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The 20 Best Movie Posters Of 2015

So you’re not supposed to judge a book by it’s cover. It’s like the first thing you’re taught in school after you learn how to spell your name and not to eat the dried glue off your popsicle stick picture frames. And that’s why we don’t judge movies based on…


35 Horror Movie Posters: Original Vs Remake

Last weekend, Poltergeist, a remake of the 1982 Tobe Hooper-directed/Steven Spielberg-produced horror classic, opened in theaters. It was not the first time a horror movie was remade and it certainly won’t be the last. For decades now, Hollywood has been remaking horror films from its own vaults along with importing…


20 New Movies As Classic Movie Posters

There are plenty of great movies being made these days, but with the increasing reliance on computer graphic design and the orange/blue complementary scheme, there’s no denying that movie posters are unremarkable if not completely forgettable. Before becoming so formulaic, movie posters were an art unto themselves. New York-based designer…

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The Movie Poster Break Down

French film distributor Christophe Courtois is no stranger to movie posters. Having dealt with thousands of movies in his day, Courtois noticed a growing trend in the world of movie posters. Each cliche poster has its own genre of film associated with the style of poster. Or so we think.…