• Movie Posters As Neon Signs [23 GIFs]

    Animator and illustrator Mr Whaite used his artistic talents to create these amazing animated GIFs of neon signs for classic movies. Now someone needs to turn these into actual neon signs. I would totally buy the “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure” one if it existed.

  • Drew Struzan: The Greatest Movie Poster Artist In Hollywood History [17 Photos]

    Remember when movie posters weren’t indistinguishable, photoshopped garbage, relying heavily on orange/blue contrast and lens flares? In the dark ages of the 80s, we relied on actual artists to make movie posters with stuff called paint and brushes. And Drew Struzan was the king of the medium. Every 80s kid is familiar with his Indiana Jones and Back to the Future posters and even 90s kids recognize his Hook promo. Since movie studios have gone the cheap photoshop route, he’s found work in comic books and Franklin Mint collectible plates (you might find a Struzan on Grandma’s wall!), but we’ll always remember him for his work for film and here are some of his greatest works.

  • The Movie Poster Break Down

    French film distributor Christophe Courtois is no stranger to movie posters. Having dealt with thousands of movies in his day, Courtois noticed a growing trend in the world of movie posters. Each cliche poster has its own genre of film associated with the style of poster. Or so we think. His blog was written in french.   The Cold Shoulder The Cold Shoulder poster features the mysterious lead with a chip on (you guessed it) their shoulder. The long trenchcoat is also a trending feature of these, dark and ominous characters. The Explosion Action. Bullets. Fire. EXPLOSIONS. Bruce Willis: 3. Jason Stathom, 3. Nic Cage: 5. I smell a villian for “The Expendables 3: Someone Stole the Declaration of Indepenance”. The Lady Turnback They are powerful, smart and strong women. They don’t need a man to tell them squat, because they’re independent and could solve any problem. Even when they’re busy saving the world, they still have time to look back at you, flex their glutes and say “I am not a piece of meat. This is a respectable pose.” The Quirky Public Bench Corky and lovable, but has a problem. No worries, whatever it may be, I’m sure it more »


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