The players on this list are all players who became some of the most affluent players in sports history due to their teams demand for their talents. Before beginning, a reminder is needed to re-establish the fact that this is an article that contracts record-breaking contracts—it is not an article chronicling the largest contracts in Major League Baseball history.

  • Two MLB Legends Met Way Back In 1996 [Photo]

    Major League Baseball opens its season in Japan tonight: Oakland vs. Seattle. Here is a little throwback of Dodgers’ catcher Mike Piazza, as a member of Major League all-star team, shaking hands with Orix BlueWaves’ Ichiro Suzuki, highly regarded as Japan’s best hitter, at the Tokyo Dome in 1996.


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