• Mike Tyson Uploaded A Mike Tyson Supercut [Video]

    Last week Jamie Foxx was interviewed on The Breakfast Club and revealed that he is set to star in a Mike Tyson biopic directed by Martin Scorsese and written by The Wolf of Wall Street screenwriter Terence Winter. Nobody in Scorsese’s or Tyson’s camp verified the story at the time, but yesterday Mike Tyson posted this YouTube video titled “Pick My Best Knockouts for Jamie Foxx” with the description “Help me pick my 10 best knockouts to feature in the Mike Tyson story starring Jamie Foxx and directed by Martin Scorsese.” Sounds like it’s really going to happen! So what are you waiting for? Relive the glory days of “Iron Mike” and let him know your favorite knockouts. And even if this whole story is a bunch of bull, we’re just happy to finally have all these fights in such great quality on YouTube.

  • Every Movie Would Be Better With Mike Tyson [25 Photos]

    Now that Mike Tyson has given up on beating people to near death and biting off the ears of his enemies, it’s safe to really like the guy. Hell, he raises pigeons! How adorable is that? And his delightful lisp endears him to us even more. And as his roles in “The Hangover” and “Rocky Balboa” and…uh…”Scary Movie 5″ prove, he’s also an enjoyable actor, or thethpian if you will. Take a look at these posters and see what other films would benefit from Iron Mike. Then Check out even more at Mike Tython.

  • The Most Vicious Knockouts of Mike Tyson’s Career [Super Cut Compilation]

    It is being reported that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has agreed to portray Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic that is written by Hollywood bad-ass Terence Winter. The same Terence Winter whose screenplay credits include “The Wolf of Wall Street” and episodes of “The Sopranos” and “Boardwalk Empire.” But Jamie Foxx is 46-years-old you say? Don’t worry, CGI animation technology has evolved so much that the face of Foxx will be manipulated for scenes when Tyson was a younger man. There is no way a paring of Terence Winter and the fascinating story of Mike Tyson couldn’t be good so enjoy the following super cut compilation to show how vicious Mike Tyson really was in his prime.

  • ‘Mike Tyson Mysteries’ Cartoon on Adult Swim Wins Over Comic-Con

    Mike Tyson teased a trailer at Comic-Con for his new mystery cartoon set to premiere on Adult Swim this fall. The series features Tyson, Norm Macdonald as a pigeon, Jim Rash as a turn-of-the-century-ghost and Rachel Ramras as the brains. Tyson and the gang will be solving out of this world mysteries ‘Scooby Doo’ style.

  • Mike Tyson Fights Are Even Better With Street Fighter Sound FX [Video]

    For all of us who grew up playing the Street Fighter videogames in America, we knew the boxer character as Balrog. However, in the original Japanaese version of the game he was known as M. Bison because he was modeled after Mike Tyson. To avoid a lawsuit, the game developers did some name swaps and we ended up with M. Bison as the red-suited dictator played by Gomez Addams in the terrible Van Damme Street Fighter movie. But this was all 20 years ago and nobody is going to sue anymore, so it’s time for Mike Tyson to embrace M. Bison, which he did when he retweeted this video of his fights with sound effects from the videogame.

  • These Hyper Realistic Masks Are Frighteningly Real [10 Photos]

    Artist Landon Meier first gained worldwide fame with his award winning baby head masks, portraying extremely detailed and oversized happy, crying, and disgusted baby faces. Then his hyper realistic masks of famous people, such as Charlie Sheen, Mike Tyson, and Bryan Cranston as Heisenberg solidified his fame. His most recent mask is an eerily lifelike Stephen Colbert that will undoubtedly flatter the egocentric late-night host. All of Meier’s work is incredible and you can see more at order your own baby head mask at Hyperflesh.

  • Tyson Brings Back Holyfield’s Ear, Rodman Goes back to North Korea for Good in Foot Locker Spot

    This week is Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness, a full week of premium shoe releases so impactful it can right all the world’s wrongs. Still a bit confused? Picture Mike Tyson bringing back Evander Holyfield’s ear to his front door. In a Box. The brilliant spot features athletes somewhat mocking themselves in light hearted fashion, humanizing them for the good of the world.

  • Mesmerizing Video of Mike Tyson’s Greatest Knockouts

    Remember when heavyweight bouts were really exciting to watch? I love the Klitschko Brothers, they’re great boxers, but the undercards are way more fun these days. But when Mike Tyson was fighting, those were the most ferocious heavyweight matches the world has ever known. And the way he fought brought out the same intensity in his opponents (though they couldn’t match Iron Mike). Let’s hear it for BroBible for finding this video and let’s pray that one day, heavyweight boxing will again be even halfway this lively.

  • 10 Athletes I’d Love to See Chase After a (Speeding) Justin Beiber

    Justin Beiber is under investigation after allegedly speeding through a gated community in LA in his white ferrari. The cops aren’t the only ones interested in Beiber’s activities, former football player Keyshawn Johnson followed Beiber to his house to confront him on his reckless driving, but Beiber danced his way into his house without talking to Johnson. Keyshawn was a prolific receiver, but he wasn’t fast back in his prime so there’s no way he could chase after the Beibs these days. But I can think of at least 10 athletes today that can stop the Beibs today and make everyone regret being a Belieber.

  • Mike Tyson’s Abandoned 1980s Mansion in Southington, Ohio

    In the 1980’s it was looking like Mike Tyson would go down as the greatest boxer of all time. (See: Mike Tyson Savage Knockouts) He was on top of the world making money hand over fist and built this 5-bedroom, 10,000 square foot house on a 60-acre property in Southington, Ohio. Why in Southington, Ohio we may never know but Tyson spared no expense. The house features an indoor pool, full outdoor basketball court, and tiger cages on-site. The all-night dance parties were probably unbelievable. Post by The Roosevelts.

  • Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out Encyclopedia

    Mike Tyson used to do more than just be a bad actor and all around crazy person. He used to be a very good boxer, so good infact, that they created a video game for him on the now ancient NES system. As basic as the game was, it actually depicted Mike in a true light. He was just as impossible to beat in the game as he was in real life. A champion of champions that would eat your heart as well as your children. This gent created this very impressive layout of the 8 bit legendary game.    

  • Mike Tyson Proves That Savage Power Wins Fights But Solid Defense Wins Championships

    We all know “Iron” Mike Tyson for his immense punching power, his first 19 professional bouts were won by knockout, with 12 of them occurring in the first round. But what people forget is that Tyson was one of, if not the greatest, defenders in boxing history with a bob & weave Peek-a-Boo that made him nearly impossible to touch. This is how you win boxing championships. Tyson’s vicious punching ability certainly carried him a long way but he was arguably the best ever because no one could lay a finger on him.


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